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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Game Hype: Lost Planet 3 New Trailer, Animal Crossing Journal Entry 1

A new Lost Planet 3 trailer for you. They game comes out in August.

This is a big change for Capcom in the series as it was made by a non- Japanese team. To me that means a better story, but I'm also afraid that the story involves some environmental awareness propaganda that was crammed into every 90's kids movie. At the start of hype for this game and a demo I played at a special Capcom press event about a year ago I got to try out the controls of the massive mech you ride in and the monsters you encounter. A big conspiracy going down with big business, it felt perfect, a great homage to Alien even. However, the inclusion in some videos of having to help the planet with some sort of  environmental group seems like a complete 180 of what Jim Peyton, the main character will be doing at at least the start of the game, killing every weird thing that comes at him.

The above trailer sets a great mood that I hope stays with you throughout the game including being alone and not having to help some group of rebels or native people or the bug monsters you kill.

Animal Crossing Journal Entry 1

From now on I'll be writing about Animal Crossing New Leaf with entries about what I've done, I just got the game about a week ago and find it to be a incredible waste of time.

Today, I played with friends over the Internet. By played I mean we looked for furniture together on Tortimer Island in a scavenger hunt. I hate this co-op game as you both have to find the same items, you're not working in a group to find them together. I like the silly concept of it, finding furniture, ridiculous. The best part of playing together might just be the boat ride over to Tortimer and having to hear the Kappa captain's songs together.

After I met another friend who gave me all the fruit, which is important for some reason. He cares to much about the game.

A main point for me is that the stuff I'm doing in the game I should be doing in real life more like meeting my neighbors, perhaps getting to know them and making my lawn and community better. It makes me want to stop playing and just go out and explore the city. Now I have a craving for fruit salad.