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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Comic-Con 2013 Panel

After a special screening of a future episode of the show titled "The Gang Finally Breaks Dee" the whole cast showed up to answer questions and tell fans to be nothing like the characters they play on TV. The episode screened was amazingly mean and tuff toward Dee. I don't want to reveal much, but the level of just being unkind to another human being sets this show apart from any other that's been on television

The show will be moving to the yet unknown future channel FXX, a new Fox cable channel, but no time or date were confirmed.

While Danny DeVito forgot he got naked in the new season other plots were revealed for the new season. Lethal Weapon 6 is to occur in a future episode, a flu epidemic will take over Philly forcing the Paddy's Pub crew to bunker down in their bar. One episode is written by the same people who write Game of Thrones and is titles "Flowers For Charlie". Those wanting spin-offs might not like hearing the short, almost trailing off words of Cricket, maybe not being around to have a spin-off.

Update: There will also be a Thanksgiving special this year.