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Virtual Reality: More Than Just Games

By Sebastian Stabinger (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

This year's E3, a showcase for emerging gaming technologies, whetted the appetites of players keen on virtual reality gaming. As has been the case with previous gaming innovations, this new tech has further applications outside of video games. Diverse fields of human enterprise can be potentially revolutionized with the introduction of sophisticated VR systems.

Health Care

VR has already been used to deliver medical treatment that's superior to what was offered in the past. Phantom limb syndrome, a condition whereby people experience pain in missing limbs, can be successfully treated by using virtual reality simulations to give patients control of a limb that isn't really there. Burn victims and others undergoing painful recovery and rehabilitation can use VR as a means to escape their woes and distract their minds. Soldiers suffering from PTSD have reported improvements as they confront traumatic incidents from their pasts inside a safe, virtual environment.


Rather than dealing with rude and obnoxious cinema patrons or struggling to listen to a band in seats far away from the stage, VR may permit you to have the full movie or concert experience in the comfort of your own home. This is in addition to actual developments in the media themselves, such as movies wherein you're at the center of the action and can look in whatever direction you want rather than current films wherein all the camera angles and shots are set up in advance.


Students are somewhat limited to the four walls of their classrooms when trying to learn, but this could change in coming years. Detailed virtual models of locations around the globe could make possible virtual field trips to enhance to learning experience. Additionally, lecturers and other public speakers can reach a wider audience through the use of this technology to interact with an audience scattered around the world. While some of this is possible today with videoconferencing tools, conducting educational activities in a virtual setting may allow for greater interaction and listener satisfaction.


There are many tasks, such as handling expensive machinery or operating on human patients, wherein any errors could be catastrophic. Due to the sensitive nature of these endeavors, it's practically impossible to give those preparing for them training that includes hands-on experience. That's changing with the advent of VR. Surgeons can operate on imaginary patients, and explosives experts can defuse bombs in a consequence-free environment. Just as simulation programs have done for pilot flight training, so too can virtual reality do for many other demanding or dangerous disciplines.


Product placement has hitherto been limited in scope to objects that have a solid, physical reality or the appearance, in films and TV, of having a solid, physical reality. But there's no reason why items that exist only in virtual space cannot also be branded and thus advertised. Besides this, providers of services and other non-tangible goods can give potential buyers a sneak preview of what their service is like through the use of clever VR implementations.


Space exploration occurs in an environments that are quite different from our terrestrial environs. In order to prepare astronauts for zero-g conditions and somewhat spartan living conditions, NASA has already begun to utilize virtual reality. Furthermore, much of the exploration to be done in the coming years will likely use robotic or other unmanned systems. These can be most effectively controlled by a user donning VR gear, which can turn esoteric sensor data into a rich, detailed, visual and auditory simulation.

Although some decry virtual reality as nothing more than a toy or something of the future, the truth is that there are already serious applications for it besides games. Thanks to recent developments in fiber-optic internet and hand-tracking sensors, virtual reality is more involved with our current world than it seems. As costs decrease and the functionality becomes richer and easier to use, there's no doubt that many industries will be transformed for the better. New fields of human activity, of which we have only vague inklings and premonitions at present, will almost assuredly come into the fore as well.

Maria is a freelance writer currently living in Chicago. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a minor in Communication. She blogs about environmentally friendly tips, technological advancements, and healthy active lifestyles. You can follow her on Twitter @MariaRamos1889.

Splatoon Splatfest On July 4th

Splatoon's first Splatfest will take place July 4th, starting at midnight, because Nintendo.
Why at midnight on July 4th? Something about in game festivities and fireworks.

Splatfest will run for 24 hours starting at midnight and be about Cat Vs Dogs, choose a side, battle to the inking end!

Anime Expo 2015 Update: Evangalion, DBZ Dub Premiere

-You can win tickets to the Dub Premiere of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F', go to Funimation's Facebook page and find the thread on the film and tell them your favorite Dragon Ball Z character is, and why, in their comments!

-The Evangelion, NGE Celebration for AX is still a mystery as to what's happening. The planning was a Third Impact of being helpful. So far this has been revealed:

Yoko Takashi headlines with voice actors from Evangelion (TBA), Q&A panels, NGE Celebration videos – more musical guests including Alice Underground and famed cellist Éru creating live Eva inspired music. A special cosplay competition, selecting cosplayers in the audience for for prizes.

To go to this, "well-planned event" 
  • Sunday 7/5 @ 1:30PM ~ 3:30PM
  • Where: Main Events, West Hall B
  • 35 ~ 45 (*plus Eventbrite processing fees)
  • Tickets go on sale to General Attendees at 9PM PDT on Tuesday, June 30th
  • Premier Fan Pre-Sale Period: June 30th, 9AM ~ 9PM 

-Day 0 Details, pick up your badge early

Ranma 1/2 - TV Series Set 6 Limited Edition Review

Ranma 1/2 - TV Series Set 6 Limited Edition
As of writing this $39.29 on Amazon

Ranma 1/2 you continue to be more entertaining than most anime out today and you don't involve aliens, just the occasional ghost. I'm also sad that this is the last set before the final season of Ranma; there is always all the OVA's to be collected and three feature films.

Set 6 about the boy who becomes a girl when cold water is splashed on him and the love triangles surrounding him and his future bride, Akane, don't stop for a minute being the strangest soap opera with martial arts. This season does take away from Ranma learning any new techniques or any real martial arts training, save for a game of ultimate kick the can. These episodes of zany random occurrences, much like Regular Show, just without 80's movie references, have more of supernatural twist that occurs much more with the creators later work of InuYasha. There's even a predecessor to Inu-Yusha sword technique in an epsiode, this one has Kuno, the air-head samurai wannabe, slicing watermelon with ease.

The strangest episode of the set is "Curse of the Scribble Panda," which even for Ranma standards takes you out of the episode when characters grow as big as Godzilla to battle monsters that come from ancient Chinese wall scrolls. The giant monsters are merely background characters as a living Panda drawing comes to life too. The only way to stop the assault of the monsters is for, of course, Ranma having to date the scribbled, poorly-drawn Panda girl.

The best episodes of the set were "Tendo Family Goes To The Amusement Park," which has the whole cast entering a go-kart race to earn a dinner when they're all flat broke; the two-parter "Ukyo's Secret Sauce," where Ukyo starts living with Ranma as a devoted wife to the chagrin of Akane.

From there on you have "A Teenage Ghost Story, " where a teenage ghost girl moves into the Tendo home;done with so much ease it's funny. Their lives are so strange, a ghost moving in is almost normal for them. We follow that with Ranma having to battle a snow man in, "A Cold Day in Furikan," and a bull-swan-snake hybrid monster that suffers from the same splash of water problem as Ranma. This fiend who uses pant-hose as a weapon takes Akane in the two-parter "The Demon from Jusenkyo." * Special thanks for the 2nd episode featureing Shampoo wearing nothing but tied together panty hose.

As usual this set comes in an extremely nice box with a guide book for all the epsiodes and a large card featuring Akane. It fits nicely if you have the rest of the collection so far.

On visuals and audio, this show wasn't stretchered out for HD, but the quality from video is still high and has been reworked to look a nice as possible. Audio remains clear. From previous installments I noticed less background chatter. Background characters gave a lot more little anecdotes you could overhear in class and quick shots. Those are all gone in these episodes.
Twenty-three episodes of well dubbed yelling at each other with a main character with a personality in sort of harem, love triangle anime isn't bad to tide you over for Anime Expo or to get at Anime Expo, happening a few days as of posting this review.

Will be saying bye-bye to the Ranma revival in a few months so get caught up and watch.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Astro Boy and the God of Comics: Otakus Get Plays Too

"... Astro Boy still lives, " that's what Director Jaime Robledo told me at the end of our conversation.  This was after a discussion with anime voice actors at the Sacred Fools Theater. Which was after the play "Astro Boy and the God of Comics". And if you don't know Astro Boy, then you don't know nothin' about anime and manga as he is called the God of comics for a reason.

Before the show got started, I met some fans of the site, thanks for coming out! I overheard someone talking about the Persona series and we all came together, the audience, when the theme song to Totoro was played during the pre-show. You could hear "To-To-To-To-Toro...,".

"What did I walk into?, " that's what I thought to myself as the night went on where radiation leaked around me and a tiny robot boy was assembled in front of me, then flew past my head, into blinding oblivion. "It probably took three days to put the building Astro Boy together, because they all had different timing to work off of, because they all had different movements, but they had to meet...one group of people are moving on twelfths, another group of people are on six beats...," that's the director Jaime again on how he got his crew to assemble Astro Boy like workers out of Metropolis.

This ensemble not only had to assemble, but had to have some artistic skills on paper as anyone of them had to be called in to draw in front of the audience. "We knew that even the smallest part in the show was going to have to have some drawing talent, " that's Lead Producer, Brian Wallis, he told me of he's fiendish auditions where talent had to draw pieces in 90 seconds in front of him. He tried to grab their attention-part of the audtion- to see if they could stand drawing on stage and doing it with a lot going on.

The cast they chose did and astronomically good job and I salute Heather Schmidt as Astro Boy and West Liang as Osamu Tezuka with Zach Brown, Megumi Kabe, Anthony Li, Mandi Moss Jaime Puckett & Marz Richards. They played multiple roles and looked damn fine in jump suits. With an amazing background and visual effects around them; with much praise from Brian and Jaime to Jim Pierce for his Projection Animation Design, that took us into panels of comics, into cartoons, and sci-fi film. One fight between Astro Boy and another robot almost had me wanting to shout out, "Finish Him!"

Not bad from a small script, about fifteen pages from the original creator Natsu Onoda Power's work, as the play clocks in around sixty-five minutes. What you see is Jaime Robledo's take and hard planning. Planning that's already taken two-thousand feet of paper. "We're just on... we're on our third roll now of paper, I think we've got three left to get us through the next two months of performances," Brian told me.

"If you're any kind of anime or animation fan this is for you...you're not going to see this anywhere in LA or the country, " Jaime ended on his work.

The play captures key scenes and famous moments from the original Astro Boy anime and brings them to life, honestly, those trying to adapt video games and anime to the big screen should take the play to heart for it's design and look. Dark moments arise like any other kids show from Japan, based on what really happen on a show made for kids. I almost wanted to cry for concern for Astro Boy and he's tough life.

Connected, is Osamua Tezuka, the creator of Astro Boy himself, a bigger than life character that is considered the grandfather of all anime and manga. He's always there, hidden in the beginning with Astro Boy. A man of no mere feats and an amazing life we follow his life, going full circle and connecting back to Astro's.

Astro Boy takes us into another adventure that looks and mimics the manga/anime it comes from. With a set design no other play in LA pulls off and imaginative way to keep the audience invested to see what happens next. See you previous episode!

Just, take it easy on Astro Boy's butt, that's an inside joke. Not a dirty joke.

Anime Night

On the night I attended, it was Anime Night, in a series going on Sundays. From anime and video games were vocie actors Robbie Daymond, Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt and Ezra Weisz led by Carrie Keranen. Yuri complained about how long Naruto has been going on, even though he's a part of it with Tara as they talked about filler episodes. Most of the conversation took the audience to newcomers of anime, which I highly doubt. Yuri also brought up how he owned and Astro Boy wig, bought in Japan and before seeing the anime kept putting in on wrong, even when corrected by his  Japanese girlfriend.

Robbie Daymond and Tara Platt had a drawing contest at one point of Astro Boy inspired by how the cast, which had snuck out into the audience, had to audition on the condition of their drawings. Rob's the one without a face, guess who won.

Astro Boy and the God of Comics

JUNE 20 - JULY 25, 2015
Fridays & Saturdays @ 8pm
Sundays @ 7pm
plus Thursday, July 2 @ 8pm

Tickets: $25 (Previews: $15)

(310) 281-8337 or Buy Tickets Online

Attack on Titan World Premiere July 14th Here In LA

Well, didn't see that one coming! FUNimation has stepped up it's game ...as the only disributor in the US showing live action Japanese films. We're getting Attack on Titan's World Premiere here July 14th at the Egyptian.

Can no one rent the Chinese down the street? Seriously, great theater too.

From the press release:

“FUNimation is honored to host the world premiere of Attack on Titan here in the United States with Toho,” said Gen Fukunaga, CEO and President of FUNimation Entertainment.  “Attack on Titan is truly a worldwide phenomenon and we are excited to bring the live action movie to theaters across the Americas later this fall.”

Invited guests to the premiere, including celebrities and media, will be among the first in the world to see “Attack on Titan.” A limited number of tickets will be available to fans via FUNimation’s social channels.
Like us on Facebook at  www.facebook.com/funimation  and follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/funimation

“Attack on Titan” is based on the popular manga series of the same name (“Shingeki no Kyojin” in Japanese), which tells the story of a world where most of humanity has been destroyed by giants and where the last of mankind fights to survive behind three concentric walls – walls that were once impenetrable to the giants. With more than 50 million copies in print today, “Attack on Titan” has also inspired four spin-off manga as well as a 25-episode anime series which FUNimation both simulcast and released to home video in North America.

“Attack on Titan” director Shinji Higuchi will be making a special appearance at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) for an autograph session with fans on Sunday, July 12, at 1:00 p.m. PST at FUNimation’s booth (#4135). Following SDCC, FUNimation Entertainment and Toho Co. Ltd. will host the world premiere of “Attack on Titan” (Part 1; in Japanese w/ English subtitles) at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday, July 14. The SDCC special appearance and  premiere are being held to promote the August 1 release of part 1 of the film in Japan and will include a red carpet event featuring special guests – Haruma Miura and Kiko Mizuhara, who portray Eren and Mikasa in the movie respectively, along with director Shinji Higuchi.

Anime Expo 2015 Update: Street Fighter V, Dating the undead!!, and Pony Canyon Plans

-Marukai Market in Little Tokyo is having a badge holder sale, spend $15 between July 2-5, excludes the 4th, 2-8pm to get a prize? A lottery will happen on July 4th, 1-6pm.

-Street Fighter V will be playable at Anime Expo at the Capcom Booth

- Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~
will have a panel at AX, it comes from some former Nis America dudes. It's a  hybrid visual novel dungeon crawling RPG with cute undead girls.

Dating the undead!! Ex-NIS America guys are making an RPG!! 
Friday July 3, 2015 8:45pm - 9:45pm
Live Programming 5 (LP5) (LACC - 409AB)
We wonder what the game will be like and how dirty it could be.

Here's Pony Canyon's schedule the just released:

AX Exclusive Gifts:

    Yuki Yuna is a Hero Blu-ray & DVD Combo Set

        Original (Japanese) Poster, Ema Votive Picture Tablet, and a ticket for a Tomoyo Kurosawa Autograph Session at PONY CANYON booth #201

    DENKI-GAI Blu-ray & DVD Combo Set

        Original (Japanese) Poster, Original key frame drawing, and an Autographed illustration by Asato Mizu, the author of the original manga!

AX Exclusive T-shirts:

    Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

    Sound! Euphonium



Buy an original anime CD from Japan and receive an AX exclusive chance! If you buy either an ETOTAMA or a ROLLING GIRLS CD, you will receive a ticket for an autograph session with Yumiri Hanamori at PONY CANYON booth #201!

Also, if you buy Yuki Yuna is a Hero Blu-ray & DVD Combo Set, you will receive a ticket for an autograph session with Tomoyo Kurosawa at PONY CANYON booth #201!

<Autograph Session Schedule at the PONY CANYON Booth>

Ticket required for the autograph session

Yumiri Hanamori (Voice actress from ETOTAMA & ROLLING GIRLS)

July 3rd 4:45pm-5:45pm

July 4th 2:00pm-3:00pm

July 5th 12:00pm-1:00pm

Tomoyo Kurosawa(Voice actress from Yuki Yuna is a Hero Sound! Euphonium)

July 3rd 3:45pm-4:45pm

July 5th 1:30pm-2:30pm

Visit the PONY CANYON booth #201 cosplaying as a character from one of our titles, “Yuki Yuna is a Hero”, "ETOTAMA", "DENKI-GAI", " Sound! Euphonium " or "Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!", and you will receive a special giveaway present!

<Cosplay Gathering Schedule>

July 2nd 2:00pm-3:00pm

July 3rd 1:30pm-2:30pm

July 4th 1:00pm-2:00pm

July 5th 1:00pm-1:30pm

<Panels and Screenings Schedule>

July 2nd

    Yumiri Hanamori Panel

12:15pm-1:15pm @LP4/LACC411


3:45pm-5:45pm @Video3/LACC404AB

July 3rd

    PONYCAN USA Industry Panel

Shinichi Nakamura and Yoshifumi Yarimizu, Producers from Pony Canyon

11:00am-12:00pm @LP3/LACC408AB

    Tomoyo Kurosawa Panel

2:30pm-3:30pm @LP4/LACC411

July 4th

Yuki Yuna is a Hero Panel

11:30am-1:00pm @LP4/LACC411

    Sound! Euphonium /Cute High Earth Defense LOVE! Screening

2:45pm-4:45pm @Video4/LACC406AB

Bros and Bros Art: Super Mario Bros and Shaw Bros at Q2

The Splatoon soundtrack echoed then switched to a song from Garnet from Steven Universe as the BROS VS BROS- Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario Bros.) & Shaw Brothers Cinema Tribute Art Show got underway at Little Tokyo's Q2 Gallery. On one side, you had your favorite mustachioed red and green plumbers and a pink princess. On the other side you had hard kicks and people hurting after martial art major impacts.

Returning artists included one of our up-and coming-favs, Jean Liang with a three-piece long green pipe. Phillip Light had doodled Princesses and a NES over-world map.

Artist Tara Billinger, with red hair like Misty, was wearing a recent buy from the Pokemon Pop Up Shop at Japan LA, she told us she was second in line for the opening of the short-term Poke-Shop. In her Pokemon duds she told us about her love of Birdo. "Birdo" being the subject and the name of her work. "She's the girl character I always pick, but she's not a girl, but, I always pick her. I just don't want to be Peach, " that's Tara on her piece. "My invitation got lost in the mail and then they said, 'Oh, It's do in four days, and I was, 'What art show?, " she added. Her piece also presents the plumber we all ove being thrashed by Birdo's eggs and initially Tara wanted the title to be, "Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do, but I couldn't write that all." She meant the death jingle Mario gets in his games.

Someone who did care for Princess Peach was Henry-John De Leon. He did a wonderful Mad Max Fury Road meets Mario Bros mash up, simply titled "Mad Mario". It was inspired by the YouTube video that blended the game and film. The detail includes a Princes Peach Furiosa with a crown crew-cut on her head, a green pipe gas-tanker, a bob-omb back up car, and a pink cruiser front for Peach, all while being chased by some koopa roadsters. "I was holding back a lot, but I totally wanted to make it PC, maybe I'll make a darker version next time, " De Leon.

After being told to go see Five Fingers of Death, as one of his pieces was about it, Max Ulichney talked about his Mario Kart-inspired piece "Grand Prix Mario" with a sleek 60's design. "It's Mario and Peach in a sort of Steve McQueen era of Mario Kart, " Max told us. He taledk like a comedian and has mus laughing the whole way though our conversation. "One of the.. the B-Dasher in Mario Kart was inspired by Honda's early F-1 efforts, so I recognized they were make reference to that..., " I interrupt him, asking him how much he knows, he's been giving tidbits and insight to his art before recoding our conversation, he smiles and tells me he's a car fan. "Probably no one will get the reference, but in front of the car is a shell logo, on the original F-1 car there is a Shell gas logo, so I have shell logo there."

See the show yourself at
Q2 mini Gallery
312 Little Tokyo Mall Ste# 121, Los Angeles, California
Show Date: 6/27/2015 - 7/12/2015
Q2 Gallery hours:
Monday & Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday-Friday: 2pm-8pm
Saturday: 12pm-8pm
Sunday: 12pm-7pm

 for more images click below

Anime Expo 2015 Food, Where To Go

For attendees don't forget to show your badge nearby for certain deals, check the list here. It is LA Live though, so not the greatest food unless your going to high priced restaunts.

The Yard House Stinks

The Yard House is nothing more than a place to watch "the game" and get beer. The food is just plain awful. We just ate their around E3 and had a tasteless burger, steak, fries, coffee and desert. All tasteless, all considered food.

Smash Burger and Live Basil Pizza are okay

You're never going to consider them the best places you ate a burger or pizza, you're going to think, "I did eat some food outside of AX". Both are at LA Live. Lawry's Cavery isn't the worst option either, is it a great price, no.

Other choices at LA Live

The Convention Hall itself

Just a reminder, the food at AX sucks. Inside the convention hall is some of the worst cafeteria cuisine out there and I might add at high prices too.

Just stop! Please, put some thought into it, enjoying yourself at the convention means enjoying what you eat too. The surrounding food is not only bad for you, it taste like someone kept it between their buns in the hot sun for some time. Why the famous In-N-Out has not reached some deal to have a place to grab food at the convention hall still eludes us. It's 4. something miles away from the closes one.

The other problem is you're no where close to good food in all directions. If you want to get something edible you"ll have to walk past Staples Center and a few blocks.

There is no fast food place nearby, no McD's, no diners, no nothing. In this case if you think you'd rather get food at the convention to save time, we'd resort to just pack a lunch. We don't want to see you throwing up or having diarrhea later from the mess of dog drool and pig family jewels they call food. Pack a lunch, buy some lunchables, it's better than the crap there.

Same for drinks, the sodas taste less like soda more like fizz water. It's one of the reasons people hate LA Live. Pack water or whatever. Put it in the freezer and hour before you go.

There is but one Starbucks, with a line, outside of the convention center and it's busy at LA Live. Other than that you'll be paying a minimum of $16.00 for any sort of meal, and it won't be worth it.

Food Trucks

We'd say forget food trucks, we know they seems like a good idea, but factor in price and wait time and many aren't worth it. We'll have to judge every year at AX, but they're still better than anything at the convention center.

The Others

So here's two places you can walk to and are worth it

Original Pantry Cafe-site is kind of creepy with music
877 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Open 24 Hours

 Breakfast food at fair prices, might be a wait, it is very well liked and always busy in the morning.

3 blocks away

El Cholo
1037 S Flower St
Los Angeles, CA 90015



So Mexican food may float your boat and it's about as far as the Pantry, a bit more in price, but a least you might be getting more than those restaurants at LA Live. They do have some decent eats for fair prices.

3 blocks away

Cheap Eats

Now you can walk to the corner of 8th street and flower or Figueroa and you'll have Subway, a pizza joint, an Asian food join and IHOP, but that's some walking. I don't recommend it. They're past LA Live 5-blocks away.

Adventure Time Time: Comic-Con Plans 2015, Let's Hope For A Better Season

As a long time fan of Adventure Time I can say the last season skewed way too far into a meta-closer-look-Jesse Moniyhan led story. The counter balance of comedy and fun from Rebecca Sugar to Jesse's weird stuff was obviously missing.

I will say I've never seen an American cartoon try and tackle emotional problems on the scale of Shinji from Evangelion and what was accomplished was kind of amazing to be shown when so much of it had no good jokes.

Hearing from blips online, the next season is suppose to go back to Finn and Jake on adventures and just being silly.

-First up Adventure Time Comic-Con Plans 2015,  led by Bobby Moynihan? Is Jesse Moniyhan...his brother?

Odd, I thought there might be something more in Adventure Time books, maybe it's still early for Boom and other publishers on the release of their plans.

Movie news would be nice too.


Cartoon Network presents a back-to-back Fandemonium Panel Extravaganza featuring Regular Show & Uncle Grandpa followed by Adventure Time & Steven Universe. Both panels are hosted by Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live) the voice of Panda on Cartoon Network’s upcoming animated series We Bare Bears.

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Hilton Bayfront – Indigo Ballroom
Comic Con is the ultimate destination for amazing fans in Finn hats and crystal gem bellybuttons, which is why Cartoon Network is celebrating YOU in a one-of-a-kind Fandemonium celebration!  We’ve got BIG NEWS you’ll want to hear first, behind-the-scenes access, and special musical performances by the cast and crew from hit shows Adventure Time and Steven Universe!  The panel features Adventure Time legends of Ooo Jeremy Shada (Voice of Finn), John DiMaggio (Voice of Jake), Olivia Olson (Voice of Marceline), and Adam Muto (Co-Executive Producer), alongside Steven Universe gems Rebecca Sugar (Creator), Zach Callison (Voice of Steven), Estelle (Voice of Garnet), and Ian Jones-Quartey (Supervising Director).


8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Room 7AB
 It’s the 2nd annual Adventure Time Royal Ball!  Last year Cartoon Network filled a ballroom with the most righteous of warriors and the fairest in all the Land of Ooo, and this year we are returning with more fan-favorites, another first-look Adventure Time episode, and a very special world premiere screening of the newest Cartoon Network hit series We Bare Bears!  Don’t forget to dress up in your most inspired outfit for the royal procession and your chance to win righteous prizes! Now come one, come all (until we reach capacity!) for a night of mathematical magic!


4:00 p.m.               Adventure Time & Steven Universe
                                Autograph Alley (AA04)

-Here's some exclusives that'll be there including the release of the

Adventure Time Traveling Jake Tin Tote Gift Set – Convention Exclusive

 -Puff Finn Con Exclusive Colorway 6” Medium Figure and a Lord Monochromicorn Con Exclusive Colorway 6” Medium Figure. Reatiling for $49.99 each  at the Kidrobot booth #5645.

It's part of the Kidrobot X Adventure Time figure line

 I'm partial to ruler of Mars, Abe Lincoln.

-Checking out Pen War's Twitter you'll find -=+Quest Attack+=-

He's turned his twitter into an online text dungeon crawler, tweet to change what happens. He really wants to make a video game. Finish the movie first dude! Don't become Hideaki Anno!