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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Bleak Week & Last Remaining Seats This June

One of our favorite cinema experiences in LA, Bleak Week is back this June. An utterly depressing amount of films that make you think nothing can be that bad, but it only gets worse.

The week long fest has actually inspired this Editor to show sad movies for his own film club in the same month. Though, it's dubbed June Gloom, named after our local gloomy weather and the nickname of a friend's first born daughter. She's a bit fussy.

Funny enough, did you know June Gloom is a local thing? It's something Southern California gets, not really something that reaches other states.

Maybe, next year, they can do, Bleak Week: June Gloom and only have depressing SoCal movies and/or movies with overcast skies.


Last Remaining Seats returns to remind us to check out the classic theaters around LA we should still be using more. We have so many amazing places to watch movies that we under-utilize. The full schedule is up and lets you choose from only a six-movie selection. So, pick something as you don't have many chances to see it on the big screen or in one of these theaters.

Mars Express Review: You've Got To Get To Mars


Oh, you're there, great. Can you pick me up a sci-fi procedural? Thanks. Oh, none for me thanks. I'm in recovery.
I need my cop drama set in space SyFy channel or Prime... Disney+, any of you who makes sci-fi still. Mars Express is just that, a sci-fi procedural in the seemingly near future set on Mars. We're in the shoes of private dick, Aline Ruby. Not your typical private eye, by the standards of neo-noir, which this isn't really, just in the aspect that she's a lady. Other than that and the rest of cast, this easily could have been a live action sci-fi movie you swear you saw from the 80's-2000's or turned into a series, which I would love to watch.

Going back, I was pumped to see this since the trailer, now that it's out...I clearly want more.

So, let's go over what has me and will entertain you, the murder case on Mars that goes deeper than it should, your stereotypical but-still fun detective story characters and all the fun sci-fi. 
Aline Ruby; her robot partner, Carlos Rivera, have a quick jaunt to earth to find a hacker; what follows
on Mars is a missing college girl case that opens a door to something much bigger that gets the two into some deep deep trouble.

Aline has some great quirks and some problems like her drinking making her a nice rounded sci-fi character, so does Carlos who isn't the happiest about some of the problems being a robot.

It all takes place on a colonized Mars. The red planet and the future has plenty of world-building for you to totally get into it. So many fun little takes on what cars, college and other aspects of life will be.
 Just like the cop shows we watch so much now, you'll be glued to the screen over the case and the way the two run their investigation with future tech. When you're a robot, you can scan the room. Just, turn off your head hologram.

This has some action it it too and lady detective can I tell you what it reminds me of. Car chases very similar in my mind to both iRobot and Demolition Man and once again some fights that remind me of Ghost in the Shell. All of which are very good things to compare to when talking sci-fi. Let's, of course, put in a dash of Total Recall.

Just an aspect of the car chase had me with cute little  "hat" robots that pop put of a tunnel ceiling to help with a car accident. The ongoing joke about our leads sobriety has a lock symbol go up when people try and poor her drinks. The sex districts robot designs were a great look at the perverts of tomorrow.
All those little bits build a world, a world with robots, creepy new creatures called organics and people a little bit different than us with what they do, but still us. Except, when it comes to their faces.

Let's clear this out so we don't dwell on the negative. I'm not happy about the look, design wise. I love
the robots and the tech, the designs of people, not so much. Expressions, people's face, how old they are? Hard to tell and just not that memorable. Memorable in more of a, stop smiling at me weirdo way. Character design on people in this, is at worst, a little uncanny valley. Since, it's only a movie it's fine, because we're with them for only so long. It reminds me a lot of the latest season of Ghost in the Shell, er uh, with subtitle of SAC_2045. The one where they went crazy with CGI. It sure was a SAC.

Watching the dub version; shout-out to the voice actors and the usual crew of anime voice actors in the background that sound familiar. They all got me pumped for what was happening as their faces didn't.
There's a bit of storytelling in here where you go, "Oh, I see, this is French/European." Meaning not everything goes down like an American made sci-fil film. I'll leave you ominously with that.

Mars Express has my ticket to get lost in over the weekend or to catch when it comes to streaming.

If you're missing some sci-fi from your life or missed the latest Reacher, CSI or whatever then check it out this weekend.

Mars Express is in Select Theaters May 3, 2024

Screener provided for review purposes

Monday, April 29, 2024

Anyone See One Of The Fallout Vault Tec Bus Stops Around LA?

Fallout Vault Tec Bus Stop
byu/Hakuru15 inFallout
Bus Stop in Los Angeles
byu/WashingtonsTrousers inFallout

While looking it up found an interesting article on a much hated bust stop design the "La Sombrita."

Meet “La Sombrita,” the Shade Structure That Only Attracts More Heat

Indika Out May 2nd

INDIKA is set to launch this week on May 2nd on PC, Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5. We have a review copy in the works and we'll give ours after the game is out.

"Play a third-person, story-driven game set in alternative Russia at the turn of the XIX century where religious visions clash with harsh reality. INDIKA tells the story of a young nun who sets off on a journey of self-discovery with the most unusual companion by her side, the devil himself. "

Friday, April 26, 2024

Dang, Two Bit Circus Closed & Dinah's Going Out Too

We were just made aware that Two Bit Circus Micro Amusement Park aka the arcade bar has closed down its downtown LA location. The website doesn't explain why it closed, but says they are seeking a new place to open up. 
It's really strange as we were getting emails from the Two Bit Circus Foundation as early as last week. From what they say online and in emails they'll supposedly open up soon in a new place. But, we're holding our breath with how this all went down so fast. 
Best of luck to them as we did truly love the place. It was an incredibly strange fun arcade. The escape rooms were top notch. Oh, and the trivia rooms too. I can't think of another place where you could buzzer in. I hope someone makes a coffee table book out of how nice the place looked.

Sad to see it go.
I think it just wasn't in the easiest location for valley residents or many people to get to. Hopefully it gets closer to a college campus or places where there's more foot traffic.

It was an amazing arcade.

Here's our review of it from 2018, when it opened.

Children of the Sun & Harold Halibut Reviews


Children of the Sun 
Out Now on Steam
$14.99 as of writing this.
Stylish is it is wicked, Children of the Sun is a moderately priced puzzle game of sorts. Is that a psychic bullet in your pocket or are you packing carrot nubs? You play as "The Girl" slighted by a cult in many ways as you find out in cut scenes in between kills. How do you kill?

Welcome to game-play as you are a sniper, but after you fire the first bullet you telekinetically take control it and make it wiz through cult members heads. Or, maybe make something explode. It becomes a puzzle about being able to hit other enemies without obstructions, how fast you can do it and making sure you've taken out all targets. So, really you have one bullet take out multiple targets. It's a fun premise to have you figure out where to go next as a bullet goes through brain.

The look is what the game might make quite memorable to you. A sort of combination, maybe kids drawings, thermal and night vision makes colors and outlines of people look wrong, but still an easier way for you to identify what to look out for and who to take out.

We could easily see this becoming a cult classic. Props to the whole idea. I've loved many a game where I was a soldier with psychic powers. This stream lines it into a total indie puzzle solving experience that's hard to put down as you just want to figure out the order of your head shots.

Everybody Hates Harold, I mean 
Harold Halibut
Out Now on
Why does everybody hate my friend Harold. He seems helpful enough, but it's very hard getting through the start of the game with everyone just taking jabs at him.
Did you know many play video games to escape and do things they normally wouldn't? 
I don't want to be so negative, but the game sure is. I'll stop, but have a calming drink with you for the
start of the game.

Set in the future and on another planet you play as Harold Halibut, he's essentially the forever intern for a professor at a laboratory under the sea. Oh, and everything is under the sea. The ship your ancestors were on crash-landed on the planet with no land masses. So, you'll be looking at sea life mostly.
What the game does have is simply stunning Wallace and Gromit, clay-mation look as every character, item and background was hand-made and then 3D scanned and digitally inserted into the game. This game took ten years to make and it show it.

I'm amazed the game isn't from England, it's so British in humor and voice acting and bureaucracy. It's actually from Germany, which many people don't consider the most fun or having much of a voice in entertainment.

When characters aren't taking Harold down verbally or the ones who are oddly nice to him, it's a fun point 'n click adventure ...where you can easily use a controller. Exploring and puzzle soling this underwater world does take hold if you know what you're getting into, which is an older point 'n click game.

Perhaps, there's been a patch since last I played, but really oddly the game has to reset Harold to a sort of starting position to talk with anyone that's just annoying to deal with.
I could not take the abuse for so long, but will eventually finish what looks like a dystopian British bureaucratic sci-fi story, which I am fond of.

Games provided by publishers for review purposes

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Night Markets, Anyone? atSiam & Damnoen Sa-Duak Thai & Southeast Asian Style

Been hearing about these for a while, can you check them out for us? There's two night markets and they ain't 626. These new comers are:

1711 N. Cahuenga Blvd,
Los Angeles
5 pm - 11 pm

Weekends 6PM-12AM
From what we see on Instagram and over at Eater LA, both will fill you up over the weekend or you can just go to this one on Sunday, Smorgasburg. The Asian food at each looks mouth-watering. Go to their sites and socials to see if there's a booth you might want to try.

Rose & Camellia Collection: Finally, An Aristocratic Slapping Game Comes To Switch

 By Sir Reginald Jonathan Bilski Esquire

Is a mere commoner reading this? 
How dare you! Only a noble of such zeal and upbringing should be reading this review! The Rose & Camellia Collection is for those who enjoy battle, but not with their fist, but their open palms. Through five different chapters will you put other high-society woman in their place, over details ever so important. What details? Oh-ho-ho-ho, why such as dominance over a household, not working and over course milk delivery. And, to do so, you will have to wield a JoyCon through this wonderfully short, but sweet Japanese humor game that is perfect for the Switch.
I guess, I'll allow you to stay and read the rest of my review, just so you might know what civil people do. And, I'll cut out all the fancy talk too.

What can I say, but how overjoyed I was this title finally was released on the Switch. Been waiting to see it since it was announced and I saw two women trading blows like in some sort of artsy British drama.

The game, well it's exactly that...but, more. The Rose & Camellia Collection is mainly about the women of the Tsubakikoji family. When Reiko, the "commoner" who married into the family loses her husband, he passed on, she must slap her way to the top or be treated like well, garbage by her husband's family. What ensues is you taking on the different women of the household in slap matches.

How slap matches work and how we get the name of the game is this. You take turns slapping your
opponent. You are the "rose" and they are the "camellia"- the white one. Using a JoyCon, on your turn, the Rose's turn, you must wield it toward the characters face in a fast motion as though slapping them. The result, when you make contact, is a hilarious over the top head turn of your opponent on screen. 
Now, during the Camellia's turn you must dodge their attacks or see your own head swivel towards you playing the game.

This back and forth is the entire game and you are both limited by bars of time with your flower on it to indicate whose turn. It's not as simple as you might think. You have to practice and have very good hand-eye coordination to dodge the attacks of different "noble" women.

Your "health" is also displayed by your type of flower and sometimes your opponent might have a bouquet and you don't.

The game can get quite intense, the moves of your opponent ridiculous. Oh, and did I mention sometimes you can grab your opponent and slap them around. Yes, you can and there's nothing quite like slapping another lady whose all up in your business.

Just from the get go, listening to the wonderful opening theme of the game gets you motivated to slap around the other women through five different chapters. As I already said, you start off as Reiko, but each chapter has you fighting as another Tsubakikoji family lady or in the service of the family. And, for a ridiculous promotional reason Mulbrook from the La-Mulana game series. 
Where the game justifies it's very ridiculous existence is in the story and characters. Very much based on Japanese dramas and humor. While Reiko's story starts off the game it sets a tone of having one foot in drama and then amping up into, "Wait, what did that character just do?" By the La-Mulana stage of the game, you're ready for things to get weird.

Other than slapping someone and seeing the damage to start to build in your opponent, which is a lovely visual, there's the wonderful voice acting and demented characters you must get through. Be it the Maid, Mita, and her two daughters Leftie and Rightie or the older sister. One of which, just doesn't want to work as her motivation for the second chapter of the game. Oh, might I mention when you first encounter Mita she's not in a ...normal place in the house.
In fact, many things aren't normal the more you play. A world tour has you visiting other countries with stereotypes out of manga of other cultures. India's fighter is a straight up homage to a Gundam character. I was already in tears in the first chapter of America, which sort of just smooshed New York to the West Coast.

Even the practice section with teacher Torie had me floored. She looks like a JoJo character with little slap hand charms in her hair.

My favorite chapter might be that of Eldest Sister, Shizuka Tsubakikoji dealing with the hilarious ideas of only receiving a noble newspaper only sold to nobles and the same for milk. Door-to-door saleswomen who might be dying of starvation be damned.

Honestly, I'm amazed aliens don't show up in this game, a trope that just randomly goes in gag comics from Japan, which this is mostly like.

The game does have a two player mode, where you both pick up a JoyCon and have at it, so something
to show off when friends or family over.

In any case, something to show off and let friends try when they're over as well. This game, though short, if you can master slaps and some different techniques, is made for the Switch. Technically started on the PC, but whatever. Slapping women around is never a good idea, unless you're playing this game. And, the way the game pulls it off as though watching an old Japanese drama makes it truly funny and unique experience. I mean. where else are you gonna possibly slap around a robot?

Out Now on Switch $19.99

"In addition to the digital eShop version of the game, a glorious physical version of Rose & Camellia Collection is available via The standard edition, priced at $34.99, includes the game and manual, while the opulent deluxe edition, priced at $69.99, includes the game, manual, soundtrack CD, 12" x 16" double-sided poster, acrylic standee, and art cards, all enclosed in elegant collector's packaging. Both the standard and collector's editions are on offer as open preorders until May 12, 2024."

Game provided by publisher for review purposes

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Based on the Comic Exhibition @ Hero Complex Gallery


Here's the latest from one of our favorites, Glen Brogan, over at Hero Complex Gallery for their latest show Based on the Comic. Check out more pieces from the link.

May the 4th Celebration: Across the Galaxy

May the 4th Celebration: Across the Galaxy  
Saturday, May 4, 2024
10:30am–9:45pm PDT
Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
6067 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles

This event includes art-making activities, tours, photo opportunities, and two movie screenings.


    10:30am–Noon | 2–4pm | BB8 and R2-D2 Meet and Greet | Sidney Poitier Grand Lobby
    11am-2pm | Community Mural | The Walt Disney Company Piazza
    11am | Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983) | David Geffen Theater
    Noon | 2pm | 4pm | Jump to Lightspeed – Encounters Tours | Level 3, Rolex Gallery
    12:30-1:30pm | 2:30-3:30pm | 4:30-5:30pm | Dykstraflex Live Demonstration | Spielberg Family Gallery
    1pm | Force Training Demonstration | Sidney Poitier Grand Lobby
    12:30-4:30pm | May the 4th Art-Making Activities | Shirley Temple Education Studio
    7:30pm | Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) | David Geffen Theater

Press release: The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will present a Star Wars-inspired May the 4th Celebration: Across the Galaxy. This exciting event will include photo opportunities with favorite fan-built droids R2-D2 and BB8, a Star Wars-inspired collaborative mural and other art-making activities, a sneak peek guided tour of our second iteration of the Inventing Worlds and Characters: Encounters gallery, and a special presentation of the Dykstraflex computerized camera control system used to film the original Star Wars trilogy. Visitors can enjoy a one-day-only 15% discount* on select Star Wars merchandise at the Academy Museum Store, and screenings of Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983) and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016).

Weekly What To Do: Should Square Enix Make Pies?

 The Square Enix Pop-Up Shops


Chocolate Talk & Tasting | Keeping it Grounded

Thursday, April 25, 6 pm–8 pm
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
900 Exposition Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90007COST: $18 for Members, $20 for Non-Members
Join us at NHM as we dive into the world of chocolate. Meet chocolatiers featured in the digital series, Chocolate: From Beans to Bliss, as they share stories about their journey to chocolate and their connections to family, health, and resilience. Best of all, enjoy a chocolate tasting from each featured speaker's shop as part of the evening experience.

FRIDAY! New group show, Location Scout, pays tribute to the places of pop culture!! So many great pieces, this one is gonna blow you away. Goes online this Friday at - so get ready…Joey Spiotto’s Creators exhibit, TOO

Alien 45th Anniversary Re-Release 
Starts on Alien Day 4/26, this Friday
Select Theaters
Before the film, attendees will see “ALIEN: A CONVERSATION WITH RIDLEY SCOTT & FEDE ALVAREZ” where Fede Alvarez (Director of ALIEN: ROMULUS) sits down with Ridley Scott (Director of ALIEN) to discuss the film that started the iconic franchise. 
Vidiots welcomes you back for more 16mm celluloid oddities with Sweet 16mm: Stop-Motion Explosion!, a program of adorable, mesmerizing, and mind-blowing stop-motion animation from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Pizza City Fest Los Angeles
L.A. LIVE | April 27-28, 2024

Pizza City Fest offers a stellar lineup of Southern California’s best pizza makers in one location, giving fans the unique opportunity to taste, see live demos, and attend panel discussions with culinary experts over two days at L.A. LIVE. 

Sunday April 28, 2024 12pm-5pm
Royce Quad at UCLA, 10745 Dickson Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90095

PIEFEST IS BACK! KCRW is partnering with The Fowler Museum for a day of festivities celebrating the best food of all time: pie! At the heart of the festival is a massive pie contest where hundreds of bakers compete to impress the judges — a collection of LA's finest chefs and food writers. The event also features baking demos, a marketplace with pie slices and lunch options, a beer garden, kids activities, exhibitions at the Fowler Museum, and music sets from KCRW DJs Dan Wilcox and SiLVA. Evan Kleiman, the unofficial Pie Queen of Southern California, will preside over the festivities. This event is free and open to the public. Spend the day with us and grab a slice while you’re at it! 

April 27th & 28th, 2024 from 10am - 5pm each day
Central Park, 275 S Raymond Ave. Pasadena, CA 91105

Featuring 200+ local, hand-selected artisans, shoppers can expect to find trendsetting indie goods including original fashion and jewelry design, paper goods, innovative home decor and housewares, art, photography, food, and much more.  

 is BACK on April 27th & 28th
Lumiere Cinema, 9036 Wilshire Blvd, 90211

Be the first ones to laugh out loud and discover a selection of the latest French comedies,
shown for the first time in the US, just after their release in France!
 KILN Earthenware and More
April 27th - May 14th
Sat April 27th Live Instagram Tour @giantrobot Art On Sale Online 12Noon (Gallery Open from 1pm) Artist Reception 6-9pm
Christine Luu, DANI KAWAII, Gina Zycher, Ginger Chen, Godeleine de Rosamel, Jenn Lima, kozyndan, Lucas Pincer Flynn, Michelle Sakai-Hart, Pawena Studio,  Sun-mo Koo , Taehoon Kim .
Saturday, April 27th and Sunday, April 28th
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
2ND & PCH is located at E 2nd St & Pacific Coast Hwy Long Beach, CA 90803

2ND & PCH invites the community to the first-ever Cherry Blossom Festival, presented in partnership with Dreamers Market, on Saturday, April 27th, and Sunday, April 28th from 12:00 - 6:00 pm. Attendees can discover an array of handcrafted treasures, artisanal delights and unique finds from local Japanese-inspired vendors, meet & greet with special characters and anime mascots, and Japanese cultural performances at this inaugural event. From Japanese crafts to delectable treats, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Guests in cosplay can stop by the Dreamers Market info booth and will be entered to win prizes up to $100 in center gift cards.

Street Food Cinema is back with Barbie @ The Autry Museum April 27th

Universal Studios Hollywood Introduces an 87North Produced Live Show,“The Fall Guy Stuntacular
Pre-Show,”Added to Its Popular “WaterWorld,”

The Limited-Run, Action-Packed Pre-Show Kicks Off on April 27 and Continues Through May 19
to Coincide with the Theatrical Release of The Fall Guy, Opening in Theatres May 3

Studio Ghibli Fest 2024 Kicks Off With “SPIRITED AWAY”
Saturday, April 27 at 3:00 PM (SUB)
Sunday, April 28 at 3:00 PM & 7:00 PM (DUB)
Monday, April 29 at 7:00 PM (SUB)
Tuesday, April 30 at 7:00 PM (DUB)
Wednesday, May 1 at 7:00 PM (SUB)
Select Theaters
John Ford’s THE SEARCHERS in 70mm Limited Engagement
Sun. Apr. 28 - Sat. May 4, 2024
Egyptian Theatre and Aero Theatre
Newly struck 70mm print!

THE SEARCHERS (1956) was filmed in VistaVision and released in 1.85. WB’s Motion Picture Imaging scanned the original 8 perf 35mm VistaVision camera negative in 13k with all restoration work completed in 6.5k, Jan Yarbrough, Colorist. The 70mm film print was created at Fotokem by filming out a new 65mm negative. WB’s Post Production Creative Services restored the original mono audio mix, with Doug Mountain as lead and assistance from Matt Vowles. Inventure Studios created the DTS encoded deliverable of the restored audio to playback flawlessly with the 70mm film print. The Film Foundation has given approval of this newly restored version.
Saturday April 27, 2024 from 1 - 7 PM PT
Echo Park Lake: 751 Echo Park Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90026

Echo Park Earth Fest is a free, family-friendly Earth Day celebration with entertainment and activities for sustainability stewards of all ages. This is a waste-free event! The festival will include a free tree giveaway, free eye exams and eyeglasses, test drives of electric vehicles, children’s activities (where they will building birdfeeders and crafting butterflies from coffee filters), Loteria/Bingo, educational presentations by rPlanet Earth on recycling plastics, LA Dodgers on landscaping, Vista Hermosa Heights Community Group on capping unplugged orphaned oil wells and Everlasting Education on composting, Rosemont Elementary Robotics Team, information booths, and an Indigenous blessing.

Entertainment includes the Renaissance Arts Academy Orchestra, K-Pop dancers from the NK Dance Studio, and Korean Drummers from the Hi-Za Yoo Korean Dance Institute. Vilma Diaz y La Sonora, the best Colombian Cumbia Band, performs from 5:30 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.
Sunday, April 28 · 4 - 7pm
Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)
960 East 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA 90013
Come celebrate the new season of our locally-produced environmental series Earth Focus! We're taking an in-depth look into the relationships between California's wildlands and urban infrastructure and how community leaders are reimagining the Los Angeles River’s role in its surrounding neighborhoods.

Join PBS SoCal for an immersive event hosted at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (350 Merrick Street, Los Angeles, California 90013) featuring interactive ecology activities, oral histories from communities along the river, a pop-up VR exhibit, a screening, and more!
UCB, a cheapo comedy show almost every night, see comedians before they make podcasts and have
stories about the UCB and before they hit the big time.

American Cinematheque-A celebrated independent theater group that brings both the talent and catalog of films to make for some of LA's best movie nights.

Street Food Cinema-Outdoor cult or recent hits you'll love.

Check out classics and cult movies just a few stories above street level. Rooftop Movies at The Montalbán.

 New Bev-Tarantino owned independent theater with old school style

Cinelounge - Hollywood based tiny theater, showing off indies you've never heard of
Brain Dead Studios-manages to fill its schedule almost every night
611 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Vidiots -A one-of-a-kind hub for film lovers, filmmakers, and everyone curious about cinema. A small theater is more than made-up for with the constant content and special screenings.
4884 Eagle Rock Blvd
March 2-Sept 1
Japanese American National Museum
100 North Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Admission $

Giant Robot Biennale 5 features artists Sean Chao, Felicia Chiao, Luke Chueh, Giorgiko, James Jean,
Taylor Lee, Rain Szeto, and Yoskay Yamamoto, among others. Since 2007, JANM has partnered with Eric Nakamura, founder of Giant Robot, to produce the Giant Robot Biennale, a recurring art exhibition that highlights diverse creative works celebrating the brand’s ethos.
March 9, 2024 – September 8, 2024
Bowers Museum 
$ Admission
 Never-before-seen at a museum and making its American debut, Asian Comics: Evolution of an Art Form presents the largest ever selection of original artworks from Asian comics, displayed alongside their printed, mass-produced forms. This exhibition is a vivid journey through the art of comics and visual storytelling across Asia. From its historical roots to the most recent digital innovations, the exhibition looks to popular Japanese manga and beyond, highlighting key creators, characters,