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Kevin Eastman (co-creator of Ninja Turtles) @ Melt Begins

Holiday Tree Lighting at L.A. Live

"What: Holiday Tree Lighting at L.A. Live

When: Friday, December 2nd from 7pm to 8pm

Where: Nokia Plaza L.A. Live, 800 W. Olympic Blvd.

Tickets: Christmas tree lighting and other events are free to the public, but general admission into the ice skating rink will cost you $12"

Santa's Cool Holiday Film Festival


"Feeling nostalgic for the '80s? Join us for Telethon!, a comedy variety show set in the 1980s featuring live sketch, video commercials, stand-up and musical acts. Produced and written by NerdMelt crew with members of Family Sandwich! This months theme: "Save Murder Woods"
Date: Monday - December 5, 2011 - 08:30 PM
Location: Nerdist Theater (*) - Los Angeles - General Admission
Doors Open 08:00 PM

The Just People Show@ Nucleus


Featuring Dyna Moe (who also made the logo), Nate Stapley, Jamie O’Keefe, Alexa Rose, Carlos Ramos, Julia Vickerman, Erin Pearce, Julia Prescott, Kevin Sukho Lee, Paul Clay, John Larriva, Russell Walks, Carly Monardo, John Olsen, Jeff Ramirez, Lisa Hanawalt, Robyn Von Swank, Mitch Loidolt, Ming Doyle, J.R. Goldberg, Dave Kloc, Parker Jacobs, Tyler Jacobs, Deanna Rooney, Kelsy Abbott, Christine Nockels, Christopher Hastings, Kirk Demarais, Box Brown, and possibly some surprise guest stars.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Shopping Twist Question Green

 I like the new design for Twister box art, I wonder who the artist is. Kevin Tong started in education toy illustration, so whoever this is might make it big too. Kevin's in LA for Unique LA and Renegade Craft Fair in December.
 I just want the Question Block.

No love for Green Lantern toys, super cheap, cus the movie was such a flop.

Oh, yeah this was just some guy in line in front of me during my shopping.

Ben 10 Galactic Racing and Generator Rex Review

Ben 10 Galactic Racing and   Generator Rex
both from Action Man and both about young teens with hard hitting growing I'm just kidding its about a new generation of action heros.

Generator Rex: Agent of Providence starts out like an episode of the show and keeps the writing and story consistent. It didn't take me long to beat, but it's fun kids games that fans of the show will enjoy. There's nothing quite like using your supers to kill nano-machine made freaks.

From Rex's gun arm, sword arm or big ol' fists to his crazy robot legs he uses to smash animal evos with you'll be having fun it this beat-em up.

You seem to track back and fight old enemies and revisits old plots like Rex's love interest, who I kind of hate for being well, incredibly selfish. Another fun little addition was Rex's memento's lying around that you can collect and  set to his room where you start after every new mission. The silly dialougue by the masked members of Providence shows that activision had some fun making it.

Problem wise there's little. Dialogue can look very silly when there isn't a cinematic, I mean the cameras very far out from the characters. At the end of the day it's a one person beat-em up for fans.

Ben 10 Galactic Racing what's up man? You start all nice with an interesting story and funny alien announcers, but then you seem like you gave up along the way. It feels like there should just be more game to this racer. It's plays like Mario Kart, very much like Mario Kart. I don't know why a racer was asked for? Why not got the fan love route and give them a game like Generator Rex instead.

Gameplay can be fun and there's some fun colorful alien race tracks on different planets. The powerups based on Ben's aliens can be fun too.

However, it's hard to control you car and it takes some time, but the game isn't forgiving, if you don't earn 3rd place or 1st or 2nd place in some races you can't play the new tracks. If this is a game for kids it might get boring playing the same tracks over and over again. That's another problem new races take place on the same planets, but in different areas, so you'll go back to ice world a couple of times and other planets multiple times.

The most annoying part was the lack of characters, I don't know how you unlock Vilgax, but I'm two circuits away from beating the game. Where's Gwen? Ben's Girlfriend or that scientist that's like Doctor Who? How about his Grandpa? Not in this game. I know boy's are the main sell for the game, but how is Gwen or any other human character other than Kevin out of the game?

Ben 10 should have been more simple for kids and added a bit more in characters and levels. I see a kid getting frustrated with it. There is at home multiplayer with up to four players, but if you can't unlock more tracks it's going to get boring. D3 needs to try harder before releasing something with out a little more love and knowledge of the show.

Zombie Spaceship Wasteland Review

 Zombie Spaceship Wasteland: A Book by Patton Oswalt

 What are you a Zombie, Spaceship or Wasteland? What does that mean? You'll have enter the mind of nerd comedian Patton Oswalt. You've seen him in the trailers for Young Adult or on a comedy special or a side character in some shoe. He died in Blade 3, I think.

He's book Zombie Spaceship Wasteland isn't simply a autobiography or well though out essays on humanity threw nerd point of view as Wired wrote about a year ago when the hardcover came out. Now that they paperback has come out and the book has become a New York Time Best Seller you might want to pick up it up.

Patton's book could have easily come out of the McSweeny's line. While reading it it reminded me of John Hodgman's The Areas of My Expertise, a section on Hobos really made it feel like I just picked up John's book again.

When you first start reading it you'll notice how much it jumps around like a random series of thoughts. Your really looking into Patton's thought process.  It's starts of with Patton in his teens than jumps to a rewrite of some terrible studio movie about a wedding. I like these sudden jumps, instead off a simple autobiography were given a Quantum Leaps of random tells and stories, like a conversation with Patton.

The script write up might have been may have been my favorite section. I've heard about it from so many stand up comedians and the process of going back to a finished movie and fixing minor things in post, but my god, that movie sounds awful. I wondered if it was shelved forever.

The most painful was hearing some of the early stuff he did in his career. The crap he endured starting out as a comedian, the shady douche he had to deal with is an amazing tale of human pain, taking place in Canada. Right after that is a new sort of soul pain as Patton tells of the experience of a gift suite and how awful he felt going to it. I like right after he just headed to his local comic shop .

House of Secrets
 1930 West Olive Avenue  Burbank, CA 91506-2438

(818) 562-1900   

The nerd comes out even more in his poem to his fallen Dungeons and Dragons character who died such a bad ass death he did deserve a poem written about him. His depiction and life his so thorough, you'll want a short movie about him.

Once again by reading the book you'll get the title and find out what you are. We all kind of want to be spaceships, but a lot of us become Zombies our Wastelands. I think reading the book will make you want to become more of a spaceship.

I highly recommended picking it up, it's so cheap now and well worth it. I'd like him to continue with more books, but he really has stand-up to get it all out, still Vampire Submarine Flat Plain could be nice.

Zebraman 2: Attack on Zebra City Review

Zebraman 2: Attack on Zebra City

"Don't stand behind me!"  The line of our hero Zebraman before he kicks backwards like a zebra setting he's enemy into a wall.

Zebraman 2 is another kick to the Japanese superhero genre. It reminds me of the recent Karate Robo Zabogar movie, but with better cinematography and special effects. If you've ever seen a Japanese super hero show, you'll see it being mocked by this whole film. It's being mocked hard with incredibly stupid plots about the future and what it means to be a hero based on a Zebra.
Going in I was skeptical about Zebraman 2, because I didn't like the first Zebraman movie and found it hard to follow. However, this film became another classic of "Super Happy Fun" entertainment from Japan that holds value for great night time viewing or laughing with your friends.
Zebraman starts off with the main character Shinichi, your average elementary school teacher being known as a hero to the world, being stalked by the media. Then a quick skip to twenty-five years into the future with "Zebra Time"  in effect? Now our hero doesn't remember anything and is being hunted by masked zebra cops while a music video about the Zebra Queen is playing? What the Hell is going on?
*It's great to stick us in to a (overused) bad future, but why does Shinichi have to jet around screen on his little motorized grocery cart during the music video? Your watching a sexy music video in the vain of Brittany Spears and director Miike decided to act even more silly and put his hero Shinichi on a cart going around the screen. The music video to Shinichi's painful escape was fine, it shows us Zebra Queen has the power, Zebraman is at a loss.
After being shot more than a hundred times by Zebra police Zebramen is found by the White Horse group (loved their headquartersa set design). The White Horse is a group with others hurt by Zebra Time. Zebra Time is  five minutes at five am and five minutes at five pm where, get this, a laser shoots up into a sky that fires into a satellite that blankets all of Tokyo (now Zebra City) in a zebra filter. That screen of zebra coloring does absolutely nothing. What happens in Zebra Time? Crime is legal and Zebra cops go around blowing away anyone on the street. Sorry, but you'll have to watch the bizareness of that sitution to fully comprehend the black and white madness, let's head to the next part.
So Kinichi meets up with his old student and kind of son, now a man, whose the doctor treating everyone at the White Horse. He also meets Ichiba, who eventually reveals he played Zebraman on TV. Yes, there's a Zebraman TV show in the movie about Zebraman about a fake costumed Zebraman. With Ichiba's dvd collection of his show,  Shinichi starts remembering his past.

He also encounters a young girl with aliens in her. When he touches her, he becomes half of his former self. He becomes Zebraman White. After a confrontation with Zebra Queen who turns out to be his darker self he unsuccessfully tries to stop her.

I'm not gonna ruin some key points, but eventually Zebraman White must fight Zebra Queen Black during an all out alien assault on Zebra City.

This ends with one of the most strange acts of heroism ever. Zebraman... I can't even explain how bizarre I found it and the way it looks, but it ends just like any other Japanese super hero movie with the hero heading off into space.

End of spoilers

Zebraman 2 kicks butt and stripes away evil with action and silly moments. There's a lot of build up in the start for a killer third act the will solidify this movie in your brain into a "what the Hell just happened thought".  I could see the fart joke a mile away when it was coming towards the end, it's not beyond the Japanese to put the stupidest joke possible into an action movie with deeper thoughts about Japanese society and being a real hero by just being yourself.

I kind of wish the part on what Japanese society could be was cut or had less focus, it's never really about that in these movies, it's about the hero growing. It's never really about the people who are thrown away as monsters rack up the casualties to insane levels. You'll know it's that kind of movie when a certain sex scene happens. It's so ludicrous to everything that's going on.
Extras should have included this Revenge Of The Zebra Mini Skirt Police , but maybe it'll come out on it's own, it is 40 minutes, but on a Blu-ray that's nothing. The Mini-Skirt police have zero fights with Zebraman White and are almost forgotten by the end of the movie. The exta movie their in takes place before the events of Zebraman 2. The actual extras are plentiful with interviews with cast and crew and behind the scenes featurettes. Kind of would have like something silly with all the the silly antics from the movie. Possibly a full Zebraman TV show episode.
Damn, Takashi Miike is prolific and if he wanted to could be doing mainstream movie work in America, if he weren't bat shit insane. Zebraman 2 had super hero action scenes on par with what anything Hollywood could throw out with million dollar budgets. Plot wise it's totally insane with mixed in corny jokes.

There's kind of like an unsettling feel of many Japanese movies not being professional, but movies like Gantz and this are showing a much better look in cinematography and style. To be taken seriously, they'll have to lose the zany plots and odd cinematography.

Run like a Zebra and pick it up now, a Zebra, so random.

Hetalia, Paint it, White Review Pasta Anyone?

Hetalia - Paint it, White - The Movie (Limited Edition)

If only the real world could follow the countries personified into people in this anime.

We'd be a nuclear war.

Petty, childish, idiotic our different nations, but as an anime hilarious. Hetalia: Paint it, White is a strange comedy to say the least. What's Hetalia? Well, if your into anime, it's all those girls dressed as boys, yelling at the cons. For new people it's simple and like I said at the start the anime personifies each nation into a human being that interacts with other personified nations. History lessons and strange facts or sayings about countries are brought up through horrible conversations with each other.

Paint it, White starts off simple enough, aliens are changing the world into a white bland mess with no distinctions, everyone looks the same.
How will anyone fight each other and know whose German or Japanese or Italian?

Luckily, a top notch team of well known nations has come together to take on this threat, too bad they can't get along for a second and are bunch of crazy weirdos. America's the hero who can't stop eating or even listen to others. Russia is just creepy. France is the Jersey Shore cast all in one man, minus the pecks. China knows what's best, because it's China. England just hates everyone for being idiots. Japan believes in personal space and being courteous. Italy is simply a moron. Germany, Germany yells a lot.

As other nations falter, all matter of weapons from the superpowers are ineffective, turned to white gooey versions of the former selves. The brave nations I mentioned go on the offensive together in probably one of the most mismanaged covert missions that becomes an elegant celebration of how those countries celebrate. Vegas and girls for America!

This peaceful display of customs and cuisine  fails after some very bad scones from Britain and has our heroic nations finding themselves lost on a island together. Eventually, the dark white forces come in to take them on. The bravely fight to the end, except of course Italy. Italy seeing all his other nations transformed into white aliens with green glow balls on their heads can't stand it and uses a black marker to draw stupid faces on the other nations. This brings them back and their differences and squabbles can be brought back out. So really stupidity and differences saved the world as the aliens like being different. Time for a dance number.
End of Spoilers

The hatred and characterization between the nations is funny enough and it's great to see nations made fun of so silly. Poor, poor Canada, no one remembers you. It was great to see Sealand again, a tiny British oil rig that in the real world is trying to be recognized as a nation. In the movie he's a little boy in sailor uniform.

Some minor problems, might have been the reuse of old footage. The movie uses some old segments, which is strange in a brand new movie. Hetalia as an anime series is short segments, going long seems to be hard for the actual movie. The long story with not taking any prior historical facts kind of lacks the back history needed for the overall plot.  Hetalia: Paint it, White could have had an overall better story arc or been done in a better format, but it's random oddball characters might win you over.

Pcik it up if your a fan and can't get enough of nation on nation action.

Then coming in January is  Hetalia: World Series 1 Season Three (Limited Edition)
 which brings back the old format I like of history lessons and cultural differences.


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Adventure Time Time

Hey guys and gals,

All Adventure Time posts will be on the new sister fan site
 Adventure Time Time. They'll be a link on the right if you need your fix for Adventure Time from now on. Note the crew will be at the Cinefamily this weekend. Read more about it on the site devoted to Adventure Time!

Once again if anyone wants to color in the logo that be helpful for the new site or has a new design for a new logo send it to [email protected].

Peace Y'all

Meat Bun Interview The Men Behind the Meat

Meat Bun is a t-shirt company and no it's no edible t-shirts, so please don't go up to people who say they have Meat Bun brand shirts and try to eat them off them.

This will lead to awkward situations.

 Meat Bun produces some of the finest video game t-shirts out there. I've been to probably a dozen events they've participated in or been at, seen them take a amazing talent pool of artists to design their shirts and soar to new heights of products that we wear to remind us of games we've played and continue to play.

I've been trying to interview them for a while and finally did. Here's my interview with Meat Bun.

Gentleman, at least I assume you’re all gentlemen,that last time I saw all of you together was the Olly Moss one man show at Gallery 1988 or at least some of you at the SUPER IAM8BIT show at IAM8BIT … Gallery?I did, perhaps see one of you at the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom Fight Club in LA done by IAM8BIT?  What I’m getting at is there are three of you? Correct?

Yes, three owners. We also have 4th person, Dan, who handles our shipping and fulfillment.  You'll see him at shows and events like EVO.

Good! So please state your names and any side jobs you do that others might know about or might not know about.

Mike McWhertor, also at Game Trailers.
Jason Rau, also at Camera Control.
And Scott Spatola, also an IT/network security consultant.

I think I've enjoyed Meat Bun since an early article on Kotaku about it where Micheal or one of you is where an M shirt and Sakura is in the background playing DS. You've been around for almost five years and are a well known video game t-shirt company.

Thanks, that was a fun shoot.  We threw in a fan/friend JayJay cosplaying Sakura for fun.  She's great, and actually helped inspire our Emperor of Muay Thai design.

Now then, how did you three/ two create Meat Bun? I’m guessing over beers and friendship and gaming? Possibly a murder cover up that you will no doubt lie about with beers and friendship and gaming. Meat Bun was created in 2008, but were aspirations for it earlier? From what I’ve searched through Kotaku’s history about Meatbun, Michael and Scott (Ha Micheal Scott, The Office reference)  were friends and created a t-shirt company. Sadly, Scott doesn’t seem to work for Kotaku or did you Scott? Intern or friendship?

Mike and I have known each other for years.  We went to college together.  The idea for Meat Bun was hatched in 2006 at the Tokyo Game Show.  I was freelancing for Kotaku at the time, doing some photography for them.  We came across some shirts in Japan that were video game related, but that we'd actually wear.  So that lead to us giving it a go in the States.

How do you pick what games are given homage? Are you staying dear to your hearts or what you think others will remember and love?

We only work with games we like, and mostly IP's that companies are not doing their own thing well with.  If a company (Valve) is making a great (Half-Life) shirt, we won't touch it.  But we'll make a Typing of the Dead shirt in a heartbeat.

Let’s go into you artist alley, how are they picked or asked to make designs for your shirts? I really enjoyed your Soviet Propaganda line, which isn’t in stock right now, by Nina Matsumoto. How did you get her for an example?

She first helped us with the Giant Robot/Ouendan design we created.  We fell in love with Nina ever since.  Her talent is seemingly limitless.  We also think up concepts, then have fun seeking out the best artists for the job.

What’s the usual amount of time asked for something to be created? Like the time frame for the artist to get it to you or is there more to that?

Well, we have a seasonal schedule we like to stick to, but we can and will move things around if it mean we can work with an artist we really love.

After getting the image, how are the colors chosen for the shirts, does it lead to fights and name-calling?

No, we work really well together.  We digitally mock up a variety of colorways, then discuss what looks best, and factor in what seems to sell well.  Lavender is a tough sell, but we are not afraid to use colors if we really think it works.

Any other artists done the line you wish to court or like to send a shout out to? I know I’d like to see some stuff from Lamar Abrams, Corey Lewis and Brandon Graham.

Yeah, we have a few artist we are courting.  You named some good ones there.

How are the shirts made?

Well, first the mama shirt falls in love with the daddy shirt, then they give each other a very special hug.

(I guess the process of how or where they're made is a secret)

Scott, you’re a really nice guy, in the multiple times I’ve met you you’ve been courteous, helpful, and know about games. So I’m sorry to ask this, but how did Kotaku-Tan get made. I hate Kotaku-Tan. I hated the design immediately, which made it hard to believe it came from Jason Chan. I own the Zombie Playground print he made, I framed it. So I like his work, but Kotaku-Tan? Blech. I guess it sold out or landfill?

Hahah!  Yeah, that design was for Kotaku fans only.  We knew that going in -- that we were going to make something that not everyone would like/wear.  It was actually something Jason Chan came up with.  We were playing around with inside jokes that long time Kotaku readers would get -- the cake fetish, using pink fish to censor nudity, Brian Crecente's long black flowing hair.  We wrapped this up in moe anthropomorphism, to symbolize the "otaku" side of Kotaku.  And believe it or not, it was a hit!  Even Cliffy B. was hitting us up for one, but we had sold out.

Do you have a connection to the Street Fighter Clubs or does Capcom just really dig your shirts featuring their fighters?

Both.  We were invited to the first SFC in the bowels of Skid Row in LA, and asked to take part in the second SFC in NYC.  We did the posters, shirts, and bags.  Someone actually asked us if they could get our design of Guile getting electrocuted tattooed on them.  We said yes, only if he sent pictures.

You recently did a pop-up shop with Giant Robot and have been a part of Game Nights, how has that been going? Do you feel you need community out-reach with your t-shirt company?

Giant Robot is awesome.  We have been fans of theirs for many years.  And our fans are becoming their fans and vice-versa.  We are thrilled to be working with them.  The best part of the pop-up shop was being able to meet with our customers directly.  They are so knowledgeable and cool -- I was blown away with how many references they pick up on.  Nothing gets by them.

The photo shoot by Tom Troutman for your 20xx line is stellar, why did you decide to have one? Do I spy Evangelion shoes on the blond chick in the Beautiful Spring  pic or I’m I just seeing purple and green shoes?

Yeah, Tom and his girlfriend knocked it out of the park.  We came to know Tom because of a picture he posted on our FB page.  We are big fans of his Silent Hill style photography.  We hope to work with him a lot more in the future.

What’s the hardest part about working at Meat Bun? I assume it’s a side business, so that can eat away at other jobs, does it hurt?

The hardest part is not being able to give it our full time attention.  We still need health insurance!  But our aim is to grow Meat Bun big, and into something that will support us full time.

You’ve been selling your tees at multiple gaming events for a while now any memorable stories from one? Any new events the public should be aware of happening in LA. Anime Expo perhaps?

EVO is the crown jewel of the fighting game tournament series, and our favorite venue.  Las Vegas is a fun spot to unwind at after 3 days of manning a booth, eating free samples of Gamer Grub (a caffinated form of Chex Mix, I think).  Last EVO I met Kayo Police.  Some fun stories surrounding that!

What’s the greatest part of owning a video gamet-shirt company?

Working with artists we are fans of, then a few months later having the shirts we had only dreamed of hanging up in our closets.
(Hah, the SNES car from Giant Robot at Pixel Pushers)

Favorite games currently?

Dark Souls.  And Skyrim.  And Dark Souls.

Unique LA Returns

Unique LA returns with special hard to find items locally made by artisans of all kinds.

December  3 + 4   //   11am – 6pm both days

Where: The California Market Center (110 East Ninth Street, LA, CA 90079)
Cost: $10 at the door or in advance online (Kids 12 and under are free), 10% of ticket sales go to our great non-profit partner 826LA.

I've gone to Unique LA multiple times, there's always the perfect gift for someone there. Food, felt, art, clothes, jewelry it's up for grabs and something you won't find in stores. It's like etsy come alive. I see nerd art a geekery all over the place. This Unique I'm seeing some bacon products to try and some other yummy treats. So grab some tickets and head down to it to pick up something up for the holidays.

The 3rd Annual Holiday Show from UNIQUE LA on Vimeo.

The Huntington Japanese Garden Reopens 2012

 The Huntington Japanese Garden is scheduled to reopen April 11th 2011. The beauty of the place has been known as the best spot in all the Huntington. With the addition of a tea house, which was actually built in Kyoto Japan and shipped back here to America it will be even more splendid. It's nine acres big, making it large than the Woodley Japanese Garden by two and a half acres. It seems like another spot to get lost in at The Huntington, with it's multiple gardens and art collections.

Here's some more info about the reopening

Here's my article on visiting Huntington

Be sure to mark your calendar for April for the revival of the garden.

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
1151 Oxford Road
San Marino, CA 91108

The Man Who Stole The Sun

I kind of want to see this just on the recommendation of Sako's Movie Shack Asian Mini-Movie Reviews.

"This is a cool, insane big-budget Japanese movie from the late 70′s, in which a trendy young high-school science teacher Kido Masato (nicknamed Bubble Gum by his students) somehow makes a nuclear bomb in his Tokyo studio apartment by breaking into a nuclear reactor station and stealing plutonium, in order to hold Tokyo to ransom for his rather odd demands. The movie plays on the public’s fear of nuclear weapons, but whether or not you’re scared depends on how far you’re willing to suspend your disbelief. After some early attempts at political commentary, it turns into a full-blown action movie, with endless jaw-dropping stunts which includes a fantastic high speed chase on the streets of Tokyo as our anti-hero is pursued by dogged police detective Yamashita throughout the movie."

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Wanna Punch The New iPod Touch guy

This Douche, I don't know why, but if I ever saw him I'd instantly want to beat the shit out of him. I have no problem with anyone else in the commercial, but what kind of fucked up look is that for a person? I don't know, I just feel who ever that is in real life will do something horrible, it's just one of those feelings you get when you meet someone.

If you know who this is please tell me, maybe warn people that's something wrong with him, just something.

I'm sure with talking with him, he'd be the type of person you'd think, this is what a murderer is like. If he's ever questioned for a murder, he did it. This douch guy did it.

iPod touch

Those aren't correct socks to be worn by any man and is the character he's playing every gay friend of a girl ever? Who casted him and thought "yeah this douche is perfect, I want his ass in the commercial." He probably gave head for the role.

The Voice of Wheatley Stephen Merchant Stand-Up Show

Stephen Merchant Stand-Up Show

Wed, January 18, 2012 8:00 PM

at the Largo


Hurry, the other show on the 17th got sold-out and it's in January still.

The voice of Wheatley and bosom buddy of Ricky Gervais... they sit behind the same desk will be doing stand up. He's got British humor and you can just close your eyes Portal 2 fans and hear Wheatley as though he's come back from space.

Touch My Katamari Oh King Of The Cosmos I Missed You

Now you can stretch and shrink the ball, damn that does seem fun. I know the creators gone and said he didn't enjoy working at Bandai too much, but they now how to make some Katamari fun.

It makes me think about what I was saying about Bandai Entertainment earlier in the week.  As it's online store is closing other parts of Bandai seem fine. I don't know why Bandai's anime store can't go into Namco Bandai's game store. Just create a new section, solidify and make it stronger.

Just look at Funimation or Capcom, great internet presents, for god sake's Sega has a damn blog that updates. Build a better online community Bandai North America! Oh, wait I forget if you're dead or not because all American game teams were destroyed.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Super Mario Bros Board Games

 I've just been into board games recently and after seeing Super Mario 3D Land come to life in New York I got some pics of old Super Mario Games.
 This version of Jenga is Japan only