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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Adventure Time ConQuest Medal 2013

 Here's a closer look at this years Adventure Time ConQuest prize, a brand new medal featuring the Ice King. It took a person hopping from booth to booth all over the con until they had to walk outside and past a guard to secret booth where they could pick up a prize. I'll have a longer video of the process later. On the way you could collect this red-somewhat drained white bracelet with Marcleine Wuz Here on it at one of the booth while on the quest which was done entirely through texting this year, no map. It had you stopping the Ice King from capturing different Princesses and looking at all the other Adventure Time Merch.

This will be my last AT post of the day, I went over so much already, but I'll have interviews and video from the con and some dodgeball exploits from here in LA next week, and maybe a book review too.