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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! Comic-Con Preview

Oh, it's cute WayForward, too darn cute and nostaligac. Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! had an early build right outside Comic-Con right behind or in front of, minding your perspective, of where you picked up your Ice King medal if you completed the Adventure Time ConQuest this year. D3 Publisher and Wayforward once again are bringing you an old-school feeling Adventure Time game. With up to four of your friends, on the consoles, sorry 3DS no co-op for you, you can transverse a royal secret dungeon underneath the Candy Kingdom with a original story by Pen Ward and WayForward. This time you'll have full voice over from the cast of the show.

The looks is totally reminiscent of titles from the 80's and give the game it's own style that sets it apart from some many boring 3D titles shambled together today.

I played it with four others and it will immediately remind you of  Gauntlet, if you've ever played it before. Hack and slash your way from enemies from the series that come at you and your party until you destroy there spawning points. I played as Finn and was joined by Jake, Marceline and Cinnamon Bun. One of Cinnamon Bun's attack really freaked me out visually and that's where I noticed all the little nods to the show. There will be hundred of little "did you see that moments". Over time I built up enough energy for a powerful attack like a summon. It went to a cut scene of Finn riding an elevator with some weird creature. Due to being outside and the lack of sound I have no idea what happened. The attacks are to get more powerful as the game goes on, so different powerful cut scenes might occur.

Hug wolves came at me and my party at a point and caused us to get all huggy. Finn and other characters really were grimaced with having to hug every few steps and each other. Small details like that show a real love for the show and putting it in made the game all the more silly.

There's a token system to help with your abilities and you will be earning points in every level to make your character stronger. One part is charging up your imagination, yes you really have to earn points to improve your imagination.

Eventually my crew made it to the boss who happened to be that demon cat that was never 100% on any guesses he made. My entire party attacked him and won. From the game play I've tried so far it's perfect to play with friends and fans of the show and pick up any time and get into. No doubt they'll be plenty of secrets places to unlock or find.

Right now, not all the characters you'll be able to play with has been told so almost anyone from the show is up for grabs with future announcements. Here's what you can play it on

Wii U™, Nintendo 3DS™, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 system, and PC