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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Push It: It's What You Do' Featuring Salt-N-Pepa

Does anyone wonder how well their albums are selling now due to this commercial? I just love the women in the elevator, she's so freaked out.

SalBa Combe' A Blade That Cuts A Story

SalBa Combe' "Spin Attack"

SalBa Combe' "Lady Armor"

Glen & Andy Art

"Before the Sun Sets On Her 16th Birthday" by Andrew Wilson

"Off With Her Head" by Andrew Wilson

Glen Brogan "For God and Country"

Glen Brogan "I am Triple Word Score"

Glen Brogan "Shells of Thunder"

Andrew Fourthwish "Metryoshka Dolls"

Andrew Fourthwish "Matryoshka Dolls"

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Tree Lighting Grand Park Dec 1

The LA County Tree Lighting in Grand Park kicks of the Christmas season in LA.

Christmas Tree Lighting Grand Park
December 1, 2014 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Grand Park's Fountain Overlook (near Grand Ave.)
200 North Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

"Usher in this festive time of year with the official lighting of L.A. County’s Christmas tree in Grand Park, led by Supervisor Antonovich. Enjoy holiday favorites from chamber music ensemble Brass Pacifica and Los Angeles County High School for the Arts Concert Choir.
Enjoy free hot beverages provided by Starbucks!"

Friday, November 28, 2014

TTDILA COMICS #43 - Noir Friday

by ARG

click comic to expand.

I hope everyone enjoyed their turkey
Hopefully snagged a few deals for black Friday.

Enjoy the comic.

Gaming In The Gallery Dec 5

fan art, not from show
It's turning into a video game Christmas here in LA. Starting Dec 5th until Dec 28th you'll be able to enjoy arcade games at the Hero Complex Gallery this holiday season. On top of that we have gaming art ready to give to loved ones or get for yourself this holiday season, I think I wrote the same thing for the Smash Bros art coming to Q2. Just like that art show the curators didn't invest time in making a flyer or showing any art that's going to be in the show...guys do that from now on. I'm using fan-art more than I should. This even will also use a projector...Andrew, didn't Q2's show also say it was going to project the Smash Bros tournament?, 'Oh, they did. Well, Giant Robot had projecting games before both of them.

Hero Complex Gallery
2020 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90034
facebook info:
To coincide with HCG’s First Annual Christmas Party we are turning the gallery into an arcade!

The gallery will be filled with classic cabinet games such as Galaga, Pacman, Street Fighter, and more, along with multicarts (60+ games in one cabinet), pinball machines, and modern gaming via our NEW PROJECTION SYSTEM... all games will be on FREE PLAY!

Gaming artwork, from classic to modern gaming will be evenly interspersed throughout. It'll be a completely different way to experience an art exhibition and we're beyond excited to share it with you!"

LA Links: Ramen Week

-Ramen Week starts Dec 1, half-off ramen deal at multiple ramen locations around LA.

Back to the Future Secret Cinema Screening in LA

Secret Cinema's has screenings set for the 30th Anniversary of Back to the Future and there on their way to LA this Summer. Reported way back in  Sept, /Film reminded us of the big event this week. Secret Cinema is known for doing amazing events for special screenings of films. In England they recreated Hill Valley for a few days, a giant mock town with fake residents for their screenings of Back to the Future. There were some problems where customers lost a week due to the overabundance of those attending. No word if they'll just get permission to have the screening at Universal where the original Clock Tower building remains and most of Hill Valley stands as the place people go to see the Walking Dead at Universal Horror Nights.

Notcot Is Butt Plugs Today

Notcot is showing off a lot of butt plugs today.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sam Bosma's Fantasy Sports

Did you you know Sam Bosma works on Steven Universe?

"Spring 2015 from NoBrow Press. 48 pages, full color, slams, jams, rebounds and throwdowns."

Sam is re-releasing Fantasy Basketball in color in 2015.

Hope he comes to Comic Arts LA Dec 9

Royce's Arcade Warehouse Free Arcade on Saturdays

You might see a ghost on Plumber. He might be blue. You might see a sign with dots pointing further ahead when heading down Topanga.What's it all mean? Then you'll see signs saying free arcade.

For the past six months, Royce's Arcade Warehouse has been open for free on Saturdays in Chatsworth. The business is one year old, but has already served businesses like Funny or Die who rent their machines for their offices for their employees and guests to play.

Walking up and seeing classic titles like Sunset Riders, Super Mario Bros and Cruis'n World is a dream come true for any video game fan. Last Saturday, TTDILA checked on the venue and it was a paradise of gaming. All machines (that were on) were ready to play and not asking for quarters. After passing the snack bar, which is cheap, you head into a warehouse of titles that you may have never seen.
Royce D'Orazio

The Voyager Arcade Cabinet? Time to blast the Borg with phasers and save Seven of Nine. Did the Borg's chest ever explode before or did parts fall off of them where we could see their insides in any episode? Who cares, blast them and move your butt Harry Kim!

It's one of many titles that Royce D'Orazio has in store for you. The owner has his name in the title of the business, a business he says where, "Our inventory changes weekly." So the games you play on Saturdays change too. He also explained the companies main service, "We rent arcade machines for the home or office for just $100 a month. Free local delivery and repair. We even trade you games monthly like Netflix. 3 month minimum subscription is required. No one else is America is offering such a plan."

So why does he have a free arcade? "This is how I advertise the business. We rent sell, repair and do parties! The more people I can reach the better, " Royce answeredIt's not that bad a way to get the word out, try the machines yourself before getting them for a party.

There were some very strange titles ready for play when we toured the place. Royce mentioned a title, "One of my favorite games is our Arm Champs II arm wrestling game, the kids and adults both go crazy trying to beat that game."

I asked him about the most boring game he had, he answered with, "That's a tricky question, I find Sprint 2 to be boring, but only because it is so outdated and archaic. I am sure it was quite impressive when it was first released."

Royce plans to head out to the Amusement Expo in Vegas this Fall. It's an event showing off all the latest arcade games. He might be showing off older titles, but as he said the inventory of the store changes often. Royce told, "I intend to keep the Saturday's going as long as we can." So be sure to check it out and maybe start renting Metal Slug for your garage.

Royce's Arcade Warehouse
21819 Plummer St 
Chatsworth, CA 91311
(252) 543-9723 
Open Saturdays 
Check their website for times

Game Hype: Fast, But Sexy

-Free Fighting Game Primer Book with illustrations from Jonathan Kim and Mariel Cartwright
I send it out to friends before we have a video game meetup, there all so pitiful

-PS4 Ad banned in Europe, you're Welcome on the Internet.

Legend of the Hero and other Fresh Merch at Fangamer

Check out some of the new merch like Legend of the Hero by Kari Fry or Terminus Terrae by Nina Matsumoto. Damn, that new book will be a hot item for Legend of Zelda fans.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Semi-Celebrity Super Smash Bros Fight Club

Nintendo wasted money on a Semi-Celebrity event here in LA for Super Smash Bros. Can you name any of the celebrities? I sure can't. Oh, Nintendo of America, stick to the free events for fans. No one cares about this stuff and it's a waste of money.

Remember kids at home, help Nintendo by telling how dumb it is and when it wastes money. Nintendo, show your fans you care with events catered towards them, like the Smash Tournament at Staples Center. I heard of some Super Smash Bros tournaments around LA you held with GameStop. Keep doing that.

The last photo here is really creepy, it's Zelda Williams, the daughter of Robin Williams. He named her after Zelda, she's wearing a Peach outfit. Weird.

Nintendo, stick to the fun commercials and free events. Not creepy photos of dead celebrities off-spring. She's a voice actress, she didn't make it into being seen.

Urkel did show up too, does anybody remember him?

No Love For Yoshi

 While looking at some threads online I found this gem showing the want for Yoshi amiibos. Below someone made a Final Destination stand with Master Hand and Crazy Hand figures for their amiibos. It's from Artist Danilo Santeliz, here's the full scoop.

Sadie & Mark's Super Mario Freestyle

That... that was just great.

Weekly What To Do: Happy Thanksgiving, Except You Andrew

Have some free time over this Thanksgiving weekend? Well, we got you covered with activities to fill you up even after eating that big dinner. I'm thankful for you readers coming here and reading and watching Things To Do In LA. I'm also thankful for the end of are employment of Andrew Gallardo of TTDILA Comics. A womanizer and a brazen delinquent that cursed at mothers and tried to take advantage of young ladies. Enjoy your Thanksgiving you twisted monster, alone.

And to all of you a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.


17th Annual Three Stooges Big Screen Event
Saturday, November 29, 2:00 PM
Alex Theatre 216 N. Brand Blvd

Slapstick and shenanigans for the holiday season.

ArcLight Presents… Tis’ the Season
Nov 30- Dec 23
Multiple ArcLights
Prices Vary

The ArcLight cashes in on the festive season with classics holiday films you'll find on TV on the big screen. Rare Exports screening! Yes, they have Die Hard, it's happens during Christmas, twice. Also, I hate there ArcLight Presents..., it's like they can't be happy about the's so little to them.


Old Pasadena Holiday Celebration
Friday, Nov 28, 4:00 to 8:00pm.
Holly Street (between Raymond and Fair Oak Avenues

20 tons of sparkling snow and a visit from Santa, later there’ll be music to groove too.

Nov 28-Jan 4 Select Nights 6pm-10pm
Los Angeles Zoo 
5333 Zoo Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027

From site:
"Presenting an all-new holiday light experience that combines spectacular sets and lighting design with the enchanting environment of the L.A. Zoo. Stroll through areas of the Zoo that are transformed into a fantastical wonderland populated by glowing light animals."

4th Annual We Heart Eagle Rock Block Party 
Sat, Nov 29, 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Near 5024 Eagle Rock Blvd 

Some sales and activities for little kids celebrating the small businesses of Eagle Rock.

The Krampus (The More You Know)
Sat., Nov. 29, 8-10 p.m
Goethe-Institut Los Angeles
5750 Wilshire Blvd. , Ste. 100 , Los Angeles

One of the guys behind those Krampus events we write about often in LA is giving a lecture on ... hmmm, The Krampus.

4th Annual We Heart Eagle Rock Block Party on Small Business Saturday!

Twilight Zone Unscripted: Special Holiday Edition
Mon, Dec 1, 6-8 p.m.

Vroman's 695 E. Colorado Blvd


Why watch the KCAL 9 marathon when you can watch people act out brand new episodes. After that, performances at the Carrie Hamilton Theatre, Pasadena Playhouse December 4-21.

Loscon 41 Cloak & Dagger
November 28-30, 2014
LAX Marriott Hotel, Los Angeles, CA
Full adult members are $60.00 for the whole convention
Full Youth members (6yr – 13yr) are $25 for the whole convention
Full Kid in Tow members (5yr and under) are Free!
Daily members are $35 per day

You have a terrible website LosCon. A sci-fi fantasy convention from a group based in LA. Writer Guest Of Honor – J. Michael Straczynski. Frankly, I'm not sure how good this could be, it sounds relatively boring.

The Jackbox Party Pack Is On Steam

Now you can take that trivia game, drawing game and lie-detecting game anywhere you can put your laptop. Yes, the The Jackbox Party Pack is now on Steam and a little bit on sale with it coming out. Grab what's sure to be useful for get-togethers at your house this holiday season as you beat family and friend to a pulp in moronic competitions over trivia and ugly drawings.

What you get:
  • The comedy trivia sensation YOU DON’T NOW JACK 2015 (1-4 players) with hundreds of all-new questions.
  • The hilarious bluffing game Fibbage XL (2-8 players), with over 50% more questions added to the original hit game Fibbage.
  • The bizarre drawing game Drawful (3-8 players) - you draw right there on your phone or tablet (very little/no real skill required).
  • The racy-as-you-want-to-be fill-in-the-blank word game Word Spud (2-8 players).
  • The wacky-fact-filled Lie Swatter (1-100 players).

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Contenders Film Series at the Hammer

Another great reason to live in LA. if a film buff, the truly amazing special events, conversations and screenings. The Hammer presents twelve films with their directors and actors in tow through December and January in their Contenders Series. The series starts off with Bong Joon ho's Snow Piercer, it's a very pretentious film and Bong version's of the story added Asian people, because he's Asian. You can tell how well it did by not remembering it being out for long and now being on Netflix.

 TICKETS$15 General Admission / $10 HAMMER PLUS Members (with valid discount code)*

Full schedule

Blipsy Bar: Don't Get Tipsy on Spy Hunter

Why are there Pac-Man pellets outside of this nameless bar in Koreatown? It's the Blipsy Barcade or Blispy Bar, one of the last old-school arcades of LA...and it's a bar. They have some old arcade and pinball machines to play and grab a beer while you look a the decor and think, "I hope this doesn't give me nightmares."

Blipsy Bar
369 N Western Ave 
Los Angeles, CA 90004
P (323) 461-7067
Last Friday night, the city was cold, we had just filmed our gaming show a few miles away at World 8. We hadn't had our gaming fix filled, so we ended up at the famous-Yelp famous-Blipsy Barcade, a seedy bar arcade set in Koreatown with no easy way to identify what it was, where it is, or what's going on inside from the outside.

Once inside you'll be shocked by the old arcade titles and the comic shop/Chuckie Cheese furry costumes all over the place. Past the She-Ra and Orko pictures hanged with care you have a wall of arcade classics wanting for your quarters.

Punchout uses two monitors? We never saw this fighter that has two screens, one for your fight, the other for the billing of the fighters. Look in the crowd when your dodging attacks, is that Donkey Kong? This machine makes the whole bar come alive with how loud it gets calling out moves and the fight.

The Twilight Zone pinball machine opens the doorway to even more noise as you'll hear Rod Sterling tell you to consider stuff from beyond the grave.

Can't say much about  the drinks, we only stayed long enough to get a bite to eat next door. Yelp reviews say they're fair priced.

Games cost rarely more than a quarter and there's an ATM and change machines (almost hidden) in back.

This place isn't going to win an award for decorum. It's like they tried decorating  years ago, gave up, and people are just sneaking stuff in and putting it places, and they gave up. Whatever, it doesn't get in the way of the games you can play.

There's a small section for a DJ to drop beats, but we may have come by too early for any beats to be dropped.

Blipsy is a small, hole-in-the-wall arcade. If mixing up for a night around LA head there late, play some games and get something to drink.