Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Food Fight!

OMG I would have blogged it earlier, but I just found out today people.

From the Capcom Unity Post:
We will have the game to play, food to eat and an insane food truck battle featuring some of LA's finest new chefs including Chef Ludo and Chef Eric Greenspan.  Creating dishes inspired by our Marvel and Capcom characters in the game, this is an event that you LA Locals dont want to miss

Sounds like a fun strange Capcom event. A food battle, who came up with this. Also who they Hell are those Chefs they mentioned? Who cares? Eats and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 before anyone else, you have to be there

Kim Sing Theatre
722 H Figueroa Street

11AM TO 3PM. First come,first serve ignore the rsvp apparently it's a error.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Back Again, Little Tokyo/ Giant Robot Yard Sale

Hey Readers,

Your editor Jonathan Bilski here. Just to say I'm trying to get a better schedule for the blog. Monday or Tuesday will have me posting on a event or place a reporter or I attended. Wednesday is still the day I give my weekly things to do. Thursdays are for reviews. I'm trying to review more entertainment like video games, movies to rent and download, anime and comics. The weekend, as long as I find stuff, will be Obligatory Star Wars or Zombie Post.

 I headed back to Sawtelle and Little Tokyo this weekend. I went to the local Supermarkets and shops where Engrish shined through. Here's some that I found.

Dat Ass!

What kind of Private Time?

Anyway I went to the Giant Robot Yard Sale on Black Friday. Eric Nakumura owner of the stores and magazine was in attendance selling dvd's for two bucks, four cds for a dollar, shirts for two bucks and a bunch of other toys for hardly anything.  I got Legend of The Drunken Master on Blu-ray for two bucks. It was fun just looking a huge assortment of anime dvds and strange movie to find something you might really like. This year seemed to be a much nicer crowd. Some of this stuff can go for so much, but it cost virtually nothing this weekend. Look for deals this Cyber Monday, but they'll hardly be as good as the ones you'd find at the Giant Robot Yard Sale.

I'll have new stores I visted on Friday, till next time dear readers.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

8-Bit Shit Makes It To The Staples Center

The team of professional dodgeball players that dresses like video game characters is playing a game at the Staples Center. On Dec.12th 8- Bit Shit takes on The Extraordinary Dodgers in a fight the Staples Center would never imagine to hold.

I love what Team Captain Mike Miller wroe on his Facebook post on it "Imagine Capcom vs Marvel. Your favorite videgame characters vs your favorite super heroes battling for dodgeball greatness! "

A sight to behold.

Sunday, December 12th we will play on the Staples Center court!

Pregame Happy Hour at Cana Rum Bar for dodgeball ticket holders! 714 West Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015

6:30pm Clippers vs Orlando Magic

8-Bit Shit! vs The League of Extrodinary Dodgers


TICKETS are $15 for ALL OF THE ABOVE! Get tickets here -

To get tickets here

More info here

Interview with 8-Bit Shit here

Meat Day Tomorrow!

*omg check out the engrish at the bottom of the pic above (pictures are images only) wtf does that even mean?

At all Nijiya Market locations the end of the month holds a very sacred day, that day is Meat Day. All meat is on sale. 20% off in fact.Truly eat is a great day with low prices you can't ignore. A day to enjoy meat. A day to try new meats. New ways to cook those meats. And, finally to pronounce to friends I got such meats on Meat Day.


2130 Sawtelle Blvd., #105, West L.A., CA 90025


124 Japanese Village Plaza Mall, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Update: oh yeah the one on Sawtelle is having a grand meat battle

Conan Stand-Up Guest Showcase

more info

Like Conan's sense of humor than head to a show for the people he finds funny.
When: Tuesday, November 30 @ 10pm

Where: Melrose Improv, 8162 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Parking: Valet & Street

Ages: 18+

Friday, November 26, 2010

Obligatory Star Wars Post 9

Interviewed Kevin Tong has a new piece showing us how to put R2D2 back together.

OMG shows off another great Star Wars Poster, I love that moment and that angle

Jim Smash shows us a strange use for R2-D2

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hammer Museum Free Starting Nov. 26th

20 DAYS OF FREE ADMISSION, November 26 to December 18

Starting Friday is your chance to check out the Hammer Museum for free. I suggest you take up the oppurtunity as I believe all museums might die of due to the recession and how dumb people are getting.

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, 11am – 7pm; Thursday, 11am – 9 pm; Sunday, 11am – 5 pm; closed Mondays, July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day

Location/Parking: The Hammer is located at 10899 Wilshire Boulevard, at Westwood Boulevard. Parking is available under the Museum. Rate is $3 for three hours with Museum validation.

more info

Some stuff you can check out there

This Week: Black Friday and Rare Exports

Black Friday is happening at a bunch of the local LA stores check out some of the great deals below

Plus Earth 2 who didn't bother making a image for thier sale

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 26th 9am-2pm BOTH LOCATIONS--5 HOURS ONLY!! 20-75% ALL Trade Paperbacks & Hardcovers! Books as low as $1!! 30-50% OFF ALL Back Issues, Toys & Statues

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale free screening

 Welcome back movies for kids that are totally inappropriate. This movies is 80's style dark humor. The capture of Santa Claus gets weirder when some tough workers decide to ransom him.

RSVP here fore free attendance

11/26 @ midnight

 The Cinefamily
611 N. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90036

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Homeless Kills Old Lady In Little Tokyo

Weird news, when I visited Little Tokyo last weekend a homeless person shoved a old woman onto the gold line tracks. The frail old lady Betty Sugiyama cracked open her skull on the gold line tracks at the Little Tokyo Station and died shortly after. Her elderly sister was right next to her and witnessed the horror as the now identified crazy homeless lady Jackkqueline Pogue delibritely pushed her on the tracks for no reason. Stranger thing is the crazy woman dressed in all black than sat back down as though nothing had happened. Apparently she was released from a hospital and was heavily medicated.

Crazy homeless murderer Pogue was arrested and is being held for a million dollars bail.

That must have just been weird to see if you were just minding your own business and you watched someone get murdered. In the different articles I've read so far I haven't heard any reports from witnesses other than the deasesed's sister. I haven't heard of anything close to that happeing in Little Tokyo other than people being hit by the actual shuttle, which happend a bit when it first opened. I guess the police should crack down on homeless.

Sources: Yahoo news, Laist

So Analog Show: 10-DOH debuts

 So Nate Mitchell deiced over a year ago to make a vinyl figure that looked like an old school game cartridge, the results pretty sweet My favorite highlight of Designercon other than some great Peruvian food at Chozo Mama was the So Analog Show. The So Analog Show was on one side of the Squid Kids Inc booth. This was my favorite part of the expo.

 Nate Mitchell came up with both the Squidz seen above and around at different cons and festivals and the new 10-do figure. Don't hold your breath on getting one. Right now only 35 figures were made for D-con and unless a deal is struck you might not seem them anywhere, but here. Hopefully, they get picked up cause there great to look at it.

Different games were made fun of, chainsaws and magic staff were given to differing 10-dohs. I just wish they had even more artist contribute. It was fun to see the slight alterations from figure to figure.

 A-drive and b-side were also available.

Tracey Tubera showed off his piece in person.

Love the back.

Lastly my favorite piece by Andrew Wilson

Mr. Wilson ... oh wait that's funny. Nate Mitchell= Dennis Mitchell aka Dennis the Menace. Andrew Wilson = Mr. Wilson
I hope they have banter out of this. Anyway I love this piece, it's raccoon tail and "the cake is a lie sticker" cement my love of it.

Mr. Wilson's blog has some better views of Princess Peach on the front as well some gif images of his piece.