Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Adult Swim Funhouse at Comic-Con 2013

 The Adult Swim Fun House was everything that Adult Swim would be in real life, a horrible nightmare maze that would trap people. The maze was crazy fun and what I do remember had me going through a funhouse with Adult Swim ideals. I walk through a television that Master Shake was watching then went through a washing machine being humped by a robot. Just the normal stuff you'd always come to recognize from Adult Swim. One room contain a creep bunny handing out Easter Eggs with Adult Swim pins in them. He creeped out guests so much some didn't get the pin out of fear. The Adult Swim Funhouse had three exits, being birthed onto an operating table, a slide and karaoke jail. Karaoke jail was painful as many Journey songs were butchered while waiting in line for free t-shirts for those who made it through the funhouse.