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AX Update 2022: It's Sold Out, Have Fun!

This is it! AX is finally back after two years! Remember to give yourself time to pick up your badge and get verified.

Here's Viz's panels

The Jackbox Party Starter Review: Three Games To Get Any Party Started

With July 4th weekend just ahead of us, the fine folks over at Jackbox have made a small pack of some of their best games to get any party started. And, they made it for non-American countries too and you can even turn on non American-centric questions...but, can you really escape America? You can't escape the fun with what they said were slightly improved versions of games already out in other packs.

What games you ask? Quiplash 3, Tee K.O., and Trivia Murder Party 2. Some of the favs from different Jackbox Party Packs. Now, if you already own the games there's not much reason to get this pack. If you've enjoyed them over our lovely Covid lock-down or wanted a let's say easy access favorites pack for a party this weekend, this is perfect.

If you're new to Jackbox games, I'll go over the basic concept and the three games here and what's new.

First off, what's so nice about this is all you need is a smart phone, laptop, computer or tablet and the internet. Then, you can easily connect to these games being played asking you to draw, answer questions or write some stuff. You can do this online over Zoom/Discord or other video voice-call apps or in the living room with friends.

The games in this pack are all working fine, though they've added auto submit if you don't finish a prompt in time. This is a big deal, as it's been a major problem in many Jackbox games in the past. I remember shouting out numerous times to finish, which is less of a worry now. Auto submit should be standard in all future Jackbox releases.

So, a few friends and I tried it over a weeknight and of course fell back in love with Qui...Trivia Murder
Party 2. The concept of a horror movie where you and your friends are forced to answer trivia by the killer who kidnapped you never gets old. Now, the trivia is random and can be about TV shows to history to really anything. A long the way you and your friends will be uh, downsized and most will become ghosts who still have to play. Only one of you can escape the hotel you've been trapped in.

It might have been the enthusiasm of trying this new version out, but we got to Question 10 or the final floor of the hotel in Trivia Murder Party 2, which was something no one could even remember doing, even though we've played it quite a bit.

By the way, the hilarious host, you're maybe murderer and his mini-games always delight when anyone gets a question wrong. He's a murderer with feelings and funny things to say. The mini-games might be deadly, but they add a some thrilling excitement of you being taken out in game. A fun title for those who love horror films or just trivia games...or both.

Next up possibly my favorite in the series behind You Don't Know Jack, Quipl...Tee K.O.. Yes, the t-shirt drawing and slogan game set to an anime animal martial arts tournament set on island that looks reminiscent of a t-shirt. It seems like a lot to unpack. It's not, you make funny t-shirts.

 Not sure, if it's like the updated Tee K.O., but dang you have a lot more colors and shirts to draw whatever comes to mind then the previous version..we think. 

Draw a dinosaur. Draw Batman. Draw a dinosaur marrying Batman. Then choose the slogan, "My America", underneath it.

There's no end to whatever weird, in-joke or random nonsense t-shirts are dreamt up by you and the other players. You may only choose the art and slogan you friends created. The more players the stranger the pool of pictures and sayings.Then the battle to death with your votes for shirt supremacy and wearability on weekends.

And, like before, anything can be printed out on a t-shirt you can really wear if you want to after the game following the share functionally after the game. You just got to buy it and have it shipped to you.

We did notice the shirts now appear on the screen of your device, which we were somewhat sure the original couldn't and it's a nice little feature if you've suddenly move into another room or we're looking away from the main screen. A, nice little touch.

Finally, what with thought was Fibbage 3 was actually Quiplash 3. The last game in this pack has the strange aesthetic of a claymation like circus. Sadly, one of my friends who I loved beating at the game, her avatar usually being chosen as a crescent moon, could not play due to having Covid. How I missed not seeing that sad crescent moon cry. Those tears being the greatest gift of all.

How did I earn those crescent moon tears? By making up some funny nonsense. Your prompted to finish sentences or give answers that make the other players vote for what you put down. So, know your audience or just know what will make them laugh. Or just make yourself laugh and look as claymation heads eat points and make nom nom sounds.

Each game in the pack pulls off entertaining folks and bringing some levity to start off your party, it earns its name. As already said an easy buy for those who don't have the games, slightly updated versions of them or want a simpler faster night of fun.

I hope it opens the door for other updated games from previous packs as it doesn't looks like we're getting You Don't Know Jack in the pack due in October. Maybe, an all drawing pack or best of hits collection. Or even a, "Your least liked games at a very cheap price pack." Put Zeeple Dome, Weapons Drawn, Civic Doodle, Monster Seeking Monster & Bidiots all in one game and you got a worst pack.

Other new additions are localization of each game in French, Italian, German, Latin American Spanish, and Castilian Spanish, which wasn't that big a deal for my friends and me, but is nice for those who speak other languages.

Some more settings are added too like content filtration, moderation, closed captioning for dealing with audiences over Twitch or just maybe people who can't hear the game if too many people are talking.

The Jackbox Party Starter is now available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. And is set for $19.99. Get it on Steam today for an additional 10% off through the week.

Game provided by publisher for review purposes.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Midsommar Art Up @ Gallery 1988

 If you loved the folk horror movie your sick, but you can share that sickness with others by showing off art based on the horror movie. Grab it here.

Game Hype: RPG Time: The Legend of Wright


Looking forward to this one going onto multiple platforms.

"RPG Time: The Legend of Wright will be releasing on Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®4 on August 18, 2022 with pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch™ through the Nintendo eShop starting today. Fans can also look forward to a Steam® release on September 13, 2022. Aniplex of America also revealed that attendees of Anime Expo in Los Angeles will be able to demo the PlayStation®4 version during the July 1-4 convention dates at the company’s Entertainment Hall booth."

Weekly What To Do: Anime Expo Returns & 4th of July Weekend

*Special Pick
Opening Friday July 1st-
Closes Sun July 24
433 Lei Min Way
Los Angeles, CA 90012

With AX in town and it being 4th of July weekend it's gonna be busy. We don't want anyone missing out on this one. For the first time ever, the Famicase Exhibition is in LA and well, the US of A.

CAPSULE CORNER is honored to present the MY FAMICASE EXHIBITION by METEOR.Started by METEOR, a gallery in Tokyo, Japan, the MY FAMICASE EXHIBITION utilizes the classic Famicom cartridge as the canvas for original “dream” Famicom cartridge designs.253 original cartridge designs will be on display from artists, illustrators, designers and creators from over 29 countries!This year (2022) marks the 18th anniversary of the MY FAMICASE EXHIBITION and the first time it will be on display in the USA.Visitors of MY FAMICASE EXHIBITION - LA will have an opportunity to cast their vote for USA’s favorite Famicom design as is tradition in the Japanese exhibit.

Thu / June 30, 2022 - 8:00PM
Hollywood Bowl
The end begins. Part one of the epic finale Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is here! CineConcerts invites audiences back to witness the beginning of Harry’s most important battle yet, with the full film accompanied by the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Harry, Ron, and Hermione set out to track down the secret to Voldemort’s power!

July 1-4
LA Convention Center
Friday, Sunday & Monday badges remain for purchase
The largest anime convention in North America returns after a 2-year hiatus. Merch, cosplay, panels you name it, it's all at this anime convention. We've been waiting a long time to see it again and see what the anime community will do when they haven't seen each other in person in so long. Two years was too long.
Check out our other posts for what we're most looking forward to. Here's the one on schedule. It looks like Friday is shifting to be the main day of activities, but Saturday usually has the biggest numbers and the most people. Downtown and Little Tokyo will see a huge influx of anime fans. Sadly, the metro is down to and from Little Tokyo so if you plan on going it Uber or driving yourself.
How will everything look now that Sony owns so much of American licensed anime. Will there be an good-bye roast to Funimation? Maybe, some sort of a memorial service. It's Crunchyroll now and owned by Sony.

Jul 1-4

Night concerts and such with an anime theme. These might not be official, but just going on to coincide with AX.

Friday, July 1, 2022 at 5pm 
Natural Hisorty Museum
900 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007 
July 1 Theme:  Mushroom Magic
 Featuring Music Performance by: Vegyn (90 Minute DJ Set)
Discussion: Mushroom Magic Level 2, north American Mammal Hall  |  6:30 pm–7:30 pm

This month we look at a wellness trend packed with nutrients and adaptogens, but what other magic can the fungi offer?  Can fungi be the solution to rebuilding the soil ecosystem?  How can the chemical compound psilocybin, a fungi extract, be used to treat depression and anxiety disorders? What are other clinical applications for psilocybin?  What other benefits can fungi bring in everyday life? With guest Dr. Charles Grob, Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine.  Moderated by Dr. Yewande Pearse. 

ULTRA CINEMATHEQUE 70: The American Cinematheque’s 70mm Festival
Fri. July 1 - Sun. July 31, 2022
Aero Theatre 
The Golden Age of 70mm filmmaking from 1955 to 1970 brought us nearly 60 Hollywood features, among them such masterpieces as VERTIGO, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA and 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (the AC has struck prints of the last two of these exclusively for our audiences). Our July salute to the large-screen format also includes newly struck 70mm prints from Universal of AIRPORT and SPARTACUS. See them and more.
July 1-3
Friday-Sunday from 4pm-12am
Santa Anita Park
285 W Huntington Dr.
Arcadia, CA, 91007
$5 presale online, $6 day of online and at the door.
The big ol' night market returns, enjoy many strange and mysterious eats all in none night.
Hollywood Forever Cemetery 
6000 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90038
Celebrate with a fireworks spectacular 4th of July Weekend! You have three chances to enjoy friends, food, music, and a fireworks afterparty. Speed the scenic route for a road raging masterpiece. The purple majesty of Prince brings pomp and electricity to the weekend. Party like pro Ferris Bueller on the ultimate day off. 
Sat / July 2-4 7:30PM 
Hollywood Bowl
Fireworks crown the Hollywood sky on three huge nights at the Bowl, when Thomas Wilkins and the Los Angeles Philharmonic perform a program of favorites—along with two of the funniest, most influential, and most acclaimed talents of the past century: Steve Martin and Martin Short. Join us for one of LA’s greatest July Fourth traditions.
MONDAY, JULY 4, 2022 AT 4 PM – 9:30 PM
Grand Park, Downtown LA
Grand Park’s 4th of July Block Party returns IN-PERSON with a spectacular celebration packed with fun for the whole family. This year’s party will feature a series of interactive multi-media art works in tribute to those who have contributed to the spirit of the Grand Park experience as the Park for Everyone, and will showcase a dynamic retrospective of the last 10 years. Join us for a night that will include food, music, the return of two stages featuring DJs as well as musical performances, dancing, as well as other surprises and dazzling fireworks over Jerry Moss Plaza at The Music Center.
Universal Studios Hollywood Extends the July 4th Celebrations All Weekend Long 
July 2-4 Along with Spectacular Fireworks Display and Live Music Performances
All Included in the Price of Park Admission
Smorgasburg Los Angeles
Every Sunday 
10am-4pm at @rowdtla
Free Entry, Family Friendly Beer Garden, No Pets.
Smorgasburg is the largest weekly open-air food market in America, with markets in Los Angeles attracting 50,000 people each weekend to eat from a hundred local vendors.
Largo, known for comedy shows. Grab some tickets before everything sells out. Many new shows from some of LA's top comedians. We see Bill Burr, Patton Oswalt, Pete Holmes and Sarah Silverman performing here to name a few.

2021 kayaking season runs from Memorial Day (May 31) through Labor Day weekend (September 5)
Two different Kayak companies to choose from, spend a few hours on the LA River for a strange and beautiful experience of kayaking through the city.


Summer Screenings

The Hammer, KCRW, and the UCLA Film & Television Archive present Summer Night Cinema. 
Tuesdays this summer, make a night of it at the Hammer with after hours gallery access, drinks and bar bites at Lulu, and free film screenings. Galleries will be open until the films begin at 7:30 p.m.

Movies On The Roof Your favorite summer cinema series “Movies On The Roof” is back at Westfied Fashion Square. This year they have teamed up with My Valley Pass for 20 Classic Films in an upscale setting. This series will include state-of-the-art projection and sound in an elevated rooftop setting with comfortable seating on plush bean bag chairs, under-the-stars blanket setups, or other additional cozy seating. All seating is available on a first come, first serve basis.
The Regulars
Street Food Cinema


Electric Dusk Drive-In
Hollywood Legion Theater

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Anime Expo Update 2022: Friday, Sunday Badges Bye-Bye, SG5 Sailor Moon Group Debuts & More

The only day not sold out so far is Monday and it's kind of a half-day.

Update: Here's everything going on with Crunchyroll

"There will also be Aoashi and Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 2 character photo frame cards, as well as a That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime stress ball and some awesome prize packs up for grabs. Stick around for a photo with The Rising of the Shield Hero characters Naofumi, Raphtalia and a massive 10-foot-tall Filo; try out the latest Crunchyroll Games titles; and behold an awesome gallery of shikishi (autographed art boards) featuring the work of over 40 artists. 

For all your merch needs, Booth 1600 has you covered with over 30 collector-worthy products and apparel, including exclusives like the driving school outfit Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z. "

What's Sega/ATLUS up to at AX, a whole lot. Here's the skinny on what they're bringing.


  • Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+

Play the game demo to receive a free exclusive Mega Mix+ lanyard. Then, enter in an on-site giveaway for your chance to win a custom Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+ CyberPower PC rig.

  • Shin Megami Tensei V
    Ten attendees that enter our on-site giveaway will have the chance to win a Nahobino plushie. All entrants will receive a coupon code to Shop ATLUS. 

  • Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage 

Stop by our Anime Expo book to receive a free mystery character pin. If 390 photos are posted at the Anime Expo booth with the #JumboMiku hashtag, and if we receive a total of 3900 likes and retweets on official #Jumbo Miku posts, the team will give out 500 crystals during the July livestream.


  • ATLUS merchandise

The booth at Anime Expo will have exciting merchandise to celebrate Persona’s 25th anniversary, alongside merchandise for other fan-favorite ATLUS titles. You can view the merch menu here

  • Phantasy Star Online merchandise

Stop by the booth to purchase the Anime Expo 2022 exclusive shirt and steel badges. Along with merchandise, we’ll also have design sketches and figures on display at the booth. We'll also be giving out NGS item codes as an attendee bonus!


Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the iconic JRPG Series Persona at the Persona 25th Midnight Masquerade, sponsored by Atlus! Get ready to dance all night with Persona-themed sets by DJs Hingsing, SAMMI SOSA, and Alex Kade, or relax in style with the Velvet Room inspired photo opportunity and a special themed drink menu. 


  • ATLUS x Shake Ramen Food Trucks

Head over to the Shake Ramen food trucks in West Hall B, Shake Ramen and Shake Yaki, to receive one mystery can badge with your order! Collect all seven Persona series protagonists at Shake Ramen, and six Soul Hackers 2 characters at Shake Yaki!  

Along with Okamoto Kitchen staples, Okamoto Kitchen will offer limited-time menu items including Mega Mixed Mocktail and Miku’s Mix-It-Up Bento Box. Each order comes with an exclusive Project DIVA Mega Mix+ coaster while supplies last.


Movie & Show Predictions: Illumination's Super Mario & Doctor Who

The other night the TTDILA team was discussing scenarios for upcoming movies and TV. Here's our most likely guesses with the casting of the Mario movie and Christ Pratt's recent comments about Mario's voice not being Italian American or just from Brooklyn. 

Super Mario Movie 2023
The film will start off in Live Action. Christ Pratt is losing his kids in his divorce with his wife played by Anya Taylor-Joy. His quirky brother, played by Charlie Day, tries to help him out how he can. His boss, played by Jack Black, is a real jerk and his rival, played by Seth Rogen, is dating his soon to be ex-wife. The only thing consoling him at night from his marketing job is playing older Nintendo games.

His kids love Nintendo and on the last night of having his kids, they get sucked into their Switch, while playing Mario Kart. Charlie and Pratt go in after them. They see different Nintendo game worlds, maybe travel through them for a second. See ya later, Kirby. Too close with the sword, Link.

Then end up in the Mushroom Kingdom and after looking in a pond or a reflective green pipe realize they're now Mario and Luigi. Now they have to rescue Pratt's kids.

A long the way they'll fight encounter the live action counter-parts. So, Seth Rogen is Donkey Kong.

Twist, the main bad guy isn't Bowser/King Koopa played by Jack Black, it's his soon to be ex-wife, whose now Princess Peach!

Is this a stupid, stupid idea for the film. Yes. But, that's kind of the point. Older fans have a zero confidence in this film. The biggest reason is they haven't had even any official art of what it will look like.

On a slim positive the directors are known doing Teen Titans Go! for years now. The Titans animated movie wasn't bad, but Illumination Entertainment is not the same company they made it with. 

Here's to a totally plausible version we've come up with.

Doctor Who 2023

Episode Scenario:

Klansman are yelling, screaming redirect of how superior they are. We hear a man pleading to not be murdered. Camera slowly goes through white-hooded crowd and finds him and he turns out to be a blond-haired, blue-eyed, white man slightly beaten up. The Klan takes off their masks and reveals their aliens. Cue, Doctor Who Theme.

Monday, June 27, 2022

LAPD At It's Finest Beating Reporters At Abortion Rights Protests & Bored Apes Starve

Videos Show Cops Beating Journalists and Protesters at Abortion-Rights Rallies


LAPD treatment of journalists denounced, again, after abortion rights protest downtown 

The LA Times has a nice FU piece on the crypto market and Bored & Hungry, the Bored Ape based restaurant that no longer take crypt currency as payment.

 Inside the crypto restaurant after the crypto crash

"Nearly three months later, it was hard to find a patron who cared much one way or the other about the restaurant’s fidelity to the crypto cause.

“Yes, ethereum is a currency in a way where you can exchange [non-fungible tokens, or] NFTs and stuff … but as far as buying food and all that, maybe not,” one crypto-enthusiast diner, Marc Coloma, said as he munched on fries outside the restaurant. “People want to hold onto their ethereum. They’re not gonna want to use it.”

Michael Powers, 46, of Long Beach was less in the loop. He comes to Bored & Hungry a lot — as often as two or three times a week, he estimated — but although the ape-themed signage was what first drew him in, he didn’t know the spot was NFT-themed until his sons explained it to him."

Oh and our favorite:

"Another local, Nick Jackson, 29, said he’s more into collecting Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards — but added that previous visits to Bored & Hungry prompted him to start researching ethereum and apecoin too."

Anime Expo 2022 Update: Bandai Namco & Artist Alley

Bandai Namco is gonna be at AX and has a lot of stuff for you to try out. It'll be hard to miss the boot out front in the convention hall. Snag some swag from playing the following:

-ONE PIECE ODYSSEY– Fans can check out the opening moments of ONE PIECE ODYSSEY and learn more on how to play as the Straw Hat Crew via RPG combat!

-JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE: ALL-STAR BATTLE R – Get hands-on time with the stylistic anime-based fighting game before the game’s Sept. 2 global launch!

-DIGIMON SURVIVE – Located at Booth #2211, fans can be one of the first to play the long-awaited Digimon Survive before the game's launch on July 29!

Also from Bandai Namco:

 -JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Hands-on Station – After playing the JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE: ALL-STAR BATTLE R demo, fans can receive a free temporary tattoo themed after the iconic anime on-site at booth #2300. 

-DIGIMON SURVIVE Booth – Located at Booth #2211, fans can play DIGIMON SURVIVE, get signed autographs, win random DIGIMON SURVIVE-themed prizes, take photographs, and purchase Digimon items on-site. 

Below are some of the artists who caught are eye on twitter, just check out the #AX2022ArtistAlley for even more artists before you go.

Might go looking for the Meat Shirt below for just how silly it is. Meat shirt!


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Game Hype: Steam Sale & Such & So On

Anime Expo 2022 Update: Bye-Bye 4 Day Badge, Prep Guide & More


AX 2022 Night Events Guide

For all your sundown anime needs. 

 Here's a Reddit Guide to prepare you for AX.  And, below that, is ours.  

AX is about a week away, here are some things you should know for newcomers


As we've written dozens of time before, the food at LA Live is overpriced turd. Did we create a list of how bad each restaurant is? I'm currently asking other staff while writing this, because my hate for this worthless downtown venue is so high. (No! Gary, are you sure? Gary says no.)

Well, let's just say Lawry's Carvery gives you lesser portions than Subway, but charges way more. Yard House might have food that looks good, but some how, some way is tasteless.

To sum it up, no matter how lacking cash or wanting to grab a bite, it's just not worth it at LA Live.

LA Live Eats

Just past LA Live and parking lots are a few places to grab some good eats.


El Cholo

1037 S. Flower Street.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

T: 213.746.7750

Check out the menu and have your mouth water for Mexican food. The food is suppose to be worth the price. The only problem gathered from reviews is the service might be a bit off. If you want to enjoy your food and not regurgitate it come here. Before the next panel take some time and sit down and eat some nachos with real cheese, not some sort of cheap cheese-like sauce.

Original Pantry Cafe
877 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90017

T: 213.972-9279 

If you want that classic diner food then look no further than the Original Pantry Cafe. It does, usually have a line out the door. We recommend the classic ham steak, so tasty and so filling, but there are other classics to chose from, many breakfast based. Breakfast starts at 4am and ends at noon, did we mention they're open all day and night, so if you're seeking refuge and food after that late night panel you have a place to go.

Via Metro, Uber, Lyft or what not you can head to

Little Tokyo

4 acres of our own version of Tokyo in LA. In honesty, not the biggest fan of any of the restaurants, though there is a wide selection to choose from and karaoke. My favorite things to do when I get hungry is buy Japanese snack and treats from one of the many Japanese supermarkets nearby. Be prepared to walk a little to the Little Tokyo Galleria, 333 S Alameda St for even more food options and another supermarket. Or start your trip in Little Tokyo there and work your way back to Weller Court and the Village Plaza.

The Metro can take you to so many other places to eat, so double check the restaurants you want to visit and how far there are from a stop. 


Sadly, the Metro line to Little Tokyo is out of service as they're building a new stop there.

So, remember, LA Live bad, anywhere else good.