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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Halloween 2020: Horror Movies In The First Week of October

EHEhehEhehheHEHEhe, looks like Halloween is still happening boils and ghouls. It may be movies, but that's plenty fun for horror fans.

POLTERGEIST & THE LOST BOYS Two Feature Halloween-O-Thon

Fri, October 2, 2020 7:15 PM – 11:59 PM
Glendale Sears Parking Lot
211 West California Avenue
Glendale, CA 91203
$23 – $37 

We kick off with POLTERGEIST (@ 7:15pm) directed by Tobe Hooper, story by/produced by Steven Spielberg. One of the strangest and most glorious horror movies to come out of the 1980’s, POLTERGEIST pulses with the weird tension between the two auteurs involved in the movie. 

Second, we go to the late 80’s where director Joel Schumacher embraces the “hair metal” aesthetic of the time to make THE LOST BOYS, a more hard core yet simultaneously funny look at two brothers’ encounters with an ultra-cool, party all the time, group of rebel delinquents who turn out to be vampires.


Late Night Drive-In

Screenings start at 8pm; admission begins at 6:30pm.
Andaz Hotel is 8401 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood
$56.25 plus tax, which grants admission for one car and all occupants; food is extra.
  • October 2: A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
  • October 3: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
  • October 23: The Hills Have Eyes (1977)
  • October 24: Halloween (1978)
  • October 29: Suspiria (1977)
  • October 30: An American Werewolf in London (1982)
  • October 31: Young Frankenstein (1974) & Braindead (a.k.a. Dead Alive, 1992)

Via Hollywood Gothique

Laemmle Virtual Cinema on Oct 2nd
In a dystopian Turkey, the Government installs new networks throughout the country to monitor information. The installation goes wrong in a crumbling apartment complex and Mehmet, the building intendant, will have to confront the evil entity behind the inexplicable transmissions that threaten the residents. The Antenna is a horror film with political elements that stands as an allegory for the lack of the freedom of speech in today's Turkey.

Sat, October 3, 2020
7:15 PM – 11:59 PM
Glendale Sears Parking Lot
211 West California Avenue
Glendale, CA 91203
$23 – $37 

 First up, the all-time horror classic, Tobe Hopper’s original THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. Made in 1974 on a very low budget, this movie follows a group of (what else) sort of clueless young people as they stop off in the middle of rural Texas to explore a run down old house only to discover ANOTHER house behind it.

 We follow up with Don Coscarelli’s cult horror hit PHANTASM (another movie that launched a number of sequels). Coscarelli fully commits (as he would in all his subsequent movies) to be as weird and singular as possible. Here we follow two brothers whose investigation of their friend’s suspicious death leads them to a very strange mortuary. In that mortuary is “The Tall Man” a mortician determined to hide his secrets at all costs, including murdering trespassers with a really strange flying silver ball with daggers.


Tue, October 6, 2020 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM 
Calamigos Ranch
327 Latigo Canyon Road Malibu, CA 90265 
Based on Clive Barker’s acclaimed and influential horror anthology BOOKS OF BLOOD, this feature takes audiences on a journey into uncharted and forbidden territory through three uncanny tales tangled in space and time.

Thu, October 8, 2020
7:15 PM – 11:59 PM PDT
Glendale Sears Parking Lot
211 West California Avenue
Glendale, CA 91203
$23 – $37 

Tonight, we pair two fun, offbeat, singular horror-comedies that involve cars and horrific deaths. First up is Quentin Tarantino’s DEATH PROOF which we’ll be screening in its extended version.

 We follow this with Stephen King’s one and only movie he directed himself MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE. Scored entirely to AC/DC music, King essentially remakes Steven Spielberg’s DUEL as a contained horror movie mostly taking place at a remote gas station.


Weekly What To Do: Music, Art & Digimon

KCRW's Lost Notes Season Three presents: This Album Saved 1980
Thursday, October 1st, 2020, at 7PM PDT
KCRW’s Lost Notes Season 3 is all about 1980 — a monumental year in popular music with its immense losses, revolutions, redefinitions and reformations. The decade stumbled into its own brilliance as time went on, but there is so much to look at in just that first year! Prince and Kurtis Blow were bringing new energy to traditional R&B sounds. David Bowie gave us Scary Monsters and a look into his transition of 70s to 80s. Motorhead dropped Ace of Spades, a key crossover between the punk and metal scenes. And there’s so much more…
DRIVEN: A Latinx Artist Celebration Presented by Hyundai
Thursday, October 1, 2020 – Sunday, October 4, 2020
Hours: 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Hollywood Palladium
6215 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028 
Free. Must RSVP

DRIVEN spotlights multi-generational Latinx artists that have pursued their creative passions and are driven to have their voices heard and visions seen.

This free, outdoor, drivable art experience will showcase a variety of artworks created by emerging and established Latinx artists. Guests will be guided through the tour with a rich audio overlay track, created by KCRW’s Raul Campos, played directly into their vehicles to enhance the overall experience. 


1027 S. Los Angeles Parking Lot
Thu, October 1, 2020 7:30 PM – 11:59 PM


Images top left to right: Ian Francis, Kai and Sunny
Images bottom left to right: Hikari Shimoda, Handiedan
Four-Artist Exhibition
Two-Artist Exhibition Featuring
Mayuka Yamamoto and Erika Sanada
Arinze Stanley, Paranormal Portraits
October 3 – November 7, 2020
571 S. Anderson St. Los Angeles, CA 90033
Open Tuesday-Saturday, 12pm - 6pm
(310) 287-2340

On Saturday, October 3rd, downtown Los Angeles’ Corey Helford Gallery will proudly unveil a four-artist show in the Main Gallery featuring The Great Curve by London-based artist duo Kai and Sunny, Centered by Stillness by Dutch artist Handiedan, Affirmation of Existence by Japanese painter Hikari Shimoda, and two new works from Ian Francis.


Also taking place atwo-artist exhibition featuring new works from Japanese contemporary painter Mayuka Yamamoto, titled Animal Crossing, and from San Francisco-based sculptor Erika Sanada, titled Dream State.

And a solo show with world renowned Nigerian painter Arinze Stanley, entitled Paranormal Portraits

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna” watch party (#DigimonKizunaWatchParty) 
During the film’s opening weekend, on Saturday, October 3 at 8:00 pm Eastern / 5:00 pm Pacific, Toei Animation and Shout! Factory will host a livestream
that will be simulcast on the Toei Animation U.S. YouTube channel and the Official Digimon Facebook page. This free online event will be hosted by Justin Rojas and feature English dub cast members Robbie Daymond (voice of Joe Kido) and Erika Harlacher (voice of Menoa Bellucci) from the movie. Fans will be treated to a pre-movie discussion before the host and cast guests watch and comment on the movie in real-time, followed by a post-movie discussion thereafter as well as special giveaways throughout the livestream. While optional, fans that have pre-purchased a digital copy of the movie will be able to follow-along and view a full-size version of the movie during the watch party. “Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna” will be available for purchase as a digital download on iTunes, Microsoft and Sony PlayStation Network starting on September 29, the film’s North American digital release date. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Halloween 2020: Not Dead?, Huluween Drive-In, Nights of the Jack, Knott's Taste of Fall-O-Ween & Dracula's Disco Of The Night

First up, Halloween is no longer technically cancelled in LA, health officials have rolled back their words and there is no sort of penalty to go trick-or-treating. We assume some people might leave out candy and kids will be wearing masks. Go out and about at your own risk, but keep wearing a mask even if it isn't scary or just buy a ton of candy for you and/or your kids. Parties are still a bad idea.

Oct 23-25
Free, Must Request Tickets

Join us at Hulu's first-ever Huluween Drive-in - an immersive experience unlike any other. The event features four nights of movies ranging from spooky to downright scary, and a haunted drive-through forest you won’t soon forget. If you’re looking for some scare-a-py this Huluween season, request your tickets for a fright that feels oh so right. 

Oct 1-Nov 1 
Our new extended driving trail will feature thousands of hand-carved and illuminated Jack O’ Lanterns as attendees make their way around King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas, CA. Immerse yourself in an instagrammable Halloween wonderland and experience what everyone is talking about! 

* Almost sold-out
Knott's Taste of Fall-O-Ween will take place Fridays through Sundays plus select added Thursdays, September 25 - November 1. The only way to experience Knott's Taste of Fall-O-Ween is with a tasting card purchased in advance at (a tasting card is required for event entry). Event hours will be Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 12pm to 9pm and Sundays from 12pm to 8pm.

Regular tasting cards (ages 12+) are priced at $35 (plus tax) and will include five food tastings and Junior tasting cards (ages 3-11) are $20 (plus tax)

Guests of all ages can dress up in their most festive costumes* to experience one-of-a-kind themed food and treats, exclusive event merchandise including specialty items from local crafters, an all-new “Into the Fog” art show, and so much more. Plus included with a junior tasting card, young guests will have an opportunity to take a trip through the fully-themed Camp Snoopy Trick-or-Treat Trail presented by Hershey and Ralphs, loaded with multiple treat stations and special spooky decorations. All Knott's Taste of Fall-O-Ween activities will be conducted at a safe and socially distant space for families to enjoy.

Dracula's Disco Of The Night
This one is a bit weird, but if you can spend $100 more you get Dracula to deliver this at home party celebration. 

“Well if they were wise, They would soon realize, They’re not hungover, They’re just vampir-ized, ‘Cause Drac’s Back.” - Drac’s Back by Andy Forray (1979)

We are delivering a blood-soaked, glitter-drenched, Vampire extravaganza to your front door! Inspired by Bob Baker’s iconic Dracula marionette performance during their yearly Halloween Spooktacular, whose lights went dim this season, Dracula’s Disco is everything you need to upgrade your RIP to VIP. With a lifestyle that staunchly opposes sunlight, Count Drac and his devious pack of Vampires are the ultimate partiers. No night is too long and no club is too dark. And now you are welcome to join him on an all-night, Halloween frenzy.

 For $100 - and with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Bob Baker Marionette Theater - Dracula himself will arrive on Los Angeles doorsteps, performing to his namesake track Dracula’s Disco, with party package in tow. Recipients can also add-on a kid-friendly package that includes pumpkins, candy, a carving kit, and copies of Goosebumps, as well as a 5-course Fall meal from legendary French Chef Laurent Quenioux of LQ Foodings.

Party packages arrive at your front door on Friday October 23rd or October 30th, and are limited to 50 orders per Friday.

Monday, September 28, 2020

It's Yom Kippur So Don't Forget The Holocaust


Today is Yom Kippur a day of atonement for the Jewish people and the most sacred of the high holidays, we look back at the year at what we did wrong. We wash away our sins and try to be better people in the next year. Use to literally do that on the beach, that's not a metaphor. You could write out what you did and have it taken away. We should really do that more, it's a good ceremony.

As it's a sacred day, we're not supposed to really do anything: no work or even eat. This was pre-written, know-it-all. We fast until sunset. As such, this is the only post for today.

Just a reminder, the Holocaust was real. If you're Jewish you're going to probably hear stories about that today. Sadly, news online is reporting people don't know what it is or when it happened. It happened during World War II and millions of Jews and other people died in a genocide by the Nazis. Who you should know from movies and television as the bad guys or " It's Nazis, it's always Nazis." And if the Nazis had won no Jews and no America.

I'm over simplifying a ton of stuff that's tragic and some of the worst cruelty in human history, but just sharing a few things here in case you want proof or bored or want to know what people are talking about. Don't repeat history and learn from the mistakes of others. Y'know that jazz.

If you want a good resource other than just going on Wikipedia, there is the Holocaust Museum LA or the Museum of Tolerance both have a tons of proof that the Holocaust happened and try, in maybe some what too artsy ways teach you about the Holocaust and to be tolerant. And, hey if you want some strange stuff to go give to people, the Museum of Tolerance does have a gift shop. Get an eraser with the literal word racism on it.

You also have this better ending to Jews leaving Europe on a boat movie that came out, Nobody Wants Us. At least I assume it went better later in the war. The other time in history it did not go well on the St. Louis. Teaching us that every country should shut up and screws up.

As always, the Holocaust was real, it sucked. Nazis suck.

Friday, September 25, 2020

What We Found On The Net Today: Pac-Man Hungry Scares Me As His Broken Form Enters Our Reality, Atlas Obscura, 2nd Edition, DC Universe Infinite



We didn't even know this dropped? Or that it was #1 in Bangladesh Travel Guides, weird algorithms Amazon.We loved the first one from 2016 and three years later they have a whole new guide of strange places to one day visit. This time, they have select cities section, going a little bit more over what things are there and LA happens to be one.

DC Universe Infinite

So DC Universe is dead, but being reborn just for comic book reading. It has you getting a ton of the old stuff, decades of comics from DC's archives and everything coming out now, but 6 months later. DC still wants to make new comics and charge people for them. All the shows and movies  are gone and there doesn't seem to be a deal with HBO Max services.

CD – Today, September 25, 2020
VINYL – Record Store Day Drop on September 26, 2020

Hackers OST comes out just a few weeks after it's 25th Anniversary, if you haven't seen seen this 90's movie with a young Angelina Jolie, you should with friends and make fun of the acting and what people thought hacking was. 


Pac-Man Hungry is the ugly fat version Pac-Man plush you never wanted. I'm not sure who thought this was a good idea, but clearly Pac-Man cannot exist in our dimension. Or a better example might be the Blobfish. He didn't look that way until he came up from the oceans' depths.

The fat meme'd named Pac-Man Hungry can devour other plushes and makes the sounds, but should probably be more along the lines of, "Please, kill me...waka, waka, waka."

Friday Posters: Stab & Other Fake Gig Posters & Tyler Stout Terminator Poster


I should have snagged this Stab poster, it's a Fake Gig Poster from Gallery 1988's latest show. It's from the Scream horror movie series that got so meta that a fake movies series inside the film became part of the story. That movie was Stab and d%*n did Steven Luros make a great piece, that also happens to glow-in-the-dark. Sold out in less than 30 minutes. Dang! Check out even more fake posters at the link above.


Bob Rissetto "Jessica Live! (Blue)" Print

Jen Taylor "Sanderson Sisters - First Show in 300 Years"

-Also glows-in-the-dark.

A lot of Hocus Pocus love in this show.


Matthew Lineham "Sanderson Sisters Tour Pennant"

Sara Richard "LIVE at Salem Town Hall: The Sanderson Sisters" Print

This Tyler StoutTerminator poster sold out during the week

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Halloween 2020: Icons of Darkness Opens, Screamfest Still Scaring, Haunted Haddonfield & The Babysitter: Killer Queen


Icons of Darkness, the horror memorabilia exhibit opens up today. It features a gigantic collection of props and costumes from horror and sci-fi films.

Screamfest is going drive-thru this year and it already has it's first movie up to order tickets for. Honestly, we're amazed it didn't get sold out as most drive-ins are playing re-hashed movie hits from decades ago. Oh, and it's free!

Tue, October 6, 2020 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM 
Calamigos Ranch
327 Latigo Canyon Road Malibu, CA 90265 
Based on Clive Barker’s acclaimed and influential horror anthology BOOKS OF BLOOD, this feature takes audiences on a journey into uncharted and forbidden territory through three uncanny tales tangled in space and time.
For those who love the Halloween movie franchise, you've got this art gallery in the house from the original movie.

Is McG okay? The answer is no. In what I considered a fun foray back to form for the poorly named director, the original, The Babysitter was a fun horror movie about a killer babysitter with a Satanic cult on Netflix. He straight up blew the first movie away like the scene in Robocop where the shotgun popped off poor Murphy's hand.

It's a true mess of him ruining his own work and retreading jokes that might be used in a Not Another Teen Movie, not the ones that were clever, the ones with references that wouldn't make sense after a year.
The Babysitter: Killer Queen is done by someone whose once made blockbusters, who now can't. His sense of humor on par with Micheal Bay's; it's funny because someone got hurt or is being treated like garbage. Which is not funny, it just comes off as weird.

I still like the cast, great actors who I'd love to see just having fun in a comedy or dumb college movie.

If you've seen the first film and liked it, I highly recommend never seeing the sequel that adds real supernatural elements to it and the strangest, shortest editing of people's backstories I've ever seen.

McG lay off the caffeine and trying to keep the Fortnite generation interested.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Game Hype: IndieCade 2020, Mario Kart Tour Los Angeles & Shing! Review


How many times have I written that IndieCade is dead as a joke or a subterfuge for a compelling story about it moving to another location. Not this time, but it has changed once again from its start in Culver City as a jam-packed three day affair. Now it's " Anywhere and Everywhere" as it goes online in the days of the pandemic.
One of our most celebrated events on the site has changed with the times to provide game makers and players to a place they can visit online without fear of getting sick. But possibly getting sick of all the indie games.

Check out the nominated games here, they look like they'll be on your Steam Wish List in no time.

Here's a good amount of info from the press release and looks like there's a Kickstarter to help out:

IndieCade is going virtual for its 2020 #AnywhereAndEverywhere global online festival, featuring nine days of 24-hour programming on October 16-24. The 2020 festival lineup will include gameplay, exhibitions, conference sessions, workshops, discussions, Twitch streams and more, in addition to a virtual showcase of this year’s nominated titles that highlight top achievement across indie gaming. IndieCade is an independent, volunteer- and sponsor-supported event dedicated to cultivating innovation and artistry across indie game development, and to fund this year’s festival and future events, organizers have launched a Kickstarter to help build a virtual architecture to showcase top interactive media and emerging indie developers. For more details or to pledge support, visit:

Mario Kart Tour Los Angeles 

Yes, the plucky plumber is heading to LA. In what will be some great visuals, the online phone version of Mario K
art will be in LA for a while. Re-imagined versions of famous spots in LA will be put into the "new Los Angeles Tour event, which is available to play now and runs until Oct. 6 at 10:59 p.m. PT."-from the press release

Looks like you can see a sunny version of Santa Monica...oh, I miss the Splatoon even Nintendo had there.


Ninja power! Shing! has hit the scene like a ninja star to the face. A strange new entity in the co-op market. It's like your other average 4 player fighter, except for it's somewhat strange controls. It took me and two of my mates, quite a time to get into the rhythm of using our joysticks and not our buttons to bash enemies. 
That's where it lost me and a lot of friends, we were willing to try it out, but it's so unlike an average game; having to use the analog sticks to both move and fight and solve puzzles.

The world itself seems to have a fairly long story and you can see time and effort put in. But it's just something my friends and I didn't want to try and master because we aren't use to those controls.
Out now on all major platforms for $19.99

Game provided by publisher for review purposes

Weekly What To Do: Fantastic Fest, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival & More

Digital Dino Fest
September 22 through Friday, September 25
Celebrate this rich history of exploration and the impressive collection, by joining us for a week-long online festival celebrating dinosaurs, their prehistoric past, and the science that brings their world back to life.

Wed, Sept 23, 6pm
 For our next show, we’re teaming up with science advocacy organization, March For Science, to bring you a show all about the science related policy that we’ll be voting on this November.

September 24-Oct 1 
Free Online, some rentals for $

Get yourself a Alamo on Demand account and RSVP what you want to see, so you can see some of the strangest and most fun films if you didn't make the cut for Beyond Fest. We've written about Fantastic Fest time and again here as it's sort of sets the status quo of what to look out for in the new year and this time we have an online version.
Great Choice Short

Honestly, looking forward to finally catching the horror short where someone is trapped in a Red Lobster; Great Choice, part of the Short Fuse section of the fest.
The 100 BEST KILLS: DECAPATTACK!!! doesn't sound bad either and these are but two of the insane content you can stream online.
September 24-Oct 1 

The long named fun acronym LAAPFF is still taking place and online this year. Our top coices remain the coming age tale Death of Nintendo and ATOMIC CAFE: The Noisiest Corner in J-Town, which was in our own Little Tokyo. Check out the full list of movies, including the doc on the pandemic we're in now 76 Days going over the first crucial days of the crisis in China and how bad it got. 

THE WHO'S TOMMY & PINK FLOYD'S THE WALL Double Feature Pop-up Drive-In
THE INCREDIBLES Pop-up Drive-In Cinema
Thurs Sep 24-27

Friday, September 25, noon

This FRIDAY, we take it back to our roots to collaborate with one of our first ever supporters, Kevin Smith. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of his cult classic, Mallrats, we've enlisted some of our favorite artists to make work inspired by the characters and scenes from the film.

We're also opening a second group show - the first EVER of its kind. We've curated some of our favorite print artists to create traditional gig posters - but for fictitious bands from movies and TV shows. So, get ready to see some concerts and events you WISH you could attend. The pieces will be for sale first on THIS FRIDAY at Noon PT.

Friday, September 25, 2pm
 Fred (Josh Ruben), a frustrated copywriter, checks in to a winter cabin to start his first novel. While jogging in the nearby woods, he meets Fanny (Aya Cash, “You’re The Worst”), a successful and smug young horror author who fuels his insecurities. During a power outage, Fanny challenges Fred to tell a scary story. As a storm sets in, they pass the time spinning spooky tales fueled by the tensions between them, and Fred is forced to confront his ultimate fear: Fanny may be the better storyteller. The stakes are raised when they’re visited by a horror fan (Chris Redd, “Saturday Night Live”) who delivers levity (and a pizza) to the proceedings.

September 26 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Join Esotouric, L.A.’s most eclectic sightseeing tour company, for a virtual exploration “Inside the Bradbury Building,” featuring rare photographs and video, original research and offbeat anecdotes that bring the city’s most fascinating office tower to life.

Your hosts Kim Cooper and Richard Schave have been obsessed with the Bradbury Building for years, and their researches recently led to them playing a central role in delivering a scarce original blueprint of the building to the Huntington Library’s collection of architectural plans. 


Sat, September 26 6pm & 8pm
Dirk's Terror Tavern 13730 Ventura Blvd 
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 

Sat, Sept 26

Artwork by Doug LaRocca
A crazy new gallery shoe from Hero Complex, whi we assume wants to get out as much with not conventions to go to.
When we first started building this Sketch Card Show, it wasn't hard for our imaginations to run wild as we pictured this incredible body of artists... with all their varying styles and approaches... creating their own unique and special one-of-a-kind sketch cards.


Mon, September 28, 2020 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Online conversation with KAJILLIONAIRE writer-director Miranda July and filmmaker Spike Jonze.