Thursday, November 30, 2023

New Revenge Of Pouch, Zelda Art Show & Anime LA On The Way

Anime Hype: Dandadan Getting An Anime & Okamoto Kitchen OVA


Woah, was waiting for this and I'm happy about the animation studio. Dandadan, currently being released by VIZ stateside is getting an anime in 2024 from Science Saru, they just did Scott Pilgrim Takes Off.

Dandadan is about a nerdy otaku going by the nickname Okarun and a psychic/telekinetic named Momo Ayase. What's fun here is that it mixes both sci-fi and supernatural into one big chaotic mess.

From the short trailer it looks like Science Saru has captured the manga, which is one of the best we've seen in a long time. This has the potential to be on of the big ones, mixing both humor and insane action packed fights.

Oh, and of course some high school adolescent crushes. We'll update you with more news as it comes out.

via Crunchyroll

The Okamoto Kitchen OVA is now fully out. You can see the OVA based on the real life anime-themed food trucks you see around SoCal.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Weekly What To Do: Let Me Off, Too Much Christmas Already...Wait, Zelda

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre 5919 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

There’s been a murder in FairyTaleTown! A princess is dead and everyone’s a suspect. Now a veteran detective and his new rookie have to solve the crime! But sometimes these beloved characters are not what they seem. If you love Disney, you love noir, or you love musicals, this is the show for you!
December 1-3, 2023
Los Angeles Convention Center
Join us December 1st, 2nd & 3rd at LA's ultimate destination for comics, gaming, cosplay, anime & pop culture!
This one has been going for a while now. Always fun for some local cosplay and random media from the past to enjoy. And some fun celebs to get stuff signed by.
Opens Dec 1st 7-10pm
On Display Dec 2nd 11am-5pm
Gallery 1988 Pop-Up
1056 S. Fairfax Ave.
Dan Mumford and Jeff Boyes
Gallery 1988 Pop-Up 
Opens Dec 1st 7-10pm
On Display Dec 2nd 11am-5pm
1056 S. Fairfax Ave.

Craft Contemporary
2023 Holiday Marketplace

December 2 & 3, 2023
From 11:00 AM - 5:00PM
5814 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036
Free with museum admission
MUSEUM ADMISSION: $9 for adults; $7 for students and adults 65+; free for Craft Contemporary members; FREE admission for all every Sunday

Join Craft Contemporary for a festive shopping weekend showcasing a curated selection of exceptional, one-of-a-kind contemporary craft and design by LA-based makers! This year's event will feature jewelry, ceramics, vintage and contemporary textiles, craft supplies, homewares, and more. Find a unique gift for everyone on your list and enjoy drinks, music, and fun holiday workshops while supporting the mission and programming of Craft Contemporary! 
A Live Hallmark Christmas Movie
December 2 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre 5919 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

Sketch team Moon Goon celebrates America’s only good holiday tradition: The Hallmark Christmas Movie!

Moon Goon presents an entire interactive movie, live on stage with 4D effects (yes, you read that correctly). Come fall in love with a tall man with beautiful eyes! Kiss under the mistletoe while Santa watches!

River City Girls 2 Art Book Signing
Opening Reception / Dec 2, 5:00PM - 8:00PM
210 East Main St
Alhambra CA 91801 

Nucleus celebrates the release of River City Girls 2 Art Book with an in person signing / fan event! Come meet some of the creatives behind RCG2 and see some of the behind the scenes work of the hit game. 
CicLAvia – South LA
Presented by Metro
Sunday, December 3, 2023; 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
6 Miles of Open Streets to Explore Leimert Park & Historic South Central

On Sunday, December 3; between 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., celebrating its 13th year of catalyzing vibrant public spaces, active transportation and good health through car-free streets, CicLAvia – South LA, presented by Metro, welcomes everyone of all ages and abilities to its 49th car-free open streets event connecting Leimert Park and Historic South Central so participants can jog, ride, bike, skate, run, walk, skateboard, spectate, play, and enjoy the 6-mile route. Always free, CicLAvia participants just show up anywhere along the route at any time to enjoy the open streets and to take the time to explore South LA.

Dec 3, 2023–Jul 7, 2024
Resnick Pavilion

Imagined Fronts: The Great War and Global Media explores how the media spectacle in which we live had origins in World War I and the burgeoning mediascape of posters, photography, cinema, illustrated newspapers, and ephemera that made it the first global media war. How did the media and artists imagine a war encompassing the entire world? Combatants included forces from Australia, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, as well as racially and ethnically diverse American and Indigenous peoples including Māori, First Peoples, and Choctaw “code talkers.” Imagined Fronts will consider how the media mobilized the masses, imagined the battlefield, facilitated the global war, and contained the aftermath. With some 200 objects by artists, war photographers, and filmmakers as well as soldiers from across several continents, Imagined Fronts will explore the intermingling of mass media and the artistic imagination.

Monday, Dec 04, 8pm
Largo at the Coronet
366 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90048

MoMA Contenders 2023

The Hammer Museum presents MoMA Contenders, The Museum of Modern Art’s renowned series of influential, innovative films from the past 12 months. Whether bound for awards glory or cult classic status, each of these films is a contender for lasting historical significance.
$10 Hammer members | $20 general admission

Krampus' Cove is an immersive cocktail experience that takes the traditional celebrations surrounding Christmas and turns them on their head. This pop-up will celebrate the pulpy and macabre legend of Krampus and throw in some naughty elves, evil snowmen and more, all with innovative and delicious seasonally inspired cocktails. ​

UCB, a cheapo comedy show almost every night, see comedians before they make podcasts and have
stories about the UCB and before they hit the big time.

Cinespia -Just came back this week for a new season.
This hosts screenings outside at iconic venues including The Hollywood Forever Cemetery, The Greek Theatre, and Los Angeles Historic Park.
Check out classics and cult movies just a few stories above street level. Rooftop Movies at The Montalbán. Added Thursday nights to the line-up and themed nights in August and September.

American Cinematheque-A celebrated independent theater group that brings both the talent and catalog of films to make for some of LA's best movie nights.
Secret Movie Club-Special edition posters and a large swatch of films to see.

Street Food Cinema-Outdoor cult or recent hits you'll love.

 New Bev-Tarantino owned independent theater with old school style

Cinelounge - Hollywood based tiny theater, showing off indies you've never heard of
Brain Dead Studios-Newcomer that manages to fill its schedule almost every night
Electric Dusk Drive-In-A drive-in, haven't you missed them?

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Movie Ketchup, Er We Mean, Catch-Up: Good Burger 2, Mortal Kombat Legends: Cage Match & Doom Patrol's End

Streaming on Paramount+
Good Burger 2 is a blast from the past. The movie is as exactly as you remember the skits from All That! and the first movie. We looked it and up and it's because it's from the same writers who did those previous things mentioned. Just sit back and relax as you watch slapstick humor and dumb jokes that simply aren't done anymore on finer children's programming. Kenan and Kel are up to their exact shenanigans with plenty of cameos to make you pause it and go, "Wait, 'Whose that?,"

For rent online everywhere.
You might know from reading the site over the years that usually WB's animation straight to rent animation sucks. Anything made with DC superheroes from them, throw into a dumpster and set it on fire. While the writing, look, style and tone are horribly out of place for iconic super heroes, it is perfect for Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat Legends: Cage Match is set in 80's LA and is a constant stream of blood and violence. Where jokes and attitudes are supposed to be over-the-top and violence is a key part of the world it works so well here it's crazy.
 Funny enough, I'm seeing what look like character designs or styles ripped from short lived Moonbeam City, perfect for that 80's sort of fell.

For any fan of Mortal Kombat this just works and is no way good for the kiddos, something WB animation for some reason can't wrap its head around for stuff starring Superman.

Did ya know Doom Patrol ended? Probably not as I casually make fun of how bad DC runs its company into the ground...or just its streaming service. I'm gonna miss these wacky and messed-up adventures. The showrunner seems to have really made it the series finale is all I say. 
Doom Patrol wasn't afraid to shy away from well, really anything and the final episodes are dark great pieces of superhero weirdness. Gotta love that through in a musical with a short jack'in it scene.

Monday, November 27, 2023

DesignerCon 2023 Dec 15-17

Dec 15-17
Anaheim Convention Center
Exhibit Hall D
800 W. Katella Avenue
Anaheim CA 92802
$25 and up
Paid parking is available at the Anaheim Convention Center and several surrounding parking lots including the Disney Toy Story Lot.
Didn't this use to be in November? DCon, the annual    art and design convention is back and in full force in Anaheim right before X-Mas. A little late for Hanukkah gifts, but still good.

We've been following this show and grabbing vinyl desk toys, art and collectibles from this one for years and there's always something to impress.
We were just at an artist alley of high caliber for AX Chibi, but this bad boy has it all.
Go to their site and check on their vendors and artists and see if you can save on the shipping and handling by picking it up in person.

We'll give you updates on all things DCon as we here them come in.
Oh and it's the last one in SoCal for a while, next year it's in Vegas. I miss it gracing Pasadena.

Holiday Hype: Tree Lighting, Holiday Cards & Urkel Saves Santa: The Movie


Loving these Hanukkah cards from DelightedbyPaper

And in general we highly recommend Glorp Gum's mighty Holiday Card collection

Urkel Saves Santa: The Movie is not some lost film recently restored. It's a new fully animated film. We have no idea how this was greenlit. It just has Urkel;the other cast members from Family Matters no longer exist in it. Also, what kids are into this?

Friday, November 24, 2023

X-Mas Horror Films 2023 & One Hallmark Hanukkah Time Loop Movie

We didn't think there be that many X-Mas Horror films this year. We were wrong. We don't know when they go into production, but there's once again a plethora of Santa murdering/Santa being murdered content for you just in time for the holidays. Oh, and one Hanukkah movie like Groundhog Day.

It's A Wonderful Knife

On Shudder on AMC+ and Everywhere you Rent Movies on December 1, 2023

A year after saving her town from a psychotic killer on Christmas Eve, Winnie Carruthers’ life is less than wonderful — but when she wishes she’d never been born, she finds herself in a nightmare parallel universe and discovers that without her, things could be much, much worse. Now the killer is back, and she must team up with the town misfit to identify the killer and get back to her own reality. 
* Been waiting on this one, maybe just because Justin Long is in a horror Renaissance period. We just saw him in Barbarian, Goosebumps and now this.

Santa Isn't Real

Coming to VOD and Digital Platforms December 8th 

After suffering a brutal attack on Christmas eve, a young woman, Nikki, struggles to convince her friends that the assailant was none other than Ol' Kris Kringle. When Santa returns to terrorize the group in their remote cabin the next Christmas, Nikki and her friends must overcome disbelief as they fight to stay alive.

* Anything from XYZ I'll give a shot.

Silent Night

In theaters December 1st, no streaming as of writing.

From legendary director John Woo and the producer of John Wick comes this gritty revenge tale of a tormented father (Joel Kinnaman) who witnesses his young son die when caught in a gang’s crossfire on Christmas Eve. While recovering from a wound that costs him his voice, he makes vengeance his life’s mission and embarks on a punishing training regimen in order to avenge his son’s death. Full of Woo’s signature style, Silent Night redefines the action genre with visceral, thrill-a-minute storytelling.

* The creator of Face-Off made a Christmas movie? And the main character doesn't talk? Count me in.

The Sacrifice Game

Will  start streaming on Shudder from Dec. 8

The Blackvale School for Girls, 1971. It’s bad enough that students Samantha and Clara can’t go home for the holidays, but things take a deadly turn when a gang of cult killers arrives at their doorstep—just in time for Christmas.

* Look like a classic 70's evil Satanic cult film.

Bottom of the barrel, the following are X-Mas horror films that just... best to push them down the gullet with some very strong nog.

Werewolf Santa

Can rent online now

Santa turns into a werewolf on Christmas Eve, and wreaks havoc in a small seaside town - Lucy has a show called 'Monster Hunter's' on Youtube, but it's not doing too great with just a few viewers following her. That is until, on Christmas Eve, her camera witnesses Santa get bit by a werewolf in the local park, before turning into a werewolf himself. Lucy and her family then set off on a Christmas Eve adventure to somehow save Christmas, armed with just a rusty ice skate and a vague understanding of how werewolves operate.

*Just the name only has me ready for this garbage.

The Mean One

Can rent online now

In a sleepy mountain town, Cindy's parents are murdered and her Christmas is stolen by a bloodthirsty green figure in a red Santa suit.
*They can't legally say it, but it's the Grinch going on a murder spree on Christmas. Sounds like the perfect stupid X-Mas horror for some. Very bad reviews.

Comes out on SCREAMBOX and for rent this December
Max was only six years old when he accidentally burned Santa to a crisp on Christmas Eve. 12 years later, Max attempts to raise Santa from the dead in order to fix his past mistakes and restore the Christmas spirit. But he soon realizes that the creature he has created is a bloodthirsty killer – and it’s headed straight for the town's Christmas party! Buckle in for some bloody holiday cheer that will leave you having a ho-ho-whole lot of fun!

*It just looks so cheap, solid, ridiculous concept, terribly made.

Secret Santa
Streaming now on SCREAMBOX and for rent online
Christmas dinner brings tidings of death when someone enacts revenge, and out of the bloody madness rises a hero who must face all odds to stop an outbreak before it's too late.

*Claim to fame from director Adam Marcus, who did Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. Looks like it was shelved for quite a few years as I see it being completed 2017-2018.

Night of the Missing
On SCREAMBOX and for rent online now

The sheriff of a small town is a serial killer. A mysterious woman visits him and starts a conversation about the crimes he committed.

*It just doesn't look that good.
Nightmare on 34th Street
Out on digital Dec 5

Synopsis : A mysterious and psychopathic Santa visits a small, rural town with a bag full of unusual gifts and twisted holiday stories featuring Krampus, a murderous St. Nick and killer carol singers that are certain to ruin the Christmas season forever.

Up on the Housetop
Not available online

Four siblings reunite at Christmas after the sudden death of their parents. But after accidentally killing Santa on Christmas Eve, they must survive the night against his 8 killer flying reindeer.

* We hope this short film finds a place online somewhere, it looks too dang good not to. It looks like it's just showing on the festival circuit right now.

Round and Round

Premieres, Sunday, Dec 10th 8/7c 

Rachel’s stuck in a time loop, reliving the night of her parents’ Hanukkah party. Can Zach, the “nice boy” Grandma’s trying to set her up with, help her make it to tomorrow? Starring Vic Michaelis, Bryan Greenberg and Rick Hoffman.

* Sorry, for the lack of a trailer, but Hallmark doesn't always release one. Jews have started getting one Hallmark movie a year and we like it. That it's a time loop movie only adds to the fun of it.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Doctor Who Finally Back on Sat


Doctor Who is finally back this Saturday Nov 25th. However, it won't be airing on BBC America. You've got to have Disney+ to see it from now on. Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special: The Star Beast brings back David Tenant as the Doctor and he'll remain as the sonic screw driving hero for all the specials, till he's replaced when the series comes back next year.

Krampus Rumpus Dec 10 & Krampus Night Dec 15-16

Keep up with Krampus as we have three events to meet the Anti-Santa. G-d has Satan and Santa has Krampus. In this context there are quite a few Krampuses to meet. And, they've been hibernating over Covid. Now, they're back to explore the lore and get your drink on.
Sunday, Dec. 10, 2023
3pm-10pm: Holiday Market, Drink/Food
8-10:00pm: Show
1821 Daly St, Los Angeles, CA 90031:
VALET PARKING ONLY. Very limited street parking nearby.
Rideshare highly recommended. Valet service available all evening.
21+ OVER: IDs required for admission.
Thursday, Dec. 15, 6 – 9pm
Friday., Dec. 16, 6 – 9pm
Philosophical Research Society
3910 Los Feliz Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90027
Two Evenings of Folkloric Holiday Traditions with author Al Ridenour, featuring pre-show Cocktail Hour, live German holiday songs, costumed Krampuses and screening of Krampus video highlight reel.