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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Comic-Con 2013: South Park The Game Panel Someday It'll Come Out

South Park The Game Panel was a painful, painful look into almost nothing about the gaming coming out. Release date? Forget it. Trey and Matt, the creators of South Park said not to even ask about the game and mostly that didn't happen. What did happen was a cadre of questions both insane and innocent about the show and them, but we had moments of light shine through.

They did offer the audience a glimpse of how much work goes into the game. They said the script  is about 850 pages, jokingly, but one wonders. There was even a time when the current season was suppose to connect with the game, Matt suggested that still might happen making the game coming out look even more distant. When asked about Amazo being a costume or transformation for Cartman they creators merely rambled on about how hard it would be to put every little thing into the game. They also mentioned how they didn't want DLC or updates they wanted the game to be complete when it reached your hands or download que.

A few questions that stood out that got answered could well be lies. Trey said Chef would make an appearance in the game, but who knows if he was joking. They did get into how the game made them make a visual map of South Park years ago when development first started. There is a real sense of how far places are to them in the game and show now. Farts seems to be a power source and Trey explained that the way farts were meant to flow meant a really coordinated movement with your controller.

Probably the gamer tearing up moment came when Trey and Matt told of what inspired them to make the game. Including the recently, finally released in America again Earthbound. "I'm a little kid in my neighborhood, " just like how South Park The Game is when Matt was talking about Earthbound, but as usual things are blown out of portion in South Park. The Legend of Zelda series was mentioned for it's non-talkative main hero, which is akin to you being the new kid in town. Paper Mario for it's similar visual style and how big and open Skyrim was were also praised.

As more quirky jokes came out and people asked the most darn hard to answer questions the event really didn't get to deep into anything new about the game, only that Trey and Matt are tired of it and want it out already.