Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Race/LA and CityRace Hidden Scavenger Hunts In Our Fair City

Race/LA and CityRace are scavenger hunts happening maybe unknown to you and me all over LA. The larger race Race/LA is a grand scale competition happening all over the city. CityRaces are smaller scavenger hunts that take place in subsections of this city. This weekend the race takes place in this site's favorite area to get lost in Little Tokyo. Some of the smaller hunts are quite popular, Disneyland's CityRace is already sold-out for October, but the December race is open. Check out the full list of  of places and races here there happening all summer and beyond.

I'll be on the quest for Little Tokyo this weekend, so prepare for a review with video of the adventure or a special edition of Murder LA where you read of my grim demise trying to complete the event.