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Friday, June 26, 2020

Friday Posters: Zombie For Sale, Stargirl, Doom Patrol & Close Enough & Psych 2: Lassie Come Home

We're saving our favorite posters from the week for Friday. First up, Zombie For Sale is headed to Blu-ray July 7th. It's a Korean horror comedy about the fountain of youth being in zombie'll probably work out fine...

Following that, we have some shows that be streaming. Check out Stargirl if you haven't already. It's a coming-of-age superhero story done quite well and missing the noticeable fat from other shows produced by Warner Brothers. Same goes for Doom Patrol, which just started its second season. But they are way different shows. Stuff on the Doom Patrol is dark and deadly and very weird. We love it.

Then you have Close Enough finally coming out on HBO Max. From the creator of Regular Show, it looks like it'll be a sitcom about becoming an adult that should have come out on TBS two years ago. Because, it was supposed to. They locked it away for two years. And now it's finally gonna be out July 9th.

And finally, Psych 2: Lassie Come Home looks like it'll be way less of cash grab and way more thought out than the last made for TV movie. It's out in July too, on new streaming service Peacock.

Street Food Cinema Drive-Ins

Street Food Cinema is back in action this Summer. Sadly, while you can't just curl up on a blanket, you can chill in your car and watch some classic or a Summer Blockbuster. Go through their schedule to see where and when the next show you might want to see is.

We suggest ordering quick as many showings are sold out already. Here's hoping they keep adding more in July.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Anime Expo Lite: Schedule & Vendors

-First up, we got the schedule of panels you scan stream. Funny enough, both Funimation and Aniplex have panels even tough they have their own online conventions.

Second, no word if this Anime Expo's promised special merch-like the hat above-will be available online. What is already online are a number of our favorite apparel vendors that always appear at AX.

Colorful Joy-above- is just one of the many shirts offered by Shark Robot. They have a big selection based on internet animations and YouTube channels.

Neon RPG Pins are sadly in blind boxes, but damn do they look good. They come from Sanshee, which usually makes a deal with some video game titles, but they look like they're branching out to do more.
Then you have the multiple booths of Level Up Outfitters, who booths n
umber s have dwindled to just being online.
And they ever stylish and pricey Bait is still selling stuff online as well.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Game Hype: Ex-Zodiac, Inkulinati & Garlic

We just posted on Ex-Zodiac the game that looks like a new version of Star Fox for SNES at the start of its Kickstarter and it's already been funded. We didn't mention that you can already play two levels to test it out. Play the game and wishlist it on Steam.

We usually are weary of Kickstarters, but this one seems like a really easy goal and isn't trying hard on rewards, the creator just wants to finish and polish the game.

Doesn't hurt that demo proves how much fun it is.

We didn't even know Inkulinati was up on Kickstarter. We've been looking forward to this turn based strategy game that looks like manuscript. You use animals put in the corners of pages to battle in these illustrated duels. The Kickstarter was funded, but it's over in mere hours. Luckily, Hell got funded or elements of Hell at the $66,000 goal. Can't wait for this one. Steam Wishlist.

Garlic is an underdog asking for the smallest amount on Kickstarter. It looks like it'll be a tough platformer filled with some truly silly style.

American Cinematheque's Road Trip to the Drive-In: JAWS / TREMORS July 2

We wanted to get the word out before this one sells out.

American Cinematheque's Road Trip to the Drive-In: JAWS / TREMORS
Thursday, July 2  8:45 PM          
Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre
10798 Ramona Ave.
Montclair, CA 91763
$16.74 and up per person

The American Cinematheque's Summer Drive-In Series continues at the Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre, located at 10798 Ramona Ave, Montclair, CA 91763. The event will include a double feature of JAWS and TREMORS. 

What We Found On The Net Today: Amphibia Back 7/11, More Breakfast Dinosaur, Alien Clue & Champ'd Up from Jackbox

"Breakfast Dinosaur" by Glen Brogan is now for sale online for $40

One of the shows where a girl is transported to a magical land is coming back soon. Oh, I mean both of them on Disney.

Just spotted this great fan art of a Alien Clue from ivewhiz

-Looks like the latest game announced for Jackbox Party Pack 7 is Champ'd Up and it's the drawing game. You'll have to make battle with the best drawings, trying to illustrate the best champion and the biggest loser.

Weekly What To Do: Watching Movies & Art Inside...Wait, Did We Do This Last Week?

Virtual KCET Cinema Series 
The Outpost
Wed., Jun. 24 at 7 p.m. PDT.

Q&A immediately following screening with director Rod Lurie
Directed by award-winning filmmaker Rod Lurie (The Contender, The Last Castle), the film is the true story of the 53 U.S. soldiers who battled a force of some 400 Taliban insurgents in one of the deadliest battles in the war of Afghanistan.

Go Little Tokyo’s 5th Annual Delicious Little Tokyo
streamed every weekend beginning Friday, June 26 - Sunday, July 26, 2020,

The virtual foodie festival features interactive workshops, live chats with community leaders, giveaways and themed weeks with live videos spotlighting Little Tokyo businesses.

Secret Movie Club Netflix Party of
Alex Garland's EX MACHINA Fri, June 26, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Yorgos Lanthimos's THE LOBSTER Fri, June 26, 9:20 PM – 11:30 PM
Christopher Nolan's INCEPTION Sat, June 27, 8:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Any donation $1-$5 is greatly appreciated.

THE GREAT Online Zoom Q&A
with Star Elle Fanning and Series Creator
Fri, June 26, 2020
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Satirical drama THE GREAT follows the rise of Russian ruler Catherine the Great (Elle Fanning).

Friday, June 26 at 5 pm

This season’s First Fridays is connecting NHM and L.A. to you live, directly into your home. Dive into timely discussions and rock out to music right in your living room. Grab your own cocktail, put on your best home attire, turn up the volume, and get ready for an amazing Friday.


Virtual Collect + Connect
Sat, Jun 27, 2020, 10:00 AM –
Sun, Jun 28, 2020, 7:30 PM PDT

Join us online June 27th - 28th for our first-ever virtual photo fair. We've reimagined the traditional fair space to digitally connect galleries and private dealers, collectors, photographers and enthusiasts from around the globe.

No longer confined to four walls, our virtual photo fair will play host to over forty exhibitors via interactive, 3D booths accessed via the Whova app and on the photo l.a. website.

Giant Robot Presents: Underwater
Opening Tour on Instagram Live:
Saturday, June 27th
12:00 PM PT

Ermsy Took It Easy (Main Room) 
Lauren Hana Chai The Little Death (Project Room)
Opening Reception with the Artists
Saturday, June 27, 2020 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Using familiar characters provides Ermsy with a set of pre-established imaginative boundaries within which to work. Like a hot-boxed descent into an alternate universe of nostalgic psychotropic Saturday morning cartoons, his world is a playful subversion of familiar, pop cultural fodder.

Lauren uses unconventional mediums with mixed media as well as working with her first love, oils. The mixed media brings together different elements which is a reflection of her identity. She paints issues such as taboo, the Korean cultural trait han, history, the clash of traditional and modern, east and west, and the struggle for balance in between.
 “Mother Earth: We Are All One” will bring together 50+ artists, all of whom have been asked to work within the same space confines of 12×12 inches (30×30 cm) and to take into consideration the general state of our Mother Earth and how much we have scarred her for our own gain and how many specifies of animals have gone extinct due to our constant advancement and taking over of lands near and far.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Perfect Danger 5 Marathon June 27th

This week we have the news of the return of Danger 5. They're streaming over at Shout! Factory. But, if you wait, you can watch it all in the perfect binge. The Perfect Danger 5 Marathon is taking place this Saturday, with it's creators giving commentary for the first season. It all starts at 6pm pst. And if you're a fan you're gonna wanna re-watch.
Here's hoping that with Shout! Factory streaming they'll also be doing the first DVD/ Blu-Ray release of the show here in the states with a bunch of extra features. I want a Sensible Chuckle slip cover!

via Forbes

Things We Found On The Net Today: Cards Against Humanity Trouble, LA Council Trouble, Post Office Trouble & Gaming

-Polygon has a long piece on the makers of Cards Against Humanity. There's a serious allegation of sexual misconduct by one of the companies eight founders that took place before the company started. Then, there's a lot of allegations or racism and sexism in the work place. This is all very hard to take in as Cards Against Humanity is known to us for all the good its done over the years.

Some of the allegations in the article about racist and sexist cards in the deck seem ridiculous in that they're being brought up as the deck is suppose to be filled with bad humor and gross-outs.

And it's hard to read passages like

It’s more explicit when you find the card hidden in the Bigger, Blacker Box: “The biggest, blackest dick.” The newer Bigger, Blacker Box has another secret card: “A dick so big and so black that it is a problematic stereotype.” And the 69-inch, $100 storage box adds another: “The even biggest, blackester dick.”
And not say, "Yeah, the game is supposed to be stupid."

Then there was one comment from a former employee who felt like he wasn't being listened to because he wanted a "family version" of Cards Against Humanity, which sound awful.

Update: Well, they stole that guys idea. And it sound awful. Cards Against Humanity Family Edition.

It's a lot to take in.

-LA Councilman Jose Huizar Arrested By FBI, Accused Of Leading 'Criminal Enterprise' From City Hall
Just another great day in LA. Not happy there's a network of terrible people working on making the city a criminal enterprise.

-In worse news, the United States Post Office might go kaput unless we do something. Essentially, because of some insane law the post office has to pay a huge amount for anyone who will retire from their service. They're literally billions of dollars in debt because of this. The whole things is insane. John Oliver explains it better below. 
On lighter notes:

We're doing something we usually don't, tell you about Kickstarters. We've been burned too much in the past, LA Game Space, but this one seems legit and is based on Star Fox for the SNES.

Ex-Zodiac looks like it was made by the same people who gave us the original Star Fox. In reality, it's the hard work of one guy named Ben Hickling and he needs your money to finish the game and put it up on Steam. And then one day, if we wish hard enough, the Switch.

Rogue Legacy 2 looks like a lot of fun. Every time you die a descendant takes over your quest and has a new problem to contend with in their biology.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Anime Expo Lite: Artist Alley Online

The main floor of AX is devoted to merch. Mainly, you're buying a ticket to buy cool imported stuff or something from your favorite online artist. And you still possibly can.

If AX was really happening you could take a trip downstairs and visit Artist Alley and who knows, maybe air conditioning would be at a reasonable level. But it's not happening and we're getting online panels. We're also getting only links to the artists of Artist Alley.

Here's the official link list from the Anime Expo site.

Artist Alley 2020

Not a lot of bell's and whistles, just in alphabetical order.

 Here's some of our favs

Miss Magpie Art

Finni Chang


Hideaway Melon