Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Regular Show: Season 1 & Season 2, Superjail: Season Three Reviews

Regular Show: Season 1 & Season 2

This Blu-ray collection has been on the top of many people's want list for some time. Mordecai and Rigby are forever immortalized in a real collection of the first two seasons of the show where we slowly find out anything normal can go crazy for two bros who work at a park run by a lollipop man and a gumball machine. With co-workers of a Yeti who can skip, a fat man with green skin and a ghost with a hand coming out of it's head the show its anything but regular. A cartoon that blends funny moments of growing up with 80's culture and homages one wonders will the show ever get to the 90's. One hopes not as the music from the 80's does makes it's way into whatever montage or moment of mess-up Mordecai and Rigby get themselves into. There are countless moments of messing-up and finding away out for our bros is the best part of the show when the two aren't coming up with jingles that get stuck in your head.

A wide variety of extras including commentary tracks for all episodes and early concept materials including the Cal Arts animation form JG Quintel of Pops.

For those who love the 80's, sitcom send-ups that completely turn around into crazy weird moments and two friends who will instantly become forms of mimicry look no further for Regular Show is finally available for your splendor in an easy to buy disc format.

Superjail: Season Three

Another bizarre season of Superjail to mind warp your brain into the sickest possible animation on television in the US. There is probably no cartoon as vile or gross as Superjail on the air right now. 10 episodes will be more than enough to see the brutality of a jail run by a mad man with death and pain a constant barrage on your senses. Not for those who are squeamish.