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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Hype: Triangle of Sadness, Bee and PuppyCat On Netflix , Rick & Morty Season 6 & More


Woah, the French like whatever gross, but it does look like fun.

Who even remembered this was happening and it survived all the other animation getting axed over at Netflix? Whatever, let's see what Adventure Time alum Natasha Allegri has been up to. 

Rick & Morty Season 6 is happening Sept 4th. Will the other shows Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have been working on mess with how well the show is made? Will find out next month.

Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasmis out Nov 8th

 Prey premiere photo experience.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Game Hype: A Handheld History, Sonic 2 Infomercial & Ex-Zodiac

 And, here's the book, A Handheld History

This commercial for the Sonic 2 movies perfectly pays credit to the Sonic 2 video game commercial of yesteryear.



Available now through August 15, Jackbox Games is giving players the chance to purchase The Jackbox Party Starter via Steam for only $10, 50% off the original $19.99 price. Plus, players will also receive a unique code for two free months of Duolingo Plus with every purchase.

Here's our review of the game.

Ex-Zodiac, the uh very similar to Star Fox game is out in Early Access on Steam and we dig it.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Cult of the Lamb Review: Additctive Resource and Rogue-like with Cute Animals In A Cult

 By Jonathan Bilski

Welcome to the flock, little lamb.

Why did I get so addicted to this one? An entire evening gone, entranced like I was under some spell. Cult of the Lamb, I'm totally in submission. This hard to put down rogue-like, resource manager has me...and maybe, that's a good thing.

You heard that correct, this cute as a button title is more than just a rogue-like where you got out to kill cute little unbelievers, it's also a resource management game. So, you've got to keep your flock loving you, your G-d and not pooping everywhere. There's so much poop!

I need to unlock an outhouse or a janitor.

Basic premise, you got your head chopped off and some sort of fallen "deity" brings you back to form a cult on worshiping them. You fight your way defeating heretics until you get to their boss, another deity and take them out too. Rinse, lather, repeat.
At the same time you've got to manage followers you save from other cults or strange little moral vignettes. That means building a place to live, sleep, eat, work and worship. That means building and managing your people your way, like some sort of functioning McDonald's. This got me as I couldn't wait to see what new structure would develop my little cult and how I should have investing in plumbing.
The only way to upgrade your little lamb is through faith. Literally, you get power-ups for a bigger arsenal and what not through devotion from your cult. So, you need to manage both them and yourself. They really do give you faith points from praying or liking you and what you've got to say. Hey, you can unlock sermons and religions rites. Who want to have a feast...or a sacrifice?

It can be tough, I screwed up and jumped the gun on building places I didn't need. I didn't have enough supplies to build essential buildings. *So make a note to save up for a stone mine and wood mill and make them first.

The rogue-like element of the game gets you pumped up for fights that require you to dodge and use different weapons and powers you've unlocked. I just got a demon helper I have gotten to try, yet. It goes by fast and can give you a thrill as you could die and get sent back to your village. And skeletons being left behind by your enemies is a nice visual and a resource you need to collect.

Back in the village you've got a lot to do. So, it's strange and fun to juggle both. The game easily could have chosen one of these aspects, manage the cult or fight your way through different quick-paced levels. To do both made a game that had me wanting to  stay with my cult, but knowing I had to get out there and kick-butt and vice versa. Like being a working parent, you just want to excel at your career and hope your kids aren't dead when you come home.

The look of the game is the draw in here as it's just cute and cartoony. Who doesn't want to see a cult
formed by cute little woodland creatures, much like a storybook...and then sometime horrible things that happen in that cult. Visually, both sections draw you in by the style of the game, instead of a scary, menacing world, we're in a place with cute random animals...who might be worshiping things they shouldn't.
The darker edges make it a must, the underlying messed-up nature with these too cute animal is just too much.

I've only play a few hours, but I know if I get back into it's another entire evening gone or there goes a Saturday or Sunday.

Recommend for those seek something like a Netflix series to binge or can just pick up and play and return to.

*Note, there is poop soup unlocked fairly early in the game

Cult of the Lamb is out now on Steam, Switch, PlayStation 4/ 5, Xbox One, Series X/S.

Game provided by publisher for review purposes

Halloween 2022: Delusion: Valley of Hollows, The Horrors of Blumhouse & Pitch Black Mountain Dew


Halloween is back with a vengeance and Delusion is back this September with a brand new interactive
haunt. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, Friday Aug 12th. And they ain't cheap, starting at $89.99, unless you want to go VIP and pay even more. This new story, Delusion: Valley of Hollows, has you playing a deprogrammer, someone who helps people out of a cult. And this cult is The Hollows. The new story seems to tie into previous chapters of the interactive horror haunt.

Delusion almost ranks as our highest choice of haunts to check out...even if it's technically taking place in the out lands of Pomona.

One of the stranger bits was to learn Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group is working with Jon Braver, creator of Delusion on the project. That means, their handling this, the poorly named Shaqtoberfest and possibly their own Haunted Hayride, which hasn't revealed details for this year yet. That's a lot of haunts around the LA area.

You can read the full press release later in the post.

The Horrors of Blumhouse are happening Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights as you've got a maze based on both The Black Phone and hilariously enough Freaky, where a older male serial killer switches bodies with a teenage girl. Read more about it below tickets on sale in early September.

From Universal press release

“The Horrors of Blumhouse” will transport guests into an alternate dimension where the scares are real and the stakes are life or death. In The Black Phone, which hits theatres June 24, “The Grabber” is a demented magician best known for his sinister trick of making people disappear – permanently. Guests will find themselves trapped in his “fun” house where the sound of ghostly voices whisper hints on how to escape, but guests must tread carefully to outwit and outrun “The Grabber’s” twisted magic. Freaky will challenge guests to outrun serial killer “The Butcher” who has switched bodies with a high school girl after being cursed by The La Dola Dagger, an ancient Aztec blade. Guests will learn firsthand that looks can be deceiving as they encounter the sweet-looking teen who is actually “The Butcher” – and she is determined to hunt for their next victims.

The countdown to the opening of Halloween Horror Nights on Thursday, September 8, begins as all tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood’s terrifying event are now on sale. Tickets purchased online or at the Universal Studios Hollywood front gate provide guests with early event admission and access to select houses, beginning at 6pm each night of Halloween Horror Nights (subject to change). Universal Studios Hollywood offers a variety of Halloween Horror Nights ticket options, including General Admission, Universal Express, After 2pm Day/Night, the premium R.I.P. Tour and popular passes, Frequent Fear and Ultimate Fear, which allow guests to experience the scares again and again. Click here for more information about each ticket type and for Terms and Conditions.

Delusion Press release:

Delusion will delve into an era and theme never before explored in interactive theater

POMONA, CA (August 12, 2022) - Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, the producers of world-class live events and location-based entertainment experiences, today announced the highly anticipated return of one of LA’s most popular interactive events, Delusion. Officially open to the public on Thursday, September 15th, Thirteenth Floor and Director Jon Braver will once again bring his one-of-a-kind interactive horror theater series to life in the historic Phillips Estate with a new play titled Delusion: Valley of Hollows. Delving into an era never before explored in an interactive theater, the play will explore 1970’s American cults, with a supernatural twist.

“Nothing brings people together more than visceral, live experiences,” commented Braver. “Thirteenth Floor as a company sees beyond the simple jump scare. Delusion is far more than that. I have personally seen lives changed after a harrowing journey through our living, breathing otherworlds.. We need this now more than ever.”

Though Valley of Hollows is a stand alone sequel to 2021’s Reaper’s Remorse, Braver has made sure that returning Delusionals (as he calls them) need not have attended last year's play. “These plays inspire that campfire effect,” adds Braver. “You live in our stories, then you tell your own. There is something for everyone here.”

Delusionals will play the role of Deprogrammers; those meant to help rescue people from the influence of cults. During the 1970’s there was an influx of cults popping around the United States such as Children of God and The Manson Family. Since the disappearance of Esther Phillips over twenty years ago, a cult known as The Hollows was born. Fanatics from around the world have come to her estate, driven by rumors of a gift beyond this life, if only they would die on her grounds. Playing upon this phenomenon, Delusion will swallow its guests into its most disturbing interactive play to date where they will uncover the truth behind The Hollows.

“We’re thrilled to be opening Delusion for the second year in a row” stated Chris Stafford, CEO and Founding Partner of Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group. “We’re beyond excited to share another chapter of this very unique series with fans and the public this fall.”

Tickets will go on sale to the general public beginning Friday, August 12th, and are anticipated to quickly sell out as they have in past years. General admission tickets start at $89.99, while VIP tickets start at $124.99. For more information and to sign up to register for early access to tickets visit and follow us on Instagram at @enterdelusion.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Weekly What To Do: Nisei Week Back In Little Tokyo

Saturday, August 13 through Sunday, August 21, 2022 
*Yes, we know it's longer than a week, it's just
Little Tokyo, Multiple locations

Our favorite event below is always the Little Tokyo Grand Parade. Remember to bring sunscreen, shades, cold drinks and maybe even some portable chairs. Then enjoy your own slice of hometown parade with a Japanese twist.

Saturday, August 13, 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. | Aratani Theatre

Experience the crowning of the 2022 Nisei Week Queen. The Nisei Week court candidates will show off the results of their training and vie to be crowned the 2022 Nisei Week Queen.

Cultural Exhibits
Saturday, August 13, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. | JACCC

Enjoy rich Japanese culture by viewing collected Japanese objects such as bonsai, calligraphy, Ikebana, and more will be on display inside the JACCC.

Grand Parade
Sunday, August 14, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. | Little Tokyo

Stop by and visit one of the largest Japanese American parades in the country. The streets of Little Tokyo will be filled with Japanese dancers, displays of vibrant colors, festive music, talented musicians, floats, and more.

Awards Dinner
Sunday, August 14, 6:00- 8:30 p.m. | Double Tree by Hilton

The community of Little Tokyo will be recognizing community individuals who go above and beyond – including Frances K. Hashimoto community service honorees, inspiration award honorees, and grand parade marshals.

We'll give you a reminder next week as the festival starts Aug 20th

Sat, August 13, 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Terasaki Budokan 
249 South Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Halloween 2022: Bath & Body Works


Let's add Bath & Body Works to the growing number of stores that already have Halloween going full swing in-store.