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Thursday, July 25, 2013

I'll Buy That Han Solo Carbonite Staute Just Put It In My Bag

 Collectible, statues, toys and millions of other goodies were at Comic-con this year. Here's some that grabbed my attention.
 The Dragon Ball Z scouter sold out almost every day of the con. For only 10 bucks you could yell out, "It's over 9,000" , in style. These are just really simple toys you can get at any super market in Japan, but since we don't have that Japanese supermarkets here these are a lot harder to come by, like special import order come by, so the price was fair for one.

 Avi Arad remains crazy trying to sell Pac-Man of to kids as a high school student, but don't tell his toy line
 Dalek tumbler glasses anyone?

 Want! Want Want! Apocalypse with a chainsaw arm, come on that needs to go over my fireplace!

 Heat signature Schwarzenegger?

 The new largest transformer to ever collect, Metroplex, you go your own bag when you bought it.

 Anime style Justice League?