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Monday, August 30, 2021

Fantastic Fest 2021 Programming


Happening next month, both online and in-person, not here, but in Texas, it's Fantastic Fest 2021. The first wave of programming  back in June. So, hopefully more titles get announced soon. You've really gotta go through the list so far. They've got Jim Cummings' (The Wolf of Snow Hollow) new one, Beta Test and IKÉ BOYS sounds like a crown pleaser for the Otaku in all of us. I hope The Sadness gets picked up by Shudder before Halloween.

Hype: Cat Table, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S, Bum Simulator & Assimilate! (A Party Game)


If you haven't given it a chance, we highly recommend the second season of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid or better known as Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S on VRV.
WEDNESDAYS AT 9:00 AM PT Miss Kobayashi’s just a normal office worker, who casually saved a dragon named Tohru while drunk. Her “normal” life was flipped upside down with the arrival of other dragons like Kanna, but together, they’ve made it work. Now that she sees them all as family, what will happen next? Find out on Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S!

Bum Simulator is out in Early Access on Steam and it looks like a cry for help for the people who made it.

Assimilate! (A Party Game) also just came out and let's you play online with up to 10 friends using your phones as the controller.

Play with 5-10 players online or locally in this 50s-themed, social deduction party game about a cleverly-disguised robot infiltrating a local, "humans only" sockhop!

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Game Hype: Metal Slug Tactics, Behind The Frame, The Big Con, Storyteller & More

Total in-joke if you've played the game and seen the awful select screen art.

 We would have been fine with run-n-gun action, but let's see how this plays.

 This beautiful looking game, Behind The Frame, is out now and 10% on Steam right now.

The Big Con is out next week, we've been waiting for this one.And, man, that's a fun music video.

"Hustle your way across ‘90s America as a runaway teen con artist. Choose how to make your scratch as you don disguises, pick pockets, and rip people off in this comedic crime-filled adventure. Experience the totally rad '90s in all its plaid and payphone glory!"

This looks like a fun puzzle mechanic.

Recompile recently came out for some neo-retro look.

"This atmospheric, Metroidvania hacking adventure lets you take control of a semi-sapient program struggling against deletion. In the sprawling 3D world of a Mainframe, Recompile features intense combat, tight 3D platforming, super-powered abilities and an environmental logic-based hacking mechanic."


Harold Halibut is a 10-year stop-motion project crafted from clay, wood, and metal

-We've been waiting on this one a long time and it still doesn't have an official release date.

Eastward is out next month on Sept 16th.

"Climb aboard the cross-country railway and start an exciting new adventure eastward across a perilous landscape. Stop off to explore bustling cities, make strange new friends and take on ferocious monsters, as you fight your way through a deadly miasma devouring the lands."

Weekly What To Do: Dances With The Deep

Discovery from the Deep
Wednesday, August 25–Monday, November 29, 2021
9:30am–5pm daily (Closed on Tuesdays)
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
900 Exhibition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007
FREE with General Admission or for Members.

The display will contain an extremely rare female Pacific footballfish (Himantolophus sagamius, a type of anglerfish), which was discovered in May 2021 at Crystal Cove State Park in Newport Beach, CA. Typically found thousands of feet underwater, this fish now resides in NHMLAC’s Ichthyology Collection, and is one of only about 30 female specimens available for study in museum collections worldwide.

Dances with Films
Thursday, Aug. 26 -Sept. 2
The Roosevelt Hotel Grand Ballroom &
TCL Chinese Theatres
6925 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood

$tart at $20

Heading into its 24th year carrying a highly relevant theme of "Let's Get Physical," DANCES WITH FILMS (DWF:LA) returns to the famed TLC Chinese Theaters expanding into 3 weeks on August 26 - September 12 with their opening night “Meet the Filmmakers'' gala to be held at the Roosevelt Hotel Ballroom (where the original Oscars ceremony was held). Launching a slate of impressive films by some of the best ‘undiscovered’ talent on the indie circuit, the festival also brings home a slew of highly recognizable names in Hollywood within its Unleashed division.


Aug 26, 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Free, Online
  • Kevin will be doing live commentary on the new Yuki 7 short film
  • Kevin will also be answering questions from the audience
  • We will be launching exclusive Yuki 7 products during the event (see below for product preview)
  • Tune in to the live stream and purchase any Yuki 7 goods from our site to be entered to win a prizes
  •  Yuki 7 is a character created by Kevin Dart inspired by the psychedelic spy adventures of the 60s. The Yuki’s adventures will be brought to life in a new three episode micro-series will be produced by studio Chromosphere with Elizabeth Ito (City of Ghosts) and Karen Dufilho (Epic Games).
Aug 26- Sept 6 
Free, Online
It offers 2021 attendees an expansive schedule of programming including workshops, panels, specially produced video content and event exclusive collectibles. New features include the 2021 GUNPLA Builder’s Cup winners announcement ceremony and the GUNPLA Livestream Shopping Experience (akin to a cable TV shopping network show)
Sat, Aug 28, 2021, 4:30 PM
Union Station 800 North Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012 
Free, Register

metro art presents a live environmental music concert inspired by nature and transportation in collaboration with leaving records

nailah hunter, the growth eternal, green-house & celia hollander



  • Sunday, August 29, 3:00 local time (English Dub and 4DX)
  • Tuesday, August 31, 7:00 local time (Japanese with Subtitles)
Largo, known for comedy shows, is back open and selling out shows. Grab some tickets before everything sells out. Many new shows from some of LA's top comedians just went up for August. We see Bill Burr, Patton Oswalt, Pete Holmes and Sarah Silverman to name a few.


The  annual summertime series that begins August 27, 2021, offering guests a cinematic experience under the stars—with Coronavirus safety precautions in place—at the historic Hollywood venue. The season kicks off with the 2013 comedy This Is the End on opening night, followed by Bohemian Rhapsody, Birdman, Weekend at Bernie’s, and Pulp Fiction rounding out the opening weekend.



Monday, August 23, 2021

Hype: James Gunn Lollipop Chainsaw Interview, Cowboy Bebop, 13 Ghosts, Fionna & Cake & Cake


Here's a look at an old interview wed did with James Gunn at the launch of Lollipop Chainsaw, which he said inspired his version of Harley Quinn.

It looks like some decent cosplay, we'll give it a chance.

COWBOY BEBOP premieres globally on Netflix November 19
Meet Spike Spiegel (John Cho), Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir), and Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda) in Cowboy Bebop, premiering November 19, only on Netflix.

Let's hope it's more fun than the distant lands specials. Fionna and Cake are helping Simon, formerly the Ice King, go after his lost love Betty through the multiverse.


936 Mei Ling Way Los Angeles, CA 90012 
$15 – $26
 "The Beauty War" is a light-and-dark themed immersive art installation: part hall of mirrors, part dark ride, part cake infinity wonderland. This birthday celebration-friendly event has recently been featured in We Love LA, KABC-7's Localish, and KCET. Part dark ride, part hallucinatory Hall of Mirrors -- The Beauty War's contrasting labyrinth of rooms hold allegorical references to the universal archetypes we all traverse; from birth, independence, fear of the unknown, personal actualization, spiritual illumination and death.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Hype: Japan Cuts & The Getty Has An Exhibit On A Chair You Can't Sit In

Japan Cuts is online now. Streaming some fun Japanese films, we highly recommend check out the horror film Hiruko the Goblin
Hiruko the Goblin will be released on home video in the US by Mondo Macabro in October.

Silk & Swan Feathers A Luxurious 18th-Century Armchair exhibit is going on now and might show how out of touch The Getty is.

"Acquired by Getty in 1988, this is the first time the chair has been featured in an exhibition in North America. However, before it could go on view, it needed to be conserved. This meant that a team of over nine people spent many hundreds of hours meticulously studying, x-raying, cleaning, and protecting the chair."
I don't know how I could even put into words how meaningless this is compared to everything going on in the world right now or in any way connects to anything contemporary or of historical value . This is probably one of the most boring things in banality The Getty has tried to show off.

It's a chair...

Fantasia Film Fest 2021: Night of the Living Dicks Review


Where to even begin with this one? At the tip?...Top? As you might know, we saw this delightfully messed up short, where men have sex organs for heads, at the Palm Springs Short Fest. We were already fans from the poster. And we're glad to see it made it to Fantasia too.

Going over the main part of this short film once again. This is a social commentary horror film that has a female reporter, Venla, putting on glasses akin to John Carpenter's They Live and seeing a world through new eyes. A world where dudes have dongs for their heads. Venla goes on a mission to figure out what these dong dudes are up to. Things don't exactly go her way and she might meet a very graphic female version of the literal dickheads. And maybe teach these dongs a lesson.
We don't wanna spoil anything, it's one of those films where it's better to go in and go WTF.

We recommend seeing it wherever you can as part of any film fest as it's so messed up and better with a crowd.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Weekly What To Do: Slow Build To Fall

Wed, August 18, 7:30 PM – 11:00 PM 
The Secret Movie Club Theater
1917 BAY ST 2ND FL
BurlyQuest: A Burlesque Fantasy Adventure
Thurs, August 19th, 2021
8:30 pm, Doors 7:30 pm
The Federal Bar, 5303 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601
 $15 – $75
Join the Hollywood Jane Revue on an epic burlesque quest through the world of Fantasy! Watch our girls transform into dragons, mermaids, princesses, and even tricksy hobbitses. BurlyQuest is the one burlesque show to rule them all!
Thurs, Aug 19, 6pm
Free, Online

Join us - VIRTUALLY SPEAKING - for the release of Simon’s new opus, Crisis Zone. We’ll have copies for sale with signed & sketched bookplates! Pre-order your copy here.

Meeting ID: 871 8911 4216
Passcode: 602781

THE LAST SHARK Live comedy Re-Dub 35mm @ The Secret Movie Club Theater
Thu, August 19, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
The Secret Movie Club Theater
1917 BAY ST 2ND FL

That's right. The hilarious improv troupe THE RESISTANCE ( returns to live dub yet another Italian exploitation movie. This time we take the waters with THE LAST SHARK/L'ULTIMO SQUALO.

What else can we tell you? If your suspicion is that this is an Italian JAWS rip off, your suspicions are completely correct! This movie was a huge hit in 1981 until Universal and the makers of JAWS sued the Italian moviemakers since almost the entire plot beat for beat was taken from the 1975 hit.

Fri, August 20, 2021 at noon
Free, Online

To bring the joy of anime to fans at home, Sentai will treat viewers to a lineup of exclusive interviews with an array of Japanese talent, including cast members from Non Non Biyori, Redo of Healer, Getter Robo Arc, Princess Principal, Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory and other Sentai favorites. Fans can also look forward to interviews with anime directors Morio Asaka (NANA), Masayuki Kojima (MADE IN ABYSS), Jun Kawagoe (Getter Robo Arc), Takuya Asaoka (Redo of Healer), Shinya Kawatsura (Non Non Biyori) and Masaki Tachibana (Princess Principal), as well as inside looks at the work of sound director Soichiro Kubo and music composer Hisaki Kato of HERO MASK. Additional guests include the creator of Redo of Healer, Rui Tsukiyo, and decorated music composer Kevin Penkin of MADE IN ABYSS fame.
Largo, known for comedy shows, is back open and selling out shows. Grab some tickets before everything sells out. Many new shows from some of LA's top comedians just went up for August. We see Bill Burr, Patton Oswalt, Pete Holmes and Sarah Silverman to name a few.