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The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia Launch Party Aug 3 and Review The Lord of Evil Wrote A Book For You

The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia Launch Party is happening Aug 3 3-10pm, that's a long time at Wacko. Meet the author, The Lord of Evil himself Martin Olson and his daughter Marceline, Olvia Olson. Pen Ward, creator of Adventure Time and Tony Millionaire, he's done like a million things. Signings, give-aways and snacks!

The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia Launch Party
 Aug 3 3-10pm
Wacko  4633 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles CA  90027

The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia

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The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia was written by none other than the Lord of Evil, he should perhaps stick to ruling the Nightosphere as he's writing skills are more or less juvenile, un-detached and hardly flow. In a way the most unnerving way he writes could have made the book more fun as it's already insulting to any mortal who reads it. The mood and layers of the book do change with the added scribblings of Marceline and our Candy Kingdom heroes Finn and Jake. Fantastic art fills the book along with enchantments, messed-up spells, uncanny evil diatribes and delightful pictures of The Lord of Evil. Along the way we get more than a book about Ooo from the Lord of Evil, he becomes bored with the book and filled it with not only clippings from the Enchridion, but Ice King's Fan Zine, a Travel guide to Ooo from Princess Bubblegum and more sections that should be better devoted to his conquering of Ooo and his own uneasy style that makes mortals queasy.

Here's that trailer from Comic-Con of the kid village.

The book is not uncomfortable all the time. It's not the insults or the dark magic or reversed letters. No, in fact these sections sell the book. These short verses of just the unsettling nature of the Lord of Evil darkly shine like newly stolen jewels that required many people to get hurt. Problems occur when the Lord of Evil tries to tells us the facts about characters of Ooo, as though he never strung word together, picking facts in a unsettling matter. Main material becomes a pain to read an more incredulous acts by TLE (The Lord of Evil) becomes the best parts.

 The best parts upon the best parts could be the cutting into the Lord of Evil by Marceline who corrects her Dad or gets angry at him with her own red scribblings. Adding to her scribbling are both our favorite heroes of Ooo Finn and Jake. Finn in blue pen and Jake in a brownish pen? Both add to the conversation by asking what's is up with the Lord of Evil's junk. Much of the book is his cold-heartening ideas of what the people of Ooo are like and what should be done to them if he succeeds in taking over. Finn and Jake arise to fighting him on any plane even on the plane of paper in pages of his own book.

Art carries itself with enchanting pictures of many of the beloved faces of Ooo. Though some of those faces are that of the Lord of Evil himself, which are both sinister and fun to stare into.

"Don't look to hard into them!"

Some of the art looks familiar almost as if taken from other source material gleamed by balls, eye balls before in other art shows, books and media and crushes your spirit as you only want newart, if your a long time fan. When first seeing the book you will recognize it as being ancient tomb looking and want to see what all the fuss is about. It's one of those, oh what's this evil looking booking doing here deals. I think someone I know picked one up at a con recently, a Mr. Necronomi at the con if you will.

Later chapters see the Lord of Evil simply stop writing the book, and fits in someone who for him and  gives the pages over to the Ice King for his Fan Zine featuring some great crayon colored collectible Fionna and Cake cards. A tour guide from PB showcasing the Candy Kingdom. Blog posts from Marceline from her travel guide, never knew she had a blog, knew Jake did some writing, but not Marcy. Page rips from the Enchridion and a Nightosphere Novelty Catalog. A guide to Beemo, but who needs a guide he's a video game robot!

The book would have been liked more from me if it was last driven to tell about the cavalcade of A-Listers of Ooo. The A through Z section had me cringing and dry heaves. What it needed was more evil thoughts from the Lord of Evil and ideals from him. For the younger fans of the show it will be a classic held in their arms at night. A panel not attended with Mr. Necronomi, at the con, Comic-Con, I believe for the book itself had young children reading it before the panel started. This delightful evil tomb could be part of a child's earliest development.

In short, the Lord of Evil wrote a book that might be held onto fans of Ooo for a long long time. Hopefully, before and after any Mushroom War. Oh, I do like the joke about the last... don't want to ruin it for you. For any fan it is a must have, but if you want a fact book check the Adventure Time Wikia, that's what the shows writers do.

Hidden Truth, highlight to reveal the truth!
The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia was written by none other Martin Olson, The Lord of Evil on Adventure Time. Olivia Olson, the voice of Marceline added her own words as Marceline and Finn and Jake also lent their words, even though they are Martin Olson's words again. Astonishing art by Celeste Moreno, Aisleen Moreno and Renee French. Sad to write I see some clip art or bits ripped from screen grabs, for shame to use them instead of having new illustrations, the new illustrations are just to good to not have more