Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Best Things to Do in Los Angeles: 1001 Ideas Review Are They Trying To Steal My Shtick

The Best Things to Do in Los Angeles: 1001 Ideas

From someone who worked on Jiro Dreams of Sushi comes a very very very big guide for things to do in Los Angeles. In a few sentences Joy Yoon breaks down different places, events and the fine eateries of LA in a book that I should probably be working on myself based on my sites names with added words.  Activities and places are broken down by chapter such as "The Great Outdoors" or "Only in L.A." and are broken down even more into sub-genres of similar events or places.

Smaller break downs let you gleam over a certain subject fast and easy. Take note of the Halloween Haunt section that captures all the major theme parks and haunts around LA for optimum scares in October. There's a taco guide, people-watching section, creepy, but people do it here, all right next together for a quick skim through.

Each topic gives a little info about the event or place, maybe a back story then notes it's location, phone number and web-site. It's Yelp written by one person with a few contributors. Joining Joy are some of LA's better known residents, not the biggest name celebrities, a few artists and musicians who live the life LA.

Joy's style is a mix of corny joke with a few insights about the place or event she may have experienced. There's not one chapter devoted to one place, it's only a few sentences and then onto the next one.

This is a guidebook to get ideas of LA over and to me a reminder about everything I've covered on the site. Going through page after page reminded me about writing for the site and all the different events to check out.

A book that has Galco's Soda Pop Stop hidden on the cover, in plain sight is a truly thoughtful guide to the city. For anyone who want to gain ideas about what to do in the city and doesn't just want to read this site it's a fine start for anything you may not want to miss.

My few complaints are simply some photos to be added and a online component where you can search the book even faster, a Kindle version, until the find things using the index.