Monday, June 29, 2009

Anime Expo 2009

Time for the Anime experience of the year if not the century. Held this year at the LA convention center. I hoped they got rid of all the goo from Erotic LA. $30.00 for a day 60.00 for all 4 days

Come and enjoy the odd assortment of people. Cosplayers are just fascinating to see in nature. See the site of people watching portable dvd players instead of talking to other human beings . Approach them and say hello, see their reaction of disgust or look of mistrust. Bring a ds and you'll be part of the herd.

Anyway the main hall has a bunch of anime goods. Actually a insane amount so take your time finding what you want. Check out artist alley. Look and meet all the deviantart artists and don't forget Paul Robertson and friends

There new art/comic book will be out

here's Paul's work

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars will be playable and looks like fun. This game takes Japanese characters that really haven't been heard of in America vs some capcom classic characters. The American release gets five new charcters Japan didn't. Anyway it seems like a super fun Japanese crazy and insane fighter.

Some words to the wise, cash is king. Food is overpriced, better to leave the expo and find some cheap eats outside,hopefully In-N-Out.

Bath, you don't have to stink because other people due. Axe should have a booth here. Actually all the deoderant companies should, damn I should call people.

This week:

Thurs- Gurren Lagann movie , Mega 64 panel

Fri-Evangelion 1.o

Sat-Who cares

Sun-last day

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back from Hiatus with a vengenace

So get ghostbusters the game, its fun and got multitplayer online. It's a good 6 hour game, a fun rental unless you like on-line co-op than I'd say buy it, or wait for it to go down in price then buy it. I f you can find it, I heard it was sold out throughout LA. As a note I'd watch the two movie befor playing the game. It won't hinder the games fun if you haven't seen the movie it'll just increase it. Also try and go out of yor way for the artifacts. there worth it, just for making the ghostbusters home more stylish and cool. You got to give terminal reality some credit for putting in a haunted toilet and a pair of ultra cool ghost pants that follow you around.

Gameplay is quite fun, wrangling in a ghost is just delicious, the other weapons are fun especially the slime and snot, but nothing compares to a good ol proton pack.


Online play is great, I only wish it was longer and had more places to go. I hope they have a dlc pack with more ghost and weapons.

Wow I was busy the last week or so, I'm still going to do a review of all the best theaters in LA once I go to them. I'm still missing, Graumans Chinese and the the Landmark theater in West Hollywood.

Man blogging can suck, I need to find better software to blog with uploading photos suck. I want to just drop a page a day, is that so hard?

Anyway here's candy

Here's a place to go for candy, no not that place on citywalk

This place is simply candy good, instead of candy evil. They have a nice candy selection with many different sweet and sour delights. They have yogurt machines built into the walls on one side. They also have baked good like cakes and the smaller of the species cupcakes. It's actually got a great stylish looks and the chairs and tables have been made poorly as candy is trapped inside of them. It's a little cartoonish in nature how nice this place looks.Be careful it's on the corner and behind Vitello's. It easy to miss so be careful.Parking may suck if too many are there they have space for maybe five cars. Oh, yeah try the pucker powder machine for some sour goodness.
Anyway nothings really happening except this stuff

So anyway checkout out Sweetharts

here be the info

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday had to work

Saw this from work

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's over 9,000!

Thanks for the hits everyone!

Here's a fun event the HOT DOG DEATH MARCH

Thursday, June 11, 2009

LA Downtown Artwalk Today

Head your ass downtown and enjoy some free drinks and art for nothing. This is great fun with friends.

click the link for a nice printable map for today

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Anyone know where this is?

then comment
I might start contests with prizes if people start commenting on finding places I post!

Echo Park Time Travel Mart

Hey, hows it going everyone, I'd liked to thank Kotaku's Luke Plunkett for posting me on Kotaku

As for the commenter Yossarian sorry about your Dad dying of cancer, the people at Things To Do in LA wish him well and hope the chemo-therapy works.

From that sad note lets move on to some fun stuff. Anybody got the munchies while time traveling?

I know I do, so thank God for the Echo Park Time Travel Mart.

This novelty store sells hilarious time travel related gifts. The time travel mart sell emotion chips for your robot, bottled extenstentialism, and robot milk. That's not all it looks awesome inside. It's also front for a after school reading center, don't worry theres a huge are in the back for the kids so you don't have to interact with them. I almost got a job here, but was turned down for not being part of the program which helped kids. Damn it would have been fun, if you work here (minimum wage) you get to pick a costume and come up with a character of your choosing. I would have been Christopher Columbus's friend Reggie, "Yo, Columbo, I think you need to do some better detective worth I don't think these are the right Indians"

Anyway check out this cute store. They have plenty of cute and cool products. Plus the store is a sight to behold on its own. Parking can be found in back.

This Saturday Geoff Johns and a bunch of his artist and writer friends will be signing stuff at the Northridge Earth 2 Grand Opening.

Geoff Johns now owns half of that shop. The place was horrible when it was run by Golden Apple, they had the worst service and were assholes. I'm glad they had to sell the place because they can't run their business correctly. Anyway shop up and get stuff signed, plus yell at Jeph Loeb for ruining Hulk, then praise him for his other work.

Friday the 26 head down to the awesome little Tokyo and watch Astroboy, Gigantor and Voltron outside for free at the JACCC plaza

Plus check out these spots while you're there and do some Karoake!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Video Game Girls and a whole lot of other stuff

Lot of stuff to talk about, so last night I went to the Bordello Bar which is extremely close to Little Tokyo and saw video game girls.

Video game girls was a nice little event for E3 where some strippers dressed up like video game characters and of course stripped to Nintendo music. It was actually kind of fun and kind of sucked. The girls were okay especially Princess Peach and Zelda. The problem I had was that if your going to have a strip show, have a strip show. There was a comedian host telling jokes while we waited, but then they would take this abrupt breaks. Also about 3/4 way through the show the curtain mechanic broke and they couldn't fix it. That was actually very funny. Anyway all the girls were cute, except Chun-li was kind of pudgy. There were 5 strippers in this order BloodRayne, Princess Peach,Chun Li, Link/Zelda, Samus. All of them gave off a little something different from the character they were parodying. Princess Peach gave out cupcakes and Chun-Li did some splits.

Here are some clips and pics

Now this all happened at the Bordello Bar, parking was okay cause it started around 10:30 on a Wednesday, plus it was right near some sort of cool Japanese palace I'll have to check out later the Art district which I didn't know was right there. The Bordello was a very strange place to visit, but probably be fun for a night out. The group of ladies that did this show will be doing one at Comic-Con dressed as stripping superheroes

The night was fairly interesting as I met some people from They had just been at E3. One of them and I started a conversation on what new games are coming out and he brought up a ant sim game. I immediately thought out of all the games their the went for a ant sim game. Then we discussed Herman Melville's the Old Man and The Sea. I didn't think I would be discussing classic literature at the strip club. I did feel surrounded by a good crowd of people as they were all discussing how Batman Battle for the Cowl was a stupid comic and the franchise is retarded now.

I also of course met the tri-star of events of people when I met a actor, writer and and stand up comedian. Which means it's was real Hollywood party or event. The stand up comedian told me about the HA- HA comedy club

on North Hollywood and that there is a stand up night, which I've been wanting to do for some time. Some friends and I are going to be doing some stand-up, this place seems fine, so if anyone reads this blog and wants to see my sense of humor

see Neo and the matrix

than come on down and maybe do your on bit. It'll be 5 bucks and I'll have a date of the event sometime this month.

Oh yeah on the way to my car a bunch of ladies who had their seats reserved(I think they were friends of the strippers were ahead of me while I was walking to my car. So the small pudgy one of the group blurted this out "Yeah, I need a Freak, you got a Freak or you got 3inches" which was quit funny as I have no idea what started that conversation.

This doesn't remind me of the writing pieces I will be working on with two artists Mia and Sky Burchard

Sadness Isn't Necessary When It Can Be Just Deleted by Sky Burchard

BUNCHA DUDES I GUESS by *poop-mouth on deviantART

who are trying to become a part of I am 8-bit. I'll have interviews with them about their work and the process of becoming a part of I am 8-bit

This weekend I'm going to Cine Gear Expo

It's a expo on all the new equipment in the entertainment industry.

Also this weekend you have the premiere props studio lot sale on Sat and Sunday

This picture I ordered from Katie Rice came.

Katie Rice is a good friend of John Kricfalusi who created Ren and Stimpy. I have a drawing he did for me somewhere.

Katie now does a online comic strip about a dumb barbarian chick named Skadi as scene int the above picture and I really love the strip.

check out the other strips, one is done by Gabe Swarr who also worked on Ren and Stimpy and is a I am 8-bit artist.

Katie was nice enough to include a extra drawing with the piece she sent me

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Neo and the Matrix

Here's my latest work, I did this shoot in 2 hours. The cast and I had a lot of fun making it. Shout out to my actors who did a extremly great job.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer in LA 2009

Los Angeles Film Featival shows June 18 - 28
a bunch of unreleased movies plus some free movies, just look through the search

Silent Movie Theatre events
check out all their shows, very little of them are actualy ever silent, more of a cult following movies and more hard stuff to find on the internet
Same goes for

New Beverly Cinema

Huebel and Scheer present Crash Test
the guys from Human Giant throw a funny as hell stand up comedy showcase

Anime Expo July 2-5

This is a huge event for anyone into Anime to pick up some dvds or manga or to meet some other people into anime. I go for artits alley bewcuase so many of my favorite DeviantArtists show up and sell their stuff
it's 30 bucks for 1-day

I'll be sure to add more things this summer

Damn you Microsoft, I'm going to have to buy that

Well, Microsoft just took over my homewith it's Natale add 0n which allows real time social networking interface.

It also allows

driving and playing games with motion capture so just using by using your hand and its built in video camera I can fight someone or just flip through my movies on Netflix

Voice commands, voice recognition and face recognition, plus a game where you can interact with a extremely intellegent A.I.

It can now scan a picture of a object or you and put it into a video game.