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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Comic-Con 2013 Thoughts Will This Chair Support Fat People

Don't let the size and design fool you, this is a cardboard chair NBC will be handing out for the future instant-fail show Dracula. At first, with no idea of the size I believed it to be a gimmick chair for your head so Dracula could easily get to your neck and you'd trade it in for a real chair. No, it's just some sort of new chair that can support you in the lines of Comic-Con this year. Other than the chairs just not being able to support the ample wait of many con-goers and the possible lawsuits NBC could have, one may ask why they want people sitting on top of Dracula's head. Dracula the show that goes right under your a**.

As I was going over merch to get at the con, I have to remind you of the inflatable Megaman Buster Cannon, which you can only get with purchase of a $100 statue of the blue bomber. C'mom Capcom, I want to just get that for a video game pool party. I have to buy a statue for the one product I want from your booth? Two, if you have the overpriced at $25 Megaman keychain.

We've got locals at AX I mean Comic-Con. The FireWire grabbed these locals making it out there

Kevin Tong has a cheat sheet for getting posters from his booth and he has a lot of posters. Check out his Metropolis poster

Gallery 1988 is having a bunch of special work at the event.

Giant Robot signing Schedule

Kaboom or Boom! Studios, whatever same company is releasing a special Regular Show comic in the limited number of 500. It seems I came the wrong year of the con, this year is Regular Show all the way with the Regular Zone 80's arcade in town. I missed out on all the Adventure Time fun from years before. There's a new quest for Adventure Time, but it isn't the same. Still for you Regular Show fans get a super limited edition of a short print run comic.


WB's Comic-Con Bag has more variations than previously posted, which one will you get?