Thursday, July 25, 2013

Comic-Con 2013: Nintendo Gaming Lounge

 The open to all Nintendo Gaming Lounge was a place of perfect gaming harmony for those wanting to take photos in video game lands or praise Luigi in the one year we remember him as more than Mario's brother. There was a guest book fans could share their memories and thoughts for Luigi. Those who played his new game for the Wii U would get a limited edition Luigi coin or pin. More prizes including a Mario and Luigi: Dream Team pillow case were available after playing a demo of the game. As multiple demo stations were set up with lounge areas to relax and play on one's 3DS the lounge was a mix of gamers getting their first chance to try out new titles and those almost falling asleep in bean bag comfiness.

Titles I got to demo included Mario and Luigi: Dream Team a great new Mario Bros RPG that has you using powerful attacks inside Luigi's dream with multiple Luigis. Bayonetta 2 with face paced Angel/Demon monster destroying action with all techniques and torture attacks with a new short haircut Bayonetta.

The Wonderful 101, which had prizes of free masks given out was by far my favorite game to play. Playing the prologue, it reminded me of why Nintendo is different from all the other consoles, it's role of just being fun. All the titles that bounced around E3 were all shooters or dark replays of older titles under new names. The Wonderful 101 was a fun parody of the Japaneses sense of superhero culture different than our own with it's own rules and quirks. The enjoyment of just playing through as a new hero gaining allies and becoming a giant fist or sword to battle odd named aliens was what games should be "fun". Colorful, silly and even a joke about a cop from LA and you had me. The Wonderful 101 will easily become scores of fan art online and a title many will cherish when they look at what they played when they were younger. I can't wait for it to come out in just a month or two for fans who wanted more from their Wii U. Sadly, the cosplay contest word only two days before the show didn't give enough time to the legion of  Nintendo fans to create convincing enough costumes to come in. Ash Ketchum was always a few feet away from me in there. Perhaps it was just the soundtrack theme song that played when I transformed that so pumped me up on this game, but you will definitely be hearing more about it when it finally comes out to save the day.