Monday, January 31, 2011

Adventure Time To Meet It's Makers

Last Monday,  I headed to Moore's Delicatessen in Burbank to hang out with the makers of Adventure Time and Regular Show. Moore's is located right across the street from Cartoon Network.

I won't say who, but before Adventure Time was on the animators weren't happy seeing Johnny Test. Which wiki explains has a sordid past. I say, "Go suck a d*ck Cookie Jar Ent. bringing in all these  crappy cheap flash  Canadian  cartoons.  Talking about rip-offs of Dexter's Laboratory. Just think about if for a second he's sisters have a lab, crazy stuff ensues. If you notice  Jimmy Neutron is another rip-off  of Dexter's Laboratory. A boy genius invents things and wacky stuff ensues. The difference was Dexter was entertaining and funny. ... sorry I'll get back to what happened.

So everyone was already sitting down and I got to talk with Sean Szeles who co-wrote/ storyboarded that weeks episode of Regular Show " Dizzy" . He was friendly and we discussed a few different topics. I was fascianted to learn he never heard of Evangelion. I saw some Cal Art Students who usually end up in animation around LA chatting with Cal Arts Alumni who work on the shows.

The photos your looking at showcase that the animators are allowed to draw at Moore's. Draw any damn place they please. A manager came out and even asked for some more drawings. I hope they fill up the place eventually. Jeez, I wonder what the bathroom stalls might look like, I didn't need to go.

Moore's has excellent service btw, very helpful and nice. I triend the BL"A"T and can't say it was great, but I'm willing to try something else if I head back.

We watched Adventure Time Together. We laugh, applauded and enjoyed their work. Sadly, the heads of the shows J.G. Quintel and Pen Ward weren't there, nor the prolific Natashi Allergi. They might come next time and all are welcome.

Check out the new episode " The Pods" today at 8pm

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Game Hype 1

Well it looks like Kirby will be coming back and be better than ever. Just check out his moves. Plus, Whip Kirby that's just too funny.

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 heads out this week. Remember he's got a sexy new stache. I enjoyed the first one so much I can't wait for the second. Check PSN and Xbox Live to play some robotic arm whose really your dead wife action.

All Star Superman Premieres In LA Feb 17

by Kerry Callen totally funny comic writer
The Paley Center will be having the premiere of All- Star Superman in February. If you haven't read the instant classic by Grant Morrison then head to a comic store or go to Amazon now. Probably one of the finest Superman mini-series in many years, The story explains why Superman is Superman and how insane he's life is. It gets to the core of the man of steel.

Now that story heads to DVD and I wonder how well it will keep the intital story. From what I've read that kept in that Luthor poisoned Superman with sunlight, which is so bittersweet ironic it makes me cry. You see Superman doing everything he can before his time is up. It brings back the old feeling of what Superman was about and thats crazy science fiction stories about a hero who can move planets, but he might get an ant's head. The realistic surrealism of a universe where a man where's a cape , but people just deal with their lives if everything is normal.

It's been hit and miss in my opinion of the  DC Animation straight to DVD market.  Superman/Batman Apocalypse won me over with probably one of the best animated Superman fights ever. If you haven't seen him and Supergirl take down Darkseid you missed a hell of a fight. I hope they continue the series, I want to see Batzarro animated.

Want to go to the premiere? Send your details and why you want to go here [email protected] and maybe you'll get in .

Unless you already member of the Paley Center tickets maybe be completly gone for this event

All-Star Superman

Thursday, February 17, 2011
7:00 pm PT
Los Angeles

In Person

James Denton, Voice of Superman
Bruce Timm, Executive Producer (he created Batman: The Animated Series and is basically in charge of WB animation)
Sam Liu, Director
Dwayne McDuffie, Writer
Andrea Romano, Dialogue/Casting Director

Axe Cop Anniversary or Babies Are Dumb

Babies are dumb. Babies are dumb, was melodically sung as Malachai Nicolle approached the mic for the Axe Cop 1 year anniversary. His brother Ethan Nicolle busy on his wacom setting up for the show.

 I found myself in Meltdown Comics after it changed it's baby section to something new and flashy. It's dirty book section a role playing game space. It's front, no longer filled with the Ku-Fu video kiosk after a falling out years ago. Hated by that guy, who makes stories about cats in graphic novel form.

Tonight, Meltdown was host to something other than Feng -Shui, it was Axe Cop. Ethan the older brother draws Axe Cop while Malachi writes it. If your technical, really Ethan prods Malachai with questions and a story is written.

Junior Cobbb was born that night. Yes, he has three b's in his name .A new character resembling Donkey Kong except he's so huge jets shoots out of his tail as we saw the creative process unfold before us. He was promised to one day enter continuity. This highlight was one of many as a 6 year old should never be given a microphone.

My own interview with the two will have to be put on hold as Malachai killed me during it with the toy ax I gave him as a present. First he cut off my hand. Then my head. Probably the greatest future writer of today. I can't wait to see what he cooks up when he gets  Final Draft 20 in the future. Probably the best god damn action movie ever.

Anyway, the night showed off the brotherly love that Ethan and Malachai share as the process is all just him playing and having fun with his brother. If you want to measure the success of Axe Cop by the turn out or the media coverage or something so substantial then behold below what really matters.

The made the Axe Cop Candle real and had Unicorn Cupcakes. These are both inside jokes from the comic, but if you get the jokes your in a world of delightment right now.

They Unicorn horns were delicious.

My favorite part might of been when a little girl asked if Axe Cop will be getting a boyfriend during the Q & A.

Check out what premiered the live action version of Axe Cop.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Fight Club

Looks like we have another awesome Fight Club headed are way in LA. This February 3 at 5300 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA  Update: Club 740  740 S. Broadway ( & Spring) Los Angeles, CA 90014. Enter off Alley. At 8pm there's going to be some fighting. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 fighting and every ones invited. No rsvp just head over. BTW the first 200 in line get prize packs. You might want to really consider getting those prize packs because i am 8-bit is doing the event.  You can also check out 30 characters this time around and I'm sure whatever 8-bit comes up with will simply amaze.  Update: also be showing off Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition there for the first time. Yup check out the 3DS

It's funny the mass e-mail from iam8bit just hit when the news of this new party did. The e-mail was reminding it's fans that some big stuff will be happening shortly and they don't disappoint. Also check out there new facebook page, which is a huge improvement over there site which usually has no news.
Capcom Unity also says :extracurricular activities including live music from the Miles Mosley band, popular voice actors from the game hanging out and signing stuff, Mr. Seth Killian on the Mic and a bunch of popular LA local food trucks outside for a little snack while waiting in line. 

 Someone might be lucky enough to walk away with this, but thats pure speculation. What I'm thinking is t-shirts that might be super rare and I don't mean the one below.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LA Art Show 2011

The LA Art Show was stunning as ever this year with multiple pieces in different styles all over the Convention Center. You could get lost in the the multiple pieces.  I got lost and couldn't decide what I liked the most. There was also a series of lectures in the back . I only stayed a little for the Materials and Applications lecture. I've mentioned them on the site before and have been to there art spot many times. There always doing something. It was fun to hear how they've done commercial work for big companies based on the weird stuff they put out around LA. I think I passed by Shepard Fairey at one point.

This year had a showcase of Chinese art galleries. Showing off some fantastic work.

 I really enjoyed the piece on Facebook. Just think about how it's really just a layer until you meet the person.

Artists were doing big magnificent pieces for the passerby to ogle at. Smelling the pants reminds you that creating art might be fun as looking at it.

This isn't a camera problem, the statue was made squished, then the fun house mirror straightens it out. If you look to long at the piece it plays tricks with your eyes.

A piece about guns, hoe could I not enjoy it.

 Rocket packs with funky hair-doos.

This piece is just a optical illusion,but if you looked down you thought it was a dark tunnel that cover into the earth.
Pop culture stays alive no matter what, so Superman head to make an appearance.

The different colors, techniques, and just ideas that flow from pieces make this event stand out. There were even some pieces requirimg interaction to make sounds. Maybe some new art will be judged by how it sounds and looks.