Sunday, June 30, 2013

Anime Bowling Night Spares No Expense In Fun

presented by
Things To Do In LA and XLanes
July 4th
5-8pm at XLanes
3rd Floor Little Tokyo Galleria
333 S. Alameda St., #300 Los Angeles, CA 90013

So Anime Bowling Night attendees here is more info on the event. Go back to previous posts for info on contests and raffles.

- Something I'm looking forward to play in and see , Mulit- Anime Bowling Night dedicated lanes with animes being played and anime music to listen too. Each lane has its own big screen at its end and we have 8 lanes to party in.

- Photo background, take a nice snapshot of yourself in cosplay to remember the night.

-The main events are between 5pm and 8pm, but XLanes doesn’t close until 1 am. 

-We suggest waiting for a group of 5 on 5 foe bowling matches to make them more exciting. Why go head to head with one person in cosplay when you could be enjoying it as a group?

Prices for a game $5.50 per game
Shoe Rental $3.00
Billiards $12 per hour

Don't forget the deals

Those coming in cosplay will get one free bowling game. Those showing a 2013 AX badge will get a free shoe rental. One deal per customer, one free game or free shoe rental not both.

Arcade is card based point system. You can put between $5- $20 on the cards

All ages welcome

Reminder don’t bring any weapons that AX didn’t peacebonded, if it wasn’t acceptable at AX it’s not acceptable at XLanes, you’ll have to stow it in your car. If you don't think AX would let it in, Xlanes wouldn't either.

Remember will be having contests and prizes too, check the earlier posts or go to the event page above for more info

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Saturday, June 29
7:00 - 10:00pm
Tickets $10
Reservations are required.  Members call - (562) 216-4180 or email [email protected].

In celebration of the opening of Katharsis, Stuart A. Ashman, President and CEO and the Board of Directors of the Museum of Latin American Art cordially invite you to a:

Reservations are required. Please call (562) 216-4180 or email [email protected].
The exhibition Katharsis includes images from the Photography Collection of Fundación Televisa, which documents the history of Mexican wrestling or lucha libre.
The LUCHA A GO-GO PARTY will include projections of 1960s lucha libre movie clips, paloma lounge, live painting,by GERMS (Jaime Zacarias), Tamarindo Fresh Mexican Delights food truck and photo ops with real luchadores!

Anime Bowling Night Posters Around Little Tokyo

Anime Bowling Night Posters went up yesterday in Little Tokyo, see if you can spot them and spread the word, more updates tonight.

presented by
Things To Do In LA and XLanes
July 4th
5-8pm at XLanes
3rd Floor Little Tokyo Galleria
333 S. Alameda St., #300 Los Angeles, CA 90013

-Anime lanes

Friday, June 28, 2013

Anime Expo 2013: What Should I Be Doing Guide Part 5

Visit the local Anime Jungle or visit them in the convention center. Booths 729, 731, & 733 will give you a taste of our local most well known anime store.

Free LUNA SEA concert viewing if you act fast!

If you e-mail quick enough, you could win a free viewing of the Luna Sea concert playing in the Regal Cinems during AX.

Live Viewing Japan offers a unique invitation to J-Rock/Visual Kei fans across Southern California as it presents a very special opportunity to be on the guest list for the Los Angeles theatrical premiere of LUNA SEA For JAPAN A Promise to The Brave 2012 in Sendai LIVE VIEWING in LA!!!

It’s at the Regal Cinema L.A. LIVE, in Los Angeles, CA, on Friday, July 5th at 7:00pm. The day after you Anime Bowling Night!

A very limited number of complementary passes are available. Fans can email: [email protected]; submit your name and the outlet where you saw this news in a message titled “LUNA SEA” and your name will be placed on the guest list at the theatre box office for the exclusive premiere!

LUNA SEA For JAPAN A Promise to The Brave 2012 in Sendai LIVE VIEWING in LA – plays for one-night-only – at the Regal Cinema L.A. LIVE, in Los Angeles, CA, on Friday, July 5th at 7:00pm.

The Regal Cinema L.A. LIVE is located at 1000 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015.

Sitting at home by yourself? SimulTV and Daisuki Simulcast

So Daisuki, the new anime legit streaming site, will be showing Monogatari Series Second Season just a few hours after it airs on Japan on their site. They'll be having their first panel this year at AX too and giving away shirts while they last. more details.

New service, SimulTV will be streaming some of the big events and panels at AX this year for those who can't make it. They'll be giving out special subscription codes only at AX. They also have a significant anime library and will be showing Japanese band concerts to look at on all sorts of media players, so if you like anime you might want to look into it. The service is pay subscription, so check out what you'll be paying for.




Monster Drawing Rally Saturday

Monster Drawing Rally
Saturday, June 29, 2013
12:00 pm - 6:00 pmLocation:
Armory Center for the Arts
145 North Raymond Avenue, Pasadena CA 91103

Featuring live drawing by 100 artists, the event includes tacos, food, beer by Craftsman Brewing Company, music, and kids drawing activities. Admission is a $10 donation at the door.

Yukinori Dehara: Nendo Pro Wrestling Saturday



Yukinori Dehara: Nendo Pro Wrestling
June 29 – July 24, 2013 Reception: Saturday, June 29, 6:30-10 PM

Giant Robot is proud to host Nendo Pro Wrestling – clay sculptures by Yukinori Dehara. Wrestling culture has been popular throughout contemporary Japanese popular culture. Alongside of Mexico and the US, the wrestling scene has continued alongside and overlapping with Sentai (Power Rangers) shows. Superheroes have traversed in each others genres. We’ll be sure to feature clay sculptures and more from Yukinori Dehara! As with his previous exhibitions, Dehara’s work is often containing deep ideologies of our culture presented through his colorful characters.

Dehara will be there in person!

Last Minute Movie Friday

DOWNLOADED Q&A this Friday 6/28 with Director Alex Winter Following the 7pm ShowGet Your Tickets Now!
"Director Alex Winter explores the technological paradigm shift that created the proliferation of online media sharing, and the role that companies like Napster played in making file swapping as simple as the click of a mouse."

The Room. Tommy Wiseau in person
June 28 & 29, 2013,-NoHO 7, N.Hollywood, CA 91601 ( Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero in PERSON

Detention Of The Dead
7:50 pm,Friday 6/28 at NOHO 7 followed by a Q&A
Then playing until July 4

Anime Bowling Night No Time To Spare

I have a book on bowling puns, so don't think I won't have more fun headlines on the progress of Anime Bowling Night. Check out the new flyer, you should see these around Little Tokyo real soon and on Sunset and Melrose. I'm your friendly neighborhood editor Jonathan and I have more info on Anime Bowling night below.

July 4th
5-8pm at XLanes
3rd Floor Little Tokyo Galleria
333 S. Alameda St., #300 Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tel: 213.229.8910

So here's what we've worked out with XLanes and prize sponsors.

 -Anime music and videos will be in featured Anime Bowling Night lanes.

 -A backdrop for cosplay fans to have their pictures taken will be open to save memories of the night.


Those coming in cosplay will get one free bowling game. Those showing a 2013 AX badge will get a free shoe rental. One deal per customer, one free game or free shoe rental not both.


Contests for Best Cosplay Outfit
Best Power Up -I'll break it down later, but can you guess?
Highest Score- Bowling

Prize Sponsors
NIS America
Section 23 Films
B Art Jet

I'll be putting up what you can win soon

Multiple raffles for XLanes Gift Certificates

Over 100 arcade units

I'll have a much more detailed plan in the next few  days, but the event already sounds so magnificent! So powered up. Who can't way to battle it out in costumes while bowling! I can't wait to see it!

Anime Expo 2013: What Should I Be Doing Guide Part 4

The Labyrinth Ball made a deal with AX

2 for 1 Tickets
( extremely limited deal - only 200 )

eigoMANGA at AX

'Vanguard Princess' Arcade Gaming:

eigoMANGA is inviting attendees to play the game, 'Vanguard Princess' at Digital Manga's (Akadot) booth located at #442.

'Vanguard Princess' is a 2D fighting game that features an all-female cast each with their own unique fighting style. The game is available for PC digital download via Digital Manga's eManga website.

'Vanguard Princess Fighting Game Panel':

The eigoMANGA development team for 'Vanguard Princess' will showcase and discuss new developments and future plans for the game.

The Vanguard Princess Panel is scheduled for Thursday, July 4 ( Day 1 ), 11am - 12pm at WS 2 ( 501 ).

'eigoMANGA Industry Panel':

Colleagues from eigoMANGA will announce and showcase releases of the company's productions and publications for the calender year.

eigoMANGA's Industry Panel is scheduled for Friday, July 4 ( Day 2 ), 12pm - 1pm at LP 4  ( 411 ).

'eigoMANGA Presents: How To Draw Manga And Portfolio Review':

eigoMANGA artists and editors will hold a workshop tutorial to teach the fundamentals of manga illustration and storytelling. They will also be on hand to critique portfolios from up-and-coming artists.

eigoMANGA's How To Draw Manga And Portfolio Review is scheduled for Friday, July 4 ( Day 2 ), 6:30pm - 7:30pm at  WS 1 ( 515 ).

Peepshow Menagerie Summer

The salute to Marvel may have past, but there's plenty of odd combinations of burlesque and nerd interests. You have a Weird Al and Doctor Who themed shows to look forward to. more info here

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Anime Expo 2013: What Should I Be Doing Guide Part 3

The AX forums have some great stuff on what to do and how to do it check out these different forum guides

The AX Survival Guide Thread
[AX 2013] Parking Question Thread
Metro (L.A. Public Transportation) Guide

Kick Heart Premiere & Q and A with Masaaki Yuasa
LP1 1:30PM
Come see this amazing Kickstarted anime from a major anime studio from Japan with it's director Masaaki Yuasa in person afterward to answer your questions

Ghost in the Shell: ARISE

Video 1 8:45pm
See the brand new look of Ghost in the Shell, this has divided long time fans, but let's hope the stoires are still super complex about a lesbian cyborg who can turn invisible.
Dead Sushi
Video 2 10:15pm

How did one of the most WTF movies of all time get in here. I'm so happy this got into AX.
Here's my review from way back.

The knights of Electric Chair! A Medieval Armor Maker at AX
Come visit Electric Chair  at booth number 1149 for sweet sweet fantasy armor, you'd think he'd have electric chairs though

Aksys Games at AX

bits from the press release

July 5th – Otome Day! Hakuōki Cosplay Event
“The Art of Localization” Panel (3:45 – 4:45 PM at LP3)

July 6th – BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend Tournament
Aksys Games Panel (2 – 3 PM at LP4)

July 7th – Last chance to see our booth and get some awesome deals!

You Need Details? We Got Details!
Playables, Playables, Playables – We will be showing off some of our new and upcoming titles at Anime Expo this year, including Muramasa Rebirth, BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma, and more!
TWO PANELS!? – Because we love our fans that much, we'll be having two panels this year!

  • Aksys Games Panel – Get ready for a totally new, wacky title announcement! Join your favorite producers and editors as they take the stage and answer your questions. We'll also be doing a game show where we'll be giving away only a few signed copies of a secret item!
  • “The Art of Localization” Panel – Ever want to know what it's like to localize some of your favorite games? Get up close and personal with the translators and editors behind some of your favorite titles including Muramasa Rebirth, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, and Hakuōki!

 Viz Media at AX

Now I already went over their K Day, but they still have plenty more events to go to at AX

VIZ Media will be located on the main convention floor in Booth 1501.

Thursday July 4th

1:15 – 2:15PM    Shonen Jump: Creating the World’s Most Popular Manga
                             (Room LP2) – Special Announcements at Panel!
Ever wonder what goes into creating the world's most popular manga? We break down the entire process from where it begins in Japan to how it gets digitally released as WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP in North America. Panel will feature former Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump Editor-in-Chief Hisashi Sasaki and current American WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP Editor-in-Chief Andy Nakatani. The panel will be moderated by WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP Editor Urian Brown. 

6:30 – 7:30PM    Inside the Anime Industry – Why We Do What We Do
(Room LP3)
Join this very special roundtable of industry influencers in a discussion about passion and why we work in the anime and manga business. Seasoned anime and manga industry veterans from Funimation, Dark Horse, The Right Stuf International/ Nozomi Entertainment, Anime News Network, Dark Horse, Aniplex, VIZ Media and more will discuss their personal love of their medium and creating entertainment experiences to remember. Panel will be moderated by Charlene Ingram, Senior Manager of Animation Marketing, VIZ Media.

Saturday July 6th 

11:00 – 12:00pm         NARUTO Fan Gathering, Featuring We Love Fine
(VIZ Media Booth)
Meet other fans of the world’s most popular ninja in this fan meet-up and also sample a variety of custom NARUTO products and apparel on display and available from

2:00 – 3:00pm    Autograph Session with KANAME (VIZ Media Booth) 
Celebrate VIZ Media’s hot new anime series K with the cool and suave cosplayer KANAME☆as he meets fans in person at the VIZ Media booth. K autograph posters will be provided. 

3:00 – 3:30pm    Special KANAME Photo Session (VIZ Media Booth)
Have your picture taken in an encore photo session with KANAME☆ as he portrays Saruhiko Fushimi from the hit new anime series K.

4:00pm                Neon Alley Fan Gathering (VIZ Media Booth)
Stop by the VIZ Media booth to learn about all the hot new anime premieres and other special content coming up on Neon Alley, the new 24/7 anime channel. Meet other fans and also win fun prizes.

Sunday July 7th

11:00am              Neon Alley Fan Gathering (VIZ Media Booth)
The Neon Alley fun continues into Saturday with new product giveaways and trial memberships to the hottest new 24/7 anime channel available in North America.

12:30 – 1:30PM VIZ Media Panel (Room LP1)
Get the latest updates & exciting news from VIZ Media staff on new projects, including a sneak peek at the releases in the coming year!

Finally, don’t forget to check the Anime Expo screening schedule for a variety of VIZ Media anime titles including BERSERK: THE GOLDEN AGE ARC I and II, TIGER & BUNNY, ACCEL WORLD, ZETMAN, NURA: RISE OF THE YOKAI CLAN, LAGRANGE: THE FLOWER OF RIN-NE, and more!