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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anime Bowling Night 2013 Cosplayers Bowl Too

What happens when you get a bunch of cosplayers in town for Anime Expo? You have a bowling night at the brand new shiny bowling alley/arcade. Anime Bowling Night at XLanes took place July 4. Attendees marveled at XLanes set up for the evening of anime infused entertainment.  A night of cosplayers on special anime lanes with anime theme songs playing in the background.  Hatsune Miku's voice was heard over pins falling.

 Contests and giveaways gave prizes out from Funimation, Sentai Filmworks and NIS America, who were all contributing prize sponsors. Contestants would have to act out famous lines from anime; show off their cosplay best; show how well they could power up, y'know yell really loud.

The highest scores of the night also walked away with some great prizes, some Pokemon Trainers won. They brought their own bowling balls, sadly not customized to look like pokeballs.

Cosplayers could chill in the arcade area playing the newest arcade games available in the US while waiting for another match or another give-away to begin.

 A mere three hours was all the time for Anime Expo attendees to enjoy the night, but those who did come lived the dream of bowling in full cosplay attire while anime images and sounds filled the area.

Around 7pm the night entered Katamari music mode when all songs were from the Katamari Damacy soundtrack.

The night was a co-presented event between Things To Do In LA and XLanes, which I would like to thank again for letting cosplayers and fans of anime enjoy a night of fun at their fine entertainment center.

An amazing deal of having a cosplay costume gave you a free game, while having an AX badge gave you free bowling shoes.

Photos From XLanes

Soul Eater on the projectors

 Posters for the event

 Cosplayers have to put down their props to play