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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Archer Panel Comic-Con 2013

Archer was all about drinking, penis and butt talk as the cast cracked jokes all about more drinking and wanting more booze at this year's panel. A short cartoon before the panel got underway had Archer dressed as Iron Man, reminiscent of the Community Panel with Dan Harmon coming out as a cheaply made Iron Man by Ron Schrab. The panel had little to reveal for the new season. It did have plenty of laughs with the crews never ending array of attacks and jokes on one another. The moderator Eugene Mirman was made fun of by the poor job he was doing hosting where Lucky Yates, voice of Krieger,  did a Southern dandy impression of Archer during a script read. Before this occurred much of the male cast kissed the guns of Aisha Tyler as that sat down.

The voice cast usually records separate, but recently was on tour around the country together. Stories of male models looking like Archer, but voiced by Jon Benjamin for crowds depicted scenes of men not understanding how to play along and just standing around like idiots, they were male models though.

An Archer episode would be denied as too much would be revealed if anything was shown, they Adam Reed and Matt Thompson wanted surprise this year so no spoilers for us.

A new disturbing show from the same crew, but not the same cast revealed at the end about a rapper with many problems coming out of prison. Danny McBride's Chozen will have you mortified with it's gay teddy bear sex and murder song  that will stick in your head with some very graphic visuals.