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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Next Weekend Sundance Brings Films To LA Literally Next Weekend But That Could Get Confusing

A four-day film festival featuring films from Sundance called Next Weekend is coming. LA is lucky enough to get so much special attention when it comes to film and gets even luckier with Next Weekend filled with special screenings, panels and talks and workshops. Check out the selection of hard to find films in theaters here, they could be the start of huge careers and you'll be able to tell friends you saw it in theaters and simply not on your tablet screen.

Next Weekend
Aug 8-11
Multiple Locations

Many of the films look to be very depressing slices of life in America. American Movie is very depressing, so if you're feeling too happy or want someone to connect to humanity through film through human emotion you have a nice chance with this look at Sundance over a weekend.