Monday, March 31, 2014

Afflicted LA Premiere At Hollywood Horrorfest

The Horror: Afflicted LA Premiere At Hollywood Horrorfest

Check out my write-up on the always fun to read LA I'm, Yours or LAIY for the new horror film Afflicted.

Afflicted comes out April 4

Adventure Time Art Show at Gallery 1988 Preview

Wanna Battle? Print by Nam Lawson

Adventure Time "Tree Fort" Print by Barry Blankenship
The Adventure Time Art Show at Gallery 1988 is happening this Thursday, April 3rd. Are you ready Adventure Time fans? Here is just a few pieces from the upcoming show.

Adventure Time Art Show @ Galllery 1988
Opening April 3rd 7-10pm
On display through April 6
Gallery 1988 West
7308 Melrose Ave

The ROOK x Adventure Time Limited Edition Collaborative Collection is the main reason the show came about. A three piece set of clothes will be coming out at the show from ROOK co-owner and creative director Joe King. The T-shirt, crew neck fleece, and bucket hat either has Finn or Jake or both heroes of Ooo adorned on them.

Here's the little kid version available at Target, not the same brand but looks close

ROOK x Adventure Time from Rook Brand on Vimeo.

The above video goes on about how about the collab on the clothes came together nothing about the amazing art at the show.

Adventure Time Time: Pen Ward Loves Zombies

Brandon Graham doodle

"This week I’m working on an episode of Adventure time with Jesse Moynihan. It’s been really fun so far but daunting because the bar is set so high on that show and I am out of my comic book element."

From Brandon Graham's tumblr, he's one of my favorite comic writers and artists.

-Here's Pen Ward's game ideas from Double Fine’s annual Amnesia Fortnight game jam. He is a terrible storyteller. The ideas are creative- a fat baby cupid making people love things- Pen explains everything in a nerdy deadpan way.

Pen really loves zombies.

Honestly, I would play any of those games. First, maybe work on the one due for the LA Game Space Kickstarter, Pen.

 Attack on Titan and Adventure Time mash-ups.

Catch Pokemon via New Google Maps App

Don't Be Tricked By Happy Tom's and Rodeo Grill in Echo Park

Looking for a bite on Friday night a friend and I drove around Echo Park. You could find Mexican food trucks up and down the area, we wanted something different. We passed Happy Tom's and the Rodeo Mexican Grill on Sunset, they were practically next to each other. Happy Tom's looked like a Johnny Rockets from the outside. My hunger made want to go to a 1950's burger diner.

We pulled over, found parking and were surprised to learn the inside of the restaurant was a Mexican food truck in disguise. The menu and decor totally lackluster; screaming kids, we gave up and headed to the higher-end looking Rodeo Mexican Grill.

From the outside the Rodeo Mexican Grill looked like a hip restaurant to get a bite and chat with friends. Upon entering I gasped aloud and went, "Did we just enter the same g-d damn restaurant?!"

Someone had built buildings around two Mexican food trucks. A facade of good food and good service lie in Echo Park. Neither of the restaurants need have such formal looking locations. One restaurant that serves the exact same food as the other just one building or so in-between shouldn't exist.

The food was the same we could have found at any Mexican food truck up and down the street.
It's almost an elaborate prank. Why call the restaurants different names and serve the exact same food?

Don't waste your time or money on either place when you can get what they serve for much cheaper anywhere else on Sunset.

Happy Toms
On Sunset (Echo Park)
1807 West Sunset Blvd.

Rodeo Mexican Grill
On Sunset (Echo Park)
1721 West Sunset Blvd.

LAX security as good as Freedom Tower's

-Ring of LAX baggage handlers stole heaps of valuables, police say 

"Six people have been arrested, and the LAX police chief says as many as 25 are thought to be involved. 'They'd just open up the suitcases and rifle through,' he says."

-Consultant critiques law enforcement response to deadly LAX shooting 

"People caught up in the chaotic evacuation complained about a lack of information, limited access to food and water, improperly marked emergency exits and being stranded at the airport for many hours."

-Man, 67, accused of sexually assaulting teen on flight from LAX

-LAX dry ice bomb suspects get probation for disruptive blasts

Empress Pavilion Returns Eventually

The much beloved Empress Pavilion Chinese restaurant is set to return to Chinatown. No official date.

Dim sum palace Empress Pavilion to reopen in Chinatown

Robot Chicken DC Comics Art Show Seahorses and All

Do seahorses dying in battle make you laugh or do you just like making fun of Aquaman and his powers?

For one night only Robot Chicken crashed the iam8bit gallery on Sunset. They celebrated their upcoming Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise with a collaboration show all in the name of charity and everyone was invited.

Seth Green and Matt Senreich the creators of Robot Chicken welcomed the crowd on the one night charity art auction last Friday, March 28. Before showing a teaser for their new special mocking DC comics heroes and villains Seth was praised for his contributions to the OPCC's Turning Point Charity. One of it's members told the crowd, "Tonight due to your generosity fifty-five people won't be homeless."

Matt Senreich gave us a short interview about his thoughts about the show.

The open to all Robot Chicken DC Comics Art Show had a wide variety of oddball art from depraved comic covers to a collection of seahorses as DC characters. The show featured art from both Robot Chicken staff and comic artists.

Check out the entire show in photos here

The seashorses gag is an in-joke making fun of Aquaman and you won't fully get it until you watch the upcoming special. Sprucing up so many seahorses to look like Cyborg or Joker was clearly the work of those with special minds.
Want more seahorses? Look here at the Seahorse Gallery

Along the seahorses playing dress-up were specially signed Robot Chicken DC comic covers that will be coming out in April along-side the special's premiere. The covers take no mercy while mocking DC comics and there's more that one making fun of Green Lantern.

More comic covers here at the Comic Cover Gallery

Seahorses and comic covers were only a part of the show as the back gallery featured artwork from Robot Chicken staff and comic artists making puns of Robot Chicken and DC together or anything they though might make fun of DC's costumed cape community.

Those in attendance could be photo captured and put in their own short comic with props of word balloons and fake mouths.

The Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise premieres on April 6th at 11:30 p.m. (ET/PT) on Adult Swim.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

International TableTop Day 2014: Los Angeles Fan Event April 5

Fans of obsolete gaming rejoice! We all have consoles, computer and laptops, but there's just something about beating someone at a tabletop game that stings a bit more. Now you can do it in a large group setting this April 5th for TableTop Day. The LA version of the day will have Felicia Day and Will Wheaton in attendance at the Arean on Santa Monica Blvd with games galore to play.

International TableTop Day 2014: Los Angeles Fan Event
Apr 05, 2014 11:00 AM
6655 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90038


Children under 13 should not attend due to alcohol being allowed on the premises.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Robot Chicken DC Comics 2014 Art Show Favorites

Robot Chicken DC Comics 2014 Art Show Photo Gallery

 Robot Chicken DC Comics 2014 Art Show Photo Gallery

Robot Chicken DC Comics Art Show Comic Book Photo Gallery

Robot Chicken DC Comics Art Show Seahorses Photo Gallery

 Robot Chicken DC Comics Art Show Seahorses Photo Gallery

No More Super Hero Movie Games?

Looks like Sega and Capcom are too afrid to publish 3rd-rate games based on superhero movies anymore. All companies produce now is shovelware for phones and tablets.

Presenting Captain America: The Winter Soldier - The Official Game, sure looks mediocre.

via Superpunch

Ninja Turtles Pizza Hut and Xavier Fire Farts

 Gallery 1988 got a special Pizza Hut delivery from Paramount. I just love the border design with the turtles' weapons. via their twitterfeed
It looks like Xavier is farting fire in the new X-Men poster for Days of the Future Past.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Murder LA 000045

In April 2010 Bruce and Monica Beresford-Redman went on a family vacation to Cancun with their 3 and 5-year-old children. The trip was for Monica's birthday, but was also something of a new beginning for the couple. She had left him for a time recently, after finding out he was cheating on her. Against advice from her two sisters, Monica, who owned a Brazilian restaurant on Venice Blvd, was attempting to reconcile. Bruce, a television producer most famous for his work on Survivor, offered to take the family anywhere his wife wanted for her birthday and that's how they ended up at the Moon Palace resort in Cancun. On her birthday she was found naked in a resort sewage pit.

Monica Beresford-Redman
via People
According to Bruce, he told his wife to go shopping or visit spas while he watched the kids. He reported her missing the next day. One of her sisters flew there immediately to look for her and confront Bruce. The sisters claim that she had never gone to a spa before, though it's unknown if she did anyway. Bruce claims not to know what she actually did, because she didn't take her cell phone with her. A shopkeeper later recognized her as having visited him but couldn't say what day.

Bruce stayed in Cancun for a couple of weeks while everyone, including his children, returned to the US. Although Mexican authorities took his passport, 48 Hours reports that he was not legally compelled to stay in Cancun. It may be suspicious that he subsequently crossed the border without his passport but the news show further states that he returned to LA in the middle of a court battle where his sisters-in-law were trying to gain custody of his children. If he knew about that custody battle then it doesn't seem very suspicious for him to leave.

He was arrested by US Marshals in November 2010 after Mexico issued an international warrant, and fought extradition for over a year. He was eventually shipped back to Cancun in February 2012.

via the Mexico Gulf Reporter
This past Tuesday, March 25th, 2014, Beresford-Redman's California lawyers filed for his extradition to be overturned, because it "was based on false and misleading evidence presented by the receiving country."

Mexico's case really isn't going well. Cancun authorities said Beresford-Redman got some scratches from struggling with his wife but never bothered to test under her fingernails for evidence--he claims to have gotten them while climbing something at the resort and says his daughter remembers helping him apply band-aids before his wife's disappearance. A forensic director ordered the destruction of evidence before the trial had started. The police claim there was blood on a pillowcase in the hotel room but have no idea where that pillowcase is.

The prosecutor's timeline is that Monica was killed at 6:30am, when witnesses said they heard yelling, in their hotel room, with their children present. He then kept her corpse in the room with them through the rest of that day before dumping her down a sewage pit that night.

The city's coroner disputes this timeline, however, placing time of death at 11:40pm. The prosecution also replaced their own "crime scene reconstruction specialist," who had been involved with the case from the beginning, in favor of someone else who was new to the case. The judge refused the new specialist's testimony.

The authorities don't seem to have taken any statements from the couples' daughter, who was five at the time. Beresford-Redman claims that she told a therapist that she remembers her mother saying goodbye before leaving that fateful day, which if true would provide testimony conflicting with the prosecution's theory - are authorities interested in getting her on the record?

48 Hours also reports that tourists have been murdered at Moon Palace before and that just three weeks after Monica Beresford-Redman's body was found, an employee attempted to rape a female visitor in her room, fleeing only because it turned out they weren't alone. When her family complained to the hotel they were told simply that the man was fired and apparently nothing else happened. It's unknown if Monica Beresford-Redman was raped.

The United States has not yet replied to the motion to rescind extradition. In the meantime the trial continues in Mexico.

Poketo Photo Gallery

"Poketo is an online destination and brick and mortar shop for design-driven wares that take art off the gallery walls and into people’s lives. Founded by husband-and-wife team Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung, Poketo (pronounced poh-KEH-toe) got its name through Angie’s Korean grandmother’s mispronunciation of “pocket.” Since 2003, Poketo has grown from an upstart creative enterprise known for its limited-edition vinyl artist wallets to a leading lifestyle brand."

Poketo Flagship Store
820 E 3rd Street
Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90013