Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Adventure Time Time: Simon & Marcy Emmy-Nominated, Comic-Con 2013, Trains?

 The sad, but satisfying episode "Simon & Marcy" has been nominated for an Emmy. I believe it's the shows third Emmy-nomination, hopefully winning some to hold it's own Regular Show which has won two already.

Here's the photos of the special limited Enchridion edition of Adventure Time Volume 1 from the Boom Booth at Comic-Con 2013. Below are the special con only incentive covers. There were some t-shirts to get from the Boom Booth too. If you came at the right time the whole Adventure Time comic crew, Ryan North, the wife and husband team of Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb was around for sketches and signings as well as a many of the incentive cover artists.

 Hallmark showed off it's new Adventure Time keepsake ornament at the con, so now Christmas has Finn and Jake to fight evil.
 Memory and Monopoly had our adventurers all over it and was being sold-out as I took this picture.

 Taiwan got special Cartoon Network characters trains recently and some featured Finn and Jake! How cool do they look?

 Would have loved showing up to Comic-Con in one of these, but America can't seems to get high speed rail, cry.
 Kids got paper toys to make as part of their rides?