Saturday, July 31, 2010

8-bit Shit Video Game Dodgebal Team, I'm so going to this

There based in LA and they cosplay as video game characters. 8-bit shit is there name and dodgeball's there game.

This is just pure fun. People decided one day to come together dress up like Mario and Sonic and play dodgeball against other silly named teams.

Check out there facebook page for more info. They have a roster of different characters

 There next game is Wednesday August 4th, at the Poinsettia Rec Center 7341 Willoughby Avenue at 9pm. Head down to West Hollywood and laugh until you cry. There fighting the Tight Supremacists. There are so many one liner's to shout out. Like, "Finish Him" and " Do a barrel roll". Can't wait.

Brought to me by Kotaku

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kicks for cheap

7753 Melrose
Head down to Sporties blowout shoe sale starting tomorrow and  lasting all weekend

Museum of Jurassic Technology Why Are You Liked on Yelp?

Your exhibits are old and falling apart. Your strange, but not strange fascinating. Strange like a hobo that I don't want to talk, too.

You are the epitome of a tourist trap.

            Let me save you some time. Don't go. This place is like a tiny museum that's dilapidated. The strange and funny exhibits that people fawn over aren't worth your time. Just look on the Internet and you'll be more entertained than this place.

           You enter and leave from the gift shop. It's free, but they ask for donations. I decided to give money if I enjoyed the place. I gave them no money!

       Broken down the museum has very odd exhibits that sound more funny than they are in real life. There's the Mobile Home and Trailer Parks collection. They have a collection of old wives tales and superstitions with bad exhibits for them. Think poorly done taxidermy. They also have takes on bible stories.
               Some areas are so poorly lit I almost tripped. One area has some sort of noise maker of bells that is more than annoying. I don't know who can stand bell chiming non-stop. Many exhibits don't work properly anymore.  Some halls and rooms just end and it's annoying to go back with people blocking your way. I was shocked that so many people were actually visiting the dump.

The water flower exhibit was one of the only jokes I enjoyed and I'm guessing many people don't get.

 I hope someone calls a pretty flower  Otaku-like or because of this very Yaoi.

They don't have there own parking lot. Don't even go for laughs with friends. It just a tourist trap.

Jonathan Monk is a prick

Gamescenes gave a short post on this artist idiot's "work"?

He put an xbox 360 controller and a wii controller in clear plastic boxes... way to go.

You suck, dude. You suck

I love this set up about the exhibition on the gallery's site.

"Jonathan Monk´s artistic work has its origins in the contemplation and alteration of previously existent creative concepts: forms of expression derived from pop art, minimalist and conceptual art appear equally as strategies and parodies in his pictures, collages, objects, installations and films. In the process of quotation and simultaneous modification of the quoted subject matter Monk´s work shifts between memory, imagination and a tangible condition. The artist attributes a distinct temporality to the individual piece, while raising the validity thereof to question – often in a humorous way.

(Now read the rest with a silly voice out loud)

In his current exhibition Jonathan Monk is showing fourteen different electronic devices from the area of home entertainment. Powered speakers, a flat-screen monitor, an iPod, a radio alarm clock or an interactive video game console ..."

there's more here

the gist of it is that now the devices are behind plexiglass you'll give them more thought maybe consider the problems of consumerism. I know some friends of mine would interpret differently like the time that went into designing the devices and making them look accessible and ascetically pleasing. Or maybe some friends would recount some video game laced memories of joy. Which the so called artist may have overlooked. Other friends would just say, "This is stupid, it's a damn video game controller behind glass."

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Buy Thursday Double K & Megaman Universe & Meat

Yakiniku Tangier has a Lunch Special going on Unlimited US KOBE BEEF for only $14.99


and it comes with Rice, Seaweed Soup, Side Dish, Korean Lettuce (Sanchu).

2138 hillhurst ave Los Angeles CA 90027

My review

Nathan Maurer's Double K is available for purchase. If you want a alternate story to Gurren Lagann where Kamina and Kittan are 70's buddy cops and a Rookie Simone is forced into drag to bust Gainax hookers, look no further! I loved reading this book on deviantart. The price rounds out to 20 bucks with shipping. It the size of a average manga book with 64 pages of black and white action.

Read  my interview with the creator/artist Nathan Maurer. He doesn't really look like that.

Megamman Universe will be heading to 360 and PS3 sometime it's seems like a buy

Things To Do: Passport to Little Tokyo

Yo, not much going down this week.  But, I can tell you about Passport to Little Tokyo. The passport is really a funny stylized coupon book for stores and restaurants in Little Tokyo brought to you by Yelp. Damn I love Yelp. You have the option to print it out, display it on your phone or find a copy around LA. There are some great deals to try new and different places in the Otaku locale. It lasts from August 2nd to August 8th

This also a great way to prepare yourself for Nisei week happening one week after the Passport ends. Nisei week is a huge celebration in Little Tokyo filled with activities and even greater sales. I'll have more on it as August 14th approaches

Monday, July 26, 2010

Brand X F UP

I had no problem with the article just the awful picture layout. Because if you look at where I've circled that's a picture of Anime Expo not Comic-Con. Brand X the local free newspaper for generation X had a nice article about how Comic-Con has become less fan based and more of a hodgepodge of tween entertainment, long lines and comics and their creators  being pushed out. The same article told of a Creator-Con that hasn't gotten past a Facebook community chat, but might bring comics and their creators back to the convention scene where they can talk and interact with fans again. That ain't no picture of Comic-Con or any con mentioned.  I know this because I went to Anime Expo.
Here'a bad picture I took of Funimation setting up the booth. Also the article mentions, just mentions Twilight. Couldn't they have used any other pictures? That twilight picture is from last years Comic- Con too. If they had acces to old pictures of Comic- Con why didn't they use them.


 Here's the picture they're using on the online article. Look at how shady everyone looks except Wonder
Woman. I want it as a comic cover with the title " Someones Guilty" . I guess it's slightly better, but it's not a Creator-con logo, Bam!

I just find it funny when newspapers and magazines mess up

Riley Azron is a NOHO ROBO

Hey remember when I said I wanted this shirt.

 Well, I found out more than I bargained for. I came into contact with Riley Azron.  It's seems Riley is one of the reasons the shirt got made as he's part and one of the founding members of team NOHO ROBO.

I’m not sure you know, but the artist hired for the design was Kevin Tong. He’s a local LA artist and was part of a recent art show I blogged about  and visited called Crazy 4 Cult.

He’s unsure about what your team even is. He wrote on his blog, “The first is a t-shirt design that I did for North Hollywood High’s sports team. What sport that team plays still alludes me, but it’s a t-shirt, so it can be multi-use I guess.You said you hired a firm to do the design of this shirt. What firm? Where’d you get the money? Is robot fighting that lucrative? Does the school own the design or do you?
As far as I know, he works in some capacity for a merchandise company called Go Merch. Our team received a gracious donation from Pete Wentz which funded his creation of the awesome team t-shirt, and we've been selling it ever since. While Go Merch technically owns the design, they've promised not to sell it to anyone else without our permission, so we have control over it. Of course, t-shirt sales haven't accounted for much of our $12,000 (only about $700). Most of our money comes from corporate grants, received after I've emailed and called them repeatedly, or applied for a grant.
Could you please explain your robot fighting league in greater detail? Is it even robot fighting or is just building
The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is a nationwide high school robotics competition in which high school teams get exactly six weeks to design, build and test robots to complete some task, which changes each year. After the build period, as these six weeks are known, the teams then pack up the robots and ship them to a drayage facility.A couple weeks later, the teams attend regionals in their states, where their robots (in crates) are waiting for them. The teams unpack the robots in their 10'x10' section of the "pit," and begin preparing them to compete in that year's game. It's a very exciting time, as the regionals are usually three days of non-stop activity.
This year's game was called Breakaway. If I had to sum it up in a single phrase, I'd call it soccer mini golf monkey bars. For a short video overview of Breakaway rules, check out the introduction video FIRST created. Don't mind how cheesy it is.

You were saying that your friends started the division at your High School, could you expand on that?

Last year, two of my friends and I started the FIRST robotics team at our school, North Hollywood High School (NHHS). Their names are Johnny Wang and Hans Susilo. All three of us are part of the Highly Gifted Magnet (HGM) at NHHS (we're so new that they haven't even put us up on the HGM website!). We've now grown to almost 30 members. Our team's name is Noho Robo, and our team number is 3328. You can find a little more information about us at our facebook page. Also, check out our video of last year's competition. It's pretty cool, though a little long

What’s your position or what do you do on the team?
As far as my personal position, I'm one of three team captains. That means that I not only coordinate the team, but I also head up fundraising, and work a lot on all the mechanics, electronics, and programming of our complex robot. "Fundraising?" you may say, but let me tell you, this competition is expensive! $6,500 entrance fee for new teams, as well as all the materials you want for the robot that aren't in the Kit of Parts (KOP). We raised almost $12,000 last year, and it was barely enough!
Does your school show you support?
Our school's support is luke-warm and more words than actions. While they enjoy the prestige that we bring to the school, they have no money whatsoever to give us, and have put us in a small room which was previously a math classroom, making it about as ill-suited a room for our needs as could possibly be imagined. It's small, carpeted (we can't pull up the carpeting because there's asbestos underneath it) and has steps. What we need is a true machine shop. In addition, the school will not give our team any way of getting into our own room, and requires us to leave very shortly afterschool, and not go on the weekends.
When we were on the phone you said, “…the shirt has sold more than the track team ever did!” What a bold statement, which I find hilarious. Please, tell me how many more than the track team?
Our t-shirts do sell well, because they're cool! I've had students buy them, teachers buy them, janitors buy them; students I've never met see me carrying the t-shirt box, and ask to buy one. It's great! Like I said, the track t-shirts are designed at our school, and are never as cool as this shirt.
You also said that during robot competitions. The other team would come up to you and say you had an okay robot, but you have a great shirt. They wear you shirts now. Other robot leaguers wear your shirt. You’ve got to feel glad about that.
And, yes, we had more than one team nearby us in the pit (see the video to get a sense of the place) which had a member come and ask to buy a t-shirt. That was awesome.
I’m not sure if you’ve heard of MPS INC. they’re trying to build a working bi-pedal robot and they’re local. They wish to do it with no funding or help by a university or major corporation leading me to believe that they don’t understand how stupid that is. The design of their bot seems ill-conceived and their attitude towards other robot builders seems arrogant since they’ve only built legs for theirs. I don’t know if I can take them seriously when the last event the attended was Anime Expo. Check out there site and tell me what you think and don’t ever get involved with them you seem to have future
About MPS: Their idea is interesting, but I can't find any real photos of the work they've done, and I've never heard of them. While I support their endeavor, I can't say I'd get involved. Good luck to them, though.
Finally, is there anyway someone could order your shirt right now? Prices please. Are you planning on getting a website to sell them? If not maybe you should
Lastly, no, there is not an official channel to order a shirt, which I regret. I'm told by Hans that we may have a site up for this purpose by the end of the year. Let me know if you've got any solid recommendations. We've got t-shirts in youth medium, XS, S, M, L and XL, $15.00 each.
Best of luck Riley. Unlike other people I've known from Highly Gifted Magnets your not a jerk.
If your team ever has a party rent Code of Silence where Chuck Norris teams up with a robot. It's so stupid it's funny.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scott Pilgrim goes to PS3 first

Joystiq spread the news about the Scott Pilgrim game coming out on August 10th for PS3, they game sadly still has no release date for 360.

The game is $9.99 on PS3 , no word for 360 yet

 I've been looking forward for this one since I heard Paul Robertson's involvement.

Update 360 gets it August 25th, no price yet

Friday, July 23, 2010

Super Secret Glasses

The Secret Identity Glasses are currently sold out at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. I only wish their sister store our local Time Travel Store came up with something as cool. It's the perfect gift for a comic fan who doesn't already own one.

For the ladies we have a different take on glasses. These are around to make them Super. The design slightly invokes a masked superheroine like Black Canary or 60's style Batgirl.

Maybe I just like the simple box art, but sometimes that's all it takes to make something cool

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

HAHAHAHA Okami's Amaterasu in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

This is too funny. I was hoping, but simply put this is sheer awesome. You can see Okami's Amaterasu the dog God laying the smack down to the God of Thunder Thor in these screenshots. Yes he's in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.
I can't wait for this game now.

Villains Tavern so cool

Downtown has a new evil lair. A evil lair to hang with friends and drink. A steam punk bar called Villians Lair is opening this Friday. The Menus got eats and drinks with puns on supervillian names yet to be revealed. I'm liking the steam punk revolution hitting LA. The Edison is another steam punk party waiting to happen and not that far away.Head down this Friday, but don't expect to get in unless your on the list.

Villains Tavern

1356 Palmetto St. (at Santa Fe Ave.)
Los Angeles, CA 90013

I'll get more pictures of the place as soon as I can. The inside design is suppose to be hauntingly brilliant.

Kotaku finally interviews Jon Gibson months after I do it.

I Am Way More Than 8-Bit just came out today on Kotaku. Proving I can easily find out stories faster than Kotaku.  The article is all about Jon Gibson and I am 8-bit, which I already covered in Jon M. Gibson Loves Hamburgers. The articles adds some more info and will help make a fully citied Wikipedia entry on Gibson.

The article adds one thing to my knowledge of 8-bit and Gibson.  Jon M. Gibson hates being photographed. He just needs to take some press photos with the Pac-Man grenade or some old consoles. Please Jon do it for the press.

Oh yeah at the end of the article the photo they used has me in it all the way in the back. LOLS

Things To Do: Comicon isn't a Rengade Craft Fair nor a art show based on Law & Order and certainly not Channel 101 & Food Fests


So Comicon hits this week. With news about upcoming movies, cartoons and video games which have little or nothing to do with comics. Comicon happens in San Diego so unless my blog gets a sister site or the convention moves here, get your ass up there for the weekend.

If you need to learn how to make silly puppets or just make a fan video of Micheal Gondry's work head to the craft fair. Over 250 artists. So learn to sew, glue, stick, and paint like a proffesional.

July 24 + 25 from 11am – 7pm in Los Angeles State Historic Park (aka The Cornfield, located at 1245 N Spring Street)!!


One of the silliest , yet brilliant concepts for an art show. I hope it came to them while drunk, but
each piece is an artist's interpretation of a one-line episode summary from the DirecTV program guide of Law & Order.

"These are Their Stories" will run July 24 to July 30, 2010 at Gallery Meltdown, 7522 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Cake, ice cream, and snacks will be served all day opening day and at a special reception the night of the 28th (8:00 to 10:00 pm).


Channel 101 Screening

Here's Channel 101 it's a web-site that features short 5 minute shows that are ridiculous. Every month they choose to renew or cancel the shorts based on the audience in attendance votes. Plus it's free.

Saturday 8pm

Downtown Independent

251 S Main St. Los Angeles

LA Street Food Fest: Summer Tasting Event
Say hello to a Rose Bowl filled with food trucks. Cheap eats.
Saturday, July 24, 2010 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Rose Bowl
1001 Rose Bowl Dr

Pasadena, CA 91103
(626) 449-4100

Outdoor Cinema Fest

This week it's Pulp Fiction . Cost is 8 bucks