Saturday, April 30, 2011

Drone and Drones

 Tomorrow check out the short "Drone" part of the Los Angeles Pacific Film Festival shorts program. What happens when an evil corporation augments a woman who already has special powers and tries to use her as a weapon? Probably, some bad stuff.

Ticket Sales - VC DIGITAL POSSE VER. 2011 - DGA 1 - 5/1 - 7PM at Directors Guild of America - Theate

Thanks to google insta-search for finding about the charming drones, that happened at last year's Newport Beach Film Festvial, which is going on now.

Geeky Links: Cake, and grief counseling, will be available at the end of the testing period.

You, too, can have your very own Weighted Companion Cube. It's a coin bank! The more money you deposit, the more weighted it will become.
This lovable Companion Cube, rendered in 3 physical dimensions, is created with painstaking attention to detail. Assembled from 59 individually hand-cut pieces of clay! It is made of high-fire stoneware ceramic, and glazed in cool gray tones and light pink accents.
Measures: 5"x5"x5"

$66.00 from Etsy

Portal 2 DLC announced, and FREE

It will feature new test chambers, leaderboards and challenge modes for both single player and multiplayer.


$36.00 from Raygun Robin

Doctor Who: Day of the Moon - Series 6, Episode 2 Trailer

Can't wait, looks freaking awesome! I love Doctor Who!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ironclad Premiere at LACMA

Thursday, May 5 | 7:30 pm

Bing Theater
Los Angeles County Museum of Art12-8 M/T/Th • Closed Wednesday • 12-9 F • 11-8 S/S
5905 Wilshire Blvd • Los Angeles California 90036 • 323-857-6000

On the last day of the Magna Carta a exhibit check out this ultra violent masterpiece. The movie tries to be historically accurate, which means true blood and gore.

Bing Theater l $10 general admission. $7 museum members, seniors (62+), students with valid ID

Things Happening Around You

NOHO is finally getting movie theaters. A seven screen Laemmeles will be at 5700 Lankershim Blvd right near the Metro Subway. It's something that North Hollywood has needed for some time. There better be a damn good parking lot or they"ll see people trying to cram into the metro lot. Speculating from what LA Weekly wrote a while back about the independent theater stsyem in LA, you might see the closing of another Laemmeles before this one is completed. I think this one will rake in some money. Having some indepent movies brought to the supposed art district will finally give it some cred.

The KCET Building on Sunset was bought by Scientology. KCET is looking for studios to relocate. I have no Idea what Scientology will use the building for, maybe thier own television network? It's kind of sad to see it change after being on Sunset for more than 40 years.

The Hundreds of Santa Monica is up Swagsofresh has some pics

The Hundreds Santa Monica416 Broadway Street
Santa Monica

The Hundreds is a up and coming label on clothes mostly for skater punk culture.

Anaheim Comic-Con starts today, LA Wizard World Back

It's not that far from LA so if you want to get your comic fan on, head out! Plent of geeky celebs and fun stuff to get lost in this weekend, check their site for more info

 Plus the announcement of the

Los Angeles Wizard World Comic-con, which is strange because it was cancelled before. It starts on September 24-25 at the LA Convention Center.

more info

 it's not like it's a entirely new convention like Club 2 the Max, thats suppose to compete with Anime Expo. Club 2 the Max is really happening the same weekend as Anime Expo.

On that note, Club 2 the Max doesn't have it's website up, which isn't a good sign. Even a little info page would be nice. With summer around the corner it seems very awkward at this point . Plus the name is just awful, it needs to be changed to something like Otaku-Con or Awesome-Con, something.

Boobs, Fighting and Blood, Mortal Kombat Returns

A new fun game to pummel your friends with and talk smack. The fights are fun, bloody and fast.  The T & A are up high. Sonya's tattered uniform literally barely stays on.

The fun is in the fights and the raw carnage they bring. Ooh's and ahh's litter your home or online play while beating someone or watching a fight. Just the painful looking moves make you  squirm with delight. The new kicker is the X-Ray attack. It's where you pull both triggers at once. You just started your super move that show how bad your messing the bones and guts of your opponent. You've seen it in a movie or from somewhere, but it's great to see a different bone crunching move every time. Some fatalities could look as cool. I'm still early in the game, but the fatalities aren't that spectacular. This time each character has three and I've only have the first unlocked.

A fun new 4 player tag team fight with assists is like a non-stop yelling contest.

I won't say they reinvented the series, because they didn't. Graphics are high up, but I just don't like the design of characters and art style. They seem generic and at times hardly indistinguishable from the games that have copied the series over the years. Many moves like jump kick, are the same for characters. There are different styles of martial arts, but they seem thin.

Not many new characters to get excited about. I have played the series over the years and liked some of the additions. You have a lot of characters, but I still want more. I miss the dude who did drunk boxing style. I also miss the way characters threw up. The PS2 had some fun editions. Even though it has the story starting over again, many old fans will find it keeping up with the insane back history. But, those who liked the ps2 stuff will find that continuity forgotten.

Story mode is easily forgettable, I wish it was more like the web series. What Warner Bros still can't due well is work with it's different media groups. My suggestion would be to have the game resemble the web series, maybe scan the models of the actors, The original Mortal Kombat captured video of real people dressed in costumes, why can't it do it now with better technology. We do have 3D scanners for such purposes. They even make action figures with them.

It's bloody to a level where it's comical. It so over the top, it's crazy. I don't see a little kid ever being allowed to play unless their parents are blind to violence and sex, but teenagers go for it. The krypt for unlocking stuff is where true mental sickness shines. You click a button and have someones head cut off to unlock game art. It's kind of wrong, I understand just digging up the graveyard or blowing up gravestones, but where did hanging corpses from trees that have parasites in there bellies, that explode come from?

The sluggish way Marvel Vs Capcom 3 puts in content leaves the game with little competition in the current market. The way the poorly titled Mortal Kombat Vs. the DC Universe was handled begs what will come out later. Another strange decision was the online pass. Now the online pass means you can only play online on multiplayer on one account. If a friend borrowed it or if you sold it, whoever has it has to pay to play online and I don't mean a gold account.

The game seems like a early build, like something should have been added or a layer to the characters be finished. The game wasn't rushed,  so it's just poor design to me. I don't want to call it generic, but nothing comes off as groundbreaking. Not the fighting, not the look, not anything. Simply, it's a fun fighter to beat the crap out of your friends with.

Game provided by Warner Bros Games for review purposes

Thursday, April 28, 2011

PSN Still Down?

Maybe do one of the many activities Things To Do In LA points out with your free time

Give Theater A Chance

The Chance Theater
5552 E. La Palma Ave.
Anaheim Hills, CA 92807

has some very super shows.
The Superheroine Monologues
Fri and Sat at 10:30pm
May 17 & 18 at 8pm

Yes, the Vagina Monologues from the perspectives of Super girls.

What are they going to talk about? How most are just femal copies of there male counterparts. Which superhero is good in bed? When is there costume , too sexy. Who knows, but it sounds like fun action packed fight of words.

  • Wonder Woman : Jen Ruckman
  • Lois Lane : Sarah Moreau
  • Catwoman : Liz Holt
  • Batgirl : Kellie Spill
  • Supergirl : Brynne McManimie
  • Storm : Alex Bueno
  • Older Wonder Woman : Karen Webster

Brought over from Boston, this show sounds like a hit to any comic book fan. The shows suppose to be written well
Probably, better than the Wonder Woman show that just had to be rewritten.

Then there's musical
The Boy in the Bathroom
April 23 - May 22, 2011
Thu 8pm; Fri 8pm, Sat 3pm & 8pm, Sun 2pm & 7pm

I think the short synopsis speaks for itself "Boy locks himself in bathroom. Boy won't leave.
Then... boy meets girl."

I wonder what songs can come from such a show. Seems like some fun set design.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week You Like A Animal

34th Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade

If you wanna see some crazy stuff this weekend, go no further than Pasadena.  Insanity reaches new hights as people dress strangely go out in the street and have one wierd ass parade.

When: April 30, 2011
Where: Pasadena, CA (East)
Parade steps off: 11:00AM

Reminder: Bring your own lawn chairs!
Official Doo Dah After-Party: American Legion, 179 N. Vinedo St. (2 blks from Parade at Vinedo & Walnut), immediately following the event. Legendary Doo Dah House Band, Snotty Scotty and the Hankies, and Horses on Astroturf, and assorted Doo Dah Glitterati, cheap food and drinks, smoking patio, big screen TV, cash only!! (626) 792-9938. $5 cover

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
General attendance is free!

Saturday April 30, 2011 from 10am – 6pm
Sunday, May 1, 2011 from 10am – 5pm at:
University of Southern California

Such a great event, go find a book of multiple books to read. So many choices to open your mind and expand your imagination. It's also a nice big community event to get people to go outside and see the world. Meet authors, hear a speech by some politician and laugh at how meaningless it is. Then find the comic section.

Trees must hate it though and see us a horrible monsters. If they have any intelligence we can't understand they must be horrified for killing thier friends and loved ones.
Parking at the USC campus will be $10.

 Tomo Neko Maid Cafe 

May 01, 2011

12:00 – 5:00pm
at the Miyako Hotel

  current schedule is as follows:
12:00 PM - arrival
12:30 PM - opening ceremonies
1:00  PM -  the Ajuku Girls
2:00 PM -  TNC Otaku Comedy Block
4:00PM -   Miyuki Geta Dance
4:30PM -   closing ceremonies
5:00PM -   end
This is slightly subject to change

All of our staff members met as part of a local LA anime/manga club.  When we heard about the Japan disaster we thought "We should do something".  So -  this is our first attempt at fundraising.

Channel 101

Just like the monthly downtown art walk a show rises to show off mediocre work and let people laugh.

Saturday, April 30th 2011

7:00pm - Doors

 The Downtown Independent
251 South Main Street
Los Angeles, CA

Franklin Village Street Fair & UCB's Ultimate Comedy Bash
Sunday, May 1 · 12:00pm - 6:00pm

5900 Block of Franklin Ave between Tamarind and Bronson
Free street fair featuring comedy, music, local talent, food from our favorite places on the block, games, gifts, art, auctions, animal rescue, fun for kids of all ages and more!!

There will also be indoor comedy shows inside the UCB Theatre from 10 am - midnight. 
Rammbock: Berlin Undead (free sneak preview!)
04/29 @ 11:59pm
The Cinefamily 611 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Must rsvp to get in, first come, first seated

A German take on what would happen if zombies would take over, damn should I just start doind the obligatory zombie section again.

 Pretty in Pink (free outdoor screening)
When: 5/03/11
Time: 7:00pm
Where: Nokia Plaza - LA Live, Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA
part of the LA Film Festival
Directed by Howard Deutch (In attendance)
Jon Cryer (in attendance)
Preceded by short film The Queen, directed by Christina Choe
5:00pm – 80′s DJ, Pink Beer and wine garden
7:00pm – Film starts
Fight For Your Right: Revisited

Monday, May 02, 2011 at 7:00 PM
Egyptian Theatre
6712 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028

The Beastie Boys are back showing of their star-studded new music video and how they made it.

don't forget to rsvp or you don't get in

Brainfeeder Sessions: Singapore Meets Los Angeles Edition

251 S. Main St. Downtown, Los Angeles
18+ 15$ 4.29.2011 10pm-tillyourheadblowsupAMMingle your minds out. Talk, be freaked out by the art and music, and mingle even more.


Singapore based visualist Brandon Tay will collaborate with Strangeloop to produce a visual show unlike any performed before at the Downtown Independent. Come experience a once in a life-time creative collision of two sub-cultures bent on re-arranging your neurological fields.

Additionally, the night will feature a special preview of Strangeloop’s upcoming A/V project for Brainfeeder entitled ‘FIELDS.’ As well as mind-blowing shorts from the third edition

April 30th, 2011

9 PM - 12 Midnight 
Nerdist @ Meltdown
7522 Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90046
Time for some chip-tune to rock you world, talk of video game contest, and fun prizes. Plenty of tunes to listen and get lost in. A night for 8-bit/16-bit thunder.

Houdini: Art and Magic
April 28 through September 4, 2011
Skirball Cultural Center, 2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049

Houdini magic props and posters line the Skirball exhibit. Learn his craft and that he was Jewish, like the Beastie Boys.

Three God Damn Film Festivals This Weekend


Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

April 28th to May 7th
Mutilple Theaters

The Los Angeles Asian Film Festival has a many different genres and some very intriguing movies to see

recommended viewing


Say Hello to the next generation of Jackie Chan Martia Arts movies without Jackie Chan. From the people who brought you Chocolate a martial arts instant cult classic. People fighting underneath a speeding truck. High kicks and motorcycle fights make it a fun romp into crazy action wuth minimal plot.


A young boy imagines what his father is like, his imagination was probably better.


If you missed it at the Indian Film Festival check it out here. A doc about a detective and his agency that has to deal with the crimes that most people just don't want to/


Madame X looks terrible, it"ll probably be terrible, but you will laught your ass off. A strange idea a transvestite superhero, from a stranger source. The creator comes from the Pasadena College of Art and Design. No idea how they got from there to this, maybe watching the campy old 60's Batman.



Wearing a Mario hat?!!!

Synopsis from site" Ah Sheng loves to draw superheroes, but can’t afford the comics depicting them. When he resorts to stealing a comic book from a small Indian provision ('mama') shop, the gentle owner takes pity, as fate challenges assumptions on where friendship is possible."


Film Noir and vampires you have me sold.


James Hong you so crazy.


Newport Beach Film Festival

Tons of genres and some always rare picks make it a fun festival to drive out to, being a beach community doesn't hurt.

April 28- May 5th
Multiple Theaters


If you missed the showing at Cinefamily now's your chance to catch the thrilling anime racer. Forget you average Nascar race, think insane levels of speed, highly sexualized car innuendo and excellent Madhouse Animation.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Based on a anime, probably based on a manga you haven't seen from Japan. A kooky time travel love story. I'd be sucked into any insane time travel movie with a cute Japanese school girl.


Suppose to be the next cult horror flick from a foreign land, Trolls can't be real right? I think Magnet picked it up and it"ll have a wider release soon.

Make me laugh zombie comedy take on the buddy travel movie.


Superheroes are real, they just aren't what you think, check out this doc on real-life superheroes and I don't mean police or fireman.


I'm hooked just by the picture.
site synopsis"This mystical story is unlike anything you have seen. Benno wakes up one morning to find sand in his bed. Day after day the sand increases and soon his time literally starts running short. Finally he is left no choice but to ask the woman who owns the coffee shop below him for help. Benno hates her with a passion but he continues to have dreams of her every night. Benno must now find out what Sandra and the dreams have to do with the sand."


Turner Classic Film Festival

A huge chunk of films that everyone should have seen or gives the option to now see with a big group. Many talks about the craft and seeing how movies were crafted in the past to now.
All of them are classics so I don't have many recommendations

April 28-May 1
Multiple Theaters around Hollywood

Taxi Driver- the sheer thought of it having a sequel now is idiotic, but it's in the works.
Be sure to check out Taxi, a horrifying display of why New York sucks and you should never visit it. Gritty and messed up, see the world for what it is a lot of the time a messed up sick place.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Valley Performing Arts Center Worthless

The Valley Performing Art Center was recently finished. Without content just like are schools and colleges it's nothing more than a useless monument of vanity and spending. Like are idoitic way of paying for new buildings, but not having enough money to hold classes in those buildings.

 Looking over the planned performances and events show nothing about the community. Hardly, any student shows and minor celebrities doing one man shows that no one wants to see. The one student show that is happening is old. Wow, Cabaret, how about something original and not boring?

 To the chagrin of students who just wanted more parking at CSUN it stands tall. It looks beautiful and modern, worthy of being in the next Star Trek movie just like the CSUN library.

Yet, it's worthless.

 I saw it's new artsy icon, the new posters on the side of street lamps on Ventura, no idea what it was. When I learned what I was, I didn't care. I don't think many others will either. I don't recall the big ceremony.

 The lovely Nancy Cartwright who voices Bart Simpson tells of the event in greater detail. She tells of the C-list celebrities in attendance, from tv shows of old .I guessed who was there, I knew are Mayor Villaraigosa would show up trying to get praise for something he had no part of. I hate that City Controller Wendy Gruel attended too, I like here, she watches the books.

Without anything feeling it's acoustically tuned walls that inspires, teach or let's someone think what do we have?

Content, none

Say Hello, To The New Enemy Of The Site, Sassy Girl

If you haven't noticed the enemies section, it's towards the bottom right of the page. Just like the LA Ghost Patrol, Sassy Girl aka Marielue Mandl is a enemy of the site.

BTW, FU LA Ghost Patrol, where's your lame tv show, oh did it not get picked up? I hate you guys, I truly hate you guys.

Now I don't hate for no reason, I hate because I care. Sassy Girl, has a "survival guide to NOHO" which sounds insanely boring. There really isn't anything exciting that happens there. I just heard of the NOHO Theatre and Arts Festival and there isn't a site up for it yet, even though it's in  May and it's April 26th, that's just poor planning.

I hate mostly because of this.

Really a foam pit? BECAUSE I JUST FELL INTO A FOAM PIT!!!!!!!!!!!

At the exhausting and fun, Tempest Freerunning academy.

Do you think your the first person to use Kevin Macleod's free music, dammit why isn't there more free music online?

Your an official enemy of the site, I hope the worst for you.