Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Regular Show Regular Zone Oooooooohhhhh!!!

Regular Show took over the Children's Museum nearby Comic-Con this year for a brief jump into an 80's arcade with games taken straight out of the show and made real for a fun experience. After tweeting pasting the Free Store, a convenience machine that gave out prizes for free if you tweeted to it was an entrance to an 80's arcade. The Regular Show Regular Zone masterfully recreated the arcade machines and props from the cartoon series. It would be fun enough to just play them, but soon we were under attack by old enemies from the show and with the help of an animated Mordecai and Rigby we fought a video game monster featured from the shows past by button mashing all over the place. After, we went to the prize center also taken from an episode of the show. Some lucky fans who got special Jack Hartley respect cards turned them in to get "fuzzy dice" another inside joke for fans of the show. Everyone else got a huge Regular Show poster featuring all the characters from the show. Many of theses posters were spotted around the con, they were on par one of the favorite collectibles of the con.

Here J. G Quintel, creator of the show at the prize center via CN Facebook