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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Community Panel Comic-Con 2013

 The community panel hardly was mising anyone unless you count Chevy Chase, who has already left the show, Joel McHale off filming a movie and Donald Glover where no reason was given. Glover manged to show up for and Adventure Time Panel , just calling hin out on that is all. Even the dead Star Burns showed up to make fun of Sony and plug his new show on Fox.

The Panel of course ended without getting to Britta as Allison Brie and Ken Cheong did a disgusting bit of sticking figures into each others mouth then one of Danny Puddi's ear got one of those fingers in it to audience applause and laughter.

Before that Dan Harmon promised the audience another season after the fifth because he would try his hardest to do so. He mentioned a cartoon episode, no doubt from Titmouse Animation who did the video game episode and possibly and Dungeons and Dragons 2 episode. He promised ground work and character driven stories more than anything else.