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Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's in Sky's World: Legend of Zelda

Last Saturday I checked out my friend Sky’s art show. You can still check it out at Las Cinegas Projects it was the first time I got to see his new pieces up close. What you’re seeing are Legend of Zelda weapons and items brought to real life. They’re extremely detailed and almost so real you want to pick them up and grab them. Sadly, like Plato’s theory of the forms you can never actually touch them. That might be why all the pieces are called Unrequited Love Object then a number. Sky explains the treasures are unattainable in real life because they are in fact only truly pixels. In bringing versions of the items into are plain of reality Sky put the items behind glass cases making them once again unattainable in the real world.

Having a love of many video games and the in game items (I’d love a real question block that gave me coins) it does make you think a little about how you could always just buy a Legend of Zelda sword replica or a statue of the Link, but it’s just a replica, a facsimile of what you truly have in your head.

I really hope Sky can one day become part of the I am 8-bit art show, not that rip off that Giant Robot has called the Game Over art show. If you don't know both shows showcase video game inspired art and 8-bit did it first and is more popular. I think Game Over is a total rip-off, but I must admit I love video game art, so I guess it’s okay it exist it just can’t hold a candle to I am 8-bit.

Be sure to check out Sky’s recently redone sight and his actual art in person. My favorite pieces you can see are (emerald hill zone, act two) (then I shaved myself and masturbated) (it’s dangerous to go alone) and (sadness isn’t necessary when it can be deleted). The names alone make you want to go to his site.

Las Cienegas Projects
2045 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034
telephone: 213.595.8017
for additional inquiries, call or contact Amy Thoner at
[email protected]
Wednesday – Saturday, Noon – 6pm

No Memory

Hmm the sign seems a little like you get raped at the dentist
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Want some candy?

Why not try Rocket Fizz? They also have a bigger selction of soda the Bevmo!

For sweets and sodas head here when your cruising Burbank

Thursday, February 25, 2010

They call it Zombie Girl

Emily Hagins isn't your average young girl at the age of twelve she wrote and directed here first movie. That movie was about zombies. Emily made Pathogen a zombie movie only a little girl could make about insane flesh eating monsters.

Playing Friday til March 4th head to the downtown independent and see Zombie Girl the documentary about a 12-year-old directing here first movie.

I've watched the documentary online and let me say it's priceless. Watching a little girl struggle to make a real movie is funny as Hell. As a student film maker it makes it even ... man just too much glee. You won't really question that the movie Pathogen took two years to make, just factor in how much free time a 12-year old would have and a overbearing mother's vacation time.

251 S. Main St.Los Angeles, CA 90012

Zombie Girl: The Movie
26 Feb. - 4 March
Fri. 26: 7:00*Sat 27: 2:30, 5:50, 7:40*Sun 28: 2:30, 5:50Mon 3/1: 5:50, 7:40Wed 3: 5:50, 7:40, 9:20Thur 4:5:50, 7:40, 9:20

Q&A with the directors and Emily!! on *

I haven't seen Pathogen also playing at the Downtown Independent, which use to be the ImaginAsian theater two years ago before it went out of business. If only ImaginAsian showed more anime there, they''s still probably be around. Anyway what could be more fun then seeing a creepy movie directed by a kid who has had no schooling on film.

Friday, 26 February 8:45pm

Saturday, 27 February 9:40pm

No wonder they call it Gold

because its expensive

If you wanna treat yourself or if your just rich head to

Gold Class Cinemas

One Colorado Pasadena
42 Miller Alley Pasadena, CA 91103


This theater pampers you by having leather reclining seats with plenty of leg room. Only 25 to 40 seats per theater. You also have the luxury of being served by a waiter with some premium eats. This comes at a hefty price of about 25 bucks a seat weekdays. Price goes up on weekends. The theater does allow you to pick your seat online just like Arclight. The Landmark near Santa Monica has a two theaters fitted with comfy couch seats, but you can't get served dinner in there. Food is as pricey as a nice restaurant so be ready to spend some cash. Overall seems like a great place to go on your birthday. The theater seems to play whatever's out, no artsy stuff.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Still a month away time

Check out the new promo for Adventure Time coming to Cartoon Network in April now. I don't why they moved it back a month.

Check out the site for it here

If you wanna check out all of adult swims new shows head here

Talking adult swim here's the new Aqua teen cover, get it for 50 here

Ruby Spears Superman

Ruby-Spears Superman

I know Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths just came out, but if you want some silly and actually entertaining Superman cartoons this collection is for you. The real silliness comes from it being a 80's style cartoon so think if Superman was written by G.I. Joe. Let me state right away Superman is a bad ass in these cartoons. He fight monsters, aliens, robots and mutants with ease. Sometimes his feats of strength or just comical like pulling a wooden floor back together fully intact which is impossible. Superman isn't a super carpenter.

Stories border on the ridiculous let's just say Jimmy and Lois aren't the world greatest disguise artists. The show did capture how they should act. Every charcter acts they way they would in the comic, no suuden charcter changes.

Like I mentioned stories border the ludicrous including Superman fighting a nautical based villian whose secret base looks like it cost more than the villian was actually stealing. Lex Luthor has some episodes, too. A quick interlude of dialogue for Luthor to tell you how they captured his essence.
Lex's assitant: Your gonna blow up the wall of China after you just bought it?!
Lex Luthor: Well, it my wall!

Old Superman rogue Prankster forces Superman to play a baseball game againt robots after he steals the last game of the World Series. Yes, the prankster steals the World Series. My favorite has to be when Superman tells a bunch of crooks to surrender or else HE'LL THROW THEM INTO THE SUN! Yeah he was bad ass in this short series.

You even get Wonder Woman showing up and making Lois jealous for a episode. A lot of the excellent writing or at least entertaining can be attributed to Marv Wolfman of Teen Titans and X-men writing fame.

So check it out Ruby-Spears Superman

Best promtional ad for Leno taking back his time slot

I'm still for Coco, but you have to admit thats good marketing

Monday, February 22, 2010

Animation Nation Night

Tuesday the 23rd see Digger T. Mesch and Joe Allard at Animation Nation Night

from Animation Nation Forums
Digger started Art Asylum back in the day and has gone onto developing his own film production company Dig Deep Entertainment. He just moved back from Hong Kong after almost a decade and has returned to sculpting while he continues his production on Kevin Eastman's and Simon Bisley's Fistful of Blood, graphic novel turned live action feature

Joe has a background in comic books and animation, being a freelancer for almost a decade and is now a Senior Designer at Sideshow Collectibles. Hopefully he'll bring some dope sculpts for us to drool over.

2006 W. Magnolia Blvd.Burbank, CA 91506
Look for the Burbank Association of Realtors building and head upstairs to the hall.

Doors open at 7:00 pm.Plenty of free parking in the lot and on the streets. Lots of great pizza and soft drinks for $5, and plenty of freindly company

this is all thanks to Animation Academy of Burbank

Things To Do

Wow a lot happening at Meltdown this week.

Meltdown Comics, 7522 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046

Today is the Popgun Volume 4
release party.
Wed, February 24, 7pm – 10pm
Friday will be the Book Signing for Penny Arcade Volume 4. It's called

The Splendid Magic of Penny Arcade: The 11 1/2 Anniversary Edition
Fri, February 26, 7pm
Saturday will be the Knight of Knick Knacks Opening reception. It’s a art show where artist's works will be inspired by the Wizard of Oz.
Sat, February 27, 6pm – 10pm

Strangely, the Alice In Wonderland show at Nucleus title Curiouser and Curiouser will be having it’s opening reception the same night. It isn’t strange that the new terrible looking Disney movie is coming out when their art show is opening. Nucleus you commercial dogs you.


210 East Main St, Alhambra CA 91801

Curiouser and Curiouser: Inspired by 'Alice In Wonderland' February 27, 2010 - March 29, 2010 Opening Reception / Feb 27, 7:00PM - 11:00PM

Sunday you have Channel 101’s monthly new screening of insane and oddball works that"ll make you go what the hell? Check out there freaky current shows here

Sunday, February 28th, 2010 Doors at 7:00pm Screenings start around 7:30pm

Site Change

Hey Things To Do In LA readers.

I'm going to be changing the site and maybe update it more

I'm going to be doing more doodles on the site and they"ll now be a schedule of posts


Will now have a interview or a story about a event I visited or maybe show off some future work of mine. I'm a student film director/writer living in LA how cliche.


I"ll be posting events in LA


I'll share links and strange stuff I find online

Will also be stuff 2 by Thursday, reviews on movies and games 2 by


Will be a review of a local store, restaurant, or business or secret of LA

I'll probably randomly post at my leisure

Once again for who gives a damn. I created this blog to post cool events happening LA mainly so I don't forget myself that they are going on. Secondly, the site is to promote my work and my interests which include rare movies, video games, local LA art scene, u know otaku stuff. The local art scene is a huge interest to me .I'll try to maybe show off more artists work or interview them.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Video game art at it's best

Friend of the blog artist Sky Bruchard's latest show will be starting this weekend

SKY BURCHARD Trail of Broken Hearts February 27 - March 20, 2010 Opening reception Saturday February 27th, 7:00-10:00 PM
2045 South La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034213-595-8017

Here's a link to the interview I had with Sky.

Check out his very video game inpired work this Saturday.

Gadget Ok! was more than Okay

Above is a picture of Frederik L. Schodt, who was the first speaker of the evening at Gadget Ok! that was held at UCLA. Gadget Ok! in my own words was a lecture series on how Japan enjoys technology like robots differently than the rest of the world. How they can see technology being used for less than serious purposes, but more for atheistically pleasing ones self. You could think of it as making devices or using technology for fun. I had a chance to talk with Frederik L. Schodt before the lecture. Frederik L. Schodt is a Japanese to English translator and helped bring some of the first anime and manga to the U.S. . He also wrote the forward in the
The Otaku Encyclopedia whose author I interviewed.

I had a chance to talk with Frederik before the show and was impressed by his love of Japanese culture and how friendly and easily to get along with he was. I thought I could come up with some questions, but I feel as though I should have been more prepared to talk with him. I can see why he was chosen as first speaker though. He gave a great lecture on how robots are so well liked and common place in Japanese culture thanks to the cartoon Astroboy about a robot who looks like a small boy who helps people. That's a bit of a small explanation as Astroboy went on insane Japanese anime stories.He discussed many other exciting facts about how robots are designed in America compared to Japan.

After his lecture was a Q and A and everyone asked questions except someone who pissed me off, one old Jewish man. Who didn't ask a question, but tried to fit in the story of the Golem. Frederik had discussed in his lecture how the Japanese had percieved robots before there actual creation in manga and anime. The Jewish man was explaing how the Golem was akin to that. Problem was it wasn't a freaking question. Frederik had to just stand in front of everyone with their heads turned to the back. That guy was a asshole who wanted to try and show off what he knew. I'm Jewish, I wanted to raise my hand next and say I'm sorry about that just try and remember a Mel Brooks movie in place of your memory of that guy. Also some idiot went up and tried to discuss something called FLOSS. I have no idea what point he was trying to convey or why he came up at all.

Next the President of Maywa Denki, Nobumichi Tosa came up and how off some Japanese electronic toys. Maywa Denki makes fun nonsense toys and items. Their new product the Otamatone was demonstrated. It's a musical instrument in the shape of a musical note. You can by it at Giant Robot

There was a small exhibition before and after the event showing of some strange nonsense toys and items from Japan including these flying panties. Yes, FLYING PANTIES

Lastly I noted a peculiar lecture titled Bling, Booty & Bullets was happening next door. Only in LA.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

With a title like Frosted Cupcakery I had to go in

Just opened up a month ago

Frosted Cupcakery
1200 N Highland AveLos Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 467-1080

Great style doesn't count for great taste. I'll just save you some time the cupcakes aren't good. At $2.95 it should be a big cupcake with a delectable taste. It's not it taste store brand.
Service and style is great. Friendly and helpful service. The place looks very nice and comfy small. The cupcakes even come in neat little cupcake holders. Parking isn't so sweet.
Maybe they need to get some better bakers.

Just a reminder Gadget Ok! tomorrow at UCLA

Gadget Ok! the lecture series on Japanese culture of strange items they make and play with will be tomorrow at
Broad Art Center240 Charles E. Young Dr.Los Angeles, CA 90095-1456
Thu, Feb. 18, Broad Art Center EDA, room 12505:30 - 7:00 PM Keynote speaker happens to be Frederik L. Schodt and lectures, Broad Art Center, EDA, Room 1250 7:00 - 8:00 PM Exhibition Opening Reception, Broad Art Center, 2nd floor patioSymposium opening with Maywa Denki presentation by Novmichi Tosa

Monday, February 15, 2010

Attract Mode Owner Adam Robezzoli

Attract Mode Owner Adam Robezzoli. Who is Adam Robezzoli?

Adam is the creator and owner of Attract Mode he is also a freelance web developer.Adam Robezzoli is a man, a man with a really cool business card and business card dispenser. I met him way back at the Chiptune concert he helped bring to Little Tokyo a few months ago. He was kind enough to let me interview him a week ago. Getting back to what the guy does, his online store carries a multitude of clever video game items that a sophisticated gamer might need. From the space invader ice cube tray to the Chiptune music the store screams of cool.
I recently met Adam at the Zombies in Love art show at Nucleus posted here.
I got the lowdown on the guy and his store.

-Turns out Adam just brought the store online last September, but was planning it since 2005. He told me he was glad he took the time to create the store since his tastes have changed so much since then.

- The man chooses what goes in the store by simply what he likes. He’ll contact an artist or company for whatever he deems awesome for his store. What’s funny is he’s made friends with different people since coming into contact with them about their products.
- His favorite item in the store is the zines

- Attract Mode’s shipping is awesome as it comes in a box with a Game Buddy (reminiscent of a gameboy) design on it done by Space Sic /( you’ve probably seen his work online)

-Loves chiptune music, but is too busy to become professional at it like his friend Star Pause

-Is the Co-Director of L.A. Gamespace which just sounds cool. It’s a organization that is non-profit that wants to teach young people (high school students mostly) how to create video games and teach game culture. I just wished it existed when I was in high school.

-Did the web pages for Indie Cade (Indie Cadeis a annual event showing of Indie games in the heart of Culver City)

-Future products you have forward to look forward too from the store are:

1.Some new zinez should becoming out soon by the time your reading this

2.A indie comic by Tyler Hutchinson

4.A Cave Story Shirt for whenever that damn game comes out on the Wii

Adam will be guest blogging for Tiny Cartridge here’s he’s latest post about his friend and great artist Corey Lewis

Attract Mode