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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sharknado at Comic-Con

The Sharknado head piece I featured was only part of Sharknado's presence at Comic-Con. I spotted a roving gang of life-guards blowing there whistles about Shraknado 2. They were handing out flyers to name it. Sharknado 2 is so early in development it was asking for a title? I've read it takes place in New York this time, but none of the cast has even been confirmed. Can't say I like the new avenue. Keep our sharks in LA.

The other big part of Sharknado at the con was Gallery 1988 having special prints made and ready to sell at the con. I talk to the founder/curator Jensen and found out he made the deal with SyFy for the prints as it was playing live on television on it's first broadcast. You can by the prints and my my favorite of a impaled shark on the tower record building by Glen Brogan here

 Sharknado director, writer and producer with artist Anthony Petrie
I have seen the movie and expect a review down the line, simply I hated it. Everyone else I know I loves it and for anyone leaving in LA it's a perfect film to watch with friends at the many many inaccuracies about the city, making a film and understanding the basics of space, time and reality.