Saturday, July 13, 2013

LA Links: Sharknado, Homeland Security Runs Our Colleges

Sharknado has spread like a tornado filled with sharks throughout the net and LA. The Asylum release, the company that makes all the knock-off films with similar titles and covers to major hits has grabbed the hearts and minds of LA with it's incredibly dumb story about a tornado carrying sharks into LA. Our new mayor even Twittered about it. A full review will be coming down the line after I organize a Sharknado viewing party with friends, I suggest you do the same. I'll have updateS if there's any special showings in LA at the independents and such, but I think the people behind the film never expected so much love for it.

Homeland Security Runs Our Colleges

The former head of Homeland Security, the butt of most jokes in modern film as being the most inept and evil government agency, check out Iron Man 3, is now going to run University of California system in September as its President. Former head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano will taking control of our colleges future and if her former work is any indication of how things will go be prepared for a series of problems.