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Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday Posters: The Warped Forest, F9, Army of The Dead & The Palm Springs Jewish Film Festival

 "...WARPED is also filled with the same zaniness that we’ve all come to love—including naked women trees that grow vagina-like fruit, animals that feast on nipples to bring sexual pleasure and kaiju-sized humans living and working normal lives."
We are so absolutely hyped for the first future release of The Warped Forest. Error 4444 has just given details that they have acquired both The Warped Forest and it's predecessor The Funky Forest. Both are perfect examples of WTF Batsh*t Japanese movies. We've only seen The Funky Forest-you've probably seen clips from it online and didn't even know where it came from-, The Warped Forest only played film festivals 10 years back. This will be the first time it's available to an American audience at home, you can't find it online or streaming anywhere.

No details on  street date, but we'll tell you when pre-orders go up.

If you want local dumb, then look no further than F9, due out in theaters June 25th.


Army of The Dead heads to Netflix May 21st. We didn't care for Justice League, but let's hope Zack can do good with his roots with zombies.

Lots of people are heading out to Palm Springs of late, we noticed some fun posters for the Palm Springs Jewish Film Festival happening now and online.

G-d literally forbids she turn off a vibrator gone rogue, so an Orthodox Jew sets out on a quest to find someone who can.

Oh, and Shiva Baby is sneaking in about a young Jewish woman who goes to the after funeral party and finds out her sugar daddy is there.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Stranger Things The Drive-Into Experience Still Going


If you're missing Strange Things-Season 4 has no release date as of writing this-then don't worry. You can still do The Drive-Into Experience. Yup, the drive-thru haunt has been going on since October and now you have until June to go to it.

People seemed to have loved it enough that they added more months of it, so, everyone has a shot at going.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Palm Springs Giant Marilyn Monroe & Popsicles

It's 26-foot-tall

In what could only happen in Palm Springs is the strange fight between the local businesses and the local art museum on the placement of a giant Marilyn Monroe statue, Forever Marilyn. What this boils down to, while the statue remains in New Jersey, is the placement of the statue. Where it would go up, would be right outside the Palm Springs Art Museum. So, as your leaving you would see the statues' butt and panties. The museum and seemingly everyone else against the statue just wants it put in a park or somewhere else, just not in front of the museum.


Without any controversy in Palm Springs are some giant popsicles you can take your picture with this Summer. If your in Palm Springs for Desert X or whatever they're at 605 Sunny Dunes Road and will be up till December. Hopefully, by then they have Christmas lights up on them.

Weekly What To Do: Reopenings & Serenity

Going on now 
Snapchat and smartphone/tablet needed
Augmented reality art pieces are around LA thanks to a bizarre team-up between LACMA & Snapchat.  Go to find spots around LA take out your phone with a Snapchat filter and see some strange stuff. They look fun.


Free, advance reservations are required. Capacity is limited. Reservations are made available on a first come, first served basis every other Tuesday. The next reservation release will be Tuesday, April 20 at 8:30 a.m

Thurs April 15, 4:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Grand Reopening to Introduce Guests to All-New
“The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash!” Ride and
“Jurassic World—The Ride’s” All-New, Stunningly Realistic Dinosaur, Indominus rex

Friday, April 16th 7pm

Watch the ever chaotic an insane Annie Awards, these are for animation. We've covered the ma number of times in the best and though there has been some dull moments. Strange events occur when animators get liquor in them. But really if your an animation buff it's a great place to see what the people look like who make all your cartoons.

Fri, Apr 16, 2021, 5:00 PM

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Local Hype: Oscars Incoming, Avengers Campus Opens June 4, Free 90's Roller Rink, Two Bit Circus Is Back, LACMA × Snapchat & More

 In news that isn't bumming you out.
-The 93rd Oscars will be held on Sunday, April 25, 2021, at Union Station (yeah, we know it's weird) Los Angeles and the Dolby® Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center® in Hollywood, and international locations via satellite, and will be televised live on ABC at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.


"...complete with a state-of-the-art Spider-Man ride, will entice fans to come back to the parks.

The land also has an Ant-Man themed restaurant, a Doctor Strange section, a new Iron Man armor, as well as character meet and greets. Plus, it’s linked to Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, which has been at the park for a few years already."

It does look kind of fun.

- Freeform will debut a 90s Style roller rink at the Westfield Century City Mall on April 24th and 25th to amplify new series Cruel Summer, executive produced by Jessica Biel. Sign up for tickets at for ages 16 and up.

-Forget all their online trivia shows, you can go back to the circus. Two Bit Circus is opening April 16th

Two Bit Circus is now reservation-based with the following:
Reserve 90 minute time slots for groups of 4-6 to experience the best of what Two Bit Circus has to offer.

Packages include:
Outdoor seating on our new patio bar with food and drinks, Game Shows, our amazing Story Rooms, and the VR Arena.

The Arcade and Midway remain closed due to California tier restrictions.
Space is limited, so please make your reservations early!

Augmented reality art pieces are around LA thanks to a bizarre team-up between LACMA & Snapchat.  Go to find spots around LA take out your phone with a Snapchat filter and see some strange stuff. They look fun.

-NOT I: Throwing Voices (1500 BCE–2020 CE)

Ventriloquism relies on the confusion between sight and hearing, puppeteer and puppet, silence and speech. Issues of agency, authorship, and objecthood are at the core of even the most conventional ventriloquist sketch: Where is the voice coming from? How is that voice split into many bodies? Who is speaking on behalf of whom?

Using this popular form of entertainment as a guide, the exhibition stages dialogues across LACMA’s collections, focusing on the misdirection of voice, silence, and sounds. Ventriloquism—objects forced to speak on behalf of an entire culture, age, or region—resonates within the history and logic of institutions devoted to the dissemination of knowledge such as libraries and museums.
George Townley

The Hollywood Bowl to Reopen with Four Free Concerts for Front-Line Workers, Featuring the LA Phil with Gustavo Dudamel, Thundercat and Flying Lotus,
and La Santa Cecilia

The Ford 2021 Season Highlighting Local and Regional Artists to Run July Through October

Local Hype: Cinerama Dome Dead, Arclight Cinemas And Pacific Theatres Decimated

George Townley

Multiple news outlets are reporting on the end of an era in LA. Social media is on fire at the loss. The Cinerama Dome, Arclight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres are out of business and shut down. None will reopen under parent company Decurion. This is awful news as things were opening up again as of 4/13/21.

We at TTDILA can't even sum up how many events we attended at the Cinerama Dome. So many festivals, so many sneak screenings, premieres, special Q&A's with directors. Oy.

And then we can't even factor how many movies we've seen at Pacific Theaters and ArcLights around LA. The style and difference of an ArcLight. This is a huge blow to cinephiles.

We do have to report that this doesn't mean all the theaters will go away, they could just go under new ownership. It's doubtful that the iconic Cinerama Dome won't be bought by another corporation or just some celebrities with pocket change. The same goes for theaters at locations the bolster huge attendance...when things were normal.

New ownership might not happen anytime quick.

And, on a somewhat scary note. Any of the major studios could buy the theaters. There was a law in place to stop that, for obvious monopoly reasons. But, you might see Disney grabbing them or even Netflix, who knows? And that means they can get rid of indies and competition. Let's hope not.
Ryan Hungerford

Monday, April 12, 2021

Desert X Shirt Screw Up: Special Report

TTDILA can now confirm that the Desert X Coordinates Tee coordinates are for the wrong location. This shirt was made for Desert X 2021 by Windmill City Super #1. Desert X features art exhibits open freely in the desert in Coachella Valley. As we said slightly earlier today, when you punch in the coordinates on the shirt above you get The North Pacific Ocean on Google Maps.

As pointed out by friend of the site YouTube channel Factory Reset, the coordinates are missing a number.  
3.7667°N, 116.3592°W should be

33.7667°N, 116.3592°W.


Yes, it's missing the number 3! When the 3 is added, Google Maps take you to Coachella Valley.

So, all the shirts have the wrong coordinates on them. Classic.

 That includes Desert X Coordinates Women's Tee.

We're gonna guess that Windmill City Super #1 is to blame mostly on the mix-up as the site itself lists Desert X ending April 16th, when it actually ends May 16th. So, it seems they don't really care that much on accuracy.

Still, someone over at Desert X should have noticed.

Will they correct this issue? Or will the shirts stay the same? Maybe they'll just go up in value.

Desert X Visit: The Wall & The Maze

We drove out to more of the exhibits of Desert X over the weekend. What's Desert X? We've told you multiple times on the site, but here it goes again. Out in Coachella Valley, mostly close to Palm Springs, multiple outdoor art exhibitions are up for you to gawk at and take selfies with. There's a deeper meaning to the pieces you can read up on the Desert X site, but think of it as temporary art in the desert; as it will be taken down in May.

First Off...

Before getting into the art...
Gotta say the Desert X Hub sucks. Taking place at the Ace Hotel is an understatement. You see, the TTDILA crew couldn't find it from the get go. We didn't know it's at the pool. It's a weird location to put it. The signs leading to it are vague enough that you might think it's at check in. It's not, it's near a pool full of people who don't care about getting Covid.

Oh, and it's a waste of time.
Those windows won't be open with how hot it is Palm Springs

Desert X Hub at the Ace Hotel
701 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs
Open Fridays – Sundays 10:00AM – 5:00PM

Just like the The North Face x Gucci Pit Stop not having an inside and not selling anything nearby, so were we damned by the Desert X Hub.
Stop by to pick up your Desert X 2021 guide, map of artist installations and get visitor information. Forget buying a t-shirt. Even though they have them hanging and bags and other cool stuff you can only buy them at another location. You can buy what is on the table in the images here, but not the clothes or bags.


The person working the booth also understood are dismay and found it weird as well. No stickers for us...

Note, on the shirt, those coordinates. Those volunteering/working there don't know where they lead.

When put into Google Maps you get The North Pacific Ocean , which I hope were getting wrong, because if so, that's hilarious and dumb. 

by Zahrah Alghamdi
This wall is a sight to behold in a city you should not be at when it's night. Located in Desert Hot Springs, not the safest places to be when the sun goes down, is a wall made out of what looks like bathroom mats and clay. It's eye-catching as it stands up in the desert just blocking the sun on one end. High into the sky, colorful enough to gran your attention or really any wall with nothing around it would.

Heads up, you've gotta walk a little on a desert path to get to it. It's worth it for just how strange it is up close and wondering how it's staying up and not tipping over. We doubt it would be around more than a summer or two just taken out by the natural elements. Bring plenty of water with you when visiting.

by Eduardo Sarabia
This small triangle maze structure is made mostly of what looks like wicker mats. You couldn't get lost in it and it's nothing like the hedge maze from The Shining, it's just a strange structure in the desert. It's also on an even shorter path, but the sand out there is akin to what you might find on a beach.

Down another desert path you'll see what looks like an easily attackable fort that really is an art piece for Desert X. A few long hallways and you'll reach it's triangle center with three large staircases for fun views and nice places to grab selfies.



Both these exhibits have deeper meanings that you can look up with the provided links. Your visit is your take away and what you want to get from them by researching a bit before going. You can take them as they are, strange wonders in the desert or deeper meanings that you can learn about online. But in either case they are meant to grab your attention.

Will have more of the Desert X places in the coming weeks, visit them freely with a trip, a few hours out of LA, in mostly the Palm Springs area.

Bring plenty of water. Though you are near a city with plenty of convenience stores.