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More Halloween: Sour Patch Kids Jack O’Lantern Mobile, Wendy’s Haunted House Scare-Thru & Jack in the Box Haunted House Scare-Thru

 All these via Stuff in LA

  • Because the Jack O’Lantern Mobile won’t be able to hit every family’s house, all fans in Los Angeles can head to Twitter or Instagram between 2-8 pm EST on Halloween, October 31 to enter for a chance to win a special contactless delivery of SOUR PATCH KIDS Halloween package.
    • Deliveries will include a branded trick-or-treat bucket filled with SOUR PATCH KIDS Zombies candy and SOUR PATCH KIDS branded toilet paper, because nothing screams Halloween like TPing your living room and wreaking some safe Halloween havoc indoors.
  • To enter, simply tweet @sourpatchkids #SourThenSweetHalloween #Sweepstakes or head to SOUR PATCH KIDS Instagram to swipe up on the brand’s Instagram Story or click the link-in-bio.
  • That very day, special contactless Halloween deliveries will be made within two hours of winning.
  • You can find more information about #SourThenSweetHalloween, including sweepstakes details and official rules by heading to SOUR PATCH KIDS Twitter and Instagram pages. 


Wendy’s Haunted House Scare-Thru in South Gate, Los Angeles


 Jack in the Box Haunted House Scare-Thru in Northridge, Los Angeles

Jerry’s Deli in Studio City Closing Today


Sad news to day, right before Halloween. The iconic Jerry's Deli in Studio City, the place of so many sandwich dreams. The turkey on rye, are you kidding me. Well, it's closing today Friday, Oct 30, 2020. It's the last day, so eat there while you can.
The deli is known as a LA staple. A place nosh with friends, enjoy birthdays or grab a tasty dessert. Now, thanks to Covid it's closing down.

Some words that it might reopen come from management, but that depends on when Covid ends and people can enjoy going to restaurants again.

For now, it looks like the venerable institution of deli meats has closed it's doors.

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What Are We Gonna Do For Halloween?!!! Halloween 2020: LA Guide To Everything Halloween

Don't fret. Don't pout. Don't take your life. We have a huge list of all things Halloween. That's right! Put down the gun. Hey, we said put it down. Take out a knife cut up your Jack-o-Lantern. Like we did.
Here it is, yet again. The

Halloween 2020: LA Guide To Everything Halloween

That's right for all you streaming, drive-in's, drive-thrus & what not, it's all in the list. If it isn't already sold-out, that is. And if it is, there's plenty of scary movies to stream. We're doing a horrothon on Discord for the TTDILA crew Friday night. And with Halloween Saturday, nothing's stopping you or your friends doing one over Zoom or Discord. So, eat some candy and sit down for some scares &
Happy Halloween, everyone!

Halloween 2020: More Bits

The Steam Halloween Sale is now through Nov 2. So, get some scary games, while you can.

Background Halloween Music
Halloween II Slasher Sours Candy!
- Creep LA or the people behind it are having a big yard sale on Nov 1st


7:00AM - 4:00PM
For address email: [email protected]

Costumes (Masks, Wigs, Shoes) - Props (Home, Halloween, Decade Era, Fabric) - Show Merchandise (Posters, Hats, T-shirts) - Furniture (Chairs, Tables, Vintage Pieces, Mirrors) - Electronics (Speakers, Production Lights, Power-cords) - Production Needs (Green Room or Office Equipment) - Paint and Building Supplies (Tools, Ladders)



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Dodgers Win The World Series!


It's the funniest picture we spotted online. And, yes, the Dodgers really did win the World Series.

If you type in Dodgers to google you get some fireworks displayed over the page. At least when we tried it, it worked.

And, of course.


Celebrations after Dodgers' World Series win turn unruly, violent in downtown LA; 8 arrested amid looting, vandalism

Dodgers celebrations: Video shows bicyclist struck by hit-and-run driver as fans take over DTLA intersection

Weekly What To Do: Whatcha Gonna Do For Halloween?

Don't forget to check out our guide below for everything still going on for Halloween. You've got drive-thrus and drive-ins and a handfuls of other events to look at around LA.

Halloween 2020: LA Guide To Everything Halloween 

November Drive-in Screenings at Post 43
The Hollywood Legion Theater is located at 2035 N. Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90068

Sunday, November 1st

Mrs. Doubtfire – 6 PM PST

Psycho – 9 PM PST

Monday, November 2nd

Airplane! – 5:45 PM PST

Election – 8:15 PM PST

Wednesday, November 4th

Rear Window” – 5:45 PM PST

Vertigo” – 8:40 PM PST

Thursday, November 5th

Groundhog Day” – 5:30 PM PST

Tootsie” – 8:15 PM PST

Friday, November 6th

Finding Nemo” – 5:30 PMPST

Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl” – 8:15 PM PST

Saturday, November 7th

The Princess Bride” – 5:45 PM PST

Pulp Fiction” – 8:30 PM PST

24th Street Theatre’s annual “Dia de los Muertos
Monday, Nov. 2 at 6 p.m. 
Hosted by Gabriel Romero (Archer, Dante’s Cove, Los Beltrán), the virtual festival will feature special guests including master conguero, bandleader and vocalist Louie Cruz Beltran and his ensemble; Xochi Flores and Cesar Castro and their Son Jarocho-Chicano Cambalache; Aztec dance troupe Huitzilopochtli; ballet folklórico Sol de Fuego; and Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actor Edward James Olmos.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Dread X Collection 3 All Together Spoopy

By Jonathna Bilski

Ahhhhhhh, it's so cute!!!? Well, maybe a bit gross and bloody. I guess it's the new term and I'm not making it up "Spoopy." Spoopy means it's cute scary. It's a subgenre of horror and that's where Dread X Collection 3 went with it's latest pack of 12 curated games made in 10 days. Much like an anthology horror movie, there's a wrap-around story that sets up the games you're playing. I do love the simple yet strange story of the ghost alien, Prometheus, just called P. Called P by Leo the human he's sort of trapped in or possessing. While searching around a delightfully adorable castle you"ll learn more about their story as you're playing as Leo. Then you'll get special candles you can put near graves to play the different games. Cute concept, horrible thought provoking story about existence to a creature that doesn't come from a dimension that has fixed points in time.

What had me interested from the get go wasn't just a horror game 12 pack to guzzle down, right before Halloween, but one of the new game makers for the collection. Adam Pype's & Viktor Kraus' – SPOOKWARE @ The Video Store made me giddy to try the new game in the series. Ya see, I downloaded their free version of Spookware, a horror version of Warioware, and was impressed by the bizarre mini-games. This time around they came up with a plot about three skeleton bros trying to make it through 3 nights of horror movies, a 3 day horrorthon. The mini-games are tough and I wish they did controller support. Still, I need to master my moves to see those skeleton bros make it through till Halloween.

(That's another heads up, not all the games in the collection work with with a standard controller. Most are gonna be mouse and keyboard.)

Another game I tried was Moya Horror/Amos' – Nice Screams at Funfair, this was a low poly, ice cream scooper game, where you had to serve zombies and other undead or you would be killed by a cat robot that was constantly monitoring you. It was weird and I can't say one of my favorites.

You have Breogan Hackett's – Bubbo: Adventure on Geralds Island, which is like an old school platformer from the Nintendo 64. It seems like it's gearing up for a weird ending, but the main story is just like playing any platformer from that era with the world's most irritating cameras.

There's more game to try and more secrets in the castle I have to unlock or at least suck up with my vacuum. Yes, just like Luigi's Mansion. 
Dread X Collection 3 isn't trying to break the horror genre in's just a literal cute collection-well, sometimes pretty bloody- of horror games made fast and our fun to try at least once. The Spookware one is gonna be the one you show to friends on your stream for Halloween.

Grab a copy of the game here on sale till Oct 30th. Regularly $9.99 on Steam. To learn more about it and each game look here.

Game provided by publisher for review purposes

No More Skyslide? OUE Skyspace LA Permanently Closed


No reason is given, but it's easy to guess that Covid shut downs took their toll on the OUE Skyspace. The web-site for the second tallest building in LA's fun outdoor area above the city's streets says the place is permanently closed. 
We just wrote about our experience on it last year.
It was a tourist trap, but silly fun one.
We're guessing the Skyslide won't be allowed to operate, but that seems like a crazy waste as the transparent thrill ride is only 4-years-old. How we'll people be scared out of their minds sliding down seeing the street below, now?

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Halloween 2020: Fun Bits

Missed this special version of the Hausu T-hshirt from Tavis Pixels


Saturday, October 24, 2020

Shadows in the Dark A Horror Exhibition


Some great new horror posters from Glen Brogan and other artists over at Hero Complex for their Shadows in the Dark horror exhibition. 

Playboo is Glen Brogan and the heads of Alfred Hitchcock are Felix Tindall.

Dude Bro Party Massacre III: Halloween Movie Pick


If there's one thing we love reminding people of it's the bloody horror comedy Dude Bro Party Massacre III. Premiering at the now defunct LA Film Festival, came a blood soaked orgy of silliness. The plot involves a twin brother trying to avenge their dead sibling and stop the notorious killer Motherface by joining his brother's frat. But that's only on the surface. Set as an old video tape recorded from TV and set as a sequel are only the beginning of the lies as neither is true. When you start watching you'll realize the film is playing with you and not so subtly suggests maybe the Dude Bros are well, kind of d*cks. And maybe they deserve to die.

Did we mention parts were written, by different members of the comedy troupe 5-Second Films, without the other's knowing what the other was doing then it was cobbled together? Or that it turns the tables on the guys and makes it kind of a feminist film? Yet, it still works as a total send-up making fun of all the 80's and 90's slashers movies you've seen.

Dude, you've got to check out Dude Bro Party Massacre III!

Streaming on Amazon

Friday, October 23, 2020

Halloween 2020: LA Guide To Everything Halloween Reminder

Don't forget to check out our guide below for everything still going on for Halloween. You've got drive-thrus and drive-ins and a handfuls of other events to look at around LA.

Halloween 2020: LA Guide To Everything Halloween

That Target Is Opening...Might Be Alive


We're not sure whose in control of the Facebook page a sentient Target or maybe someone just having some fun, but we do know it craves human flesh. Either in customers or something more.

Spotted over on LAist, we have the unofficial opening of the Sunset Target that's taken forever to be finished on Sunday, Oct 25th.
5500 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028-8522, 
"According to Mother's spokesperson, I'm officially open on October 25. Put on your mask and come on in. Definitely check out my beautiful selection of Halloween decorations, perfect to leave up year-round as we live in an endless hellscape.
Please note: I do not know what time I open. Mother didn't say, so I just made this event last for 12 hours, like The Purge."

Oddly, if you look at Target Formerly A Husk's future events you have a disturbing date on Halloween.

Be careful Halloween shoppers, you might be the vessel for Target to be inside of you or your...we wonder if it can do it to multiple people like Cult of Chucky rules.

Friday Posters: Ready or Not & Jason Part III 3D

If you haven't seen Ready or Not yet, then your in for a treat this October. What should be a bride's happiest night on Earth goes down hill real quick with a very scary game of hide-n-seek.
You might not be able to get this wonderful poster of Jason's iconic mask from Gary Pullin unless you go to eBay, but you can grab his art book here.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Ghost Stories: You Should Be Watching


Every year we try to remind our readers that there is a perfect anime for Halloween. The essential super dirty dub of Ghost Stories. A dream of now defunct ADV, voice actors were allowed to dub, what was a kid's anime, to be some of the most f'd up lines in anime. This 20 episode series let the voice talent set the mood saying things middle school students have no right to talk about. Their foul mouths make each ghost story a ridiculous naughty mess.

These rude little ghost busters are made up of: Satsuki, the pony-tailed little girl who inherited her mother's magic book that banishes ghosts. Her little, not safe to say anymore, retarded little brother Keiichirou. Hajime, the perv. Momoko, the Jesus freak. And Leo the Jew, paranormal nerd. They will sh*t on each other, the ghosts and for some reason some actor called Christian Slater. Oh, and there possessed talking cat, Amanojaku hates them. Why? Because the voice cast could pretty much do what they wanted. Something unheard of today when it comes to Japan and it's anime rights.

Every episode we get a new ghost, a new dilemma and multiple insults that would have given them a MA rating if it were to ever air on television. We love these dumb kids. Please, enjoy some scary ghosts and truly vulgar jokes just in time for Halloween. And listen to the original ending theme perfect for the new dub Cascade's Sexy Sexy. Why would that go on the end of a kid's show in Japan? Who knows, but it works for the dub.

You can catch the series streaming on both VRV and Crunchyroll for free it's just comes with ads or you can pay for premium to make them go away.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Continues To Look Ridiculous Buy It In November

Aero Horrorthon Home Edition On Sale Till Noon Saturday


They did it. The sons-o-b*tch#s did it. The Aero Horrorthon isn't dead, it's just at home. A bizarre, at home edition is up for order with a a brand new Horrorthon shirt included! Yes, for those who don't know, the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica has been putting on a wonderful all night horrorthon for years every October and now it looks like covid isn't gonna stop it. Yes, Corn Gorn and Telly Savalas, the mascots of the all-nighter will be on your TV's and computer screens to celebrate Halloween this year!

Essentially, your buying all the fun in-between goodness to play on your computer. The many fun interstitials between the films that make the event oh, so special. And if you've never gone it won't make any sense. But the good folks behind the horrothon are also giving each person buying a ticket a unique personalized video introduction with the help of Corn Gorn and his friends, a cast of island of lost toys like monsters that make very little sense, but make you laugh on their horrible visages. You also get a link to whatever mess will be Corn Gorn vs Mecha Corn Gorn.

The shirt gets mailed out before Halloween and you're supposed to get your personalized video before 7:30 pm on Oct 31st with all the famous videos like the classic Red Roof Inn commercial or baffling Like An Eagle music video.

There's a special surprise pack for an extra $10, it's up to you if you think it's worth it.

All sales end this Saturday at noon, so, get it now or don't get it at all. Chances of this sucking are...REMOTE!

Sat, Oct 31, 2020, 12:00 PM –
Sun, Nov 1, 2020, 1:00 AM PST

Weekly What To Do: 4k Spanish Film Restorations, Whedon Love & A Horror Film

Not much on this list, but there's plenty on our Halloween 2020: LA Guide To Everything Halloween

If you want even more things to do check it out.

Thu, October 22, 2020
7:30 PM – 11:59 PM
Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre
10798 Ramona Ave. Montclair, CA 91763 

4K Restoration! THE DAY OF THE BEAST (EL DÍA DE LA BESTIA), 1995, 99 min, Spain/Italy, Dir: Álex de la Iglesia. Two-thousand years after the birth of Christ, the Anti-Christ is about to be born - unless Father Ángel Berriartúa (Álex Angulo) can stop it. The Basque priest believes he can prevent the apocalypse by infiltrating the ranks of the devil, though that will require him to trade in his pious life for one of non-stop sin. 
4K Restoration! PERDITA DURANGO (DANCE WITH THE DEVIL), 1997, 129 min, Mexico/Spain, Dir: Álex de la Iglesia. Álex de la Iglesia's first English-language feature stars Rosie Perez as Perdita Durango, whose trip to Mexico is sidelined by all-purpose felon Romeo Dolorosa (Javier Bardem). Perdita's new beau traffics human fetuses to Las Vegas where they're turned into cosmetics; naturally they need a couple of human sacrifices to do the job right.

Boo! We kick off two back-to-back weeks of Halloween themed versions of Two Bit Circus REMOTE! This week's edition is focused on more family friendly Halloween trivia. Perhaps there will be some surprises as well. Will any panelists join us in costume?


Saturday! / October 24, 2020 / 6-9PM
Junko will be presenting a series of new paintings based on food. This will be her 3rd exhibition devoted to all things delectable and celebrating specific delights through her unique fantastical esthetic.

Saturday, October 24
A full day of frights, fandom, and fun is coming to a screen near YOU! Gather with fans from all around the world to celebrate the talented casts and crews of your favorite shows with a day of virtual panels, Q & A's, private meet-and-greets, and more!
The Antenna
On VOD or found on Virtual cinemas

In a dystopian Turkey, the Government installs new networks throughout the country to monitor information.

The installation goes wrong in a crumbling apartment complex and Mehmet (Ihsan Önal), the building attendant, will have to confront the evil entity behind the inexplicable transmissions that threaten the residents.

Monday, October 19, 2020

The Jackbox Party Pack 7 Review: Game Night Is Back!

 By Jonathan Bilski

Out Now on Steam

When I invited a new recruit to game night-a friend's wife-to try out Jackbox Party Pack 7, she was against game night. She's not a gamer, claims she doesn't like video games. I was furious. Furious my friend never explained what Jackbox is to her. I mean, that's not a way to start a marriage. They just got married and he didn't explain how fun Jackbox is, WTF? Their marriage dialogue aside or lack there of, let's go over what the Hell Jackbox even is.
Jackbox, for the uninitiated, is a series of games you play using smart phones or tablets. You need a host computer or console, but other than one person running the games, everyone can just take out there phones and play. You don't need to sign up, you just need the WiFi password and then you can play strange and imaginative games with friends. Very akin to a game show and party games. Perfect to play over Zoom or Zoom like programs in the time of Covid.

I've been waiting on the latest iteration in the series, Jackbox Party Pack 7, since it was announced and as a new one comes out every year right before Halloween, was getting real antsy. We've played the other games in the series over the last few months in a game night group, but we needed a shot of new.
And we did with four brand new games and a sequel in this pack. You always get 5 games a pack. And always one drawing game.
Jackbox Party Pack 7 started our game night with us figuring out games, trying to master the new fun ideas behind them.
So, let me take you on a review and trip through each title in the pack. Champ’d Up, sure wasn't my favorite.

Blather 'Round  
2-6 players
It's like a very strange game of Charades, but all the stranger as you have to explain a person, place, thing, story or whatever from pop culture with a limited vocabulary. Every player chooses a prompt. You get three prompts to choose from, some are easier than others and you can even toss them out and get another three prompts. You gotta choose one though. And then you only can use a very limited vocabulary to describe it. Then, the other players have to guess what it is. Each time they guess, by writing out a word and submitting it, you can then use their words in a new sentence. The other players who don't have the secret prompt are suppose to converse and try and figure out whatever the secret word is. 

Sometimes, we fell so close to getting a word, other times we were no where near it. But when people figure it out, it feels so good. It might start off slow, but once you get the hang of it it's a race to figure out whatever the Hell your friend is trying to say.

Talking Points
3-8 players
Time to give the greatest speech in your life. Too bad your friends have given you the title. Talking  Points has you choosing a speech title created by your friends and some gems like Fart Kingdom Economics or My Unicorn Is Just In Its Murders are possible. After you choose a speech title, your randomly teamed up with an assistant who picks picture slides and word slides that will help craft your speech, all in real time. Leading to some baffling and insane speeches. One, where I said you had to "suck that toothpaste," to become the greatest ninja as mentored by two ghost dogs. 

You win from audience engagement, people vote up or down as you give the speech and it's graphed to show you where you lost people or they loved it. In the end, each player gets to give out an award to any other player of their choice for extra points and can easily change who becomes the winner. Will you get the coveted Participant Award I gave the person in last place or get a honorary title of just the "Canada" Award? It's up to you and the other players.
An extreme blast of fun as the speech has to keep going no matter what crazy image is up. It's fun to see people improv or if their bad, squirm. Being the assistant is fun as you earn points alongside the speech giver, but you might want to make it harder for them, so you just pick things that have nothing to do with what their saying. Try this picture of a large rodent reclining. No, I don't know what it has to do with Iran's Millennial Social Dilemma with Hockey, it's your problem. Easily one of the best games to lose friends over as the game calls you out if you didn't like someone's speech. And one of my friends would not let that go that night.
Champ’d Up 
3-8 players
The new drawing game. I wanted to love it, maybe some day I will. My heart still belongs to Tee K.O. and my heart was not in this one. This game lets you draw and design maybe more than any other in the Jackbox of games. I mean, marker, pen and multiple colors. This is a lot for the the series. With these tools you get to create champions/fighters who have the erroneous title of being the champion of things. What things? Being a loser, Dryness, Leaving Kids. It's random and you've got to battle someone who gets the same title. Your friends/new enemies/other players then vote on who deserves to win.

You then draw a second champion, but this time only based on what someone else drew. You don't get what the prompt is. You just know that that penis shaped like Yoshi the dinosaur looks happy or that women is way too happy riding a butt.

Later in the game you can tag team your champions so they best serve whatever title their trying to win.

On paper or on the tablet your drawing on it sounds like a grand idea, but it's just lacking something. If a champion gains all the votes in a round they'll pull off an anime like style attack brutalizing the other drawing, but that's only with winning all the votes. 

We had some very good artists playing with us and people who couldn't draw to save their life, but in any case it just didn't click like Drawful.
I see the effort from Jackbox, but it needs something more to stick it together or another gimmick.

The Devils and the Details
3-8 players
Ahhhhh!!!! The screaming! Just listen to me! Okay guys we need to all got to bed right now! Just some of the screams I said during the game.

The Devils and the Details might be the surprise hit out of this box. Based on a sitcom like premise-it even has an opening theme song like one-you and your family/other players are a devil family from Hell and have relocated to Earth. You've go to complete human tasks, regular family stuff. If you don't, well, it's back to Hell.

How this is done is by a series of random prompts that you and your "family" most complete. I've never seen a Jackbox game give you so much to on your phone. We played two episodes, games do actually have episode titles, and I don't think I tried everything you can do. You can do simple things like clean up which might require you doing something by yourself on your phone. 

However, harder tasks worth more points require a second person and sometimes the more is merrier. Sometimes it's not and it's too many cooks in the kitchen. Many games require relaying commands to another player who can't see what you see. So, lots and lots of yelling! Major tasks that go with the episode might require everyone do a job together. The one we had that earned a lot of points was go to bed at a reasonable time. That meant stopping everyone from what task they were on and joining me and that required yelling. 

But wait, there's more! There's devilish selfish tasks that earn big points for mainly you and then the group. But the more devilish tasks you do the more likely you'll freeze the game for everyone else as the house has to be repaired for your chicanery.

And by the by, you have to reach a set amount of points as a group or everyone's gotta go back to H-E- double hockey sticks.

Trying it for the first time and even a second episode, it was intense. As a friend put it "pure chaos", but I found it to be "manageable chaos." It's something I look forward to next time and a game that is best with a big group. 

Quiplash 3
3-8 players
A circus style claymation face-lift to the game that has you writing the silliest or best thing you can think of that will get the group's vote. You're given a prompt and you and a random player battle it out and the other players vote on who gave the best answer. You're not shown who wrote what 'till a winner is announced. It's fun to guess who wrote such utter nonsense. The game changes things up for the last battle by having you answer three prompts. Instead of just the one.

A clear-cut fun game to play with friends that really just got a new look. You can once again put in special codes to have themed games, ones you can create or others created. So you can come up with the questions yourself or maybe choose the Halloween party one I need to make.
Every game let's you post the results on Twitter. So, you can share that you did something with friends while others on social media curled up in a fetal position crying, because they didn't get to
And what of the wife's friend? Oh, she loved game night and Jackbox Party Pack 7. She didn't know we were playing party games. You see, it's all about communication, for marriage and for playing Jackbox. And also for taking jibes at each other.

Game provided by publisher for review purposes.