Saturday, October 31, 2009

Things to do in LA Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween! If your looking for some last minute fun for Halloween head over to

Yelp Halloween Events LA- In LA we have Halloween dance parties with dj's and smokin hot chicks to a dress-up your do costume parade in Burbank all happening today

Don't to also check out Creepy LA for even more events and go check the October archive on the right side of the site for other events I posted happening a few hours from now.

If your throwing a last minute Halloween party here's some great choices below for something to watch and enjoy. None of these are kid friendly in fact if u showed these to your kids u'd be a awful parent.

Murder Pary-What happens when a lonely guy finds a mysterious invitation to a Murder Pary on Halloween.? Hiliarity and sheer horror and a lot of artist angst.

This is a Japanese Horror movie so it's insane. There is no way to truly describe how insane this movie is or how much fun it is to watch with others. A story about zombies, pro-wresting, rivalry and mermaids that makes no sense whatsoever.

Save the best for last. What happens when gas prices get even higher. Blood Car shows us . It might not be what u think or it could be all I know is the movie is one of my favorites for it's gore and strange plot.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Insomniac pt 3

Yeah some more Ratchet and Clank Picture via Insomniac Games I visited earlier this month. By the way I just got Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time from Gamefly and it brings back the feel of the old games. Plus since I played Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and have a game save from it I get a discount on all the new guns on this game. Simply put it's a great action adventure platformer.

Here's a rocket pack?

Here's Ratchet Magnet boots or charge boots or hover boots?

Also all the rooms in Insomnia are named after different character's in their games. This one is named after Captain Qwark.

Finally here's a big ol statue of Ratchet and Clank

Via Super Punch heres what Insomniac employees will be getting for working on the newest Ratchet and Clank game this christmas. I hope theses vinyl become available to the public.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Insomniac pt2

They have wall of magazine covers their games were on.

As well as the games they've made with a short synopsis.

I even got to go to the break room which is fully stocked with free soda and treats to eat with a great view.

They had some art work sent in by little kids up on a board in the break room. I thought it was funny to see a little kid interpretation of Ratchet and Clank weapons

Guess where I got to visit?


I can't say why, but I got visit Insomniac Games a little earlier this month. They were gracious enough to take me on a tour of their office. Insomniac is famous for it's great platformers and multiple evovling gun game series Ratchet and Clank about a alien Lombax( a cat sort of looking creature and a robot that he wears as a backpack. The Lombax also shoots many , many guns. They also make the Resistance series and Uncharted series of games.

They have earned many awards as they like too show them off as soon as you enter the office.

more pics coming
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Just in time for Halloween Kang and Kodos Mini-Figures

Yes, Kidrobot has made special figures just in time for Halloween of the slobbering alien brother and sister duo Kang and Kodos for your pleasure. The two figures look top notch even though they're super small. Just head to kid robot on Melrose or buy'em online. Now for true horror, they're separate and blind boxed and cost 29.95.

Kang and Kodos

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Someone at Gamestop watches too much tv

While looking around on the ol' gamestop site I stumbled upon this very funny little pre-order bonus description. It's just so random. I love it.
preorder Bayonetta here to get so many Bayonetta posters u can have your own reality show with them.
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Here's what future cartoons may look like on Cartoon Network. Yes, once again,I'm reporting on some Cartoon news. This blog is about video games, cartoons, and obviously things to do in LA. Right now it's cartoons.

If you've been following the blog I reported on the shows, but lacked some pics. Here are some pics of my favorites below.

Reported via Racattack Junction the top picture is of a insane blue jay (Mordecai) and a mentally unstable racoon (Rigby). These two animals work at a zoo and are idiots and get into crazy antics. Their show is simply titled Regular Show.

Below are the two robots which are from the short Danger Planet. One is a robotic arm anothe is a video game machine that are trapped on danger planet and must protect a human baby.

Next to the robots is a pic of Uncle Grandpa. This sereis blew me away by making all it's charcters look ugly as sin. Buy hey they have a photo-realistic tiger that farts rainbows. The true story of Uncle Granpa is that he is everyone's Uncle Grandpa and visits u when u r at your worst.

I'm pooped more Cartoon news some other time.

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Katamari Forever Over

Sadly I don't have my own short program youtube video game review show. I don't have the time to edit in game footage with bad jokes I'd pull off . Instead I can give a quick review of Katamari Forever available only on the PS3. It sucks. Why it sucks and it tells u right away it it brings really nothing new to the series. The game's title in Japan is Katamari Tribute because it's like a Tribute album with no new songs. This game might have two new levels everything else in the games is from older Katamari games the only difference is the filters that make levels seem somewhat new. For example one filter makes everything in the level look like wood another filter makes everything black and white except for objects u can roll up which are colored. The filters get boring right away and u can choose them until you've beaten the level.

What your given here is the same old Katamari game with some bonuses like remixed music. I also felt the control were not up to par. I think the original games on the playstation 2 were fine and could of just been re-released on the psn instead of making this game. So I'm saying don't even bother renting. If u've played any other Katamari before u've played this game.
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Well, not really suckas, but u can party with him for 5 bucks at the UCB theatre this Friday. If your a fan of MC Chris than u might have instantly gotten the joke that MC CHRIS IS DEAD was his third latest album and a perfect choice for some Halloween music with some funny skits on it. MC Chris is mostly known for his connection to adult swim voicing incredibly stupid cartoon characters and rapper with lyrics that are more about Star Wars and his own problems.

Don't forget this Halloween that Star Wars Death Troopers( a book) has come out. Yes, even even Star Wars has gotten on the zombie train. I listened to the audio book and it seems like a book written for the very young, basically it's a scholastic Animorphs adventure.
Not only a book about zombie storm troopers, but the Star Wars online game Galaxies will be introducing some sort of zombie virus to the game so players can't fight infected wookies.
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Giant Robot and Comic Sale in LA

Meldown on Sunset is having a huge sale this weekend

Plus Giant Robot Biennale tonight free to the public tonight in Little Tokyo
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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Harmoniously coming together for things to do this weekend is the Thriller around the world reenactment and The Music Meister episode of Batman: The Brave and Bold.

This Saturday Oct 24th u can dance like the dead. Thrill the World is happening at LA Live. So come down and dress like a zombie and dance Micheal Jackson's Thriller with other people dressed as zombies. (There has been a lot of zombie activities lately if u follow the blog closely here in LA.) The event takes place at 5:30. U got a register ahead of time though so check the website for the officie information below,

Musically tying in with that monster mash (oh man that was bad, eh) anyway check out Batman: Brave and the Bold "Mayhem of the Music Meister" on Cartoon Network tomorrow. I don't want to spoil anything but it's the best episode of the series. Plus Niel Patrick Harris sings the villainous songs as the voice of the Music Meister. It was a extremely good choice to cast Neil Patrick Harris as Music Meister after he was sinning I mean singing other evil songs in Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. There are tons of of inside jokes and hilarious lyrics in this episode. Cartoon Network feels so confident you'll like the music in this episode that they're realising the soundtrack on itunes after the episode premieres.

Also I've gotten sick so thats why there have been a lack of updates, probably won't write that much for a while, but remember to check out to keep up on everything spooky in LA and the Giant Robot Opening Reception is this Saturday .

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Venture Bros Season 4 starts tomorrow

Time travel, supervillians, assassins, sorcery, whats not to like. Probably one of the best cartoons of today.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Screamfest and Coffin Joe

A bunch of great horror movies will be shown at the annual Screamfest smack dab at Hollywood and Highland at the Grauman' Chinese 6 this weekend.

They have a huge selection to see, Human Centipede is at the top of my list as well as The Revenant and thier shorts programs. So get some friends and come down to watch some spoooky and vile movies. This is the main course of horror movies to see so get down there.

Oh no it's Coffin Joe. If you want wierd and messed up Cinefamily is there for you come see some messed up horror movies all October at the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax even though it won't be silent from the screams and silent theatre really isnt't a silen't theater anymore.

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Sherman Oaks Street Fair

OW man! I can't believe it's back I love this street fair. I use to go every year until it started going down hill. I think it's coming back to life this sunday hundreds of of vendors giving free swag, plus shop for some Halloween stuff at Ahhs and and Party City.

I know it might be me, but it's just fun walking down a street u driven down a million times. Plus food, karoke, treats, fair games and more stuff. If at the least you'll be entertained for about three hours.
Sunday Oct 18th