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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Axe Cop Figurines From Comic-Con 2013 Huge Waste of Time Collectible

My experience for getting an Axe Cop Figurine was much of time waster in that the outside ADHD area did not jut give me the figurine after waiting in line, but printed them daily on a 3D printer, then painted, then boxed them and also led me through a short, but meaningless tour about them doing it. I know feel like I've seen a documentary on a third world country that makes Nikes. In the dumbest promo event at Comic-Con this year nothing by far was like getting one of the wonderful Axe Cop figurines that should have already been made before the con started.

I'll have a separate post on how nice some the ADHD outside booth with not very high up Axe Cop due to fear of wind and possibly poor planning was later for now, let's go on a magical tour of getting a tiny Axe Cop figure.

Looking at the mold of this they could have done more figures at a time
My journey of waiting and not listening very much started at the ADHD booth waiting at a random time as the people behind it weren't ready as they said they would be the previous day. Noon was the time they were suppose to start and that time was forgotten. Soon after the first few groups were led on a tour of an area not big enough to have a tour I sneaked in with a family, because getting a figurine of Axe Cop meant being explained how it was made in the 3D printers that will remain nameless as there will be no plug for them as they intended. A women carrying a Seagram's Ginger Ale clearing working off drinking the night before led us to the not distant 3D printers, churning out Axe Cop figurines in such a slow pace that we would not be getting any being made in the machines. Then to a long table filled with workers painting them and finally to someone who would give us a painted figure. From there we went to another man who boxed our figures in front of us. If you're asking, "Hey, Why didn't they just give you a figurine after waiting in line?" . The answer is simple, they wanted to waste time including the 3D printers, but it really showcased how useless they are. A team still needed to paint them and one man needed to box them.

Oh, there great mini-figures. You could collect Axe Cop, Diamond Head, Army Chihuahua and my favorite Liborg, whose basically got the body of Cable from X-men, but the head of a cyborg lion. Great figures in the dumbest process of giving them out ever.

Some other things they could have done instead of a tour

-Just given us the figures
-Have Axe Cop cosplayers hand us the figures.
-Give us inflatable Axes, would have matched the giant Axe Cop balloon.
-Trivia Contest based on the show
-Raffle Wheel

-So Fox whatever marketing group you used really wasted your money and though I am writing about Axe Cop, I would have done so anyway if you just handed out the much cheaper inflatable Axe Cop axes. Also, don't hire drunk people.