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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Doctor Who Panel At Comic-Con 2013

So many sonic screw drivers went up into the air like lighters at a rock concert that you could here there familiar buzz as Hall H grew silent. Fans had waited hours outside to catch a glimpse of two might show up for the panel. Though only the current cast of Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman were in attendance fans were still delighted and in awe of them receiving questions. There was a sadness as David Tennant did not appear, however in a special preview trailer we all save David Tennant back as Doctor Who for the 50th Anniversary special. As the two doctor sized up each others sonic screw driver's the audience gasped in delight. The Daleks and the mysterious Doctor played John Hurt  from the season finale area all vital parts from clips shown from the new trailer. The return of Rose Tyler was also shown begging many more questions than answers

Steven Moffat current showrunner was also in attendance and was laid into by moderator Craig Ferguson for killing of Amy and Rory. He told fans that the trailer was nothing and even more was to be revealed later. Also in attendance was An Adventure in Space and Time's Mark Gatiss and David Bradley who will be playing the first doctor. It's a doctor who special about the show first coming out.

Fans probably wanted more like a certain scarf wearing doctor making an appearance, but were left wanting more.