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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Anime Expo 2013 Reprise Reprise The Dirty Video Was A Hidden Cam Hug Boob Video

GoProHugs - ANIME EXPO 2013.mp4 - Watch More Funny Videos

Watch it before it's pulled down, semi-NSFW

GoProHugs is the "controversial" dirty video I mentioned Anime Expo got in a huff over. It's a not so hidden camera on someone's chest hugging cosplay women for boob shots. Oddly enough, this is from the third place winners of the LA Fights competition the EMC Monkeys. It seems to be in cheeky fun and the people behind AX are blowing it way out of proportion and getting the LAPD involved seems like a waste of time and a way to save their butts if any lawsuit comes about. Thanks to the TTDILA staff for finding the video.