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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Fickle Wish Closing in Little Tokyo

One of the stores in the mighty Anime Jungle empire is closing. The Little Tokyo Store was for all things fashion and cosplay. Sadly, it closing at the end of the month. We suggest making it out there if you were a patron before it's gone.

Fickle Wish
Inside Little Tokyo Mall
1st Floor
319 East 2nd Street Suite 122
Los Angeles, CA
If in Little Tokyo be sure to check out Retro Game Camp just a few steps away and the rest of the businesses that have been suffering. Here's our story on what it's like to work at Retro.

Retro Game Camp
Inside Little Tokyo Mall
1st Floor
319 E 2nd St
Ste 120
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Little Tokyo, Downtown
(213) 265-7889

Friday, July 31, 2020

What We Found On The Net Today: Geese, Crabs, Curses, Popcorn, Cats, Fruit Loops and Strawberries

Untitled Goose Game - “Lovely Edition” (Nintendo Switch)
from iam8bit
Pre-order $ 39.99

Fight Crab is out now on Steam and is coming to Switch soon, Sept 15.

Sadako at the End of the World Manga coming in October.
$15.00 10/20/20
-Didn't think this one would get a legal release in the US.

Yes, the Japanese horror movie lady that comes out of your TV has a post-apocalypse manga. She pals around two little girls who don't get that she's cursed them. Sadako also seems sad there aren't many humans left to curse.

-Arena Cinelounge Gourmet Popcorn is a thing so that the theater can stay around after Covid.

CatCafe Lounge is asking for donations to stay afloat for another two months. I love the place, but it seems like it's gonna be hard to keep the place functioning by donation. It just had a donation drive, but then everything got shut down again.

You can donate here.

We can't find Tropical Froot Loops, and the look so tasty. We also haven't been able to head to a Japanese supermarket and see if they even have Strawberry Coke in stock. *Strawberry Coke is from Japan you won't find it in a regular market.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

What We Found On The Net Today: Where Do We Pee Now?, Rations & Antitrusts

Reddit LA noticed The LA Times Weekend Cover.

How to get Dodger dogs, garlic fries and more Dodger Stadium food delivered to some areas

Evangelion emergency rations look tasty via Sora News 24

-Bezos, Zuckerberg and other Big Tech chiefs answer to Congress on antitrust concerns 
Let's hope the government breaks up Amazon, Facebook and Google and the big four entertainment companies get broken up so we all get better deals on stuff. Competition breeds deals.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Weekly What To Do: Midsummer Scream Livestream, Zombies & Monty Pythons

Flappers Ongoing Events

Get your comedy on with Flappers in Burbank with multiple virtual events. Try some Anti-Viral Open Mic or just laugh at some comedians in Zoom.

We Are Little Zombies Streaming Online
Now-Jul 31

When four young orphans—Hikari, Ikuko, Ishi, and Takemura—first meet, their parents’ bodies are being turned into dust, like fine Parmesan atop a plate of spaghetti Bolognese, and yet none of them can shed a tear. They are like zombies; devoid of all emotion. With no family, no future, no dreams, and no way to move forward, the young teens decide that the first level of this new existence involves salvaging a gaming console, an old electric bass, and a charred wok from their former homes—just enough to start a band…and then conquer the world. Tragedy, comedy, music, social criticism, and teenage angst are all subsumed in this eccentric cinematic tsunami. 

Virtual Lecture Series: The Who’s Who of Japanese Deities 
July 30 @ 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Did you know that the famous Laughing Buddha is actually not a buddha at all or that the meditative buddha is only one type among a multitude? Did you know that the Buddhist heavens are under constant threat by hordes of demons and must therefore be defended by celestial protectors?
This virtual lecture series will serve as an introduction not only to the categories of Buddhist deity, but to the iconography which will allow laypeople to identify specific figures. We will consider the sacred hand gestures, the weapons and implements, even the clothing, so that audience members can recognize some of the deities portrayed in or around a Japanese temple.

Pixar Dream Destinations
Saturday, August 1st
3:00 - 9:00PM

Gallery Nucleus and Cyclops Print Works have teamed up to organize PIXAR DREAM DESTINATIONS: A Disney/Pixar Travel Poster Exhibition! We invited a roster of incredible artists to create artworks inspired by the plethora of vacation hot-spots throughout Pixar's rich catalog of animated media!
  • Over 20 new and original travel posters inspired by specific Disney animated locales by a huge roster of our favorite artists
  • New Gallery Nucleus exclusive Limited Editions print releases from Disney Fine Art print and screen-prints from Cyclops Print Works
  • Costumes highly encouraged

Midsummer Scream Livestream
Saturday, August 1, 2020

Midsummer Scream, the world’s largest Halloween and horror convention(not sure about that), will be hosting a livestream all day Saturday, August 1, featuring previews and updates for Halloween events and attractions, including related performances, talks from leaders in spooky entertainment, as well as eerie surprises!

Midsummer Scream has partnered with [email protected], a student organization at the University of Southern California, who will present a series of educational panels and talks with speakers from across the themed entertainment industry. This programming will run simultaneously alongside Midsummer Scream’s livestream, allowing viewers the option to watch one “channel” or the other throughout the day.

Sat, Aug 1, 2020, 8:00 PM
Sat, August 1, 2020, 10:00 PM

This week, we're doing a double feature of two Monty Python feature film classics: MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL and MONTY PYTHON AND THE LIFE OF BRIAN.
First up is 1975's HOLY GRAIL, the first and in the opinions of many the best of the Monty Python features (although all three features are pretty great). The British sensation television comedy sketch troupe had been on hiatus for a few years before joining together to do this feature film riff on King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and sacred British mythology.

Essentially a satire on certain aspects of Christianity, BRIAN tells the story of a lowly commoner named Brian born roughly at the same time as Jesus. Their lives parallel each other in strange ways including Brian's unwanted elevation to a kind of prophet among the people.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Deep Blue Sea 3 WB's Will Release This But Not Wonder Woman 84?

Deep Blue Sea 3 needs to drown, but it already looks like a corpse that's washed up on shore. A movie just middle of the road; it's not a "so bad, it's good film", it's just gonna be a flop. I don't even know how a major studio could release this and think it's okay. But hey, WB's doesn't seem to care. I wish the used a proxy comapny, not even an official WB release, it looks so sad for them.

If you want to go back in time when people cared about Deep Blue Sea...I guess numero uno, it had stars in it and was a huge success in the box office. The used cutting edge CGI and even robotic sharks that could easily hurt people. None of the cast or crew or robot sharks from that movie are a part of this production. The only connection seems to be sharks that are made smarter and or fiercer, by idiots want to kill dumb people researching sharks. In the first movie scientists want to find a cure for Alzheimer's in shark brains, now it's some kind of way to make you smarter. Maybe the people behind this have Alzheimer's and forgot the original movie.

From the guy who wrote Rollerball 2002 and the guy who wrote the screenplay for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans comes a bad joke on Jaws.

Out on streaming July 28, and then on Blu-ray/DVD on August 25.

What We Found On The Net Today: Halloween Might Not Be Happening, What's That On The Switch, Animal Crossing Goods, G4 Coming Back & More

Soda-pop shop features more than 700 flavors of soda!
ABC 7 reminded everyone to check out Galco's Soda Pop Stop one of our favorite places in all LA.

It looks like fun...?
Glendale Galleria sets up outdoor dining in parking garage

Sad to write that it looks like all the big haunts aren't happening this year.
Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights Canceled For the First Time in 30 Years

Universal is out so far. No word from the other major theme parks. An online version of Scare LA is happening soon, hopefully we get details on all the annual haunts.

Maybe they'll try drive-thru haunts like they do in Japan.
Jackbox Party Pack 7 revealed the last game in the pack, Blather ‘Round. Which is rather hard to explain and that's the point of the game. The fun game you can play online with friends over Zoom or Discord won't be out till probably October.

Oh and
  • Quiplash — The gut-busting battle of wits and wittiness. Use your smarts to answer simple prompts like “Something you’d be surprised to see a donkey do” and “A better name for France.” (3-8 players)
  • Fibbage XL — The lying, bluffing, fib-till-you-win trivia party game! Fool your friends with your lies, avoid theirs, and find the (usually outrageous) truth. (2-8 players)

are now on Nintendo Switch for $9.99 each.

The new horror game Carrion basically put a vagina on the Switch menu system it'll probably update in a week a go away with a different image, but still hilarious.

Animal Crossing Goods

Bane of my Existence Pin Preorder $11

Tom Nook T-SHIRT 'Bank Bath' $25.00

G4 a gaming channel on cable that died some years back is coming back with little to no details on how and where, except it's in 2021. The best guess is G4 is coming back with beloved shows X-Play, a game review show and Attack of The Show, a show about whatever was trending on the net on Peacock. Because, NBCUniversal still owns the brand. It's really just a promo and we wish there were more details.

It's all about Cheddar Goblin.

We have a lot for the mascot character for Mac-n-cheese from a commercial in the horror movie Mandy.

MANDY - Cheddar Goblin Plush 

Bugs Bunny Deserved 
A Great Blu-Ray To Celebrate His 80th Birthday – But This Ain’t It
I gotta agree, we don't want Funko with everything we want Bugs Bunny in all his silly glory.

Oh, and he even got stamps too.

If you love that crazy Japanese horror movie, wear it on your face.