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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Dodgers Win The World Series!


It's the funniest picture we spotted online. And, yes, the Dodgers really did win the World Series.

If you type in Dodgers to google you get some fireworks displayed over the page. At least when we tried it, it worked.

And, of course.


Celebrations after Dodgers' World Series win turn unruly, violent in downtown LA; 8 arrested amid looting, vandalism

Dodgers celebrations: Video shows bicyclist struck by hit-and-run driver as fans take over DTLA intersection

Weekly What To Do: Whatcha Gonna Do For Halloween?

Don't forget to check out our guide below for everything still going on for Halloween. You've got drive-thrus and drive-ins and a handfuls of other events to look at around LA.

Halloween 2020: LA Guide To Everything Halloween 

November Drive-in Screenings at Post 43
The Hollywood Legion Theater is located at 2035 N. Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90068

Sunday, November 1st

Mrs. Doubtfire – 6 PM PST

Psycho – 9 PM PST

Monday, November 2nd

Airplane! – 5:45 PM PST

Election – 8:15 PM PST

Wednesday, November 4th

Rear Window” – 5:45 PM PST

Vertigo” – 8:40 PM PST

Thursday, November 5th

Groundhog Day” – 5:30 PM PST

Tootsie” – 8:15 PM PST

Friday, November 6th

Finding Nemo” – 5:30 PMPST

Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl” – 8:15 PM PST

Saturday, November 7th

The Princess Bride” – 5:45 PM PST

Pulp Fiction” – 8:30 PM PST

24th Street Theatre’s annual “Dia de los Muertos
Monday, Nov. 2 at 6 p.m. 
Hosted by Gabriel Romero (Archer, Dante’s Cove, Los Beltrán), the virtual festival will feature special guests including master conguero, bandleader and vocalist Louie Cruz Beltran and his ensemble; Xochi Flores and Cesar Castro and their Son Jarocho-Chicano Cambalache; Aztec dance troupe Huitzilopochtli; ballet folklórico Sol de Fuego; and Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actor Edward James Olmos.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Dread X Collection 3 All Together Spoopy

By Jonathna Bilski

Ahhhhhhh, it's so cute!!!? Well, maybe a bit gross and bloody. I guess it's the new term and I'm not making it up "Spoopy." Spoopy means it's cute scary. It's a subgenre of horror and that's where Dread X Collection 3 went with it's latest pack of 12 curated games made in 10 days. Much like an anthology horror movie, there's a wrap-around story that sets up the games you're playing. I do love the simple yet strange story of the ghost alien, Prometheus, just called P. Called P by Leo the human he's sort of trapped in or possessing. While searching around a delightfully adorable castle you"ll learn more about their story as you're playing as Leo. Then you'll get special candles you can put near graves to play the different games. Cute concept, horrible thought provoking story about existence to a creature that doesn't come from a dimension that has fixed points in time.

What had me interested from the get go wasn't just a horror game 12 pack to guzzle down, right before Halloween, but one of the new game makers for the collection. Adam Pype's & Viktor Kraus' – SPOOKWARE @ The Video Store made me giddy to try the new game in the series. Ya see, I downloaded their free version of Spookware, a horror version of Warioware, and was impressed by the bizarre mini-games. This time around they came up with a plot about three skeleton bros trying to make it through 3 nights of horror movies, a 3 day horrorthon. The mini-games are tough and I wish they did controller support. Still, I need to master my moves to see those skeleton bros make it through till Halloween.

(That's another heads up, not all the games in the collection work with with a standard controller. Most are gonna be mouse and keyboard.)

Another game I tried was Moya Horror/Amos' – Nice Screams at Funfair, this was a low poly, ice cream scooper game, where you had to serve zombies and other undead or you would be killed by a cat robot that was constantly monitoring you. It was weird and I can't say one of my favorites.

You have Breogan Hackett's – Bubbo: Adventure on Geralds Island, which is like an old school platformer from the Nintendo 64. It seems like it's gearing up for a weird ending, but the main story is just like playing any platformer from that era with the world's most irritating cameras.

There's more game to try and more secrets in the castle I have to unlock or at least suck up with my vacuum. Yes, just like Luigi's Mansion. 
Dread X Collection 3 isn't trying to break the horror genre in's just a literal cute collection-well, sometimes pretty bloody- of horror games made fast and our fun to try at least once. The Spookware one is gonna be the one you show to friends on your stream for Halloween.

Grab a copy of the game here on sale till Oct 30th. Regularly $9.99 on Steam. To learn more about it and each game look here.

Game provided by publisher for review purposes

No More Skyslide? OUE Skyspace LA Permanently Closed


No reason is given, but it's easy to guess that Covid shut downs took their toll on the OUE Skyspace. The web-site for the second tallest building in LA's fun outdoor area above the city's streets says the place is permanently closed. 
We just wrote about our experience on it last year.
It was a tourist trap, but silly fun one.
We're guessing the Skyslide won't be allowed to operate, but that seems like a crazy waste as the transparent thrill ride is only 4-years-old. How we'll people be scared out of their minds sliding down seeing the street below, now?

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Halloween 2020: Fun Bits

Missed this special version of the Hausu T-hshirt from Tavis Pixels


Saturday, October 24, 2020

Shadows in the Dark A Horror Exhibition


Some great new horror posters from Glen Brogan and other artists over at Hero Complex for their Shadows in the Dark horror exhibition. 

Playboo is Glen Brogan and the heads of Alfred Hitchcock are Felix Tindall.

Dude Bro Party Massacre III: Halloween Movie Pick


If there's one thing we love reminding people of it's the bloody horror comedy Dude Bro Party Massacre III. Premiering at the now defunct LA Film Festival, came a blood soaked orgy of silliness. The plot involves a twin brother trying to avenge their dead sibling and stop the notorious killer Motherface by joining his brother's frat. But that's only on the surface. Set as an old video tape recorded from TV and set as a sequel are only the beginning of the lies as neither is true. When you start watching you'll realize the film is playing with you and not so subtly suggests maybe the Dude Bros are well, kind of d*cks. And maybe they deserve to die.

Did we mention parts were written, by different members of the comedy troupe 5-Second Films, without the other's knowing what the other was doing then it was cobbled together? Or that it turns the tables on the guys and makes it kind of a feminist film? Yet, it still works as a total send-up making fun of all the 80's and 90's slashers movies you've seen.

Dude, you've got to check out Dude Bro Party Massacre III!

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