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Old and New

So let's take a look at one of the oldest pieces of animation

this is from Winsor McCay the father of animation and is one of the earliest animated pieces ever.

Now here's one of the newest pieces of animation by Steve Scott, pretty weird huh,


found this ala dark diamond

Nickeledon's Future and the rest

I forgot about some stuff in the Marvel and Cartoon Network Section, but updated them so go back if you don't want to miss anything. Nickelodeon is saddled with the rest of whats coming out because they have so little coming out. Many say Nick's afraid because after Spongebob goes they have nothing to fill in. Nicks already poor cartoon wise with well having nothing new right now except some Spongebob specials.

However they do have Fanboy & Chum Chum where two best friends dress up like superheroes and fight evil. I believe the show will constantly make fun of the super-hero genre it looks okay. It might just go to nicktoons network this fall or winter.

Here's the opening themes song

Fanboy & Chum Chum Main Title from fredseibert on Vimeo.

Next down the line from the people who brought you Fairly Odd-parents is T.U.F.F. Puppy about a stupid dog Dudley Puppy named that teams up with cat named Kitty Katswell to defend his city from a shady organization called D.O.O.M.. There some sort of agents. It look like it'll be fun when it comes out in late 2010 early 2011

Nicks also coming out with Planet Sheen, which I care nothing for since Jimmy Neutron was a terrible rip off of Dexter's Laboratory. Nicks also getting Monsters Vs. Aliens the series and Kung-Fu Panda the series. Which I care nothing for.

Now here's the rest

In probably one of the silliest ideas out there, John Oates gets back his magical talking mustache and goes on kick ass adventures in a show titled J-stache

The pilot sums up how outlandish and strange the show will be. No idea what networks getting the show, maybe Comedy Central.

The Cleveland Show coming this September to Fox is another Family Guy like American Dad was. It's the same basic show with Cleveland as the star. It's already going to have two seasons. I saw the first episode already and it's watchable, but it's still just Family Guy, just not as good. It stars Cleveland and his son who has aged and become fat and has a smart talking baby. Cleveland will have a daughter and a new wife. He'll be living in the South and have new wacky companions. Uuh, it's just not that good.

Next up is Turtles Forever a straight to dvd cartoon movie of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of today meeting the one from the 80's cartoon version of the TMNT in a WTF is going on story. This is a exremely strange concept that two different cartoon versions of the same charcters are meeting each other. I really wonder what the Hell this is about. It comes out the end of September

Next the best for last as Futurama is coming back in the summer of 2010 on Comedy Central. There's talk of the original voice cast being fired and the budget being cut down, but I still think the series will pull through, there also no way the show could continue without the original voice cast I'm sure they'll come back. I see that the series will be cut down to less episodes though due to Fox's greed and stupidity. The straight to dvd movies made a killing.

Thats it for future animation, unless anyone has anything to add or I missed something, so go ahead and comment.

Cartoon Network's Future

Other than being completely self-destructive and insane Cartoon Network does have some cool cartoons coming out. However, Cartoon Network wants comedy dead. Cartoon Networks policy currently is to no longer except funny cartoons, they want action oriented boys cartoons and thats it. Chowder and Flapjack are over. However Chowder will have a final episode of sorts where we see 20 years into the future where hes is now a chef and has his own apprentice. CN Real or possibly the dumbest idea for a network whose sole purpose is cartoons are truly awful and rehashed live action kids shows. For example they have the Outsiders which is a rehash of Ghosthunters except teenager look for ghost. Then some shows make no sense like Slamball which is basketball with trampolines? This young girl gives a good argument as to why Cartoon Network is f'ing up so bad.

Luckily some shows were already in production so Cartoon Network already paid for some funny stuff.

Let's start of with SYM-BIONIC TITAN created by of Dexter's Laboratory fame and the animated Star Wars Clone Wars not that CG crap. The shows story is that three alien teenagers leave their war torn planet and pretend to be human high school students. Then monsters show up on earth and they have to work together and form a giant robot. This shows looks like fun and Genndy Tartakovsky doing a show with giant robots fighting is going to be great. This is the second show I most looking forward to. Coming Fall 2009.

SYM - BIONIC TITAN reminds me a little to much of well Titan Maximum, the new adult swim show from the people who did robot chicken, the robots even look the same some what.

Next we have Cartoon Institute, which is the great idea of letting different animators come up with their own shorts and showing three per episode. This is being led by Craig McCracken creator of the Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home for Imaginary friends and who also worked on Dexter's Laboratory. Shows like this have launched a number of shows including Megas XLR, Kids Next Door, and helped Powerpuff Girls get made. Many different shorts will be around 39 have been made. This should be fun to see wild and different ideas and styles from different animators. Late 2009.

Here's a strange looking short apparently these two are Nature agents?

Next we have Ben 10 Evolutions where Ben's superpowers are revealed to the world and his a megastar. I feel the show is being dragged out and that it wasn't that good in the first place. Maybe this incarnation of it will be better. Early 2010

Generator Rex is based on a comic-book that came out in the 90's and was quite violent, they probably toned it down, but the insane story set in the future still looks to be in check. So a 15- year old name Rex get nanites in him( super small robots) that give him super powers like giant robot hands to smack people arounds with. In the comic Rex had died and the nanites brought him back to life. His friends Agent Six a super cool secret agent and BoBo HaHa a intelligent monkey that used ti be a bell-hop help him fight evil nanites monsters. The comic had a hot lounge singer woman and some other animal that was a scientist help Rex also. Seem like they might have been cut out of the show or might have smaller roles then they did in the comic. This show looks to be fun when a young kid can be up monsters with giant robot hands, plus theres a monkey. Early 2010



Or do be more precise Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. My favorite show coming out from
Pendelton Ward who just worked on Flapjack. Adventure Time is about the utterly fun and insane adventures of Finn the dog and Jake the human, two best buds that go on adventures through strange and magical lands encountering all kinds of weird creatures and people. The shows sense of humor is completely different from a average cartoon, plus the writing and story draws you in. It's the best show coming out. The shows staff even has a blog of what they're doing and update constantly here

Coming Winter 2010

As I already posted why this show is great

here's the pilot so judge for yourself

Lastly there will be Firebreather a animated movie based on a comic about a kid who's half dragon. His dad wants him to rule the Earth and become king of all monsters, while his mom wants him to just be a average kid. It's original at least. Coming late 2009 earlt 2010

There are some shows I didn't mention like Hot Wheels Battle Force 5, because they're simply going to suck or are outright marketing toys and merchandise to kids shows.

DC's Future

Superman/Batman Public Enemies will be awesome. Based on a DC story arc of the same name it's just f'ing silly, but fun. Lex Luthor is now President and puts a billion dollar reward on Superman's head because he blames Superman for a meteor thats going to destroy the earth. So Batman and Superman head to the White House to take down the President, too bad every villain they ever fought is going to try and take them down in a all out battle in Washington DC.

I really have high hopes for this one as they got the voice actors from JLU to reprise their roles as Batman, Superman, and Lex Luthor. Look for this great straight to dvd cartoon on Septmeber 29.

Talking about voice actors one future episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold will feature Adam West as Thomas Wayne/Batman's Dad, Kevin Conroy as The Phantom Stranger, Mark Hamill as The Spectre and made the current voice actor of Batman Diedrich Bader cry. Batman BB is the only DC based cartoon series being made right now which kind of suck compared to Marvel's plans. Batman BB will be out for another season this fall/winter.

Next in the far of future Superman: Red Son is being made for the straight to dvd market. Based on the graphic novel of the same name baby Superman's rocket lands in Russia instead of America . Now Superman stand for lies, oppression and the Communist way in extremely sinister what if?, story. I really enjoyed this book and seeing this being made into a cartoon brings me joy.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Marvels future

Marvel's hitting the anime

with these two news shows Inuya--- I mean the Wolverine Anime and the Iron Man Anime

Iron man apparently is fighting a space admiral with robot hands and Wolverine has become Inuyasha.

The Iron man anime looks watchable, but the plot for the Wolverine anime is so retarded. Wolverine loses his memories(again) while in Japan. Some cute Japanese girl helps him and names him after her Uncle Logan. When mysterious monsters and demons from Japanese folklore show up Logan transforms into Wolverine. No he won't have a costume.

Iron man just looks cool and whatever the shows about at least the got how cool his armor is. These have no dates to when there coming out, but probably 2010.

Wolverine and the X-men are back for another season (this may be different where you live as the entire first season is done in Europe and Canada, but the season hasn't been fully shown in America) The second season revolves around Apocaylpse and the Age of Apocaylpse story arc. New characters are inbound including the Merc with a Mouth Deadpool. Sometime on Nicktoons late 2009 early 2010

Fantastic Four World's Greatest Heroes will finish its first season run in America even though it already ended in Canada and Europe . Going on Nicktoons. This series captures the Fantastic Four and how they act in the comics to perfection.

Next we have some big headed versions of Marvel Superheroes in Superhero Squad. A kid show of the Marvel superheroes who live in Superhero city, it's more cartoony than action oriented. Coming to Cartoon Network this September.

Clip of the show

If your not into this kid show a more adult version is coming out actually called Avengers with real avengers starring in the roles not B-list heroes. The show is to coincide for when all the movies come out. So look forward to a real avenger cartoon in late 2010 early 2011. The team that was working on Hulk gamma corps was scrapped and put onto the Avengers projects.This show looks funny and looks like DC's death warrant as there only doing Batman Brave and the Bold for another season and have one staright to dvd movie coming out. DC better start do something .

Next we have Planet Hulk, which is Hulk gets shot into space for being the Hulk and and instead of going to some peaceful planet where he won't hurt anyone accidentality lands on a Hell world and beats the crap out of everyone. The action seat will be great. He' fight giant monsters, the silver surfer, robots, and giant parasites that need to be bun out of him. I think they could have chose a better voice actor. This comes out in Fall 2009.

Here's Black Panther for BET which is a WTF. Black Panther suppose to be a hero and this clip really doesn't show that or even Black Panther only jogging, begging the quesion why? Also ouch.

This just seems to be a poor idea.

I haven't been very cartoony

Cartoon week hasn't been going well, I haven't posted that much, but lets go on a quick run through of all the cartoons coming out over the next year or two

Starting with Adult Swim

Death Fighter the sequel to the Aqua teen movie is planned for release in late 2010 or early 2011

This September from the creators of Robot Chicken you have Titan Maximum. A team of young spaceship pilots who come together to form a giant robot well called Titan Maximum. Due to budgetary cuts the team was disbanded until a former member (voice of Seth Green) went evil sending monsters to conquer the galaxy. The members of the team who aren't evil are called back to service.

The series sounds like a great riff on Power Rangers and Voltron like shows, plus writer Geoff Johns have worked on some episodes.

Next is Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge from David Willis of Aqua Teen fame.The CG show looks horrible,but the stories seem even more horrible( I like it being horrible). Cheyenee Cinnamon rides a magical flying unicorn around New Jersey trying to solve problems like racial hatred with her songs. Cheyenne Cinnamon will be voiced by the singer Neko Case, but Neko won't actually sing any songs, plus MC CHRIS IS BACK as a talking Gummi bear in this show

MC Chris has a show in development called Battle Hi, which is a cartoon about himself going on magical adventures. It's in the air if it's being made or not.

Aaron McGruder says Boondocks next season won't be done till sometime in 2010, try and find the two episode not seen in America, because they attacked BET, BET has a Black Panther cartoon coming out and you'll see why they make fun of the network in a future post.

The beloved Venture Bros has been split in twain as only 8 episodes will be seen sometime October/November and another 8 episodes in June 2010

Also 24 and Helper are really dead and are never coming back

Were getting a funny special called Freaknik the Musical about a ghost with the voice of T-pain who comes out of interdimensional vaginas.Other voices include Rick Ross, Lil' Wayne, Andy Samberg heres a song from the special (it's just the song).

Korgath and the Xtacles are not coming back

Also for some reason were getting live action weirdness from the people who made Wonder Showzen( clip below) and were also getting the original The Office from England.

These other shows are so early in development I have no pics of them and little info

Frankenhole a new stop-motion animated show from the creator of Moral Orel, the pilot comes out this Fall

Comedy about a family in South Boston.

Tight Bros
About two friends from New Jersey trying to live the lifestyle of cool hip guys , but they lack any cash

A Live action pilot from Dave Willis starring Matt Berry (IT Crowd) and Dana Synder(voice of Master Shake)
Neil Hamburger's Big Ball
From Tim and Eric and starring someone name Nei l Hamburger. It has been described as a Japanese game show meets The Price Is Right.
Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell
Comedy about a middle-aged demon by Dave Willis who seems to get around
Tyrone's Inferno
By the ever funny Evan Dorkin

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Marvel vs Capcom 2

Out today, but what the Hell, thats a shitty demo, you can only play 2-player and thats 2-player without xbox live support only, why not just give single player for the demo and xbox live support. Capcom just does things to hurt itself sometimes.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where's this?

Anyone? Take a guess

Godzilla Shoes and Supermans a pervert

This Thursday check out a epic battle at the Egyptian Theatre between Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidora, thanks Japan Sci-Fi for the heads up

After you see the movie head to Sportie LA on Melrose or Undeafted on Sunset and pick up these kicks by Puma.

Yeah your looking at Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, and King Kong shoes. These look so damn cool! These are simple some of the coolest shoes to come out since the Back to the Future shoes that could tie themselves.

This Wednesday checkout models acting out Superman and Lois Lane S&M at Meltdown. I've skimmed through the book while at Wacko. It kind of tries to drag out ties of Superman's creators and some of the early dirty comics they did.

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This Weekend

Robot Chicken on Wheels brings the people who work on Robot Chicken to a skate park with live bands for free

this art gallery show blends scifi and artistic taste, plus probably be funny to see if anyone dress like Captain Kirk

Plate by Plate is a food tasting party at the Califonia Science Center this Saturday
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Monday, July 27, 2009

X-MEN Anime Rules!

This is the first redone intro for the 90's version of the x-men made for the Japanese audience

This is the second, and yeah the never fought mutant cyborg aliens with wings, but who cares, a Japanese animation studio should have been handed over the show.

It's Cartoon week on the blog, hell LA is home to many animation studios, mostly all in Burbank. Cough, With the utter demise of Cartoon Network, thanks to CN Real(hopefully, Adventure Time will somehow get a second season) I thought it be nice to write about some animated properties and their future, plus some stuff you may not know about like the above X-men anime style beginnings

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today and this weekend At the Nucleus art Gallery a band that makes me wanna hurl. Their song is infectious and their having a party.

This Friday deadgirl is playing at the Nuarte theater and well, it'll be some pretty dark stuff, but still funny

ZAP! POW! BAM! I'm sad

I visited the Skirball Cultural Center for ZAP! POW! BAM! The Superhero: The Golden Age of Comic Books, 1938–1950.

Included with Museum admission (tickets at the door): $10 General; $7 Seniors and Full-Time Students; $5 Children 2–12; Free to Members and Children under 2; Free to all on Thursdays

The comics at the newstand are free to read, I laughed becuse DJ's Universal comcis donated them and I go there sometimes

This just in ZAP! POW! BAM! The Superhero: The Golden Age of Comic Books, 1938–1950 sucks.

What could have been a great exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center turned into a huge flop,
the two exhibits ZAP! POW! BAM! The Superhero: The Golden Age of Comic Books and
Lights, Camera, Action: Comic Book Heroes of Film and Television
or really two rooms filled with comic memorabilia give a extremely boring outlook of comic books and their history tied to America. I'm saddened by how the two exhibits had little to no thought or time put into them. The worst being Lights, Camera, Action: Comic Book Heroes of Film and Television where all these great props from superhero tv shows and movies are crammed into a small room .

They do have some great props such as Batman's costume from Tim Burton's first Batman movie, the batcycle from the old 1960's show and many first editions of some highly prized comics such as Action Comics #1, but it might not be the real version. The rest of the crammed room makes mw want to be a supervillian, with stupid Marvel Posters up and shutter even a Daredevil movie poster. To get in more depth they have a poster of the Hulk that anyone could just buy today in the exhibit for no reason, its just there to I guess look comicy. I felt that the museum should have done something better with what they had. The room has no real setup everythings all over the place. Sorry, bout lack of pics in there, but they don't even allow cameras inside which is just another gripe.

Switching to the
ZAP! POW! BAM! The Superhero: The Golden Age of Comic Books exhibit. Its look seemed strange and out of order. There was no real timeline or explanation of the comic industry.

I dare you to touch the Kryptonite if you go!

Information cards around the exhibit were not thoughtful and seemed to lack any real knowledge of the comic industry as though someone just copied things off of Wikipedia. The placing of some cards was also strange as some are out of view. It's almost if they're hidden so you don't read about different comic book creators and writers.

The main exhibit was more in depth, having classic pieces of art and sketches up, some are so strange and silly it shows how wide people's imagination could be in the early years of the industry.
It's so strange, think if a giant statue of yourself appeared with a secret passage in your eye socket.

Yes, he's Yankee Doodle Jones

It makes me sad with all the sketches and stuff available they put together such a pathetic exhibit, I'm sure they could of asked a ton of comic book people in LA for help, what a shame. The shows not a total wash out there is some great stuff here I just suggest coming on Thursday and not paying admission, parking is free.

Here's some more pieces they had.

Just look how Joker is represent on the cover as a huge and strange threat. Just compare the size of Batman on this sketch to Joker who looks extremely adversarial and intimidating. I love this piece.

There was a section for little kids to learn to draw comics under the insane view of the Joker. Really small kids could even try on super hero costumes and watch some old serials of superheroes.

The gift shop has a few silly items such as a guide to being Superman, a excerpt is below

Yeah because Superman wouldn't just make her lungs pop out if he did that.

Spider-man and Superman Mezuzots, I don't know who thought that was a good idea, Look at Spider-man is curled up on his Mezuzot.

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