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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Godzilla Encounter @ Comic-Con

 The Godzilla Encounter would be the first look at the new Godzilla from Legendary and director Gareth Edwards. This outside experience required snagging a pass from the Legendary booth at certain times at the convention, then stepping outside to perhaps meet Toho's most famous monster at a building not to far away.

When you first enter the encounter your met with a destroyed, overturned police vehicle, crushed perhaps by your favorite giant green monster. Then your shown a recreated downtown Tokyo, which you may walk through, there's props from Godzilla movies including the bomb from the first one that supposedly killed Godzilla. Before you might get to the manga section showing all the comics Godzilla's been in you would have to get to safety. For Godzilla was entering San Diego  and about to get us. Soon we were put in a control center. Soldiers asked us to work on consoles pressing buttons at random to help track the beast. To soon were we shoved into a "elevator" an taken up floors before getting stuck and having to get off. There we crowded behind digital screen windows and waited. Soon we saw something scaly come by and all too soon was it looking right at us before walking away. Not before yelling his iconic scream and his famous music trailing behind him did we see a fearsome Godzilla.

We were thanked for participating and given mini-Mondo posters of Godzilla before stepping back into the sunny San Diego weather.