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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Metal Hurlant Chronicles Riffs Waiting

 Good back-story, write-up on the awful recent SyFy Channel series Metal Hurlant Chronicles.

No one thought to change the name?

"Michael Jai White appears in both, and the clearest sign of progress on the filmmakers’ part is that, by the time they made “The Endomorphe,” whoever is responsible for the closing credits had learned how to spell White’s name. (He’s listed as “Michael Jay White” in “King’s Crown.”)"

Unique LA May 3-4 Minus Kevin Tong

No, no, it just can't be!? Kevin Tong won't be at this years Unique LA. Darn, darn and more darn. Though his eye-catching art based on films won't be there, many unique booths will be from LA from San Fran-at least all American places.

Unique LA
The Spring Show is May 3 & 4
Hours: 11am-6pm (both Saturday & Sunday)
California Market Center, 110 East Ninth St.
Parking: There is secure, underground parking at the California Market Center for $6 during Unique LA. There are also numerous outdoor parking lots surrounding the building.
Admission includes:
• A limited edition cotton tote bag from our artist series
• Unlimited re-entry for both days
Free cocktails & drinks from JOIA All Natural Sodas, Honest Tea, GT’s Kombucha and more!
• DIY arts and crafts projects all weekend long!
• Free photo booth portraits and a print at the Oh Snap Studios Photo Booth

$10 gets you into a vendor paradise of hard to find items that some can only be grabbed up online. There are 350 different artists and vendors this year to peruse through. It's not only them you meet, but an opportunity to network with those of similar taste. If you need new threads, a future birthday present, a new taste or something to put up in your pad this is the place.

Minus Kevin Tong, of course.

This is the 6th Spring Market, they know what they're doing over at Unique USA.

Free Comic Book Day LA May 3

This weekend sees the return of Free Comic Book Day. So many LA stores do their best to show off and give out the best free comics they can. There will be sales of all sorts and even some cosplay at the many comic stores of Los Angeles. Check this guide from now until Saturday, May 3 for updates on what's happening.

You can check the main Free Comic Book Day site for the comic store near you's up to do.

Update: or check out this Hero Complex post that did the work for me

Whatever You Wanna Sale
7522 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90046
Meltdown let's everybody who put $25 down sell their "other stuff" at their Free Comic Book Day.





*while supplies last

 - Signings and Free Sketches for Kids
- Buy 3 Get 1 FREE sale on ANYTHING in the store (mix & Match)
- Get the Stamp Card to come back for free stuff every Saturday in MAY

Free Comic Book Day 2014! @ House of Secrets

Weekly What To Do: April 30-May 7 2014

Top To Do
Humans From Earth
May 2-3 
Egyptian Theatre 
6712 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028
A new monthly screening series by former head of Hero Complex Geoff Boucher. The monthly screening series is also a podcast for Nerdist. First night in this two part series is Slither with director James Gunn, whose the director of Guardians of the Galaxy. Second night is the launch of the new Nerdist podcast.

*No word on a CapeTown Film Festival that Geoff started last year around the same time.

Game Night 20 featuring OMORI by OMOcat
Sat, May 3
7:30-10:00 PM

"Omocat is quickly gaining momentum. From her gif animations, T Shirts, animation, and forward thinking style, she’s put those efforts into a new game, OMORI. We’ll be projecting her efforts outdoors and will have playable stations inside of GR2."


Fri, May 2
Vista Theatre
4473 S. Sunset Dr., Los Angeles, California 90027

I hope no one gets high and goes see this.

The Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival

May 1-8
Laemelle Theaters

Do we really need a festival devoted to Jewish films? Aren't that all already? I kid, I kid.

Wear Spider-Man Gear. Get Free Popcorn.
Thursday, May 1

"Wear Spider-Man gear to a Thursday Sneak or midnight showing, and get a free regular popcorn.  Plus, Spider-Man himself will be visiting Beach Cities from 6PM - 9PM."

School of Cinematic Arts Free Screenings
The Double
May 5, 2014, 7:00 P.M.
Stage Fright
May 7, 2014, 7:00 P.M.
The Ray Stark Family Theatre, SCA 108
900 W. 34th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007

The Double-Followed by a Q&A with Richard Ayoade. Synopsis: A surreal film about an office worker who is out-paced by his double.

Stage Fright -Followed by a Q&A with Jerome Sable, Editor Nicholas Musurca (MFA Production), and Music Producer Aram Mandossian (SMPTV)Synopsis: A horror camp musical. There's a song about being gay, both happy and into the same sex.

Tuesday, May 6
Nokia Plaza L.A. LIVE.
Director Amy Heckerling and actors Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Elisa Donovan and Donald Faison will introduce the film
You'll notice Paul Rudd doesn't age.
Academy Exhibitions
May 3-31
May 2-30 
Bing Theater
You can watch two series of classics. The work of Orson Welles or what Martin Scorsese sees as polished pieces of cinema this May in LA.

Art and Culture

Sunday, May 4
7:30 pm doors open and dinner seating begins
8:30 pm show starts

El Cid
4212 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA  90029

Continuing tales of ne'er-do-wells and comics shunned by the comics code of yesteryear is Crime Story Confidential by Captured Aural Phantasy Theater. This is part of their Seduction of the Innocent series, shows on a monthly basis remarked as too vile for little kids. 

Mike Kelley Exhibit
May 31- July 28
MOCA Geffen Contemporary

"Mike Kelley is the largest exhibition of the artist's work to date, bringing together over 250 works, from 1974 through early 2012. The exhibition, which occupies the entirety of The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA and a gallery at MOCA Grand Avenue, is organized to underscore the recursive nature of Kelley's work. "

Symposium on Mike Kelly
Saturday, May 3, 2014, 11:30am
111 N. Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90012
(across the plaza from The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA)

The 3rd Biennial Taxidermy Show
May 2 – June 1, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, May 2nd, 8-11 PM
Live Taxidermy Demonstration: Saturday, May 3rd, 2-5 PM
La Luz De Jesus Gallery

Time to be grossed out.
"This is not your granddady’s taxidermy: road kill is a central part of the “recycled” philosophy of this unusual and enlightening exhibition, as are discarded livestock, destroyed nuisance animals, casualties of the pet trade and animals that have expired from natural causes."

Pasadena Earth and the Arts Festival
Sat, May 3
Armory Center

"Free all-ages event in Old Pasadena... Live music from local bands, dancing and an interactive drum circle... Kids and parents get creative with art workshops... Eco-friendly exhibitors will display and sell green products and services... Sample tasty treats from popular local restaurants and a "Sustainable Beer Garden"... Try something new!"

Hold Your Applause : Four Takes on Clapping
Friday, May 2nd at 8pm
Machine Project

"Writer Kate Wolf will speak about clapping history, etiquette, and semiotics; musician Nick Tamburro and others will perform Steve Reich’s Clapping Music (1972); ethnomusicologist Carol Merrill-Mirsky will teach a clapping game, c. 1980 Los Angeles playgrounds; and artist Casey Anderson will lead an interactive artwork, QUARTERS (CLAPPING)."


Saturday May 3, 5:00pm
World 8
1057 S. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, California 90006
 Super Street Fighter IV tournament at World 8.

Monday, May 5, 2014
13203 Ventura Boulevard, San Fernando Valley, CA
A board game night of only horror games from LA's possibly top horror event web-site.


See him in Little Tokyo May 3rd vs the giant plant monster Biollante; this movie was written by a dentist who won a contest by Toho, no really. 
or see the
60th Anniversary Restoration! also May 3 of the original film.

Weird Extra
True Romance Fest

Hellboy 20th Anniversary Official Tribute Art Show May 2 Approach

​"Ecuadorian ​
Illustrator, Chogrin (
 has selected over 100 illustrators from around the world to pay tribute to
​ ​
Mike Mignola's Hellboy Universe in an official art show that will celebrate 20 years of Mignola's character
 & comics.
 ​The show will also feature original artwork from Mike Mignola himself."

Hellboy 20th Anniversary Official Tribute Art Show
Opening reception:
Friday, May 2 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Hero Complex Gallery
2020 South Robertson Blvd., Studio D
Los Angeles, CA  90034

check out more art going to the show here
Glen Brogan

Pam Wishbow

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Devastator Apocalypse Review There Are Still Funny Books?

 The Devastator

The world doesn't end with a bang, it ends with fart jokes. The Devastator- a jovial collection of comics and humor in a small format reading print with each quarterly issue having a different theme. The latest issue captured the Apocalypse, not the 90's X-Men villain, a collection of satirical takes on what the apocalypse might hold or how television will progress with so many dead.

The first time I picked up The Devastator was a few years back and indie magazine fair that took place at the Last Book Store in downtown LA. What they were selling was humor and indie comics from multiple artists.

This devasting issue had Michael Deforge, a comic artist so well received he made it into the 2013 Best American Comics, along with was Paul Scheer, the ever-going on bald comedian. They did their best to make fun of the bitter end of the world alongside many others from television or comedy.

Devastator's Apocalypse issue didn't grab TTDILA, it had it's moments like Cathair Apocalypse, about cats stuck on a slaveship rowing to a promised land. The all new horsemen of the Apocalypse made redditors and Wi-Fi connectivity scary again. There's even a joke about Evangelion in there from a guide from the last living cat where all of humanities consciousnesses has become one.

Even with all that there was no punch or not enough of going to a darkplace, all the jokes fall like they were sugercoated. It remind me of picking up a Mad Magazine recently and then putting it backdown because you outgrew it when you were twelve.

TTDILA is a big fan of the apocalypse and it was a bit of a let down.Maybe next issue will be more fun with an attack on Otaku.

Super Advanced Wizards of C*ckblock Forest
also from The Devastator seems like it might be more fun

TV Hype: Almost Human Over

Fox has passed on a second season of the blade runner buddy cop show, the sci-fi future dram that was Almost Human. Fans, like myself, will always be wondering what the Hell "the wall" was about until the first season comes out on Blu-ray.

If anyone checked out the season finale of Parks and Rec they may have noticed it was more a series finale, this is because the cast and crew thought it was. The series has been renewed for one more season. Community's fate is still unknown.

Warp Zone Comedy Tonight

Video games and stand-up comedy, you made TTDILA very happy.

Warp Zone Comedy
The Virgil


Kumail Nanjiani
James Adomian
Kiran Deol
Grant Cotter
Nick Cobb

as always w/ TK Kelly & Keith Carey!warp-zone/c77r

TTDILA's Top Picks For The 2014 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival once again triumphs with features that are hard to find even for Netflix. TTDILA has gone through the back-breaking hard work of judging the films in the festival and giving you the best ones to go out for. You yourself can look at the list and see what must be watched by you here.

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
May 1-11
Multiple Theaters

Awesome Asian Bad Guys

A premise that makes fun of the known Asian bad guys makes it a little funny with them starring in it, but add they have to work as a team to stop real bad guys makes it ridiculous. Starring Al Leong, Yuji Okumoto, George Cheung and Randall Park this film will bring back memories of them fighting and dying in so many classics you'll just have to remember their names this time.

Saturday, May 03 9:45 PM Directors Guild of America 1

Friday, May 09 9:45 PM Tateuchi Democracy Forum

Once Upon A Time in Vietnam

Dustin Nguyen shows us a fantasy epic where monks and warriors ride motorcycles and clash with swords.

Wednesday, May 07 6:30 PM CGV Cinemas 3

 Blue Bustamante

It's a sentai hero show! Blue Bustamante, the hero of the film is an Overseas Filipino Worker who caught a break being the hero of a kid's show. He's still not out of the woods with his son being bullied and a strained relationship with his wife. Mostly for TTDILA it will be the the nostalgia factor of seeing a filmmaker try and capture behind the scenes of a Power Ranger like show and keep it honest, dramatic and funny.

Sunday, May 04 12:00 PM CGV Cinemas 2

To Be Takei

A film devoted to George Takei, the world really needed that. Takei is a funny guy, but if you want to get a feel for his life you finally have a film to see, it's the opening night party.

Thursday, May 01 7:00 PM Directors Guild of America 1

Kepler X-47

Kepler X-47
A woman volunteers for the human zoo in this sci-fi future short.
Saturday, May 03 9:45 PM Directors Guild of America 2
Unusual Targets
A crime photographer has to take on the family business fighter monsters.
Saturday, May 10 8:00 PM Tateuchi Democracy Forum
Friday, May 02 9:45 PM CGV Cinemas 2
Tokyo Halloween Night
Can a scarecrow that comes to life for one night fall in love? Yes, with a zombie.
Tuesday, May 06 9:15 PM CGV Cinemas 3
A Stitch In Time (for $9.99) 
Time travel that's cheap never ends well.
Tuesday, May 06 9:15 PM CGV Cinemas 3
Pull Over To Kill
Set in the 1960s, two Japanese yakuza hitmen drive through the California desert to carry out a hit, only to discover they've been double-crossed.
Friday, May 02 7:00 PM CGV Cinemas 2

Don't Kill Anyone At The Clippers Game Today

There possibly my be demonstrations outside of the Staples Center for the Clippers gaming going on today. Be careful if you'll be in the area or attending.

For those pissed and Donald Sterling's racist comments do remember he just got handed down being banned for life from attending NBA games and 2.5 million dollar fine by the NBA. So he won't even be there. The NBA is now trying to get him to sell the team.

Super Smash Bros. Invitational @ LA Live

Coming off another great video from Mega 64 with Reggie as a robot we learn that Nintendo is passing on a  E3 press conference this year , but will be going for a Super Smash Bros. Wii U Invitational tournament. This tournament will be going down at none other than the local Nokia Theatre at LA Live. 16 invited, highly skilled or possible celebrity players have yet to be identified. Fans will be able to view the tournament in person or online, no details on LA residents can get in, but will tell you when we find out.

There will also be a Nintendo Digital Event showcasing the new games and products of Nintendo online for E3 and the ability to play Super Smash Bros at Best Buys around the country. Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 will be sharing Nintendo news all throughout E3 through online coverage.

The 2014 Hero Complex Film Festival Films and Stars Announced

We're going to need a bigger theater! Hero Complex grants us another year of classic films of fantasy, sci-fi and superheroes to delve on with actors and directors giving from those films in attendance and answering questions. Topping TTDILA's list; James Cameron will be seating on screenings of Terminator and Terminator 2. Not to stop that flow, but we have Alien and Aliens with Sigourney Weaver in the mix.

The Hero Complex Film Festival will be taking place at Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theatres between May 30th through June 1st. Tickets go on sale tomorrow April 30th at 10am here.

The first night of the festival will have a 10th anniversary screening of Battlerstar Galactica from 2003 with Jamie Bamber, Edward James Olmos, and Mary McDonnell attending, this one is free. The second night will have an advanced screening of How to Train Your Dragon 2 with stars and director in attendance. Joe Dante ends the night with Gremlins followed with the before-mentioned Terminator screenings. The last night has a special screening of Monty Python & the Holy Grail where coconuts are expected. The festival ends with the xenomorph horror of Alien and Aliens.

 The full list of dates and films is in the press release below:

So Pen Ward, Bryan Lee O'Malley, and Jaime Hernandez Walk Into Meltdown Comics

Ziggy Comic from all artists that night

Not a joke, not a dream or an exaggeration of them coming in over different periods of time. Pen Ward, Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors; Bryan Lee O'Malley, Scott Pilgrim; Jaime Hernandez, Love and Rockets and Thomas Herpich, Adventure Time, White Clay were interviewed Thursday night. These masters of cartoons and comics were in the dank, sweaty, some how up to code Nerdist Theater in the back of Meltdown Comics on Sunset to a sold out crowd of fans. And man were they nerdy, they are possibly the nerdiest group of people to walk this Earth.

This was all thanks to the Kickstarter-funded Inkstuds 500 Interview Roadtrip Bonanza by Robin McConnel and Brandon Graham, known for King City, Prophet and Multiple Warheads. They were also nerds. They asked questions or at least Robin did, Brandon Graham just wanted affirmations to stories he was telling, about nerdy insight into the comics world and animation. At least one story about Thomas Herpich's hot ex-roomate and another about how much he poops that his landlord told him how to flush rounded out the evening of awkward sigh and silence in-between questions.

No evening may have ever been as nerdy this year at the Nerdmelt Theater. Robin, who was hosting the event made it clear, along with Brandon, starting with, "Weird long walking in." As the comic artist and cartoonists walked in it was at an award pace, silent, so silent that Robin had to make fun of it. They didn't know where to sit, so they awkwardly plunkered down one after the other. In a total nerd moment, not acting cool, Bryan Lee said, " When did they put the lights there, " as he was blinded by them slightly.

Each of them would answer a series of questions, each of them wore glasses and each of them had a mic way too close to their faces. Were the mics put there so they could make it as awkward as possible to see them? The answer is: yes.
Robin (glasses) and Brandon

The first question from Brandon and Robin, "What's the first thing you do at a comic store?" They explained their favorite was ruffling through the example of going though Meltdown's $1 bins.

Jaime, "I go everywhere." Pen, 'I look for minis; stuff with staples, " ending with the sound of "Eh." Lee, " Whatever looks cool, " then he named dropped the layout of Secret Headquarters on how he picked up his favorites.

The questions shifted to the shame and fear some comic book fans have of getting comics and then hiding them. "The shame, " Bryan Lee sounded out. "I'm a shame cartoonist, " Pen Ward said.

Brandon Graham then complimented Adventure Time on multiple levels. Pen Ward replied, "Thanks Man."
Pen Ward

Brandon shifted gears and talked about finding any cosplay for Jaime's Love and Rockets, of which three Google image searches found nothing and Jaime himself couldn't recall any cosplay except for a cosplay contest at a comic store years ago.

"It was like my goal at eleven, " talking about working for Marvel, Brandon was asking about what heroes these indie artists would want to work on if they still cared too. They were all hard pressed. Bryan answered with Cyberforce and X-Men. Jaime with Wonder Woman.

The conversation switched with Tom talking about having to grow up and making a living from his work. He now storyboards on Adventure Time beyond his indie comic starts. He had an almost private, nerdy conversation of what Pen Ward has to do  when it comes to work.
Thomas Herpich and Pen Ward

"I don't have to talk to anybody I don't want to, " Pen said. Thomas was then inked on by Pen if he might be pitching a show and Thomas said he might be.

"Don't bring Phil into this, " Pen told Thomas when asking about working on cartoon shows an acting like an adult. He wasn't the only former AT crew there with Ako Castuera. Still working on the show; Jesse Moynihan and Any Ristatino were also back in the audience. Hannah Nance Partlow, of the Adventure Time: Cookie Capers comic even asked a question to Pen. So some percentile of the audience was heavily involved with Adventure Time.

Pen finally got into which hero he would want to draw. It was Ziggy. "How would that work?, " Brandon asked. Pen asked for a piece of paper and this reporter in the first row was taken notes, so a rip and throw later Pen Ward and the other artists were all doing a Ziggiy comic together. Ziggy farts out of his nose. 

You can see it above.
Bryan Lee O' Malley and Jaime Hernandez blocked by mics

As Pen started doodling Bryan mentioned how he would listen to Final Fantasy soundtracks while doing Scott Pilgrim. Music was still in the ear with Ape Sex, a band in Jaime's comics making a cameo in the interview. The band was real and Jaime was part of it. He stole the name for his comics. Him and his brother also did many fliers for local bands of LA years ago.

"You do make more money by putting a song in your episode, FYI" Thomas said. He was telling Brandon after he mentioned the music in Adventure Time.

Thomas recalled the recent Lemonhope song being made fun of by the voice actress of Princess Bubblegum. Thomas had written it and he remember sitting outside of her recording session while she made fun of how bad it was.
Hannah Parlow asking a question

"I can't do scripts!", Pen Ward shouted. He was conveying how difficult it was when he started Adventure Time. He's first script had Finn and Jake doing funny faces, but on paper it's no way as funny as it would be on a storyboard. 

Brandon mentioned himself working on the show, storyboarding an episode. He brought up a quote picture on the storyboard wall of Adventure Time. "Say a funny joke, make it funnier." Pen got animated about this acting out he's thought process works and pretending to write even sillier jokes.

"I don't feel good about the stuff I make," Pen said. He was telling the audience that he hates looking back on his work.

The hosts brought up if the work they did was an outlet for them. Bryan Lee answered, "Is it like therapy? No, I go to therapy now. It's like analyzing a dream."

Thomas answered, "My comics are beyond personal." This shifted into the personal story of Thomas' bathroom time that beat out the story of Brandon telling us how hot Thomas' ex-female roommate was  exercising in front of them one day. "My landlord told me to wipe in-between my flushes, " he told a shocked, but laughing audience. Brandon asked how does your landlord know such personal happenings. Thomas answered with an old septic tank flooding onto his landlords lawn. This was not a topic easily flushed off.

The interviewed ended as awkward as it began with applause and some of the cartoonists going off into the night or some staying to sign.

The Art of Ian Miller Review What The Hell Is That Thing?

The Art of Ian Miller
Retails for $34.99

Ever wonder where the art from your scariest nightmares came from? No? Too bad or good if you like defeating your inner fears and finding whose behind them. Perhaps, that's too much for 300 pieces from Ian Miller.

 If you've ever seen art from Tolkien books, Warhammer 40,000 art or anything related to Gothic horror from England over the years  and its unnerved you, Ian Miller might be the culprit. This new book collects drawings of misshapen men and monsters battling and somethings that shouldn't be seen other than by horror enthusiasts.

Ian Miller recalls the drawing himself with insight into a a ugly looking fished used by Greenpeace to a Mountains of Madness cover with some horrid creature made up of eyes, mouth, scales and veins, protruding in every direction.

An art book that can give you nightmares and it's not even the ugly modern art you might find around LA.

Mr. Miller swears to take no drugs to get the visions of his work. Even when he worked in LA in the 1970's on the cult classic Wizards. Miller recall's his time in LA as, "After a frugal time at the Gaylord Hotel near Union Square, where the lift threatened to die every day and the highlight of the week was free donuts and coffee on Sunday, West Hollywood and Melrose avenue was something else."

Monday, April 28, 2014

Mike Mitchell's Mondo Marvel Posters

Mike Mitchell's make of Marvel from Mondo will have times for purchase tomorrow via Mondo's Twitter. It's all side head shots. Check more here

Twitter for the on sale announcement. These posters will be available online at a random time on Tuesday, April 29th.