Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pacific Rim Praise, Why No Toys?

Gipsy Danger Vs. Knifehead by Chogrin

Go see Pacific Rim a modern Japanese monster movie with a huge budget that Japan could never make. It's a live action anime stand alone film. I pity the Godzilla movie which must contend with only one monster coming out a Summer later than this film.

- JaegersvsKaju art tribute blog for the film

-Neca has mad only three action figures for the movie? I'm kind of amazed by the lack of action figures for this film. I heard one kid scream out in joy when Gipsy Danger released it's sword for the first time. Warner Bros made some bad merchandising choices not having a big toy line for this.

-Knifehead reminds me of Badaxtra, the giant Kaiju monster from the season finale from Dexter's Laboratory before the show changed art style and became awful.